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Ep 111 - Who the F* is Trisha Scott?

For our second year, we hung out at ConStellation 9 (Con 9 From Outer Space) and as we met a lot of fun people and conversed with old friends, we decided to interview a relatively known convention goer. You may have seen the “Bandoleer Lady” whose bandoleers are full of sharpies at a Midwest con near you. Her (and her markers) have met many celebrities and has such great stories to share but the last story told is a tale of heartbreak, triumph, and being recognized as a very creative person...


Ep 110 - Justice League (Random Draw)

As Brody from Mallrats would say, “Touch not, lest ye be touched.” A Collector’s Beginning, featuring a toy review of Living Dead Doll’s Catwoman from Mezco, a la Underground Inc. (https://www.mezcotoyz.com/ldd-presents-batman-returns-catwoman) What do David Bowie, Prince, and Superman have in common? You gonna learn today, in this randomly picked episodes. Director spotlight Zack Snyder and many others! Listen it up with Ben riffing off of Billy and vice versa in a supremely...


Ep 109 - Kevin Smith

Let’s get ready to Direeeeeeeeeectoooooooor Spotliiiiiiiiiiiiiight!!! Kevin Smith really helped out Podcasting become known, and in honor, the gang plays a word-association game with Billy as Referee!!! In the right corner, we have the boyos of Underground Inc and in the left corner we have the collected works of director Kevin Smith!!! Its the round-robin-five-film(or works) setup we have here featuring the Power of Talkumentary, It’s about to be a bloodbath, of...


Ep 108 - Tusk

By Igor Wainscott Welcome to another transformative episode of Underground Inc.!!! We got your #KevinSmithLove (hash-tagged it, Igor’s hip) as the boys talk right over the film “Tusk”. Justin Long, The Yoga Hosers (check out the film of the same name…it’ll be good for you), Michael Parks’ creepy crazy shenanigans, and the only movie in history to feature two grown men battling in walrus suits!!! Throw in Haley Joel Osment and Genesis Rodriguez for that love triangle and boom! You...


Ep 107 - Oscar’s, Carpenter, and Lucifer, OH MY!

The Underground crew tosses it back to the Trio Talks style of episode: each member runs a solo segment within the “confines” of what we do here at Underground Inc. Within the power of “Where your favorite movies go to hang out.” This week, Anthony can’t shut up about his favorite three John Carpenter movies (listen to find out which ones!), Billy tele-journalizes the Oscars! (some diggin’ stuff in there!), and Ben talks dirty for ten minutes. (not really, but something devilish hides...


Ep 106 - Mallrats

Chocolate covered pretzels anyone? Thinking back to the days when we were just kids hanging out with our friends at the mall. Was there a more fun time in our adolescent life? If you ever ran into Stan Lee at the mall well then heck no!!!! We love Kevin Smith and we love comics. Is there really a better reason to watch such a film? Show Notes by Igor the Intern Underground Inc, where your favorite movies come to hang out. This episode contains spoilers to this film and possible other...


Ep 105 - Avengers: Age of Black Panther

It’s been awhile since we’ve done one of these. We’re watching a movie leading into a new one coming to theaters soon. As of this recording, Black Panther does come out soon. The last time we saw him was in Captain America: Civil War. So why are we not watching that? Well, we already watched it for Spider-Man: Homecoming. So instead, we go back to the film that really let us know he was going to be coming to the MCU. With one of BP’s main villains making an appearance, Age of Ultron was...


Ep 104 - The Podcast Arcade Script Reading

Yeah, we know Christmas has been over for a bit now but members of The Podcast Arcade wanted to celebrate their hard work on the Christmas Carol reenactment that Krampus so selfishly sent them back to. So as many people who could be there, gather around and do just that. You heard the produced version with all the slay bells and whistles, now hear the cast read straight from the page, for the first time in the same room. Same story but a whole new fun atmosphere. Show notes by Igor the...


Ep 103 - Ryan Reynolds Appreciation Show

So here it is, our second show of the new format where we sit down, we don’t watch a movie, and we talk about something we love in Top 5 fashion. How much do we love Ryan Reynolds? Well Anthony and Billy love his movies. Ben LOOOOOOVVVVVEEESSS him! Show notes by Igor the Intern ​Underground Inc, where your favorite movies come to hang out. This episode contains spoilers to this film and possible other...


Ep 102 - Hitman’s Bodyguard

Are you ready to endure more of the sexiness that is Ryan Reynolds’ eyes? (Ben’s words (not really)) When the trailer and poster for this film were first released, the Underground was collectively ready for the nutty action that would ensue. So much so that we watched The Bodyguard! Somehow we made that movie much more fun than both combined. But I digress… RyRey, SamJack, SalYek… ahhhh just listen to the damn episode! Show notes by Igor the Intern ​Underground Inc, where your...


