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#88 - A Chat from Down Under with Joel Rasmussen

SSOC intern Joel Rasmussen flew all the way from Adelaide, Australia to join the Barbell Logic podcast, en route to a Starting Strength seminar in Wichita Falls. While he was in town, Matt and Scott chatted with him about establishing a home gym out of his garage in Adelaide, his coaching experience as an intern with SSOC, and how he managed to rehab his "stuffed" back. Joel discovered strength training first with the Stronglifts 5x5 program, but he found himself frequently injured due to...


#87 - The Books That Successful Business Leaders Read

One of the most requested Barbell Logic topics has been reading recommendations, specifically for books on business and investing. Today Matt and Scott lay out their favorite business books, readings that helped shaped their values, operations, and interactions in their own businesses. Matt is an entrepreneur, running Starting Strength Online Coaching, as he frequently references in the show, and a former owner of STRONG Gym in Springfield, MO. SSOC has grown rapidly since launching in...


#86 - Barbell Logic Extra: Niki Sims: Chin Up Progressions, Relationships, and Calf Fries?!

Matt and Scott close out the interviews recorded at StrengthCon I with returning guest Niki Sims. Niki is an SSC and a staff coach, as well as the Relationship Manager at Starting Strength Online Coaching. She joins the podcast today to talk about her unofficial title of Chin Up Queen and how to structure a successful chin up program for females. Niki shares her vision for the future of SSOC and helping Starting Strength reach a broader audience. Of course, this being the Barbell Logic...


#85 - Confidence Matters: Strength Training's Greatest Benefit Isn't What You Think

Most people don't think about the emotional benefits of weight lifting, or how exercise can build confidence, when they step into a gym. Yet it is perhaps the most transformative benefit of strength training. Today Matt and Scott share stories of how strength training has transformed their own sense of self-confidence, as well as that of their clients. For Matt strength training brought him a sense of confidence as a young man, where he struggled as a small, timid late -bloomer in high...


#84 - Building Confidence and Hard Bodies with The Brusekes

Matt and Scott interview SSOC clients Amber and Taylor Bruseke. Taylor is a surgeon specializing in pelvic floor issues. Amber is a former fitness instructor who discovered strength training after teaching Zumba, body pump, and other classes for years. She grew frustrated with her physique which, despite the years of teaching exercise classes, did not change much. After discovering Starting Strength via Mark Rippetoe's interview with Mike Matthews on the Muscle for Life Podcast, she got...


#83 - Programming 101 with St. Vincent College, Pt. 2

Matt brings the programming lecture full circle by elaborating on why the Novice LP eventually must end, what factors are at play, and how to continue to drive progress in the intermediate stage and beyond. One theory of why the NLP ends is that the fatigue generated from a workout is too great to recover from by the next workout 48 hours later. Thus the trainee comes to the second workout under-recovered and thus unable to exert the amount of force he is theoretically capable of. Matt's...


#82 - David Kirkham: Resurrecting the Shelby Cobra Pt. 2

David Kirkham joins the podcast for the second part of his interview at StrengthCon. After flying to Poland with several thousand pounds of car parts in his baggage and narrowly escaping the wrath of customs, he made contact with the manager of a MiG aircraft factory. Struggling and out of work following the fall of the Soviet Union, the factory eagerly agreed to make Kirkham's Cobra, but had a long way to go before manufacturing to the quality expected in American car shows. You can...


#81 - Programming 101 with St. Vincent College

Matt Reynolds presented the basic Starting Strength programming lecture to students of Dr. Nicholas Racculia (a fellow Starting Strength Coach) at St. Vincent College. The lecture begins with an overview of the SRA model - Stress, Recovery, and Adaptation - and the SAID principle. Matt then elucidates the basic stressors on our model lifter, both the productive stress of training as well as the non-productive stresses of life (both physical and psychological). Following discussion of the...


#80 - Barbell Logic Extra: Sailor, SEAL, Salesman, Lifter - Frank Sanders

Frank Sanders is a gifted Master's lifter who put up a great show at the USSF Nationals Meet in January 2018, squatting over 365 and deadlifting 475 at 66 years of age. Inspired by his performance and dedication to training, Matt and Scott invited Frank on the podcast at StrengthCon in April to tell his story as both a lifter and his past military career as a Navy SEAL. After leaving the Navy, Frank worked in investment banking as a salesman selling bond packages for companies in need of...


#79 - Engineering STRENGTH and POWER with Bill Hannon

Matt and Scott spoke with Bill Hannon, engineer and SSC, about his new role in developing coaching standards at SSOC, his recently launched Barbell Coaching Academy, and his athletic background as a rower. Bill is one smart dude, having worked for a decade and a half as an aerospace engineer and now serving as Operations Manager for SSOC, serving as an SSOC Team Leader, and running the Barbell Coaching Academy for aspiring strength coaches. Bill also has an interest in indoor rowing, and...


