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Fish Camp Radio LIVE! - 029

On this week’s episode of The Woman Angler and Adventurer, Barb Carey records an episode from a WI Women Fish event called Fish Camp, and there were 70 Women in the audience. This is the first show of this nature and it was exciting to be recording with a room full of cheering anglers. The women were gathered to attend the 12th annual Fish Camp, which is a long weekend of fishing, learning, meeting new people, and basking in an environment of support and camaraderie. This years motto was “...


Inspiration and Sound Advice: Professional Woman Walleye Tournament Angler Reveals What It Takes - 028

On this week's episode of The Woman Angler & Adventurer, Barb Cary interviews one of the few female professional walleye tournament anglers around. Meet Brenda Picht. Born and raised in the Northwoods of Minnesota, Brenda has been fishing since childhood. It was only natural for her to begin tournament fishing 20 years ago. She "tricked" her husband into his 1st tournament one weekend while camping with some friends. They ended up taking home 1st place in the perch division and he was...


Dreaming Big to Reach Gender Parity in Fly Fishing | Orvis 50/50 on the Water Campaign - 027

Meet Jackie Kutzer and Christine Atkins, the women behind the Orvis 50/50 On the Water campaign. The ultimate goal of the campaign, which started in the spring of 2016, is to reach gender parity (50/50 by 2020) in the sport of fly fishing. They’ve been working on achieving this goal through a variety of initiatives, which Jackie and Christine outline on this episode. These include everything from women-specific gear development to free women's only Fly Fishing 101 classes to partnerships...


Cassy Geurkink, Only Woman Charter Captain in Lake of the Woods - 026

We would like you to meet Captain Cassy Geurkink, a charter Captain in Lake of the Woods MN. Cassy's passion for fishing started as a small child. Her parents were tournament anglers and her and her sister grew up in the boat. She grew up fishing on Mille Lacs Lake and fished when ever she could. After her father moved to the Lake of the Woods area, Cassy came to visit and fell in love with the area. The vast waters of Lake of the Woods is a special place and she wanted to be on the water...


Be the Change You Wish to See in the World, Be the Adventuress: Featuring Jennifer Pudenz from Adventuress Magazine - 025

On episode 25 of The Woman Angler & Adventurer podcast, Angie Scott sits down with the Adventuress herself, Jennifer Pudenz. Jennifer founded Adventuress Magazine in 2014, with the 1st issue being published in the spring of 2015. She has an incredible story and a true passion for showcasing real women in the fishing, hunting and the outdoors world who might not otherwise have the opportunity to be featured in an outdoors publication. All of the articles featured in Adventuress are written...


Fishing Her Way from Minnesota to Alaska, Barb Talks to 14 Year-Old Hailey Alfson - 024

While fishing in Lake of the Woods, Barb ran into a 14-year-old angler, named Hailey, who was just returning from Alaska. Earlier this summer, Hailey and her Mom left their home in Minnesota and drove to Alaska, fishing along the way. She fished in North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, British Columbia, Yukon Territory, and finally arrived in Alaska. The summer was spent on the Kenia Peninsula catching Grayling, Arctic Char, Dolly Varden, Cutthroat, Rainbow, Lake Trout, Halibut,...


Global Girl Shannon Rizzo Talks World Travel and Adventure - 023

Traveling to and exploring third world countries alone isn't something you hear of a lot of women out there doing, but founder of Global Girl Life Shannon Rizzo isn't afraid! In fact, she prefers it! Shannon joins Angie Scott on this episode of The Woman Angler & Adventurer to talk about her starting Global Girl Life, shares a couple great travel adventure stories, and gives some really valuable advice for women interested in traveling abroad solo. It was a fun night, hanging out on the deck...


From Jet Ski Racing to Ice Fishing to Captaining Charters, Shelly Holland Trusts Her "Into Wishin'" to Lead the Way - 022

Shelly Holland’s motto is, “Smile at the world and the world will smile back.” That must be true, because whenever I am near Shelly, I find myself smiling ear to ear. Shelly has forged her own path and has the determination to accomplish making her dreams come true. From a jet ski racer, professional ice angler, and now onto a charter boat captain in the Apostle Islands, Shelly lives her dreams. Listen in as she tells her story. - Barb Carey Additional Resources: Escape ExcursionsThe...


Bonus Episode! Special Announcement: Wild Barb Carey Joins the Show as Co-Host! - 021

Welcome to a very special and exciting bonus episode of The Woman Angler & Adventurer! We've got a big announcement and it is definitely bonus episode worthy! You may remember Barb Carey from episode 4 of the It Pays to Fish Podcast. Well, we've now teamed up to create The Woman Angler & Adventurer podcast 2.0 for you! The fit could not be more perfect. One of Barb's mantra's is "We're better together." and Angie Scott couldn't agree more. So hang on tight as we pool our resources to...