Ep 101 - Waiting…

Have you ever heard of “The Goat”, or the “Bat-Wing”? It’s rather debatable that the game that features these titles is in any way a good thing…but the Film they are from, most certainly is. “Waiting…” is the subject of this week’s episode, the movie The Underground Boys are hanging out with! Anna Faris, Justin Long and Ryan Reynolds pull together a pretty good cast for a movie inspired by the likes of Clerks. Luis Guzman, Dane Cook and Chi McBride also have some of that...


100th Episode!!!

We have made it to our 100th episode, Hearers of Tomorrow! We invite you to listen as we chat about our history, as well as our top 5 comic movies of all time. We even speculate what Jeff’s top 5 would have been. This is the first time all 3 of us are using this format and would like to know what you think. Would you as the Guardians of the Podcast want more episodes like this? We sure enjoyed it and would like to know if once a month in this format would be good. Just comment on the Book...


Ep 99 - Rankin-Bass Fishing for Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Well, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! So, in continuation of the yule-tide tradition with our good friend Eddie, we gotta Rankin-Bass it up! In a special show with The Paranormal Dads (Pat showed up to join in the fun) we talk right over Rudolph’s Shiny New Year and kick some major boredom just right to hell! Welcome to life as we approach episode one hundred and talk some tears, reindeer, and unstable mutations! You lost your smile? [...]


Ep 98 - The Podcast Arcade’s Christmas Carol

All the shows of The Podcast Arcade collaborate on their first Christmas Special but when a German Christmas Demon shows up, he sends the entire Arcade back to a familiar time. Will our Arcadians survive this dastardly Christmas meany or will they be stuck in another dimension, never to podcast again?! For this very special Christmas episode, you will receive for free as always but we will be accepting free will donations. This will help cover the cost of podcasting and well over 50...


Ep 97 - The Fox and the Mouse

Triplicate Segment Continuation-athon! Look here! Ben, Billy and Anthony ask you to…listen here! Bend those beautiful ears to The Legends of Tomorrow talk with Ben, The New Mutants and Podcasts Most Macabre via Billy, and How Much Anthony Loves Dinosaurs—The Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer hit! Listen all about it! We got Avengers: Infinity War reactions, Discussions of Disney acquiring Fox, and….what’s this?! THIS JUST IN. ….A Christmas Special?! Join Underground...


Ep 96 - T.V. Talk

Sexy as a three-piece suit, Underground Inc is back with a new episode! Being a movie podcast, the television stuff generally gets relegated to off-hand comments, remarks of power, or the random inside joke. Not so with the (copyrighted) Three-Piece Technology, brought to you by the boys! Episode goodies: Arrow-Verse Talk a la Ben, Gifted-Yakkin’ with Billy, and how much Anthony likes the Netflix Punisher. Bonus (for free, even!): “The Top Ten X-Men Films” a la Billy, Anthony...


Ep 95 - Recent Events in Film & TV

With the life events happening in the Underground, finding the time to meet up has been spotty but never fear, in a new & hopefully exciting way, the dudes of the show are giving their individual thoughts on current films such as Thor & Justice League, as well as television shows in the Arrowverse, The Gifted, The Exorcist & more. Show notes by Billy Peck ​Underground Inc, where your favorite movies come to hang out. This episode contains spoilers to this film and possible other...


Ep 94 - Halloweenie

Welcome to a Halloween conversation from your favorite movie watchers, Underground Inc. We didn’t pop in a movie this time, we just sat down, hung out, and talked the season of Halloween. Movies, cartoons, Anthony’s first time partaking in the holiday (at 19 years old) and of course, going off subject to talk about comic books. So sit back, grab your remote, and turn off the TV cause we’re not watching anything this time! Show notes by Billy Peck ​Underground Inc, where your favorite...


Ep 93 - Return of the Caped Crusaders (Jeff Month)

In a world of myth and legend comes one man back to the screen. Adam West reprises his role of Batman and hilarity ensues. Hang out with Anthony, Ben, and Billy as they watch the dastardly deeds of these super villains as they fight the caped crusader. You will hear such great lines as “You wanna get nuts, lets get nuts” and “Swear to me” joking about all the Batman’s that came later. If you have never seen Batman with Adam West join us as we watch it in the format it was born for,...


Ep 92 - Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (Jeff Month)

Surprise!!! We didn’t post this episode on our typical Tuesday cause how could you not post a Friday the 13th movie on Friday the 13th? In October no less!!! So with out first time watching a Friday the 13th film on the show, we did what any logical podcast would do… Watch the 5th one! And one of the oddest of the series to boot. Ben & Anthony’s knowledge on Mr. Voorhees is limited so Billy took them to school on the entire franchise and when they saw the twist at the end, it’s safe to...


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