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63: Mark Boardman, Vortex’s Head of Marketing

“I immersed my life in it. I took jobs that didn’t pay as much. But I was flexible. Being flexible and being willing to take a jump (got me to Vortex).”— Mark Boardman on his path to Vortex All websites have an "About Us," right? Not this one. Here is what I found in the Vortex Optics “About YOU” section. "Normally this is the section where it’s “About Us”. But at Vortex, it’s All About You. Rather than go on about “Us” and how long we’ve been in business and how great we are, we focus on...


62: Sarah Brune, Hunter & Marketer with ALPS

“We wouldn’t have as many anti-hunters if we approached that reason ‘why’ better. We’re so good at explaining why we do it to one another, but we’ve failed at explaining it to someone who hasn’t experienced it or is an anti-hunter.”— Sarah Brune No matter what you do, working with good people matters. Today's guest is just that. Sarah is one of my favorite people I've met in the hunting industry. She's the Director of Marketing with ALPS Mountaineering and ALPS OutdoorZ. You all have likely...


61: Tara Couture, Farmer & Certified Nutritionist

“That blood goes right back into the soil that nourished them. It’s a really profound moment for us. It’s sad, but it’s incredibly beautiful, too. The amount of gratitude that we have for that animal, and being there as it’s dying, it’s a beautiful thing. But it’s not an easy thing. We live in a culture of ease. Our emotions should not dictate our actions.”— Tara Couture Tara Couture farms her own food, utilizes the entirety of the animal, lives as green as possible, and she cares about this...


60: Jimmy Herman, Fiddler, Trapper & Hunter

“My wife had my daughter and 7 days later I went on tour for 56 days before coming home. We were gone a lot. Yeah, it’s tough. But my wife’s awesome and we dealt with it. It’s my livelihood and it’s what I’ve always wanted to do. I signed up for this. Everything comes to an end."— Jimmy Herman Today, we have a fur trapper and hunter who’s performed at the Grammys, on Jay Leno and Good Morning America, and stood alongside Steven Tyler, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood. And...


59: Bert Sorin, Hammer Thrower, Bowhunter, Entrepreneur & Total Beast

"I made the Olympic trials and finals, but you pick a bad day to have a bad day, and you're like, 'crap, I just wasted four years.'"— Bert Sorin In 1980, a school teacher named Richard Sorin spent his days teaching, and in the evenings he’d drive his 1974 Land Cruiser across town to load the roof with steel, all so he could bring it home and hack away at it in his garage. And that’s what it takes. Richard was building the foundation of a company, Sorin Exercise Equipment. For many, this is...


58: Kevin Orthman, Professional Outdoor Media Association’s Executive Director

"As we see the traditional storytellers retire, it's about bringing up the next generation. We have a lot of young people, but I don't want to lose the baby boomer's knowledge. Some of these people have been doing this for 35 yers and they've made the mistakes we don't want to make ourselves."— Kevin Orthman I met Kevin Orthman just a few days before GoWild launched. And he's been one of our best supporters ever since. I joined POMA for the connections, thinking it could help us pickup some...


57: Jenn Callahan, GoWild Chief Marketing Officer, Long-Distance Runner & Angler

"We're so high up, the people look like ants. A solo climber started to fall. You could tell he was unconscious. As he was falling he was taking out other climbers. The guide was a first responder and he had to go. He said, 'if anyone wants to leave, you have to come now.' I didn't want to be the person who made us come down before the summit..." – Jenn Callahan The Ironman race is known as the ultimate feet among distance athletes. People have died trying this race. Seriously. Today’s guest...


56: National Wild Turkey Federation CEO, Becky Humphries

“It’s a meaningful process. It’s so rewarding to go out and see people who want to harvest their own food, have a low carbon footprint and know where that food comes from."- Becky Humphries, CEO National Wild Turkey Federation Becky Humphries has four decades of experience in wildlife management and conservation. Who is Becky? She’s the Chief Executive Officer of the National Wild Turkey Federation. She’s been a critical leader in NWTF's Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. initiative. And she’s...


55: Beau Martonik, Hunter, Outdoors Podcaster & Writer

"I came up with this idea—I want to do a podcast to help people find adventure through hunting in places from East to West. But I was afraid to do it." — Beau Martonik I get a lot of questions about how to start a podcast. Today, we have answers. This show is a podcast with a guy who started a podcast. Over the last few weeks, we’ve heard from some pretty large brands like Garmin and First Lite. We heard about those stories years down the road from when that first person, the founder, took...


54: Zack Grimes, GoWild App Co-Founder & Data Scientist

"There is not a single person on our team who has an ego. We seek out opinions from so many people. We want feedback from the community. We want people to have a voice. I know I'm not an expert. We seek out the people in their respective fields—cooking, deer hunting, or whatever because we want to do it right. We want to do it, from a technology perspective, to do it 10 times better than anyone's ever done it before."— Zack Grimes I’ve known Zack Grimes for a long time. And we’ve been...


