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Achieving Fitness is hosted by Jason and Lauren Pak, who co-own a gym together in Somerville, Massachusetts. They have been fitness coaches for over a decade now and are committed to bringing inclusivity and positive vibes to the fitness space!

Achieving Fitness is hosted by Jason and Lauren Pak, who co-own a gym together in Somerville, Massachusetts. They have been fitness coaches for over a decade now and are committed to bringing inclusivity and positive vibes to the fitness space!
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Achieving Fitness is hosted by Jason and Lauren Pak, who co-own a gym together in Somerville, Massachusetts. They have been fitness coaches for over a decade now and are committed to bringing inclusivity and positive vibes to the fitness space!






#AskAchieve 96: The Effectiveness of Short HIIT Workouts, If You Need to Eat "Clean" While Already in a Caloric Deficit, and Proper Gym Etiquette

What's up, Achievers?! In this episode, we cover the effectiveness of 20 minute HIIT workouts and whether or not they are conducive for overall health and fitness (4:37). We also went over if you need to eat "clean" if you're looking for weight loss and are already in a caloric deficit (8:25). Lastly, we cover just basic gym etiquette! Some of you can be uncomfortable in a gym setting simply because you don't know the "rules". We discuss some general topics here! (14:23). We hope you enjoyed...


#AskAchieve 95: Our Thoughts on Weight Belts, How to Incorporate Accessory Lifts, and Hips Shooting Up First During a Deadlift!

What's up, Achievers?! In this episode, the first question we go over involves our thoughts on using weight belts during strength training and heavier lifts (1:26). We then cover how to go about incorporating accessory movements like hip thrusts, rows, KB presses, side planks, etc. after performing the main lifts like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses. We dive deep into the order as well as "non-competing" supersets (5:36). Lastly, we go over how to go about addressing hips shooting up...


#AskAchieve 94: Upper Back Pain During Deadlifts, Progressive Overload, and Low Back Pain After Pregnancy

What's up, Achievers?! In the first question, we dive into one of our members who is experiencing some upper/mid back pain during deadlifts (1:47). We then go over some logistics of progressive overload and how to increase volume/intensity/etc during your workouts (11:32). Finally, we talk about how to address extreme lower back pain and why some physical therapists are better than others (15:47). We hope you enjoyed this episode! If you did, we'd love you forever if you left a rating and...


#AskAchieve 93: Grip Strength for Deadlifts, Winging Scapula, Repeat Injuries, and Our Thoughts on EMS Training!

What's up, Achievers?! Another successful podcast! This time Kendrick was fast asleep in a carrier beside us - he made a couple of peeps, but slept pretty peacefully throughout the episode overall! In the first question, we cover a question concerning how to increase grip strength for deadlifts (1:53). Then, we go over the topic of "winging scapula". We talk about why there isn't anything inherently "wrong" with winging scaps and how to go about addressing it (7:17). Finally, we delve into...


#AskAchieve 92: Struggling With Push-Ups, Workouts As A New Parent, and Whether Or Not You Should Perform HIIT Workouts In The Morning!

What's up, Achievers?! Short and quick episode for you all today! In the first question, we address how to approach push-ups if you're struggling in the bottom position and the position of your elbows (1:39). Next, we cover energy and workouts as a new parent (5:17). Then, we go over whether or not to split up your HIIT and strength workouts, and if you do split them up if you should perform HIIT in the morning and strength at night (8:41). Finally, we talk about an Instagram post that...


#AskAchieve 91: How to Add Weights to Compound Movements, Injury Considerations for Broken Bones, and Balancing Double Leg and Single Leg Training!

What's up, Achievers?! Couple of Kendrick pauses in this one so bear with us! In the first question, we answer how to go about starting compound movements and understanding how to add weight (1:20). We then go over injury considerations for a broken bone on one side and how to approach it physically and mentally (8:51). Finally, we answer a question from a listener who was wondering if double leg or single leg training was better, and how to work both into his current program. (13:14). We...


#AskAchieve 90: Strategies for Extra Glute Activation, Upper Back Rounding During Cleans, and How to Achieve a Caloric Surplus to Gain Weight!

What's up, Achievers?! Sorry for the hiatus! It's been difficult to time our usual podcast time around Kendrick's feeding and napping schedule so we decided to not stress and just take a week off. Still struggling a bit, but we're back! In the first question, we cover why you might see some very specific strategies like excessive chin tucking during hip thursts and aggresive pelvic tilting during squats (1:39). In the next question, we talk about why someone's back might round when receiving...


#AskAchieve 89: What to Do If You Don't Have a Gym Membership, EMOMs and AMRAPs and Oly Lifting, and How to Approach Other Trainers Teaching "Incorrect" Form!

What's up, Achievers?! Hope y'all are doing well! I apologize in advance because we had some audio issues halfway through the episode. I think it's because of our washer/dryer that was operating, or it may have been some baby interference with Kendrick haha! Either way, there are a couple of choppy/static-y parts so bear with us please! In our first question, we talk about how to train if you don't have a membership and what equipment we would recommend (2:07). Then we cover how to...


#AskAchieve 88: Hip Rotation During Squats, Knee Pain During Squats, and How to Switch Up Your Strength Programming!

What's up, Achievers?! This episode is all about squats and strength programs! In the first question we address a question from a listener who has been experiencing a hip rotation and shift during squats (2:57). Next, we delve into how to address knee pain during squats and how to go about to exercises that target the quads (9:13). Lastly, we do a deep dive into strength programming and how/when to switch up your routine (16:53). We hope you enjoyed this episode! If you did, we'd love you...


#AskAchieve 87: Muscle Tightness, Working Through Mobility Restrictions, StrongLifts 5x5, and How We Encourage Consistency With Our Members!

