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45: Garrett L. George, Trinity Oaks Volunteer

"I woke up at the hospital. I came to with a broken shoulder. The girls who found me, knew me, and they didn't recognize me. My buddy, the police officer, had tears in his eyes. All I could think about was my brother and I handling things." — Garrett L. George By their own definition, Trinity Oaks uses hunting and fishing to give back and make a difference in the lives of others. That’s veterans, children of our fallen first responders and veterans, kids who have terminal illnesses, and the...


44: Ryan Kirby, Painter, Designer & Hunter

“I’d rather be a plumber and be the best I can be, and be able to hunt, rather than to push paint and never be able to hunt again. I feel like that’s more rewarding for me." - Ryan Kirby Today’s guest would tell you he was born an artist. That the paint brush was as natural in his hand as a basketball to Kobe Bryant. I’m not sure I agree. OK, the Kobe Bryant analogy is mine, Ryan would never say that. And I’ll agree some folks are more artistically inclined than others. But even with today’s...


BONUS: Brad joins Garrett Weaver with On Point

Standby! You're going to want to listen to this one. I was recently on Garrett Weaver's show to talk about some controversy, and I ended up giving away a little bit about GoWild 3.0, and I think I may have given some insights that I've never shed light on before, such as where the idea for Time Logs came from. This Bonus Episode is brought to you from Garrett Weaver's On Point Podcast: Brad Luttrell, from the Restless Native Podcast and the the GoWild app and I talk about some mainstream...


43: Donovan Sears, Artist, Photographer & GoWild Co-Founder

"Candid photography is so much more interesting to me. It can't be setup. You have to be quick with the trigger and you have to anticipate what people are going to do. There are no training wheels. You gotta be on your toes." — Donovan Sears Today, I have a discussion with my Co-Founder and good friend, Donovan Sears, which we documented on our way through South Texas. Donovan is an interesting guy. He’s by far the best designer I’ve ever known. I’ve said that before so that probably doesn’t...


42: Thanks

Today is Thanksgiving. And the seasonality of gratefulness is on my mind. Part of me appreciates that we take time to slow down each year and say thanks. But the cynic in me has a few complaints about it, too. Log Time for this Episode on GoWild Share your thoughts, support, or points of contention by logging time on GoWild. Logging time is fun and lets you join in on the conversation. Restless Native is Sponsored by Houston Safari Club Foundation Restless Native is brought to you by Houston...


41: Jeremiah Doughty, Wild Game Chef with From Field to Plate

"I brought people here to show them there's a better way to do life. To do hunting. Butchering. Cooking. To think outside the box when it comes to getting dirty for your dinner. No one wants to help anyone in this industry. We're losing our culture. We're losing what we are and who we are. From Field to Plate classes are to do the opposite." — Jeremiah Doughty, Wild Game Chef with From Field to Plate Today’s audio is brutal at some points. And I will not apologize. So goes it in the field,...


40: Stephen Holley & Jason Dickens, Team SIXSITE

"One of the folks said, 'There's a fire. Bring shovels.' We jumped in the truck and drove as fast as we could to where they were talking about. We pull up and shut off the truck. We get out, and we start smelling burned rubber." — Stephen Holley, SIXSITE Founder Team GoWild is on the road. We’ve been down in Texas meeting up with Stephen Holley and Team SIXSITE where we also had a meet and greet. From there we crashed in Austin for a night before meeting up with Jeremiah Doughty for a three...


39: Rick Franco, Marine & Heroes & Horses COO

“You have two creatures who don’t have a purpose anymore—the mustang from the American West, and the American soldier. We take these two un-purposed creatures and give them purpose. We break that horse and give it to a veteran. The veteran has the purpose of leading that horse. And you can’t get on a horse without being a leader.” — Rick Franco, COO of Heroes and Horses You can’t cheat the mountain. Today we’re talking with a guy who is helping our nation’s heroes learn how to conquer...


38: Joe Betar, Conservationist, Hunter & Advocate

"Get out there and vote. Support your NGOs or your local organizations. Be involved. It's critically important that we're actively involved beyond going hunting. We must have our voice heard. We must put our money where our mouth is. And we must support individuals that are in support of maintaining the legacy we have in this country." — Joe Betar, Executive Director, Houston Safari Club Foundation Welcome to a special election day edition of Restless Native. If you hate politics, don’t go...


37: North American Dogman Project Founders, Dave Jones & Joedy Cook

"It stood up and he was dumbfounded. People came out and he was trying to warn them. He was waving to get their attention. They were waving like they didn't know what he was talking about. By then this thing just pounced them and mauled them." — Dave Jones, North American Dogman Project Co-Founder This is the second of a series about Dogman. To hear the first show, listen to Episode 36 with Dark Waters, the King of Horror. What’s creepier, fantastical tales of Dogman, a monster lurking in...