#78 - David Kirkham: Turning MiG's into Cobras Pt. 1

At StrengthCon Matt and Scott met with a number of fantastic guests, but perhaps none with so interesting a background as David Kirkham. At a young age, Mr. Kirkham taught himself to restore a 427 Shelby Cobra CSX3104, guided by a retired Rolls Royce employee who taught him a number of rare metalworking and mechanical skills. Not long afterward, a relative bought, sold, and imported a Polish MiG fighter jet. The nose was dented badly in the shipping container, and David was asked if he...


#77 - Of Mystery & Barbells: A Conversation with Randy Winfrey

A man of mystery and intrigue, and certainly the coach with the best tan in Starting Strength, Randy Winfrey retired from an Air Force career as an intelligence agent in the late 90's and began coaching endurance athletes. Having been a triathlete and endurance athlete during his military career, it was a natural fit, however over time he became frustrated with the overuse injuries and overall lack of strength in the endurance sports and discovered heavy barbell training in 2011. Since...


#76 - Barbell Logic Extra: Finding Strength after PT with Rebekah Cygan

Matt and Scott chatted with Rebekah Cygan in the luxurious presidential suite of the Baymont Inn in Wichita Falls, TX. There they discussed Rebekah's story of discovering strength training after questioning the efficacy of her traditional PT modalities. Rebekah trained as a physical therapist before discovering Starting Strength, and quickly embraced the model. Along with her husband Caleb Krieg -- also a Starting Strength Coach -- Rebekah earned her SSC credential and founded Krieg Strength...


#75 - Barbells to Physical Therapy with John Petrizzo, DPT

John Petrizzo, DPT and SSC joined Matt and Scott at the Barbell Logic table at StrengthCon 2018 to talk about his strength journey which ultimately lead him to a clinical practice as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. John found Starting Strength at the very beginning, having ordered a copy of Bill Starr's The Strongest Shall Survive out of the back of Ironman Magazine as a young football player. A few years later, after walking on as a college football player, he found the first edition of...


#74 - Barbell Logic Extra: Riffing on Rip with Brent Carter

Matt and Scott continue their series of StrengthCon chats with the man himself, Mark Rip... ah, I mean, Brent Carter. Brent is a Starting Strength Coach and Staff member with an unusual history. He moved from Texas to New York City in 2008 to pursue a career as a professional dancer. Although his dance background may not directly inform his current strength coaching practice, his theatrical interpretations of Rip are unparalleled among SSC's. For video evidence of Brent Carter's "glorious...


#73 - Enduring Gravity with Steve Hill

Matt and Scott sat down with Starting Strength Coach Steve Hill during StrengthCon to discuss barbells, physics, cycling, and strength training for endurance athletes. One of the things that makes Starting Strength unique is its application of physics to the barbell lifts. Starting Strength follows a moment model for the lifts, analyzing the force of gravity on the barbell and intelligently applying moment force on the largest muscle groups of the body to move the bar against gravity in the...


#72 - Barbell Logic Extra: From Doctor to Coach: Dr. Jonathon Sullivan

Live from StrengthCon, Matt and Scott sat down with Dr. Jonathon Sullivan. Dr. Sullivan, or Sully as he is affectionately known, was an ER doctor in Detroit for many years before transitioning out of medicine to coaching people to become strong at his gym Greysteel Strength and Conditioning. Sully specializes in training Masters athletes, and has written an exhaustive book about training and health for the aging person called The Barbell Prescription: Strength Training for Life after 40....


#71 - Programming the Post-Novice: Why Weight on the Bar Matters with Andy Baker

Andy Baker, SSC and co-author of Practical Programming for Strength Training and The Barbell Prescription, joined Matt and Scott at StrengthCon for a conversation on programming. Andy dives deep into the murky geography of post-novice programming, offering his perspective on the most important variables to manage as a lifter transitions out of the novice phase based on his personal experience. Andy coaches out of his gym Kingwood Strength & Conditioning and offers online coaching...


#70 - Barbell Logic Extra: LIVE at StrengthCon with Brett McKay

Last weekend, April 6-8th of 2018, Matt and Scott setup a Barbell Logic table at the inaugural StrengthCon in Wichita Falls, TX and started recording. Brett McKay of Art of Manliness fame, who first appeared on the podcast in Episode 14, sat down with the boys to catch up on the state of manliness in 2018. Brett gives us a download on his keynote speech for StrengthCon, drawing parallels between the early fascination with physical culture in America and the role of strength today in...


#69 - What is a Cue?

Cues are an important part of the coaching process. What are they, exactly, and how should they be properly used? Simply put, a cue is a reminder. It's a concise reminder to do a thing that has already been taught as part of the teaching process of the lift. Good coaches use cues while observing a lifter to get them to move in accordance with their movement model for the lift. Cues are highly individualized, and often over-corrective for the movement pattern they are trying to...