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Best & Worst Holiday Movies

Just in time for Christmas, we have our Holiday movie episode! We're talking about everything from Trading Places, Elf, Gremlins, Nightmare Before Christmas, Jingle All The Way, and many others. We cover our favorites, least favorites, favorite gifts, and what celebrities we would want to record a Christmas audio book. Enjoy the episode, Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas everyone! #christmasmovies #christmas #holidaymovies #holidays #elf #christmasvacation #gremlins...


Spoiler Alert: Fall Movie Reviews

Matthew talks about seeing Hamilton live in Durham, NC and we also cover The Haunting of Hill House (we know it's a tv show, but it's too good not to cover). We also review Venom, Wreck It Ralph 2, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Creed 2. My daughter makes her long awaited debut on the show to join the gang in our weekly round of pop culture shenanigans. Spoilers and laughs are in store on this one! #movies #moviereviews #popculture #podcast #moviepodcast #thehauntingofhillhouse #venom #wreckitralph...


Off The Top Rope: From WWF to WWE

This one is for all the wrestling fans out there! From WWF & WCW to WWE SMACKDOWN, RAW, DIVAS, and more, we cover all the bases. This is packed with laughs and it's only Part 1. We're talking about everyone from Ric Flair, The Rock, Stone Cold, Macho Man, Hulk Hogan, John Cena, The Undertaker, The Ultimate Warrior, Randy Orton, AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, and so many others. We're talking about our favorites wrestlers, awesome finishing moves, incredible matches and...


Excelsior! The Stan Lee Tribute Episode.

Stan Lee was a huge inspiration to many people, and one of the big reasons we even started this podcast. We talk about what Stan and Marvel mean to us, favorite characters, cameos, stories, and more. We also take the time to give Bill Maher a piece of our mind on his disrespectful comments last week. Side Note, I mispronounced Maher's name on purpose and I hope it catches on lol. This one is for all pop culture fans, fanboys, fangirls, cosplayers, comiccon attendees, movie lovers, and anyone...


Fast, Loud & Furiously Funny - Pop Culture Cars & Vehicles Episode

From the Batmobile to the DeLorean, Cars and Vehicles are a staple to some of our favorite pop cultures shows, cartoons and movies. Join us as we have special guests Jill Dyson and Geoff Beale in studio talking about our favorite cars, first cars, and some funny stories in between. We talk about everything from Christine, The A-Team Van, Knight Rider, Back To The Future, James Bond cars, and much more! Be sure to check out Geoff's work at Throwback Custom Cars. Based here in the Carolina's,...


Enter the 36 Chambers - 25th Anniversary Episode

Enter the 36 Chambers is one of the most monumental hip hop debut albums of all time! This classic came out 25 years ago, and to this day, is still a banger. 9 MC's from Staten Island with nothing to lose, took the hip hop world by storm, and never looked back. We talk about first impressions, favorite solo albums, the influence of 36 Chambers during the G-Funk era in Hip Hop, and why the group is still incredibly influential to this very day. Wu Tang Killa Bees, we on a swarm! #wutang...


The Halloween Show - Scariest Video Games

Happy Halloween 2018! From Resident Evil to Dead by Daylight, we're talking about some of our favorite scariest video games. Join us as we cover Resident Evil, Manhunt, Dead by Daylight, Dead Space, Silent Hill, Friday the 13th Game, Dying Light and many more! What are some of your favorite scariest games? Contact us at multiPOPtural to get a shout out with your favorites on our social media outlets and website. #halloween #halloween2018 #scaryvideogames #games #videogames #horror...


Oh, The Horror Episode!

We cover the full spectrum of horror movies in time for Halloween. We're talking about horror comedies, gory horror movies, zombie movies, vampire movies, psychological horror, new horror, old school horror, and everything in between! We talk about everything from Critters, Paranormal Activity, Hereditary, Shawn of the Dead, Evil Dead, Creepshow, The Witch, It Follows, and we ask the million dollar question, who wore leather better, Blade or Selene from Underworld. Buckle up and Happy...


Brews, Beats and Kicks - Support Local Movement with Daniel Leonard

We catch up with good friend and local entrepreneur, Daniel Leonard, on all things Carolina Brews, Hip Hop Shows, Clothes, and Kicks! We talk about some of the amazing North Carolina Breweries in Charlotte, Asheville, Wilmington, Winston Salem, as well as talk about his thriving shop, Gate City Growlers in Greensboro, NC. We also chat about his Socially Incorporated Brand, hip hop shows, the crews favorite kicks, and more! #DanielLeonard #Gatecitygrowlers #bullstavern #sociallyincorporated...


Fortnite Season 6, Movie Trailers, Blockbuster Video, Mizz Quinn & Kevin Sorbo?!

Winging it on this one! We're covering Fortnite Season6, the newest movie trailers, going down memory lane about Blockbuster video, a wonderful interview with Mizz Quinn on 30 Seconds to Mars and her upcoming projects, and somehow....... Kevin Sorbo gets thrown in the mix! We will have the video on this episode out as well, so be on the lookout for it on Youtube! #fortnite #FortniteSeason6 #Spiderman PS4 #Geeksboro #The Last of Us #Kingdom Hearts #OutbreakDay #MyBrotherSkyler #Event...


