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Crucible Moments Setting the Course for One Outdoors Woman - 020

Ali Juten, or "Ali Up North" as she's known online, has had several crucible moments in her life that defined her path to focus on her passion for hunting, fishing and the outdoors. You get the pleasure of hearing about them first-hand on this episode of The Woman Angler & Adventurer! They are moments I'm sure many of us women can relate to- not being taken seriously, not being welcome into the "boys club," etc. You'll be inspired to hear how Ali has handled these turning point experiences...


Hunt, Fish, Travel No Holds Barred!

On this episode of The Woman Angler & Adventurer podcast I feature another female podcaster with a passion for hunting, fishing and other adventures. Her name is Carrie Zylka and she hosts the award winning Hunt Fish Travel Podcast , which is the 1st female hosted hunting podcast out there. You are going to love her inspiring just do it attitude! She's even done some do it yourself solo hunting trips, which is not something you see many women getting out there and doing. Be sure and check...


Female Anglers Making Waves With

In this episode of The Woman Angler & Adventurer podcast, I had the pleasure speaking with Rachel Piacenza, Director of Marketing for the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF). Rachel grew up in the midwest and developed a passion for fishing from a very young age. She loved it so much that she set out to tie in fishing with her professional pursuits. After working for a time for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, she uprooted to Alexandra, VA to join RBFF to see how...


Teach a Child to Fish and Kids Fishing Day

In this episode of The Woman Angler & Adventurer I chat with former wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins turned pro bass angler Kendall Newson. Newson started an organization called Teach a Child to Fish back in 2008 so that he could use his NFL prowess to help pass along his passion for the sport of fishing that was instilled in him by his father as a youngster to other boys and girls nationwide. He shares his story and talks about the Teach a Child to Fish organization, what their goals...


Two Fly Girls Road Trip: Rip and Hopper's Adventure

I had the chance to meet up with Heather Hodson from United Women on the Fly and Jen Ripple from DUN Magazine on location at Fly South in Nashville, TN on the very first stop of their road trip dubbed Rip and Hopper's Adventure and we had a blast! Heather and Jen have embarked on a 19 day, 3,350 mile, 13 states from Tennessee to Washington road trip with the goal of fishing and meeting up with as many women as they can along the way. You can follow their entire journey on social media....


How to Get Your United States Coast Guard Captain's License -005

In episode 5 of the "It Pays to Fish" podcast, Angie walks you through the ins and outs of Mariner's Learning System's Captain in a Box course in order to obtain your OUPV/Six-Pack United States Coast Guard Captain's License. She covers why it is so important to go through a program such as Mariner's Learning System and also walks you through all of the requirements you should consider before setting out on this journey. It is not an easy undertaking by any means, but it has some major...


How Barb Carey Set out to Fill a Void for Women in the Sport of Fishing -004

In episode 4 of the It Pays to Fish podcast, you'll meet Barb Carey, founder of Wisconsin Women Fish and the Women Ice Angler Project. Barb grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and developed a love for the outdoors and fishing at an early age. When she went off to college, she drifted away from it, but eventually rediscovered her passion for fishing again. As she set out to learn the techniques to catch more fish, she noticed a huge void for female anglers in her area. Thus in 2003...


Turn Your Passion for Fishing Into a Living -001

Welcome to the first episode of It Pays to Fish by No Bananas Outfitters, a podcast by Angie Scott to help people with a passion for fishing explore ways to turn that passion into a career. In this episode, Angie talks about the purpose of this podcast, gives listeners a candid look into where she is currently with building No Bananas Outfitters and what they can expect in future episodes. Subscribe to the show for lots more to come! Brought to you by Mariner's Learning System. Go to...


How KC Scott Became a World Renowned Marine Artist -002

In this episode we feature our 1st ever It Pays to Fish podcast interview. And it’s pretty epic...Angie Scott talks to world renowned marine artist, KC Scott (no relation by-the-way)! We discuss his roots of growing up in the small town of Richland, MI and his journey to Southern Florida and eventually becoming an artist and apparel designer with Huk Gear among many other achievements. We get a picture of what his life is like behind-the-scenes, and his process for creating some of the...


Troy Lindner Talks About Camp Fish, the Fishing Careers Workshop and Gives Some Solid Business Advice -003

In this third episode of the "It Pays to Fish" podcast we have a great chat with Troy Lindner, host of AnglingBuzz TV and The Ontario Experience TV. We talk about Troy's journey growing up as a member of the Lindner fishing empire, going to college in Arizona and hustling to make a name for himself as a personal trainer in the highly competitive Los Angeles, CA market. Though it all, still staying very much in touch with his passion for fishing and the fishing business. We also discuss...