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25: Eric Clark, Founder of Where to Hunt

Life is a film reel, not a snapshot." — Eric Clark Eric Clark is the founder of Where to Hunt. He's built the app as a side hustle, and today, we're talking about how he's pursuing making it his full-time job. The American Dream is synonymous with this mental picture of rainbows and pots of gold. But in reality, the American Dream is like the weather: Rainbows don’t come until the storm passes. Chasing that dream is hard. It’s more challenging than I ever thought. It weighs on me more than I...


24: Gus Congemi, Bowhunter, Host of Live the Wild Life

"I gave myself three years. If this show wasn't profitable in three years, then I probably didn't belong on television. I kept it real. I was honest. And it's working out pretty well." - Gus Congemi, Host of Live the Wild Life Networking and relationships can take you a long ways. Today we’re talking to a guy who will time and time again echo this statement. Make sure you don’t just have talent, you better build some relationships along the way. I wasn’t too familiar with Gus Congemi, the...


From Field to Plate Sweepstakes Winner Announced

As many of you know, GoWild has partnered with From Field to Plate and SIXSITE to promote hunter recruitment with a sweepstakes valued at over $4,500. The sweepstakes ran for 2 months, and collectively generated nearly 3,000 new hunters and anglers for 2018. "I know this is a drop in the bucket in what the industry needs, but we're proud to be working with people and brands who understand that if we all just work together, these small efforts can eventually create bucket loads of new...


23: Tony Bynum, Photographer, Conservationist & POMA President

"No matter where I've been or what I've done, it turns out, the most important aspect of it have been the people. I don't remember the photos as much as the relationships." — Tony Bynum Speaking up in contest when you know it could not only lead to backlash, but cost you clients and therefore your livelihood is not only courageous, it’s typically the makeup of a leader, which is who we have today. Tony Bynum is an outdoor photographer and the president of the Professional Outdoor Media...


22: Joshua Stratton, Angler & Entrepreneur

"As an industry, if we keep drinking out of the same watering hole, we're all going to be thirsty." — Joshua Stratton, Against the Current I love disruptive people. If you’re building a product, or using products or marketing tactics in an unexpected way, or doing something entirely different, that takes courage. That’s Joshua Stratton. Today’s guest is not afraid to speak his mind. He’s not afraid to talk about the shortcomings of the outdoors industry. And he’s not afraid to talk about...


21: Lincoln Tapp, Bowhunter, TV Show Host & Teenager

“You can’t blame hunters for the creation of humans.” — Lincoln Tapp, Bowhunter & Host of YoungWild Lincoln Tapp has become pretty well known within the hunting community. He’s currently chasing a goal that’s almost synonymous with his name. He’s spent a third of his life traveling across North America in an attempt to become the youngest person to harvest 29 of North America’s Big Game Animals. At 12 years old, Lincoln became the youngest known archer to harvest the Stone Sheep. He...


20: Stephen Holley & Marcus Stiggers

“It hit me that if this could happen to a 10 year old, it could be me. For a minute I was lost, not knowing what to do next. Since my experience going hunting, I’ve done things I would have never done before.” — Marcus Stiggers, SIXSITE When I look at our industry, I’m inspired most by brands that market through empowerment, not impossibility. SIXSITE is one of those brands. Stephen Holley, the founder, understands that he makes a high end product, but he also understands the market well....


19: Kimmi Greentree, Australian Bowhunter, Mother & Wife

"People have failure. People should know that. If they come into this and think they're going to have a 100% success—they're not. Learning from your failures makes you a better hunter. And that has to happen." — Kimmi Greentree Some of you know today’s guest because of her husband. But in a little over an hour, you’ll see she stands out on her own. Prior to my interview, I admired Kimmi Greentree's authenticity and self awareness. Her social media profiles are hilarious and I liked her....


18: Alaska Part II

Alaska made me think. Join me on this quick recap as I share my takeaways from the trip. We're skipping the show notes on this one. Let's just say we're going deep. **This episode is brought to you by Houston Safari Club Foundation** This episode of Restless Native is brought to you by Houston Safari Club Foundation. GoWild is working with Houston Safari Club Foundation, and you know about some of the conservation efforts this group participates in. This is an amazing organization, that is...