Crucible Moments Setting the Course for One Outdoors Woman - 020

Ali Juten, or "Ali Up North" as she's known online, has had several crucible moments in her life that defined her path to focus on her passion for hunting, fishing and the outdoors. You get the pleasure of hearing about them first-hand on this episode of The Woman Angler & Adventurer! They are moments I'm sure many of us women can relate to- not being taken seriously, not being welcome into the "boys club," etc. You'll be inspired to hear how Ali has handled these turning point experiences...


Hunt, Fish, Travel No Holds Barred! - 019

On this episode of The Woman Angler & Adventurer podcast I feature another female podcaster with a passion for hunting, fishing and other adventures. Her name is Carrie Zylka and she hosts the award winning Hunt Fish Travel Podcast , which is the 1st female hosted hunting podcast out there. You are going to love her inspiring just do it attitude! She's even done some do it yourself solo hunting trips, which is not something you see many women getting out there and doing. Be sure and check...


Female Anglers Making Waves With - 018

In this episode of The Woman Angler & Adventurer podcast, I had the pleasure speaking with Rachel Piacenza, Director of Marketing for the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF). Rachel grew up in the midwest and developed a passion for fishing from a very young age. She loved it so much that she set out to tie in fishing with her professional pursuits. After working for a time for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, she uprooted to Alexandra, VA to join RBFF to see how...


Teach a Child to Fish and Kids Fishing Day - 017

In this episode of The Woman Angler & Adventurer I chat with former wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins turned pro bass angler Kendall Newson. Newson started an organization called Teach a Child to Fish back in 2008 so that he could use his NFL prowess to help pass along his passion for the sport of fishing that was instilled in him by his father as a youngster to other boys and girls nationwide. He shares his story and talks about the Teach a Child to Fish organization, what their goals...


Two Fly Girls Road Trip: Rip and Hopper's Fishing Adventure - 016

I had the chance to meet up with Heather Hodson from United Women on the Fly and Jen Ripple from DUN Magazine on location at Fly South in Nashville, TN on the very first stop of their road trip dubbed Rip and Hopper's Adventure and we had a blast! Heather and Jen have embarked on a 19 day, 3,350 mile, 13 states from Tennessee to Washington road trip with the goal of fishing and meeting up with as many women as they can along the way. You can follow their entire journey on social media....


United States Coast Guard Master Captain Cheryl Smith - 015

In this episode of The Woman Angler & Adventurer podcast, you'll meet MASTER CAPTAIN Cheryl Smith! That's right, I said MASTER Captain! As if getting your captain's license isn't difficult enough, Cheryl basically went for the whole shebang! She got her towing endorsement as well. On top of that, she's obsessed with fishing, has several pro staff positions, and lots of great knowledge and inspiration to share with you all. That makes her the perfect guest for episode 15! If Cheryl has...


Lone Star Law Game Warden Lerrin Williams - 014

On this episode of The Woman Angler & Adventurer podcast, host Angie Scott interviews Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Warden Lerrin Williams. You may recognize Lerrin from Lone Star Law, a reality TV show on Animal Planet. Lerrin gives us some behind the scenes insight on what it takes to be a female game warden in a very much male dominated industry. She was one of 5 females in her class of over 50 in the academy, only 4 of the 5 made it to the end. In her now nearly 10 year career in the...


Dawn Freeland From Women Hunt Fish Camp Too - 013

If you're a woman who loves hunting, fishing or camping and are on social media, you've likely come across Woman Hunt Too or Women Fish Too at one time or another. They've been around for several years now, and have built up quite a following! On this episode, you'll meet the woman behind it all, Dawn Freeland. Dawn has an interesting story about how she discovered her passion for hunting. There were a few key "ah-ha" moments in her life that led her down this path, and she shares those...


How Fishing Clubs Have Helped One Woman Angler Live Her Passion - 012

Welcome to to very 1st episode of The Woman Angler & Adventurer podcast. The Woman Angler is a bi-monthly show with a mission to inspire women with a passion for fishing and the outdoors to get out there and experience amazing adventures, together blazing a trail for ourselves and generations of women to come. We want to be more active and connected so we will be better equipped to teach and learn from each other and grow together in our fishing and other outdoor pursuits. In a nutshell...


Proving They Are Truly Fish Strong: Quitting Six-Figure Jobs and Following Their Passion with Salt Strong Brother Joe Simonds - 011

In episode 11 of It Pays to Fish, I feature an interview with Salt Strong brother Joe Simonds. He and his brother Luke took the plunge BIG TIME and quit six-figure jobs to follow their passion to start a fishing company. How incredible is that? Joe had to completely uproot and move from Georgia to Florida with his wife and kids. I guarantee you will find a wealth of inspiration and information in Joe's story. The company they started, called Salt Strong, has built up an amazing community...


FishDonkey- the New App That Could Revolutionize Tournament Fishing - 010

Darren Amundson has a vision. He thought outside the box and took action to create an app that propels tournament fishing into the future. It handles the registrations, payments, updated leaderboards, fish verification and validation, prevents cheating and more. All the tournament director has to do is sit back and enjoy! But aside from those and all the other benefits which you'll hear about in this interview, my personal favorite feature of running a tournament through FishDonkey rather...