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Episode 0043 - PlateRate

Where to eat? That's the question. It's a question that's even more complicated when you're trying to satisfy the tastes of a group. Review sites like Yelp or Google are no help. They're weighted down by competing interests, evil business models and a need to appeal to the lowest common denominator. That's where PlateRate comes in. PlateRate is a review platform dedicated to food. In this episode of The Foodcast, we learn about how PlateRate works and why you should be using it. 00:17...


Episode 0039 - GRAS, Weed, Herb and Grass

What does an obscure but insidious FDA rule, marijuana, mint, wheat and the wisdom of Carl Spackler have in common? Probably nothing. But they are all interesting and entertainingly related to health and wellness. In this episode of The Karma Sense Foodcast, we explore a loophole in FDA regulations that allows food manufacturers to slip anything they want into our food system, the health benefits of marijuana, the value of incorporating mint into your diet and what in the actual fudge is...


Episode 0020 - Fight Hunger

Impossible tasks are often metaphorically described as "fighting world hunger." But is fighting world hunger really impossible? Maybe. But what if we think globally but act locally? In this episode of The Foodcast we look at the local challenges to fighting hunger, we interview Rana Abu Ghazaleh, Project Manager with the City of Alexandria, VA. Rana worked with the city government, farmer's and citizens to create a system that optimizes access to fresh food for low-income families. Then,...


Episode 0038 - Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements? Vitamins, minerals and other magic elixirs...are they really magic or are they a gamble? In this episode of The Foodcast, you'll get some Karma Sense advice on how to get the most from dietary supplements or better yet, from your diet. 00:17 Introduction 00:58 Overall Supplement Advice 11:29 Supplementing Essential Macronutrients 19:18 Supplementing Essential Micronutrients 28:50 Other Supplement Types 31:50 Wrap Up For complete show notes, mosey on over to...


Episode 0034 - Davey Wonk-A and the Bullcrap Factory

On May 1, 2017, United States Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue announced changes to the 2010 Healthy and Hunger Free Kids act that set strict standards for meals served in public schools. It sounds like a wonky subject but it affects everyone whether you have school age kids or not. It's wonky, but your host makes it accessible, interesting and goofy. 00:55 Introduction 02:35 Background Information 06:34 Secretary Perdue's Announcement 42:45 Interview with Leesburg, VA Mayor Kelly...


Foodcast Episode 0030 - Save the World...With Donuts

In this episode of The Foodcast we meet Rob Krupicka, a tech entrepreneur and public servant who moved into the food service business, specifically donuts, so he could really make a difference. Rob takes us through the process of how he made this transition, how he manages risk by adding a twist to the standard donut shop model (hint: it involves cocktails), and how he designed his business from the ground up to make his community a better place. Also, your host, Davey H, discusses the...


Foodcast Episode 0028 - Traceability

Traceability is the ability to track any food through all stages of production, processing and distribution. It sounds like something we as consumers should never care about. And indeed it is something targeted towards regulators and supply chain managers. But whenever we as consumers make a decision about what we're going to eat, and in making that decision, we base it on any consideration other than pleasure or hedonic hunger, it's because we believe the chosen food will satisfy some...


Foodcast Episode 0025 - Health Theater

If the world is a stage, the inner workings of America's health system is one of its most bizarre plays. It's full of intrigue, intricate plot twists, and reprehensible characters. In this episode of The Foodcast we review this play and meet some of its players from the Healthcare Industrial Complex. 00:27 Introduction 02:23 The Healthcare Industrial Complex 06:26 The Health Media 19:35 Cities of Medicine 31:38 Guilt by Association 42:07 Wrap Up For full show notes, go to...


Foodcast Episode 0024 - Farmer's Daughter

Mash up a specialty grocery store with high-quality local meat, dairy, produce and dry goods. Throw in a healthy dose of independent coffee shop vibe without the snooty staff. The end result is something very much like Farmer's Daughter in tiny and rural Capon Bridge, WV. Co-owners Kate and Pete Pacelli along with their friendly and knowledgeable staff created exactly the kind of food shopping environment you want in your town. In this episode of The Foodcast, I talk to Pete about their...


Foodcast Episode 0023 - Chazerai

Chazerai is Yiddish for "stuff." In this episode of The Foodcast, I explore a decree from the World Health Organization (WHO) that eating meat causes cancer and put it in context so you know how seriously to take the threat. Then I help a friend who is considering giving up meat and all animal products by advising what nutrition deficiencies he'll need to work around. We also discuss the best fish to eat, the apple cider vinegar fad, the dangers of eating bread and more. 00:43 Introduction...