What's up, Achievers?! It finally happened! Kendrick Austin Pak was born at a whopping 9lbs 3oz at 8:54am on 10/17/18 and 21 inches long! We summarize what happened and how we came up with his name! In our first question, we answer a question from a professional soccer player who was wondering what he should do about the tightness he's feeling from his lower body (4:25). Next, we cover a question from a personal trainer who was wondering how they should go about working with an overweight...


#AskAchieve 86: How Much Protein You Should Get In A Day, Choosing Between Total Body vs. Upper/Lower Splits, and How to Transition from Isolation Based Training to Powerlifting!

What's up, Achievers?! Nope, still no baby, which means more podcasts! haha In the first question, we talk about how much protein you should strive to get each day (4:47). We then covered how to choose between 3 total body workouts a week versus 3-4 upper/lower body workouts a week (11:40). Lastly, we discussed how to transition from performing primarily isolation-based strength training exercises to more compound-based powerlifting (19:14). We hope you enjoyed this episode! If you did, we'd...


#AskAchieve 85: How to Address Your Posture, Pilates and "Imprinting" Your Lower Back, and Guidance with Strength Programming!

What's up, Achievers?! No exciting news to report - still no baby! In our first question, we talk about how to address your posture and whether or not it's even necessary to be overly concerned about it (2:55). Here's the link to the t-spine video we talked about in the show: Next, we discuss whether or not we think you should "imprint" your lower back to the floor when performing floor-based core work (10:05). Finally, we give some advice on how...


#AskAchieve 84: The Lower Body Episode - Squatting Below Parallel, Knee Pain While Squatting, and Big Toe Pain While Lunging!

What's up, Achievers?! We may or may not have had our baby by the time you listen to this - we recorded this right after our Monday episode so we didn't leave you hanging if we did! In the first question, we dive into why a person might not have any problems squatting below parallel while pushing a plate out in front of them, but can barely hit 90 degrees when a bar is on their back (5:12). We then talk about how we address bilateral and unilateral knee pain while squatting (9:40). Finally,...


#AskAchieve 83: Should You Perform Partial or Full Range of Motion Squats, Should You Take Whey Protein, and How We Find Our Coaches for Our Gym!

What's up, Achievers?! Baby is STILL not here so we're back! In the first question, we do a deep dive on the efficacies of partial vs full range of motion squatting (1:41). We then covered if we think you should take whey protein or not, and our general view on supplements as a whole (11:32). Finally, we talked about how we select coaches for our gym, Achieve Fitness, and how we recruit them in the first place (16:04)! We hope you enjoyed this episode! If you did, we'd love you forever if...


#AskAchieve 82: Push-Ups After Pregnancy, Strength Training Workouts for Fat Loss, If Distance Running Will Hurt Your Strength Gains, and How Long Should You Hold a Plank For!

What's up, Achievers?! Still no baby yet! Lauren is visualizing that it's going to happen this Friday - so cross your fingers! In the first question, we talk about how to go about developing the core strength required for push ups after pregnancy (1:48). We then discuss how we modify and adapt our strength workouts for if someone's main goal is fat loss (6:46). We then went over our thought process on whether or not long distance running would impact a person's strength gains (14:02)....


#AskAchieve 81: Lower Back Pain, Squatting With Ankle Mobility Restrictions, and Dealing With Weight Fluctuations!

What's up, Achievers?! We're about 10 days our from Lauren's estimated due date so we're in full-on BABYWATCH! We're more than likely going to take a week or more off once the baby comes so if you don't hear from us for a minute - you'll know why! In the first question of this episode, we delve into lower back pain with certain positions. (2:58) Next, we cover whether or not you can still squat/deadlift/clean if you have ankle mobility restrictions. (6:08) We also talk at length to a person...


#AskAchieve 80: The Coaches' Episode and a Special Announcement for Coaches!

What's up, Achievers?! This episode is specifically for all you coaches, personal trainers, and fitness professionals out there! We cover topics like when we talk about mindset and nutrition habits during our training sessions, what we do if we think our workouts progress clients too slowly, and if we make any modifications during our assessment process if we're working with someone who is elderly. At the end of the episode, we discuss a project we've been working on for quite some time now....


#AskAchieve 79: How to Continue to Overhead Press When You Workout At Home With A Low Ceiling, Pregnancy Workout Modifications, And How to Adjust Sets, Reps, and Exercise Selection According To Your Goal!

What's up, Achievers?! Special two year wedding anniversary episode from yours truly! We just spent a wonderful weekend in Cape Cod (and crossing our fingers that the baby wouldn't come while we were stuck in traffic ha!). The first question was pure logistics - how do you continue to work on overhead pressing when you just moved, and you have to workout at home and you have low ceilings?? (1:39) Next, we talk about some modifications during pregnancy, and how to approach things from a...


#AskAchieve 78: The Differences Between Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, and Crossfit, Methods for Healthy Eating, and How to Maintain Positivity During Setbacks!

What's up, Achievers?! Really, really good episode here in our humble opinions! Lots of tangible advice that you can follow - we hope you enjoy! In the first question we talk about the differences between Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Crossfit, and general strength training (3:38). Next, we covered some methods you can use to maintain healthy eating besides meal prep. You don't have to perfectly cook and weigh all your meals in order to eat "healthy" - there are a lot of...


#AskAchieve 77: Imbalances While Squatting, If Foam Rolling is Enough When You Have Knee Pain, and Shoulder Pain After Playing Tennis!

What's up, Achievers?! In this episode we really delve into injuries and pain. Oftentimes, when we have an injury or setback it can feel really debilitating - not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Hopefully after listening to this episode (especially the last question), you'll have a better sense of how to go about managing your health and fitness and overall mindset next time you experience pain and/or injury. The important thing to always note is that your body is very...