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One Bite, Everyone Knows the Rules! (Ep. 65)

On today's show, Jonathan & Joel make up for missing last week by covering 6 trailers today!! Outlaw King, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Isn't It Romantic, Cold Pursuit, Mid 90s, and The Ballard of Buster Scruggs. Buckle up, this is a crazy ride!


Ep 64: #NetflixAndChill

There are several new Netflix shows starting this week. Not a whole lot in the theater we haven't already covered. So... let's Netflix and chill! Shows we discuss: The Bodyguard, Been So Long, House Of Cards, Salt Fat Acid Heat and The Christmas Chronicles. Follow us on Facebook @trailerhappy Twitter @trailerhappy


Politics, Porn Stars and Re-animated Pets (Ep 63)

Wide-ranging topics of conversation on episode 63: changing the show format, presidentail penis size, Guy Ritchie, Twitter swamp, oh and movie trailers. This week we talk about the Aladdin teaser, Pet Semetary and The Upside. Follow us on Twitter: @trailerhappy Facebook: @trailerhappy Instagram: @trailerhappypodcast


Who's the man? Rocketman!?

Welcome to Ep. 62! On Today's show, Joel gushes over 'A Star Is Born', Jonathan correctly nails a Top 3 list, and the boys dish on some new trailers.... Rocketman, VICE, Mortal Engines & The Hunting of Hill House. Please Rate Our Podcast in iTunes! Thanks!


EP 61: Raised in Hate

CREED 2 released a second trailer and we can't wait to talk about it. I don't know if any male born in the 70's can resist a Rocky (now Creed) movie. But this newest trailer puts us over the edge! Plus we'll give you some suggestions on what to watch (and not watch) that's out in the theater, on rental or Netflix right now. And we round it out with reviews of Holmes and Watson, Dark Phoenix and Bad Times at the El Royale. Follow us on Facebook & Twitter @trailerhappy or Instagram...



Hi Everyone! This week we have a special treat for our 60th episode! Last week, we were invited by BAVUG (Boston Avid Users Group; to perfrom/record a LIVE episode of our Podcast. We recorded it at RULE Camera Boston in front of a live audence.... it was a blast! So this week's episode is that recording of the LIVE show. Our format was a bit idfferent for the live show, we cover the History of Trailers before getting into some new trailers like Captain Marvel, Hunter Killer, Ben...


Fly me to the moon! (Ep 59)

After a busy summer the guys are back to talk about a couple really interesting trailers. And it gets kind of political. We also talk about an upcoming live appearance... our first live podcast! It's going to be Sept 18 at Rule Boston Camera where they are hosting a Boston Avid Users Group meeting. We can't wait! This week's trailers: First Man, Front Runner, True Detective, The Nun, Johnny English.


Summer Controversy: A new Oscar category and James Bond? (ep 58)

Jonathan and Joel are back amidst a hot and busy summer. They discuss the addition of a new Oscar category. And rumors presist about a new Bond. Who is it? Will Jonathan accept this controverial new pick? Plus a bunch of really interesting trailers since our last episode: - Kindergarten Teacher (Netflix) - Lizzie - Nutcracker and the Four Realms - Ozark Season 2 (Netflix) - Blackkklansman - Maniac (Netflix) Check us out on social media; Twitter @TrailerHappy Facebook...


Comic-Con 2018 Rewind! (Ep. 57)

It's Comic-Con 2018!!! On today's show, we cover everything Comic-con 2018! We review the 5 newest trailers that all dropped during this years event! Aquaman, Shazam!, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Glass, and Titans


Ant Man vs. Creed... who wins? (Ep. 56)

On today's show we review trailers for: CREED II, Ant Man & the Wasp, Halloween, Netflix's: How it Ends, and finally The First Purge! It's lit! Enjoy!


God Bless America! (Our Special 4th of July Episode) Ep. 55

Like a short beach read on a hot summer's day.... we bring you a special 4th of July episode this week that is just the perfect lenght to listen to while you are relaxing on the beach or by the pool or where ever you spend your holiday!! In today's special episode, Jonathan and Joel debate their all time favorite "4th of July" movies.... aka movies that make them feel most patriotic and are a must watch over the celebration of America's birthday! Happy 4th of July to all!!! Go USA!


