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You Don't Deserve Quidditch!

Did you see Crimes of Grindelwald? Of course you didn't! No one did. If anything it makes you miss the days of Harry Potter and all of his fun Quidditch times ... a dumb sport designed to kill everyone that plays it. So much of the Wizarding World is terrible, but we'll use examples from the NFL, Fifa, and science to explain the downsides of the only sport anyone at Hogwarts gives a darn about. Hosts: Michael Rainey - David Rainey -...


You Don't Deserve The Batmobile!

Grappling hooks, ejector seats, a jet engine ... the Batmobile has it all. Which is exactly why you don't deserve it. The effort to build and maintain such a vehicle a is way beyond what any of us can handle, not to mention the insane insurance premiums you'd need to fight crime in your own personal tank. Also, why does no one appreciate Alfred? He's British and he knows how to make soup! Hosts: David Rainey - Michael Rainey -...


You Don't Deserve To Be Wolverine!

We're back! And we're rusty! But we're still ready to tell you all you need to know about everyone's favorite X-men, and why living as him would be terrible. Seriously, everyone calm down, you don't want to be Wolverine cause it would suck in so many ways. So let's get right to it and talk about Logan taking a dump ... for science. Hosts: David Rainey - Michael Rainey - To see more of what Storyteller Entertainment has to...


You Don't Deserve Jet Packs!

The Rainey bros are back with a new episode all about jet packs ... or to be more accurate rocket packs. Do you remember the Rocketeer? Think that was a fun movie? Do you? Well it's a movie that encouraged thousands of us to want a piece of sci fi technology that none of us deserve. There are so many ways to die in horrible gruesome ways, and we'll go over all of them for your listening pleasure. Hosts: Michael Rainey - David Rainey -...


You Don't Deserve The Death Star (with guest host Ken Napzok)

That's no moon ... it's a new podcast episode. As David needed some time off we invited Ken Napzok to join us for a discussion of the downsides of the Death Star. If you don;t know his podcasts, he's basically an expert on all things Star Wars and just an all around great guy. With his knowledge of Star Wars lore and Michael's pretend knowledge of science, this episode will convince you that there are better ways to run a military than creating an orbital battle station capable of destroying...


You Don't Deserve Force Fields!

With so much out there in the universe trying to kill you, you'd think Force Fields would be a great solution. You'd be wrong (sorry to be so harsh, but it's kind of the theme of this show). We discuss the various ways scientists are trying to develop force fields, the advantages of blowing things up strategically, and Michael's PERFECT French accent. Hosts: Michael Rainey - David Rainey - To see more of what Storyteller...


You Don't Deserve Aliens - Part 2

Part 2 of 2 of our discussion on aliens. What would first contact look like, and how quickly would we screw it up? Pretty darn quick in our opinions. We discuss the chances of us actually being able to communicate, the fact that humans will fight over just about anything and the adventures of Space Jesus 3030 (the 3030 is how you know its the future). Hosts: Michael Rainey - David Rainey - To see more of what Storyteller...


You Don't Deserve Aliens - Part 1

Aliens ... they are undoubtedly out there, but what do they look like? Well, if we ever find extra terrestrial life, it will most likely be some kind of single celled organism like bacteria. We don't often consider germs when we talk about finding life in outer space, but what starts as a sneeze could quick;y decimate all of humanity if we're not careful. So be generous with the antibacterial soap when visiting space. *Mentioned in this episode is the book Guns, Germs and Steel. Michael...


You Don't Deserve Warp Speed! As seen in Star Trek, Futurama, and more!

Warp 9, engage ... right into a planet. Warp speed solves the problem of how to go across the galaxy without taking several decades to get anywhere, but it turns out bending the very fabric of reality has some downsides. Who knew? Hosts: Michael Rainey - David Rainey - To see more of what Storyteller Entertainment has to offer, head to our website: For questions, comments, or business...


You Don't Deserve Androids! As seen in Alien, Bladerunner, Star Trek and more!

Ho boy ... this one is a doozy. We really tried to talk about things besides sex ... we tried ... but there's really only one, inescapable conclusion as to why we as a species want to build Androids, and it's not to help out with chores around the house. But as you'll come to find from this episode, making things to have sex with is about as human as you can get. Hosts: Michael Rainey - David Rainey - To see more of what...


You Don't Deserve Suspended Animation - as seen in Alien, Futurama, Avatar, and more!

We actually recorded this one a while ago and while the audio isn't great (sorry) we still had a lot of fun destroying yet more of your potentially bright future. We just can't seem to stop doing that. So take a listen as to the downsides of suspended animation that include ice crystals in your blood, your genetics gone hay wire and poop ... so much poop ... Hosts: Michael Rainey - David Rainey - To see more of what...


You Don't Deserve Fantasy! The downside of dragons

We've been away for a little while but we are back and we've completely forgotten that we're supposed to talk about science fiction. This week we'll be discussing the downsides of dragons because as much as we enjoy power fantasies as a Targaryen, dragons would really be a lot more trouble than they are worth. Hosts: Michael Rainey - David Rainey - To see more of what Storyteller Entertainment has to offer, head to our...


You Don't Deserve Clones, as seen in Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and more!

Do you like yourself? So much that you think there should be more of you in the world, and have thought how nice it would be to clone you so there is another you running around? Well guess what ... that's a terrible idea! And as usual, the Rainey bros. are here to tell you why you don't deserve this science fiction in your life ... particularly since it's fiction that is becoming less fictional every day. To see what else we offer, check out our website at...


You Don't Deserve A Flying Car, as seen in Blade Runner, Back To The Future, and more

Stuck in traffic again? Wouldn't it be great to simply lift off and fly above the crowds, flying the rest of the way? Sounds great, right? WRONG! It's death and mayhem for everyone involved, and unfortunately many people who weren't involved. The Rainey brothers agree, we should keep our wheels on the ground and give up on the idea of flying cars. Follow Storyteller Entertainment on Twitter to follow all our podcasts: For questions, comments, or business...


You Don't Deserve The Matrix

We've all seen the Matrix (You haven't? Where were you in the 90's? Go watch it now) and we all saw the scenes where Kung Fu knowledge is uploaded into the brain. Seems great doesn't it? Well it's not. It's terrible. And David and Michael will tell you why. And before you say, "but what about the computer simulation, that would be cool," don't worry, we ruin that as well. Follow Storyteller Entertainment on Twitter to follow all our podcasts: For...


You Don't Deserve Transporters, as seen in Star Trek, The Fly, and more!

David and Michael Rainey once again talk about the downsides to seemingly great sci fi technology. This week it's all about teleportation, and besides being impossible, we discover a lot of downsides to this technology, not to mention how depressed Miles O'Brien gets. This episode discusses a lot of heavy adult themes and tacos. Follow Storyteller Entertainment on Twitter to follow all our podcasts: For questions, comments, or business inquiries email us...


You Don't Deserve A Lightsaber

We've all watched science fiction and wished that we could have the gadgets for ourselves, but as we discuss on this podcast, these gadgets are usually more trouble than they are worth. Join brothers Michael and David Rainey as they explore pop culture wish fulfillment and do their best to destroy those wishes. This week's episodes: the most iconic of all sci-fi gadgets, the Lightsaber. Follow Storyteller Entertainment on Twitter to follow all our podcasts:...