Foodcast Episode 0021 - Coffee ABCs

Why coffee ABCs? Because in 2015, US government Agencies Blessed Coffee. Specifically, the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans ("the guidelines") endorsed moderate coffee consumption. To many of you, this is a non-event. To people with an unnatural, irrational and insatiable curiosity about food policy, this is unprecedented. Changes in food policy tend to be evolutionary. But the guideline's endorsement of 24-40 ounces of coffee consumption each day is revolutionary. And to coffee...


Foodcast Episode 0020 - Fight Hunger

Impossible tasks are often metaphorically described as "fighting world hunger." But is fighting world hunger really impossible? Maybe. But what if we think globally but act locally? In this episode of The Foodcast we look at the local challenges to fighting hunger, we interview Rana Abu Ghazaleh, Project Manager with the City of Alexandria, VA. Rana worked with the city government, farmer's and citizens to create a system that optimizes access to fresh food for low-income families. Then,...


Foodcast Episode 0019 - The Foodcast of Lists

Listicles seem to be the clickbait of choice for web content in the health and wellness community. They tell you what to eat, how to exercise, what's trendy and more. But are they every right? In this episode of The Foodcast, Davey H takes a random sampling of the listicles he gets in his email and picks them apart. Find our what he learns about life, love and food. 00:49 Introduction 03:09 Eight Tricks to Keep Your Metabolism Revving 09:39 Eleven Wellness Trends to Watch in 2017 22:14...


Foodcast Episode 0018 - Vegan

There are four main reasons why people pursue a plant-based diet that totally avoids meat. TasteSustainabilityHumanityHealth This episode of The Foodcast explores these priorities. First, Davey H rants about the impact meat eating and plant eating have on each. Then, he interviews Remi Rory, a personal trainer in incredible shape who's chosen the vegan lifestyle. Finally, Remi and Davey H see if they can match an over-the-top meat sandwich from one of America's many casual dining chains...


Foodcast Episode 0017 - Sugar and Gluten and All Grains High Falutin'

People have strong beliefs about what foods are good and bad for you. Sometimes, their focus is misguided. Often, they preach nutrition dogma about foods you should never eat, even though the body handles them just fine. In this episode, we look at three of those beliefs. We look at some people's strange beliefs about sugar, gluten, gluten free products and grains. 00:27 Introduction 01:49 Overview of the Problem 04:14 Sugar 12:18 Gluten vs. Gluten-Free 21:08 Grains - Ancient and Otherwise...


Foodcast Episode 0016 - Bugs

In this episode of the Foodcast we explore the world of edible insects. Insects have been part of the human diet since prehistoric times and they're still eaten by many cultures in the world. But in much of the developed western world, they're taboo. Meanwhile, our demand for protein is skyrocketing and our existing agricultural system can't meet the demand and is crapping all over the environment. The answer? Bugs. In this episode we explore why you might consider trying some edible...


Foodcast Episode 0015 - Celebrity Dear Davey H

The Karma Sense Foodcast audience asks great questions. Often they're inspired by food choices of celebrities. In this episode of The Foodcast, Davey H responds to a collection of questions and gives his warped but technically correct view of these hot new trends. 00:28 Intro 00:57 Gwyneth Paltrow and Golden Milk 4:20 Kelly Ripa and the Alkaline Diet 08:17 Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen and Nightshades 10:38 Megan Fox, Dr. Oz and Apple Cider Vinegar with Gwyneth Paltrow and Oil Pulling 13:03...


Foodcast Episode 0014 - Bless The Food Industry's Heart

Don't panic. There is no episode 0013 of The Foodcast. I just skipped that unlucky number 13 and went to 14. In this episode of The Karma Sense Foodcast, I rant about deceptive health claims the food industry makes about their products. I also interview Jackie Oken of Unified Health Coaching. She's a seasoned veteran in the health and wellness who's worked as a practitioner and educator. Jackie shares her tips for healthy eating. They make a lot of Karma Sense. Finally, Jackie and I go on...


Foodcast Episode 0011 - Children Are The Future

In this episode of The Karma Sense Foodcast, we explore the state of childhood nutrition. I rant about how sorry it is but come up with a winning solution. Then I interview Chef Michael McDermott, creator of The Kids Cooking Network. To tie it all together, I research the ugly underbelly of what nutrition information is available for kids. It's a process that forces me to endure hours of children's programming. But, I take the hit, so you don't have to. 00:27 Introduction 01:35 Rant - A...


Foodcast Episode 0010 - Addressing the "Pink Elephant" in the Room

As with everything else people put in their mouths, there is an incredible amount of misinformation as to whether alcoholic beverages are healthful or not. In this episode I discuss the role alcohol can have in a healthy lifestyle. Is wine as healthy as they say? How much drinking is too much? Do I need to stop drinking to lose weight? Find out in this episode of The Karma Sense Foodcast. 00:39 Introduction 02:08 Rant - Alcohol and a Healthy Lifestyle 08:49 Karma Sense Updates For detailed...