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A new movie release inspires a look back at two older films with similar themes but different approaches.

A new movie release inspires a look back at two older films with similar themes but different approaches.
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A new movie release inspires a look back at two older films with similar themes but different approaches.




Ep. 321 - Instant Family (Traveller vs. Four Brothers)

For our Thanksgiving episode we open up the family for ALL of The Funky Bunch with a triple feature of Mark Wahlberg flicks. The first is new release INSTANT FAMILY which inspires a conversation on adopted families in Mark Mark joints. TRAVELLER features Mr. Wahlberg forcing his way into a family of gypsy con men with the great Bill Paxton as his mentor/adopted father figure, while in FOUR BROTHERS the man who would be Dirk Diggler is avenging the death of his adoptive mother. Along the...


Ep. 320 - Searching (Personal Shopper vs. Ingrid Goes West)

On our latest episode we look at movie screens bringing people closer together. This could mean Aubrey Plaza making a new friend through Instagram in INGRID GOES WEST. Or even Kristen Stewart texting pleasantries with a ghost in PERSONAL SHOPPER. The possibilities are endless with modern technology! Except on this episode because it's a three movie format and the John Cho starring SEARCHING just had its digital video release. Enjoy and make us the next Ingrid by following at the links...


Ep. 319 - A Ghost Story (The Swimmer vs. The Passenger)

We lost our Movie Pass sponsorship (I don't think those guys paid their internet or ANY bill this week) so it's another trip into host Mike's hard drive. And with that type of passionate setup, he finds a recording with returning guest ALICE BISHOP on one of their favorite films of LAST year in A GHOST STORY. This inspires a conversation with co-host CHRIS MAYNARD on films where men take a long and complicated journey of their own making to return to places they don't recognize in THE...


Ep. 318 - Rampage (Every Which Way But Loose vs. The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters)

For our episode on the games of men and monkeys we bring on a man who records from his own gaming chair, Jared Dotson of SOBER CINEMA, to wrassle with another action flick starring Dwayne Johnson in RAMPAGE. This inspires a conversation on the masculine lifestyles of Clint Eastwood in EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE and Billy Mitchell in THE KING OF KONG: A FISTFUL OF QUARTERS. One is something every man aspires to and the other is one every man should be ashamed of. Just like you for listening to...


Ep. 317 - Blockers (My Best Friend's Wedding vs. She's Out of My League)

Jairo of MARK AS PLAYED (and to a lesser extent THE TRUE BROMANCE FILM PODCAST) brings his romcom wrecking expertise (no relation to THE GRAND GESTURE, the greatest podcast on romance in film) to a 90s classic starring The movie star of the time, Julia Roberts in MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING as she seeks to destroy Dylan McDermott (or Dermot Mulroney)'s wedding plans. He then finds the buy-in too much when it comes to the relationship of Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve in SHE'S OUT OF MY LEAGUE. All...


Ep. 316 - Love, Simon (The Rules of Attraction vs. Easy A)

We stake our reputation on this episode on young love, after our host gleefully boasts about his LOVE, SIMON pick as perhaps the only film he has liked this year. The poor bastards that have to listen to this are co-host Shane Conner (who should be used to it by now) and guest Dave Hart of THE GRAND GESTURE! That is, by the way, a podcast you should get to used to by hitting the link to subscribe and then perhaps you will forgive us recounting our own awkward teenage experiences which...


Ep. 315 - Ready Player One (They Shoot Horses, Don't They? vs. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory)

We tackle the merits of nostalgia in READY PLAYER ONE by hosting a grueling contest of debasement for you our dear listeners with a double feature of THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON'T THEY? and WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. To do so your master of podcast pain ceremonies, Michael Denniston, brings on his co-host from the new podcast 99 FROM 99, Ben Zuk to do a bit of breakdancing with Jane Fonda and belching behind Gene Wilder's back. Join the competition at the links below! Support what we...


Ep. 314 - I, Tonya (Captain America: Civil War vs. The Bronze)

For our episode on I, TONYA we discuss Ugly American Rivalries on film as seen in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR and THE BRONZE. And the conclusion we come to? It's tough to stay friends with Sebastian Stan. Thankfully we bring on an old friend and co-creator of this podcast, Josh Dotson of the new retro-movie podcast SOBER CINEMA, to pick the ugliest American, the best rivalry, and the Sebastian Stan you'd want to be friends with in our latest triple feature we've programmed for your listening...


Ep. 313 - Red Sparrow (Reds vs. Red Heat)

For Jennifer Lawrence's latest RED SPARROW we decide to be social with guest JD Duran of Insession Film. He joins the podcast to discuss the problems the characters of REDS and RED HEAT have navigating personal relationships when they conflict with their political beliefs. So on the one hand we have the film that won Warren Beatty his Best Director Oscar and the film that SHOULD have won Arnold Schwarzenegger one of many Oscars. All of that and we implore our guest to stop going on social...


Ep. 312 - Molly's Game (The Good German vs. Spider-Man 3)

On this episode we continue our games (GAME NIGHT was the previous episode if you skipped that one, you jerk) but this time with THE CHASTAIN. The greatest actor of our generation, Jessica Chastain, plays a woman who runs into the greatest asshole actor of our generation, Tobey Maguire (as played by Michael Cera), and to do so we celebrate (?) two other roles this actor played that exposed him for the bag egg that he is. In Steven Soderbergh's THE GOOD GERMAN, Maguire plays a soldier taking...


