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Fitness and Nutrition

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Eat, Exercise, Live – New Year’s Resolutions – To Ritual

Every show on Eat Exercise Live is devoted to adopting a healthy lifestyle – one that works for you. My guest today is Fadi Malouf who for the last 15 years he has personally transformed over 2000 lives through health and fitness. He helps families, friends, and clients shed 100’s of pounds every year, increases productivity naturally and brings joy … Read more about this episode...


Eat, Exercise, Live – CancerFitCare

Please join us for an encore appearance by Eric Durak of Cancerfitcare. Today we review once again from our previous show about cancer prevention – but we also discuss the new program being unveiled in 2012 – Cancerfitcare – fitness & nutrition for cancer recovery. There are numerous studies backed by every major organization – Center for Disease Control, … Read more about this episode...


Eat, Exercise, Live – Dr. Joy Davidson – The Joy Spot

Sex is another critical aspect of our healthy lifestyle, and a healthy lifestyle is critical for a healthy, fulfilling sex life. Sorry to sound unromantic here – but sexual enjoyment is all based on physiological facts – a body that is working at optimum performance. Dr. Joy Davidson is a psychologist and sex therapist with a private practice based in … Read more about this episode...


Eat, Exercise, Live – Get a Rush – with Jennifer Rush Jacobs Contestant Season 11 The Biggest Loser

Every show here on EEL is dedicated to enabling you to make great lifestyle decisions – and help you create your own perfect little ecosystem that works for you. We have researchers, doctors & experts bringing us all of the latest research. Today – Jenn will bring you her incredible success story – her journey from just shy of 300 … Read more about this episode...


Eat, Exercise, Live – The Omega Diet with Researcher & Author Dr. Artemis Simopoulos – My gift of love to you on Thanksgiving! A very Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving!

You are what you eat. Period. We are what our foods eat – this is called the food chain. We are products of evolution – which happened over centuries. We have tried to changed the food chain – and unfortunately created mayhem with our health. The American Academy of Pediatrics & the National Institute of heath just released new guidelines … Read more about this episode...


Eat, Exercise, Live – A Heart Beat is a Love Beat

A healthy resting heart rate is probably the most under appreciated and under utilized vital sign of all. Fact remains – heart disease is still by far our #1 killer – and the most tragic part of all – these are very often preventable deaths – a product of poor lifestyle choices. The ultimate question to ask yourself – if … Read more about this episode...


Eat, Exercise, Live – Alcohol kills

The number of alcohol related deaths each year is obscene – a combination of alcohol impaired driving and alcohol related disease impact. Alcohol is the third leading cause of preventable death in the United States – it follows physical inactivity & obesity. We are our own worse form of terrorism. I have a serious objection to the expression “social drinking” … Read more about this episode...


Eat, Exercise, Live – Discipline Dazzles

Hit the orange “b” on the show page here and take a look at my guest today Nicole Wilkins, 2 time IFBB Figure Olympia Champion. This is the picture of a person who has not had fast food in 10 years, does not drink alcohol, exercises faithfully, eats a seriously clean diet, redefines self discipline and her healthy, fit … Read more about this episode...


Eat, Exercise, Live – Fitness Trends

Being at The Club Industry show in Chicago last week, there is so much great information out there to share. Join me as we discuss the newest fitness trends, medical fitness, new equipment designed to give us an even better workout, tools to help us track our nutrition – and more and more scientific evidence proving how our fitness level … Read more about this episode...


Eat, Exercise, Live – Back To Basics Fitness with Michael George

Welcome back to Michael George. Fitness Expert, Health Coach, Celebrity Trainer, Speaker & Seminar Leader, & author of Body Express Makeover & the upcoming Fuel for the Body & Soul. Michael will be joining us to share his contagious passion for health, vitality & fitness. Michael & I will be discussing fitness myths, exercise adherence, clean nutrition & fitness for … Read more about this episode...