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Quick announcement on the new Restless Native shirts and a couple of other things! BUY YOUR SHIRT: Come out to the Wild Child Rendezvous: Oh, and you can watch the Alaska video with Jared and Bobby:


17: Alaska, Part 1: Bobby Stoker & Jared Boyce

"I caught a 125 pounder, and the guide looked at it and said, 'We gotta turn it loose.'" — Bobby Stoker recapping his trip to Alaska. Today’s episode is interesting. We’re going to hear some stories from two different generations, in the same industry but approaching it from vastly different angles. Bobby Stoker is a third generation tobacco man. Jared Boyce, better known by many as simply “Outlaw,” is a famous YouTuber in the tobacco and outdoors space. I recently fished with both of...


16: Joe Betar, Houston Safari Club

"I can take one person hunting, but we all need to realize we're all part of a larger network. We've all got to get involved. One person is not too small to make a difference." You know those people you meet and connect with immediately? The ones who cause you to quickly forget you don’t know them all that well? That’s Joe Betar. Joe is today’s guest. He's with Houston Safari Club, and we caught up recently in Lincoln, Nebraska—my first trip there this year. We were both there for R3, the...


BONUS: Southern Ground Interviews Brad Luttrell

Surprise! Bonus content! Parker and Blake with Southern Ground recently had me onto their show to chat GoWild, hunting, cooking and life. After doing the show, I really liked these guys. We liked them enough to become partners with their network. So GoWild is sponsoring the fellas at Southern Ground. In support of our investment in them and our belief in their efforts, we're bringing you the Southern Ground interview with me, Brad Luttrell. Enjoy! Check out Southern Ground:...


15: Adam Weatherby, President of Weatherby

“I’m here today because of the way my grandfather established this brand. I’m still riding the wave today.” — Adam Weatherby Seven decades ago, Weatherby magnums were flipping the industry on its head for their velocity and flat trajectory performance. And they’re still leading the way. Weatherby needs no intro. It’s the gun you’ve lusted for. It’s an elite brand you respect, even if you’ve never fired one or even seen one yourself. That kind of brand equity takes sweat equity. And Roy...


14: Buck Robinson, Outdoor Access

"There are no sacred cows here. Do you care about preserving a memory, or do you care about preserving a lifestyle?" — Buck Robinson I met Buck Robinson very early into my journey with GoWild. We're both entrepreneurs, but he's a few years ahead of our team with GoWild in our journey. I've admired him and his team's ability to scale and bring their vision to life. Team GoWild fully believes in what Buck is doing. You've heard it before—access is one of the toughest challenges for hunters....


13: Jeremiah Doughty, From Field to Plate

"I thought, 'there's gotta be a better way.' So I said, I'm going to start something to teach people go from field to plate, with respect, honor and integrity." - Jeremiah Doughty, From Field to Plate This show is with someone with a lot of drive. And talent. And maybe most importantly, a guy with a passion for helping others experience the outdoors. For episode 13, we welcome Jeremiah Doughty, who many of you would probably be more likely to recognize as the "From Field to Plate" guy....


12: Chris Gleim's First Hunt

“When we get a bird, that’s when I’m going to decide. Am I really a hunter? Or am I a nature photographer?" - Chris Gleim This show's a little different. I documented my co-founder's first hunting experience. You'll hear the excitement in his voice pre-hunt, the self doubt and curiosity of what it will be like to take an anima's life, and the overall the highs and lows hunters deal with. It's an honest, first-hand account of what it is like to try hunting for the first time. Chris Gleim is...


BONUS: Cody Rich 2.0 (But Actually Kinda 1.0)

Surprise! I'm back with Cody Rich. I can't believe you all even listened to a 3 hour podcast, let alone loved it. Thanks for all of the fantastic feedback on that show. It was such great feedback, we actually have partnered with The Rich Outdoors to release mine and John's original conversation with Cody. I hope you will check out The Rich Outdoors and subscribe! Check out Cody's website: Check out the Restless Native Spotify Playlist:


11: Ben O'Brien, YETI Fella, Writer, Philosopher

“We have control of how we’re perceived. We don’t have control of the prism for which that perception happens.” - Ben O'Brien, Hunting Marketing Manager, YETI Perception isn’t just important. Perception is reality. Today’s guest is outdoor philosopher, writer and the Hunting Marketing Manager at YETI, Ben O'Brien. Ben's made some waves lately with his comments on that reality for hunters. He’s known for speaking his mind, and not shying away from controversy. Beyond his commentary on grip...


10: Cody Rich, The Rich Outdoors

"Any time I find myself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect." — Cody Rich Cody Rich has made a name for himself in the hunting industry. He’s got a great podcast, The Rich Outdoors, which you’ll hear us talk about. And many of you are probably here because you already know that. But that’s Cody’s story as it exist today. I want to tell you Cody’s story from before. The part where he actually broke his neck in a freak accident, and was lucky to survive. Despite being...