A Star Is Born!! (Ep. 54)

Filmmaker Marty Langford is BACK again this week as our special guest!! This time, Marty joins our regular show and reviews some fresh trailers with us!! We cover: A Star is Born, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, Bumblebee, White Boy Rick, and Marty's personal fav. Suspiria!! So go grab a tropical drink, head to the beach, sit back and relax and listen to a bunch of film nuts talk movie trailers!! Don't forget... Marty was on last week to discuss his movie DOOMED: The Untold Story of...


DOOMED! Our Interview with Filmmaker Marty Langford (Ep 53)

Trailer Happy is excited to have a conversation with filmmaker Marty Langford. Marty's movie DOOMED: The Untold Story of Roger Corman's The Fantastic Four is a facinating story that has received glowing reviews. We talk not only about that story, but also about his process for making this film. It's incredibly interesting and we are thrilled to have him as a guest. Check it out today!


Ep 52. Happy birthday Trailer Happy

This is the 52nd episode of Trailer Happy...we've turned a whole year old! Jonathan and Joel take a hot second to reflect (don't worry, it's not long). Jonathan gives his short review of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Joel gives his short review of the first two episodes of Cobra Kai. Trailers reviewed: Hotel Artemis, Hereditary, Ocean's 8 and American Animals

Duration:00:53:18 a podcast galaxy far, far away (Ep. 51)

In anticipation of the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story the boys talk exclusivly about Star Wars. Why does Jonathan love Obi-Wan so much? How much does Joel know about the movies he claims to love? They also talk about the future of the Star Wars franchise... and there is a lot in the future of Star Wars. If you don't like Star Wars something tells me you won't like this episode (skip it, we'll see you next week). But if you are a fan you'll probably like this episode.


HAPPY 50th Episode.... WE WILL ROCK YOU!! (Ep. 50)

Our 50th Episode!!! On today's show, we do something we have never done.... watch the trailers live with no prep or preformed throughts. The trailers we cover today are: Mile 22, Set it Up, The Preditor, Bohemian Rhapsody, & A Simple Favor


Let's bring back your favorite movie franchises! (Ep. 49)

What movie franchise from your youth would you like to bring back? Hollywood has done just about all of them, right? Well, there are a few good ones left. Joel and Jonathan discuss. Plus more than one uninspiring trailer, more than one outstanding female leads and only one movie that looks worth your money. This week's trailers: Robin Hood, Breaking In, Terminal and Life of the Party. Follow us on Twitter @TrailerHappy Facebood @trailerhappy Instagram @trailerhappypodcast


A Change of Pace show... SPORTS TALK!

Yo Yo Yo!!! It's episode 48! On this week's show, Jonathan & Joel switch it up a bit and discuss the NFL draft/sports as well as Real Estate... but don't worry, they still cover 4 hot trailers this week as well! Trailers we cover are: Tully, Anon, Ibiza, and Venom. Enjoy!


We're BACKKKK!!!!! Did You Miss Us??

After a week off, Jonathan & Joel make a triuphant return in a sizzling, action-packed episode that covers a bunch of upcoming and new comedies! The boys kick off the episode with what they have been watching lately and Jonathan takes a torch to some Netflix Original Movies. Joel breaks from the mold of comedy week to discuss some depressing new HBO show, Jonthan goes gaga over super rich Asians, and the boys reminice about the golden age of Sandler and Rock! Trailers we cover in this...


Absurd Movie Trivia... Play Along! (Ep. 46)

This week Jonathan tests Joel's knowledge of ridiculously obscure movie trivia. He offers up a $100 for Joel to get them right! The boys also talk about Joel's privileged childhood on private tennis courts, Jonathan's continued adoration of The Rock, the beautiful Swedish language and what happens when an editor is given no guidance. Trailers covered: Truth or Dare, Borg vs. McEnroe, Overboard, Rampage and Marrowbone. Follow us on Twitter @TrailerHappy Facebook @TrailerHappy Instagram...