36: King of Horror & Paranormal Storyteller, Dark Waters

"His brother on the front of the boat is screaming, and falling back towards him in the boat. The front half of this alligator is flying through the air at them. The other half is on the bank. This head came out of the brush and growled at him." — Dark Waters This is the first of a series about Dogman. To hear the second show, see Episode 37 with the North American Dogman Project. Tonight, I bring you something different. This is something pulled from the shadows of the deepest, dankest and...


35: Bud Fisher, Catchin’ Deers Guy

"This apparel represents what I stand for. There's that, and we're actively trying to promote conservation efforts." — Bud Fisher, Co-Founder, Catchin' Deers How many times have you and your buddies had a crazy idea, and said, “Somebody should do that. People would love it.” Typically, that conversation is where good ideas go to die. But not with today’s guest. Today we have Bud Fisher on the show. Many of you know his name, but if you don’t, you probably have heard of those Catchin’ Deers...


34: Olivia Opre, Hunting Consultant, Mrs. America Contestant & Conservationist

“I’m happy to put my neck on the line. I get a lot of anti-hunter threats. I got a $250,000 bounty on my head. But it’s something that has to be talked about.” — Olivia Opre, Hunting Consultant & Mrs. America Contestant Imagine the amount of hate you must have in your heart to put a bounty on someone’s head. You must have really pissed somebody off, right? Today’s guest knows that kind of hate. And she knows it well. Olivia Opre has traveled the world hunting hippos, lions, elephants, and...


33: Mahting Putelis, Hunt to Eat Founder

“If you do not know something well, if you don’t have a sense of some place, you are not going to protect it.” — Mahting Putelis, Founder of Hunt to Eat Many American patriots and outdoorsmen embrace the Gadsden flag’s message of “Don’t Tread on Me.” I do, too, but sometimes we could use a reminder that the best defense, may actually be a good offense. In regards to telling our story of hunting in today’s world, we have to be careful when taking a Don’t Tread on Me philosophy. This same...


32: Shannon Lansdowne & Brittany Boddington, She Hunts Skills Camp

“We’ve had 4 young widows at these camps. And they want to take their kids hunting but they’ve lost their mentor. They come to us for basic skills so they can pass on to their kids and pass on the skills.” - Brittany Boddington Today I have a couple of women who see the hunting industry landscape, and they are getting involved in an interesting way. In this episode, we chat with Brittany and Shannon from She Hunts Skills Camp. They’re empowering women to sharpen their hunting skills in a...


31: Kris Bentley, Sundy Best Musician & Appalachian Songwriter

“I don’t look at it from what I’d do different. That’s a rabbit hole that will continue on for eternity. There’s nothing I would have done different. As time goes on, it’ll just get more beautiful. It’s bigger than one person.” — Kris Bentley Appalachia has some fantastic contributions to this world. The music, food and arts that comes from those hills can be incredible. It’s also no stranger to anguish. I’m always interested by the lore that lives within Appalachia. Much of this history has...


30: Brad Neathery & Tyler Sharp, Modern Huntsman

“I didn’t have direct affinity for or against hunting, but if I had to choose, I was probably against it.” - Brad Neathery, CEO of Modern Huntsman Sometimes it seems Lincoln Tapp might have been right when he says social media is doing more harm for hunting than good. This weekend, animal rights activists coordinated a blitzkrieg against several well known hunters via multiple major platforms. While these animals were harvested legally and ethically, it didn’t matter. Some hunters made some...


BONUS: Do Not Listen to This Episode

"People risk their lives to fish for sharks. It's insane. These people are insane. But it's a respectful insane." - Zack Grimes, GoWild Co-Founder Don't do it. Seriously. By pressing play, you're committing to listen to the GoWild app's Co-Founder's first show of random musings, inappropriate commentary, fart jokes and awkward silences. Welp, if you're still reading, you're probably going to listen. So you should know we talk about Donovan's inspiration behind designs, deer population...


29: Ryan Gresham, President of Gun Talk Media

“Training can happen on your couch, in your living room. Don’t think of how everything is going to go right. Think of what can go wrong.” — Ryan Gresham “I can’t even imagine what that’s like.”How many times have you seen a tragedy on national news and said that? Often? Well, today’s guest is here to tell you that maybe you should try imagining. Ryan Gresham knows a lot of about marketing, sales, and guns. His show runs a ton of different media opportunities, from podcasts to video to apps,...


28: Lexi Quinn, Wildland Firefighter, Hunter & Angler

“This year I got a wakeup call. We were going to a fire and there’s fire everywhere. On both sides of the highway. And it felt like I was in the apocalypse.” — Lexi Quinn The word courage gets tossed around so much it almost loses its meaning. Does it really take courage to tell your boss they’re wrong? Maybe some. But if that is courage, maybe the word courage falls short of today’s guest. Imagine running into the face of danger while everyone else flees to protect property that isn’t...