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Behind the Scenes: First Lite Sweeps, National Conservation Week & Other Announcements

"It's the biggest pitch of my life."— Brad Luttrell Surprise! It's a bonus episode of Restless Native. We have a behind the scenes look at what's happening at GoWild. Restless Native is Sponsored by Houston Safari Club Foundation Restless Native is brought to you by Houston Safari Club Foundation. This organization is a great supporter of hunters and conservation, and I am proud to partner with them. Hunting and conservation, what’s not to like, right? If you agree, great. Then I want you to...


74: Gabriella Hoffman, Writer, Political Reporter & Conservationist

"I see so much dereliction of journalistic duty among reporters. You see these people in DC who have disdain for the hunting and fishing way of life, and it's really sad. I strive to help people get connected to see what this industry does."– Gabriella Hoffman It takes courage to admit you’re new at something. And today’s guest is someone who doesn’t back down from being new at something she actually speaks about as an authority. Wait, what? Seriously. Gabriella Hoffman has worked her way up...


73: Nick Hoffman, Famous Fiddler, Television Personality & Hunter

"I think your luck is created. Your success is directly related to the amount of work you put in."— Nick Hoffman Today’s show is with a fiddle player, pilot, television host, hunter, producer, conservationist, POMA board member and so on and so on. Nick Hoffman is a lot of things. I’d venture to say he and I have become friends over this last year, from meeting up at tradeshows and POMA this summer. I really like the guy. And I love what he’s all about. He’s got a really interesting story...


72: Tom Opre, Filmmaker, Documentarian & Conservationist

“Don’t post grip and grin pictures. Especially of predators and iconic African zoo animals. I get it. People say ‘screw you’ and I get hate mail. But you have to understand, if we are going to change the hearts and minds of the people, we can’t go out and say ‘screw you.’ We have to say, there is a great story to be told about your deer. You don’t have to take your broadheads and put the logo out there, and chest bump and high five. Just don’t post those pictures.”— Tom Opre Today’s guest...


71: Brandon Butler, Outdoor Author & Conservationist

When I was working in the capital, it was heartbreaking to see how agriculture, conservation and environmental issues worked against each other. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, you have opportunities to make an impact for conservation. Don't just be a consumer. Make sure you're giving back. — Brandon Butler We have a problem on our hands, in that the volume of hunters is shrinking overall. We pay for conservation through hunting, fishing and firearms dollars. And we have movements...


Announcements & Bonus Show with Hunt Domain

"Today is a milestone. Some of our goals at GoWild have not been met. We missed them. You might call them failures. I call those lessons. Some goals were met sooner than we ever thought possible. I call those risks paying rewards."— Brad Luttrell If you're at all a weekly listener to Restless Native, you're going to want to check this show out. We have a very important announcement in the beginning. Then we have a bonus show—I (Brad Luttrell) joins Glendon Allwood on the Hunt Domain podcast...


70: Sportsmen’s Alliance’s Brian Lynn & Evan Heusinkveld

"As an organization, we don’t care if you have an R or D after your name. If you’re introducing something that’s going to impact hunting, fishing or trapping, we’re going to fight it.”– Brian Lynn, Vice President of Communications and Marketing , Sportsmen's Alliance If I told you, you could give me $35, and I would do everything in my power this year to keep your hunting rights from being taken away, would you do it? Probably not. And you probably shouldn’t. While I work in the outdoor...


69: Capturing Outdoor Data with Zack Grimes

"When we look at the outdoor space, we're on the verge of a data revolution. That is, using data to get better at what we do. Hunting and the outdoors is still this experimental thing, it's something your dad taught you. It's a generational transfer. But now, technology is teaching you to be a better outdoorsman."— Zack Grimes, GoWild Cofounder & Chief Analytics Officer I have spent an insane amount of time in the car with my good friend, cofounder and the Chief Analytics Officer of GoWild...


68: Find Your Drive

"Don’t stick with something because it’s easy, or already in motion. If you have a passion, do something with that, and do it now. It will not get easier tomorrow. Tomorrow is unknown, not just because it’s not promised, but because someone else will beat you to it, or you will lose your nerve to try it."— Brad Luttrell Restless Native was founded to look at what it takes to be successful. Most of the time that means interviewing people who have been there, done that. And it’s usually...


67: Nicole Qualtieri, Gear Junkie’s Hunt & Fish Editor

“Rural America’s population has been shrinking and getting older for decades. People are just starting to move back to rural America because they’re getting priced out of urban America. We’re in a transition point right now, as people are either pushed to the edges or out of cities.” — Nicole Qualtieri Nicole Qualtieri got her start working alongside Janis Putelis and Steven Rinella at MeatEater. She moved on to Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. And today, she serves as the Hunt Fish Editor...


