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Ep 125 - Rankin/Bass: The Stingiest Man on the Island of Misfit Toys

It’s that time of year again when Underground Inc. crosses over with Daydream Instruction Manual for their celebration of Rankin/Bass and we’ve got a double feature for you! We start off with your hosts “talking shop” and having a little gift exchange! Then it’s off to the races with Rudolph. Maybe the most popular R/B special, which has also come under some fire this year. Your hosts talk about that and what their take on it is. But don’t worry, that’s not all they talk about. There is...


Ep 124 - John Carpenter Tales From the Underground

After watching the original Halloween, the boys were pretty excited to keep the conversation going on such a prolific director and his films. What are the essentials of his filmography? Which of his characters would appear on Mount Rushmore? The season of Halloween was also fresh on their minds so of course there’s sporadic banter about that and other things. Underground doesn’t do a lot of regular conversational episodes without having the background of the movie, so enjoy what these...


Ep 123 - Halloween (1978)

It is officially the Halloween season and what better film to watch other than John Carpenter’s Halloween?! The episode starts with the boys of the Underground hanging out and talking after not seeing each other for awhile. We also get a review for a new Mezcotoyz.com & LivingDeadDolls.com product. This Living Dead Doll Michael Myers is pretty incredible so make sure you listen to what they have to say and purchase the doll here....


Ep 122 - Fantastic Dr4W: Rise of the Random

True Believers! Welcome to another wicked episode of Underground Inc.! With Anthony still under the weather our hosts Ben and Billy soldier on into a viewing of Fantastic Four 2. A random draw episode, a pair of highlights include: Lawrence Fishburne and Doug Jones take on Norrin Radd, the first Herald of Galactus! And, "What's to hate? - A discussion of what really (if anything) is wrong with the film" So come hang out with your favorite movies and the boys from Underground...


Ep 121 - Scott Pilgrim Vs the Random Draw

Underground Inc. goes in blind to what movie they’re watching just as Scott Pilgrim went in blind to battle 7 evil exes! After a backlog of shows recorded at O Comic Con, Billy and Ben come back to go a little old school and draw from the jar of comic movie randomness. Anthony was sick. You think they’d call me up to the plate? Nooooooo!!! -Igor the Intern Underground Inc, where your favorite movies come to hang out. This episode contains spoilers to this film and possible other...


Ep 120 - Mike Fielding Panel (O Comic Con)

Another O Comic Con Special!!! Billy Peck and Anthony Benegas here at your friendly neighborhood Underground Inc. moderate a panel starring Mike Fielding of The Mighty Boosh! The Mighty Boosh, for those unversed in the show's ways of Surreal Humor, is a British comedy troupe, known for a television show and being touring funny men! Listen in, and enjoy! - Igor the intern ​ Underground Inc, where your favorite movies come to hang out. This episode contains spoilers to this...


Ep 119 - Davey Johnson (O Comic Con)

At O Comic Con Davey Johnson sat down with us to tell us some incredible stories. He was a lot of fun to have on the show. You may know him as Xergiok from Adventure Time or as a Psychopath on Key and Peele. Billy knew him from the movie Southbound. As a friend of our Podfather we hope to have him on again as he was a lot of fun. Be aware there is wrestling in the background in parts. Hang out with Underground Inc. and Davey in this O Comic Con special episode. - Igor the...


Ep 118 - Bob Hall Panel (O Comic Con)

Who invented the West Coast Avengers with Roger Stern? Who drew Batman, Spider-Man, Daredevil, The Incredible Hulk, and Thor amongst many others? BOB HALL! Listen in to an O Comic Con Special: Creating Comic Book Stories with Bob Hall, a panel moderated by Underground Inc. and Worst Comics Podcast Ever! Get your listening ears on and prepared to do some of that learning! - Igor the intern ​ Underground Inc, where your favorite movies come to hang out. This episode contains...


Ep 117 - Ming Chen (O Comic Con)

Underground Inc. went to O Comic Con and one of the guests there was Ming Chen of Comicbook Men. He sat down with almost every podcast to record an episode and support the podcast. He was a really awesome dude. Join the boys at Underground Inc. as we talk to Ming about his and our favorite movies on this O Comic Con special episode. Stay tuned to Underground Inc. as more episodes of their adventures at O Comic Con become available. - Igor the intern ​ Underground Inc, where your...


Ep 116 - Blade (Midnight Sons)

Once there were three dudes in a basement... Continuing on with the Midnight Son's theme, (due to the approach of a Morbius the Living Vampire movie purportedly starring Jared Leto!) the Underground Inc. boyos watch the horror-inspired first installment of the Blade franchise! Wesley Snipes legendary dhampir character slices his way through the undead and the guys talk about: tattoos and healing factors, fan castings, and tools of slaughter, amongst many other subjects! So sit...