53: Capt. James Nash, Outfitter & Purple Heart Recipient

"There are all of these intangibles that accumulate around this experience of hunting, fishing or being outside. If you apply a number to whatever it is that you harvested, then that's the only thing you think about. Some of those intangibles become lost in the memory of the experience." — Capt. James Nash When I first met James Nash last year at ATA, I just thought he was a cool guy who liked to hunt. He was a mutual friend of my buddy Cody. I had no clue I was talking to such an...


52: Scott Robinson, First Lite Co-Founder

“It’s been some luck. Some fate. But we have a really awesome crew and that’s been the most rewarding thing of this whole thing.”— Scott Robinson, First Lite Co-Founder You may not know Scott Robinson by name, but I’ll bet you know his product. He’s the Co-Founder of the outdoor clothing company, First Lite. Through hard work, previous business experience and maybe, a little bit of luck, First Lite has really staked out its own piece of land within the hunting sector as a premier camo. Even...


51: Joshua Claflin, Outdoors Enthusiast & Digital Marketer

"Influencer marketing is relatively new... One of the things I look for first in ever single influencer we work with, is do they have ..." — Josh Claflin, Digital Marketer. To hear his No. 1 thing, listen to this show Over the last few weeks we’ve unveiled a lot of behind the scenes content from GoWild. Today I have one of the better looks under the hood of outdoors marketing that you’ll hear. Brand content doesn’t happen like your personal content. It’s not spur of the moment. Brands have...


50: Chris Gleim, Co-Founder GoWild App

“That’s what’s so exciting. Now, GoWild is legitimately a tool for telling your story and sharing information and awesome content. We can’t even dream of all the things they’re going to post.”— Chris Gleim, Co-Founder of GoWild Today has never-before-heard backstories, strategy and future plans for GoWild. The GoWild team just launched its biggest product update in the history of the company. On a drive to Kansas to meet with Garmin to present this product, my Co-Founder Chris and I talk...


49: Chad VanCamp, Garmin Product Manager, Bowhunter

“Part of our vision is to build up a product line of products that can enhance the outdoor experience for the sportsman, but not take away from it.”— Chad VanCamp, Product Manager with Garmin Today, January 9, GoWild launches a product with Garmin. This week, I'll be at the 2019 Archery Trade Association’s trade show in Garmin's booth to talk about this integration with the Garmin Connect IQ system. I'm sure over the next few weeks you’ll hear more about the product that we landed on. This...


48: Lyn & Lacey Hoffman, Alaskan Adventurers, Hunters & Anglers

"I said, ‘So you don’t know for 100% certainty that this bear is dead?’ He said no, and I told him we have a problem. All of the sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I see alders move, and out comes this wounded brown bear on a dead run, right for us."— Lyn Hoffman, Alaskan big game hunting guide This show is crazy. We have bear charges. Golden eagle attacks. Tales of successful hunts, including moose, sheep, goats, bears, deer, pigs, coyotes, rabbits and god knows what else I’m forgetting....


48: Lyn & Lacey Hoffman, Alaskan Adventurers, Hunters & Anglers

"I said, ‘So you don’t know for 100% certainty that this bear is dead?’ He said no, and I told him we have a problem. All of the sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I see alders move, and out comes this wounded brown bear on a dead run, right for us."— Lyn Hoffman, Alaskan big game hunting guide This show is crazy. We have bear charges. Golden eagle attacks. Tales of successful hunts, including moose, sheep, goats, bears, deer, pigs, coyotes, rabbits and god knows what else I’m...


47: Huntz Colburn, Digital Marketing Strategist, Hunter & Angler

“Those relationships are key. You might have to sort through a bunch of people to find those relationships, but that’s where the time should be spent, because then it doesn’t matter what the market does, because you have quality relationships with people through social media.” — Huntz Colburn, Backcountry Digital Founder Today’s guest specializes in SEO, PPC, CPM, ROI and a whole bunch of other things that would probably make some of you say WTF. We’re talking high level. But we’re also...


46: AJ DeRosa of Project Upland, Northwoods Collective & Urban Deer Complex

“You would think in 2018, people from magazines and television networks would show up to R3. But they didn’t. To me, that just further shows the disconnect of where all of this has failed.”— AJ DeRosa, Creative Director, Northwoods Collective When we started Restless Native, we wanted people who never stayed idle. Never settled for status quo. And who are ever Restless. Today’s guest epitomizes that. A.J. DeRosa has become well known for his work with Project Upland, the incredible content...


BONUS: Dark Waters, First Person Paranormal Tales

If you haven't listened to my interview with paranormal storyteller Dark Waters, go listen to that first. He tells horror stories from the backwoods that will run chills up your spine and raise the hairs on your neck. The first show with Dark Waters was one of our most popular over the last few months, so I am excited to bring him back with what he does best—telling first-person paranormal tales. Dark Waters’ Website Dark Waters’ YouTube Enter to Win a Dark Waters Subscription — Log Time for...