66: Dan Johnson, Bowhunter & Outdoor Podcaster

“Hunters, we take from something. We take the animal that lives in this environment. I know life is busy, but often times we forget to give back, whether that is a conservation effort that is animal or environment specific. If this thing is going to continue for the next 50 years, we need to focus on the environment, and take our eyes off the score and antler size if we want to bring more people into hunting.”— Dan Johnson Today, we’re going to talk about how my guest got into hunting,...


65: GoWild Survey & Q&A with Co-Founders

"I want GoWild community members to know who I am if they have issues, and that somebody actually cares. I want to be able to fix it for you. I want to help you." — Chris Gleim, Co-Founder of GoWild Spoiler alert: There are GoWild spoilers. GoWild is in the process of completing a survey for research. The answers outline GoWild criticisms, and there are compliments of the platform. We don't hide from any of it. We hit each concern or outlying comment head on. My cofounder, Chris Gleim,...


64: Brad Luttrell, Reading “A Wild Journey”

“How you carry yourself, how you interact with anti-hunters, how you present your harvested animals, how you follow the law even when no one is looking—it all matters. We are stewards of this lifestyle just like we are with our public lands. The debate is not about hunter versus anti-hunter. When you don’t carry the flame with honor and respect, you lose the people on the fence.”— Brad Luttrell, Hunter's Horn article Today, I’m going to tell you a story. There is no guest. It’s just me, and...


63: Mark Boardman, Vortex’s Head of Marketing

“I immersed my life in it. I took jobs that didn’t pay as much. But I was flexible. Being flexible and being willing to take a jump (got me to Vortex).”— Mark Boardman on his path to Vortex All websites have an "About Us," right? Not this one. Here is what I found in the Vortex Optics “About YOU” section. "Normally this is the section where it’s “About Us”. But at Vortex, it’s All About You. Rather than go on about “Us” and how long we’ve been in business and how great we are, we focus on...


62: Sarah Brune, Hunter & Marketer with ALPS

“We wouldn’t have as many anti-hunters if we approached that reason ‘why’ better. We’re so good at explaining why we do it to one another, but we’ve failed at explaining it to someone who hasn’t experienced it or is an anti-hunter.”— Sarah Brune No matter what you do, working with good people matters. Today's guest is just that. Sarah is one of my favorite people I've met in the hunting industry. She's the Director of Marketing with ALPS Mountaineering and ALPS OutdoorZ. You all have likely...


61: Tara Couture, Farmer & Certified Nutritionist

“That blood goes right back into the soil that nourished them. It’s a really profound moment for us. It’s sad, but it’s incredibly beautiful, too. The amount of gratitude that we have for that animal, and being there as it’s dying, it’s a beautiful thing. But it’s not an easy thing. We live in a culture of ease. Our emotions should not dictate our actions.”— Tara Couture Tara Couture farms her own food, utilizes the entirety of the animal, lives as green as possible, and she cares about this...


60: Jimmy Herman, Fiddler, Trapper & Hunter

“My wife had my daughter and 7 days later I went on tour for 56 days before coming home. We were gone a lot. Yeah, it’s tough. But my wife’s awesome and we dealt with it. It’s my livelihood and it’s what I’ve always wanted to do. I signed up for this. Everything comes to an end."— Jimmy Herman Today, we have a fur trapper and hunter who’s performed at the Grammys, on Jay Leno and Good Morning America, and stood alongside Steven Tyler, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood. And...


59: Bert Sorin, Hammer Thrower, Bowhunter, Entrepreneur & Total Beast

"I made the Olympic trials and finals, but you pick a bad day to have a bad day, and you're like, 'crap, I just wasted four years.'"— Bert Sorin In 1980, a school teacher named Richard Sorin spent his days teaching, and in the evenings he’d drive his 1974 Land Cruiser across town to load the roof with steel, all so he could bring it home and hack away at it in his garage. And that’s what it takes. Richard was building the foundation of a company, Sorin Exercise Equipment. For many, this is...


58: Kevin Orthman, Professional Outdoor Media Association’s Executive Director

"As we see the traditional storytellers retire, it's about bringing up the next generation. We have a lot of young people, but I don't want to lose the baby boomer's knowledge. Some of these people have been doing this for 35 yers and they've made the mistakes we don't want to make ourselves."— Kevin Orthman I met Kevin Orthman just a few days before GoWild launched. And he's been one of our best supporters ever since. I joined POMA for the connections, thinking it could help us pickup some...


57: Jenn Callahan, GoWild Chief Marketing Officer, Long-Distance Runner & Angler

"We're so high up, the people look like ants. A solo climber started to fall. You could tell he was unconscious. As he was falling he was taking out other climbers. The guide was a first responder and he had to go. He said, 'if anyone wants to leave, you have to come now.' I didn't want to be the person who made us come down before the summit..." – Jenn Callahan The Ironman race is known as the ultimate feet among distance athletes. People have died trying this race. Seriously. Today’s guest...