Ep 115 - Ghost Rider (Midnight Sons)

With the announcement of Sony/Marvel’s Morbius starring Jarred Leto, we thought it was time to hit up a couple Comic Book Movies that connected to the character. Morbius was part of the Midnight Sons that included most notably, Ghost Rider. So we buckle up (with a chain) and watch the first Nic Cage flick. Widely considered a pretty poor movie but in all honesty, while recognizing its flaws, the boys of Underground Inc. all still had a good time with it. There’s plenty to learn about the...


Ep 114 - Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Reactions

3 men and a Kynosaur. That’s who watched and are discussing the latest entry into the Jurassic Park franchise. Where do they rank the newest film? If Jeff Goldblum is that generation’s Vincent Price, who is ours? If there’s a movie about dinosaurs and crazy scientists, don’t you think they’d let their intern be part of the show? - Igor the Intern Underground Inc, where your favorite movies come to hang out. This episode contains spoilers to this film and possible other...


Ep 113 - Force Awakens (Solo)

Solo: A Star Wars Story might be in a galaxy far away but it is almost here for our viewing pleasure. In preparing for our early stories of Han, we go back and watch his last adventure with Force Awakens. We also go down the rabbit hole, or the Sarlacc Pit if you will, of recasting a whole bunch of Star Wars characters. Morgan Freeman/The Rock as the voice/body of Darth Vader? Find out what robots in film history we cast as C3PO and BB8. There are so many more and it gets kind of...


Ep 112 - Deadpool

The trivia is strong in this episode! So learn you something and listen! Thoughts on the ideals behind creativity! Zamboni-Slow-Kills!!! Deadpool 2 is out the 18th! So, we watchin' the first one! This powerfully funny film from 2016 was directed by Tim Miller, and stars Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, and Ed Skrein. Along the lines of the X-Men, Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead weigh in! So strap in, and prepare to hang out with Deadpool and Underground Inc.!!! Show...


Ep 111 - Who the F* is Trisha Scott?

For our second year, we hung out at ConStellation 9 (Con 9 From Outer Space) and as we met a lot of fun people and conversed with old friends, we decided to interview a relatively known convention goer. You may have seen the “Bandoleer Lady” whose bandoleers are full of sharpies at a Midwest con near you. Her (and her markers) have met many celebrities and has such great stories to share but the last story told is a tale of heartbreak, triumph, and being recognized as a very creative...


Ep 110 - Justice League (Random Draw)

As Brody from Mallrats would say, "Touch not, lest ye be touched." A Collector's Beginning, featuring a toy review of Living Dead Doll’s Catwoman from Mezco, a la Underground Inc. (https://www.mezcotoyz.com/ldd-presents-batman-returns-catwoman) What do David Bowie, Prince, and Superman have in common? You gonna learn today, in this randomly picked episodes. Director spotlight Zack Snyder and many others! Listen it up with Ben riffing off of Billy and vice versa in a supremely sublime...


Ep 109 - Kevin Smith

Let's get ready to Direeeeeeeeeectoooooooor Spotliiiiiiiiiiiiiight!!! Kevin Smith really helped out Podcasting become known, and in honor, the gang plays a word-association game with Billy as Referee!!! In the right corner, we have the boyos of Underground Inc and in the left corner we have the collected works of director Kevin Smith!!! Its the round-robin-five-film(or works) setup we have here featuring the Power of Talkumentary, It's about to be a bloodbath, of...


Ep 108 - Tusk

By Igor Wainscott Welcome to another transformative episode of Underground Inc.!!! We got your #KevinSmithLove (hash-tagged it, Igor's hip) as the boys talk right over the film "Tusk". Justin Long, The Yoga Hosers (check out the film of the same name...it'll be good for you), Michael Parks' creepy crazy shenanigans, and the only movie in history to feature two grown men battling in walrus suits!!! Throw in Haley Joel Osment and Genesis Rodriguez for that love triangle and boom! You...


Ep 107 - Oscar's, Carpenter, and Lucifer, OH MY!

The Underground crew tosses it back to the Trio Talks style of episode: each member runs a solo segment within the "confines" of what we do here at Underground Inc. Within the power of "Where your favorite movies go to hang out." This week, Anthony can't shut up about his favorite three John Carpenter movies (listen to find out which ones!), Billy tele-journalizes the Oscars! (some diggin' stuff in there!), and Ben talks dirty for ten minutes. (not really, but something devilish hides...


Ep 106 - Mallrats

Chocolate covered pretzels anyone? Thinking back to the days when we were just kids hanging out with our friends at the mall. Was there a more fun time in our adolescent life? If you ever ran into Stan Lee at the mall well then heck no!!!! We love Kevin Smith and we love comics. Is there really a better reason to watch such a film? Show Notes by Igor the Intern Underground Inc, where your favorite movies come to hang out. This episode contains spoilers to this film and possible other...