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Shift Into Fat Burning Mode

Over the course of our lives we’ve essentially trained our body to become sugar-burners. Our dependency on “convenient” packaged foods and refined grains has results in a fundamentally carb-dominant diet, which is great if you’re an athlete who burns glycogen all day to power their hard working muscles for optimal strength and endurance output. But if you work in an office and you’re eating like an athlete, there’s a problem. The problem is that you’re taking in fuel (carbs) but you’re not...


Leaky Gut, Leaky Brain: The mysterious link explained. Featuring Craig Burton

Many people have Leaky Gut and don't even know it. Leaky Gut is a term for a digestive disorder where your gut has issues absorbing nutrients and can't effectively protect itself against a variety of bacterias and pathogens, leading to a cascading effect of health complications. Shockingly, the same thing can happen to your Brain. Tune in to this eye-opening podcast where Craig Burton shares his view on Leaky Gut and Leaky Brain and explains how to improve this condition or prevent it from...


Cortisol, Blood Sugar & Chronic Inflammation with Craig Burton

Cortisol is a highly misunderstood hormone that tends to get a bad reputation as it’s widely known as our “stress hormone”, but Cortisol isn’t bad at all. It’s just a little bipolar and has special needs…. if we don’t give it love and take care of it, well, cortisol can act pretty crazy. Here’s an example: Did you know that your body can actually MAKE sugar? Tune in to discover the stress /gut health connection and learn how inflammation affects your body and mind.


The Facts On Fats

Is saturated fat good or bad? Should I eat the egg yolk or throw it away? Isn’t cholesterol bad for my heart? These are just a few of the many questions that I get on a daily basis, and I can feel the stress and frustration that so many people have when it comes to the facts on fats. Unfortunately, as a society we’ve been mislead regarding the truth of what is actually healthy and we’ve become victims of the big fat lie. In this podcast I explain dietary fats in a practical way and show...


Hacking Intermittent Fasting with Craig Burton

Have you ever caught yourself saying something like this: “I need energy, I should probably eat something” … It’s ok, we all have. But please understand this simple fact about being a human: You do NOT need to eat every few hours to provide your body with energy. You are literally walking around with a buffet of energy on you at all times, in the form of your fat cells. In this podcast Clinical Nutritionist and Sports Scientist, Craig Burton explains Intermittent Fasting and his most...


Ketosis Explained

Ketosis (Keto) is a highly misunderstood topic but it can be incredibly beneficial for people suffering with inflammatory issues, blood sugar issues or anyone who gets insatiable sugar cravings or have “Stubborn” body fat that they would like to lose. In this podcast I explain what ketosis is and the basic chemistry behind it, and my intention is to leave you feeling totally confident that you truly understand what keto is, what the benefits are, and what the potential challenges are. Get...


The Cortisol Connection: Your BS, Explained

In this podcast we dive deep into Cortisol and the effect that it has on our energy, or mood, our food cravings, and at the root of it all, the connection to our BS. Our Blood Sugar. Get ready to have your mind blown because you're about to learn something about your body that might shock you.