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Jeff and Jason talk tactics, gear and ice fishing legends.

Jeff and Jason talk tactics, gear and ice fishing legends.
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Jeff and Jason talk tactics, gear and ice fishing legends.






#11 Beyond Thunderdome - Fire on Ice

Jeff and Jason talk about a BBQ contest on Mille Lacs and discuss gear durability on lake of the woods. Here is a nice walleye from my lake of the woods trip. BBQ Context A few pictures from the Fire on Ice BBQ context on Mille Lacs. This was one week after walleye close. Lake Minnetonka A picture of [...]


#10 After the Catch and Grumpy Old Men

Jeff and Jason talk about fishing on Leech lake and grumpy old men. Remmington table We got this really cool portable table for the trip. It worked great. https://www.amazon.com/Browning-Camping-8534215-Double-Barrel/dp/B003AV9BSI auger mount Here is a really cool home made auger mount. It worked really great. Recepies Below are a few of the recepies we talked about on the episode. Salleye chowder Here is a link to the book on amazon that has the recepie. I have...


#9 Mark Bomhoff and the squirrel

Jeff and Jason talk to Mark Bomhoff, the maker of a really unique ice shack, and the legend of a squirrel. Pictures of the Shack Here are some great pictures of the shack that Mark sent to me. Really you have never seen anything like this before. Thank you so much to Mark for being a guest on our show and for all the really great pictures and videos.


#8 Panfish II and the bike

Jason and Jeff talk panfish tactics and the legend of the bike. Fishing Report Pelican I was out on Pelican Lake in Wright county and everyone was fishing for pike. After trying a few places I went home without icing a fish. I did see a few pulled in by near by anglers. There was a ton of people out on the ice. A few people were out using sails and snow boards to surf across the lake. Lake Minnetonka I was out on lake minnetonka with my son and managed to catch a few...


#7 Panfish and the Dog

Jeff and Jason talk about panfish lures and tacics and the story of the time when Ole’s dog froze his tender bits to the ice. Two Story Fish House Jason and I both saw this video on a two story ice house being towed on the ice. This ice house is the craziest thing I have ever seen. It is two stories and takes a plow truck and a tow truck to get it out on the ice. Here is a link to the...


#6 Fishing with Kids and the Trout

Jeff and Jason talk about ice fishing reports, current events, gear and the legend of the ice fishing trout. Kids Fishing We talked about taking your kids out fishing. Here is a few pics of my last trip with the kids. We did not catch any fish, but we had a great time playing outside. walleye cakes http://mnbound.com/wild-in-the-kitchen/2015/4/2 [...]


#5 Walleye Lures and the Rookie

Episode 5 features Jeff and Jasons favorite walleye lures and our first guest. The rookie, Steve, talks with Jeff about his first ice fishing experience. This episode got a bit longer than I wanted but we had a ton to cover. Fishing Report Got out last weekend with my brother in law Brian and caught a few fish. Here is a picture of a nice walleye he got. Lake Osakis Got a report from my brother that the ice on lake Osakis was good for walking. But no fish were caught that...


#4 Tip ups gadgets and the legend of the fog

Jeff and Jason talk about the St. Paul ice fishing show, tip ups and the legend of the non-icefisherman. St. Paul Ice Fishing Show I went to the St. Paul ice fishing show Saturday December 2nd. It was a mad house, it was hard to get through the isles and even worse to checkout. But I still had a great time. My favorite things about the show are checking out the more rare ice fishing gear. Along with checking out the gear I love talking to the people who invented the gear. Below is a...


#2 Ice Fishing Electronics and the man with no eyebrows

Jeff and Jason talk about deer camp and ice fishing electronics. The episode wraps up with the legend of the man with no eyebrows.


#1 Drill into ice augers, and northern slime

Our first episode. Jeff and Jason talk about ice augers and that time when a buddy drank a beer with some northern slime added.


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