Eat, Exercise, Live – Sweet Dreams with NO Sleep Apnea

Please join us with Dr. Alan Schwartz of Johns Hopkins - Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine & sleep Medicine, researcher in obesity & sleep apnea pathogenesis. Dr. Schwartz explains to us the importance of our circadian rhythm, hazards of sleep apnea and other diseases that can piggyback, how obesity & alcohol both exacerbate sleep apnea. Sleep is a tightly orchestrated process … Read more about this episode...

Eat, Exercise, Live – Exercise for Multiple Sclerosis

With great thanks to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada we are able to bring you the most current research on exercise and multiple sclerosis. I am joined by Nicole Mellin of the MS Society, Dr. Keith Johnston MS researcher and expert on adapted physical activity & Chris – a man with MS for 18 years – and how he … Read more about this episode...

Eat, Exercise, Live – Cancer Wellness with Celebrity Health & Fitness expert Michael George

Every respected cancer & medical research institution recognizes & respects exercise for its preventative & recovery role with cancer. Exercise saves lives in so many ways – and helps with the prevention & recovery from cancer in numerous ways including weight management & hormone balance. According to the CDC & the American Cancer Society – at least 30% of cancers … Read more about this episode...

Eat, Exercise, Live – Weight Loss Surgery – The Voices of Experience

Please join us as we speak with Donna, Christi, Dave & Lauren – and hear about their own very different journeys to having weight loss surgery – & their lives now. Donna started gaining her weight as she struggled with trying to quit smoking & at the age of 66 with serious health crises had weight loss surgery. She is … Read more about this episode...

Eat, Exercise, Live – Brown Bag the Lunch Lady!

Please join me with cardiologist, researcher, board member for World Medical Relief & really good guy Dr. Kim Eagle of the University of Michigan. Dr. Eagle is founder of the incredible program My Heart Your Heart where pacemakers are donated by family members for reuse in third world countries -where people would die without this life saving surgery. Dr. Eagle … Read more about this episode...

Eat, Exercise, Live – Love Your Liver

Please join us with the brilliantly informative Dr. Anna Mae Diehl head of Gastroenterology & Hepatology at Duke University. We learn about the damaging effects of alcohol, obesity, certain drugs, High Fructose Corn Syrup on our liver. We discuss fatty liver, alcohol & obesity cirrhosis of the liver, liver cancer – and most important of all how are lifestyle habits … Read more about this episode...

Eat, Exercise, Live – Exercising For Baby Genius

Please join us with brilliant social psychologist from the University of Michigan Dr. Richard Nisbett – author of Culture of Honor: The Psychology of Violence in the South; The Geography of Thought: How Asians and Westerners Think Differently… And Why; Intelligence and How to Get It: Why Schools and Cultures Count – just to name a few! Much of Dr. … Read more about this episode...

Eat, Exercise, Live – Prenatal Exercise For Baby’s Heart Health!

Please join me with the very exciting research of Dr. Linda May of the Kansas City University of Medicine & Biosciences with her first of its kind research on how Mom’s prenatal fitness benefits not only her heart health but also the heart health of her baby! We discuss the adaptations of the placenta – life’s ultimate life line – … Read more about this episode...

Eat, Exercise, Live – Pregnancy Without Pounds

Please join us with pregnancy fitness expert & author Michelle Moss of Pregnancy Without Pounds. The Institute of Medicine quotes studies that show women who gain too much excess weight in pregnancy are jeopardizing their own health – and the health of the baby. This is the first show in a series of 3 where we will be discussing … Read more about this episode...

Eat, Exercise, Live – Exercise Your IQ

Please join me for Dr. John Ratey – Dr. Ratey is an Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and published 60 peer reviewed articles on the topics of Aggression, Autism, ADHD, and other issues in neuropsychiatry. In his latest incredible book – Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain we get an understanding of … Read more about this episode...