Mad Villains aka The Angry Episode

It feels so good to be so bad! We're chatting about our favorite and least favorite villains of all time! Serah Chu and Haley M join us on this episode as well to give us their input on all things villainy. We're covering villains from movies, tv, comics, cartoons, video games, anime, real life, and more! #christophercolumbus #billthebutcher #serpentor #galvatron #reggiemiller #drclaw #villains #movievillains #tvvillains #videogamevillains #reallifevillains #villainy #villianepisode...


Eminem vs Machine Gun Kelly & Past Rap Beefs

We break down the Eminem vs MGK beef, chat about some conspiracy theories on why it's happening, and talk about some of our favorite rap beefs from the past. We'd love to hear your feedback, so DM us on social media or write us on the contact us form of the website, We wanna hear your thoughts on Eminem vs MGK, and also what are some of your favorite hip hop beefs of all time! #eminem #eminemvsmgk #machinegunkelly #mgk #eminemvsmachinegunkelly #rapgod #rapdevil...


JEKS Uncensored - The Graffiti & Metal Episode

JEKS aka B. Lewis joins us to talk about his history with graffiti, murals, art, inspirations, and his musical influences as well. We talk about past, present, and upcoming projects, as well as his bands Bloodjinn and Night Sweats. #greensboro #jeks #northcarolina #winstonsalem #pbr #harleydavidson #macmiller #graffiti #graffitiporn #graffitart #kem #guess #murals #mural #muralart #muralgraffiti #realism #jtimber #charlotte #ashville #patchwhiskey #pigpounder #kotis #tone #ryansaunders...


The 80's Strikes Back!

We have our 80's Edition of the ever popular Marry/F#$k/Kill, and we're giving out awards for our favorite 80's good guys, bully's hero's, dorks, etc. If you love the 80's, this episode is definitely for you. As always our episode is Rated RFA for Really Fucking Awesome! #80s #podcast #80spodcast #popculture #popculturepodcast #willow #rocky #karatekid #iceman #bullys #empirestrikesback #films #movies #moviepodcast #marryfuckkill #mfk #ilovethe80s #80sstrikesback #80smovies #80stvshows...


Worst Comic Book Movies Ever!

Daredevil, Ghost Rider, Superma Returns, Catwoman, Steel, Wolverine Origins are just a few of the dumpster fire comic book movies that we crack up about on this episode. We have J Timber in studio joining us this week, as we talk about some of our least favorite comic book movies, actors some of us don't really care for (Sorry Shia and Brandon), what superpower we wish we had, and of course random comedic outbursts throughout the show. Message us your least favorite comic book movie on the...


Ozark and the Talented Michael Tourek

Season 2 of Ozark is out! We have the incredibly talented, and Greensboro's very own, Michael Tourek aka Ash on the show with us. He gives us some insight on both seasons of Ozark, as well as some great stories on his acting career. Joining us in studio we have J Timber, who's new single just dropped on September 1st, and the lovely Natalie Garcia from Yes Weekly on the interview as well. Be sure to check this episode out and share it with all your friends who are fans of Ozark. #ozark...


The Hip Hop Round Table - The Episode You've All Been Waiting For!

Black Thought, MF Doom, Ghostface, Redman, Andre 3000, Eminem, Ice Cube, are just a few of our favorite rappers that we talk about on the show. We've been waiting to record this podcast since we first started the show, and here it is! We kept our Mount Rushmore (Jay-Z, Biggie, Pac, and Nas) off of our lists, to help make the convo a little more interesting. We cover lyricist, battle mc's, mainstream artists, underground, really the whole spectrum of hip hop, and our reasons for our personal...


Local Talent Spotlight: J Timber

We catch up with good friend and the incredibly talented J Timber! We're talking about his humble beginnings, favorite performances, influences, his new single coming out September 1st, and what the future has in store for one of Greensboro's Finest Entertainers! #jtimber #jtimbermusic #supportlocal #livemusic #greensboro #northcarolina #winstonsalem #kernersville #charlotte #raleigh #asheboro #highpoint #rock #soul #randb #houseoffools #ontheOnemusicCo #ontheonemusic #downtowngreensboro...


That 80s Movies Episode

Full Metal Jacket, Princess Bride, The Goonies, Bull Durham, Lost Boys, we're talking about our favorite 80s films of all time! Join us as we laugh and joke our way through some classic 80s films, including Friday the 13th Part 3, Die Hard, Ferris Bueler's Day Off, Top Gun, Spaceballs, Adventures in Babysitting and other classics. Also, help us answer the debate of is a hotdog a sandwich???? Inquiring minds want to know #podcast #80spodcast #popculture #popculturemovies #popculturepodcast...


Movies We Can't Stop Watching!

We all have movies that we can't stop watching when they come on tv. The fellas and I discuss some of our favorites and all time great movies that keep us glued to the couch. #pulpfiction #casino #scarface #godfather #forrestgump #big #movies #tvmovies #tbs #tnt #spike #actionmovies #80s #90s #00s #stallone #roadhouse #overthetop #rambo #rocky #karatekid #supertroopers #brokenlizard #theroadwarrior #officespace #majorleague #thedeparted #evildead #adventuresinbabysitting #podcast...