Ep. 311 - Game Night (Couples Retreat vs. Bad Words)

On this episode we take in a triple feature of Jason Bateman comedies and come to the conclusion that he is one man that you don't play games with. In COUPLES RETREAT he tricks his friends into covering some of the financial and emotional costs to save his marriage, while in his directorial debut BAD WORDS he plays a man set on revenge and destruction with the contests of spelling bees as his weapon of choice. However in new release GAME NIGHT we find the actor just simply wanting to enjoy...


Ep. 310 - The Commune (Addams Family Values vs. We Bought a Zoo)

On this episode we expand the definition of family films with two personal favorites in ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES and WE BOUGHT A ZOO. Guest Ben Zuk and your host have threatened to feature these two films for quite some time, and last year's release of THE COMMUNE (now available on Hulu) gave us somewhat of an excuse to do so. Hopefully we can change some hearts and minds to appreciate some of Cameron Crowe's best work, but failing that check out our new podcast launching this week: 99 from 99....


Ep. 309 - Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Contact vs. Another Earth)

Guest Andrew of AB Film Review & The Last New Wave joins the podcast to experience first contact multiple times as we continue to feature favorite films from our guests. On this episode we learn that ANOTHER EARTH does not earn that distinction from our Australian friend, but he shares a passion for Steven Spielberg's CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, which celebrated a 40th anniversary re-release this year. Along the way we also make time to question the existence of God when Jake Busey...


Ep. 308 - Star Wars The Last Jedi (The Matrix Reloaded vs. mother!)

We return from exile, rested and with far too much blue milk for our episode on STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI. Critically applauded as a return to the peak of this franchise, a vocal minority of fans feel otherwise. Since we are aware that you waited for this podcast to advise you on a possible ticket purchase, WEB BIST of DARN THAT DREAM answers the call and tries out some new material. This is a hint to please keep listening after the cold open. Please. If you do make that choice, you will...


Ep. 307 - The Big Sick (I Love You, Man vs. Away We Go)

And we're back. We wake up this podcast to discover that we are in love with Kumail Nanjiani in THE BIG SICK. Unfortunately Jairo of THE TRUE BROMANCE FILM PODCAST is also with us at his weepiest as he raves about this new film, while expressing some displeasure with our two older film selections on love stories on the external influences surrounding our onscreen couples. In AWAY WE GO Maya Rudolph and John Krasinski travel across country to find the perfect place and the perfect people to...


Ep. 306 - The Beguiled (In the Company of Men vs. Jackie Brown)

Back for her second straight episode Amanda Iman from Amanda Picture Show A Go Go and Culture Pop A Go Go discusses the highs and lows of seeing con men get conned in our episode inspired by Sofia Coppola's latest film THE BEGUILED. For the double feature we travel back to the more innocent (?) times of Neil Labute's IN THE COMPANY OF MEN, which without a single murder is more unpleasant than the surprisingly sweet JACKIE BROWN from Quentin Tarantino. Join us as we plot a happily ever after...


Ep. 305 - Rough Night (Bridesmaids vs. Bachelorette)

On this episode we welcome two first time guests. Amanda Iman of Amanda's Picture Show A Go Go and Culture Pop A Go Go joins the podcast for a very late ROUGH NIGHT discussion on women behaving badly in comedy. This inspires a conversation on two older films that share this premise with co-host Chris of Following Films and our second guest Christine Schiefer from And That's Why We Drink on BRIDESMAIDS and BACHELORETTE. ALSO: We apologize to Adam Scott for the content of this podcast, but...


Ep. 304 - The Wedding Plan (Muriel's Wedding vs. The Wedding Singer)

On this episode we plan to podcast through technical difficulties to promote our favorite film and performance of the year (so far) with THE WEDDING PLAN. This 2016 Israeli film makes its way to the States by tackling a lot of rom-com conventions we have grown accustomed to with a female lead's worth being determined by their romantic partner or lack thereof. Two previous films have also explored this idea in comedic fashion. One from our Australian friends (we promise this ends the streak...


Ep. 303 - Hounds of Love (Chopper vs. Animal Kingdom)

On this episode Andrew of AB Film Review and The Last New Wave put his Patreon dollars to use by programming a triple feature of Australian crime films. New release HOUNDS OF LOVE starts off this podcast abduction as Chris and Mike debate the merits of enjoying a film that isn't designed to be enjoyed. Thankfully we turn to the more gregarious nature of crime with Eric Bana's breakout performance in CHOPPER going up against more established Aussies in Joel Edgerton and Guy Pearce in ANIMAL...


Ep. 302 - Baby Driver (Speed vs. The Fast and the Furious)

We get back behind the podcast wheel for the much anticipated BABY DRIVER, Edgar Wright's latest dork-fest which takes a look at the much used trope of the stoic getaway driver. To celebrate its release we look back at other films using a character's experience or lack thereof against veteran criminals in the two action films classics SPEED and THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS. For that conversation we welcome one of our earliest podcast supporters in Jeremy from the Movie Madness Podcast, but first...