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Lifestyle360. Looking for ways to improve your life in all areas? In each episode, you'll learn how to improve your life full circle and even hear from inspirational men and women who may have a story similar to yours.

Lifestyle360. Looking for ways to improve your life in all areas? In each episode, you'll learn how to improve your life full circle and even hear from inspirational men and women who may have a story similar to yours.
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Lifestyle360. Looking for ways to improve your life in all areas? In each episode, you'll learn how to improve your life full circle and even hear from inspirational men and women who may have a story similar to yours.




Special Encore Presentation: Making Your Dreams Happen

It's not everyday that you meet people who are successful in both their professional and personal lives.


Manifesting & The Law of Attraction

Tune in to hear Hemal Radia, one of the best in the world in teaching Manifesting & Law of Attraction, show how YOU can be more in control of what happens in your life! He has been described as a ‘Super' Mentor/Coach and is the Author of the fantastic "Find You, And You Find Everything: The Secrets to the Law of Attraction." Understand how to work with your thoughts as energy and how you might have been getting it wrong in the past! He has been attributed in helping countless people around...


Giving Back and Making a Difference with Always Be Charitable TV

Giving is Receiving. Tune in to hear Monika Rydzewski, host of ABC TV share the advice she's gained from Charitable TV and what it takes to run successful nonprofits. Monika has her own personal experiences in organizing and running charitable events. Over the years she has worn many hats, which we will discuss and how she has made quite an impact in the community. Whether you're looking to start you're own non-profit or be a part of one, Monika has the experience and the compassion to...


Emotional Healing To Reach Your Best Self

Emotional Healing is at the foundation for many, in order to have success. Addiction is at all all time high. Addiction is not just to drugs and alcohol but food, negative thought or behavior as well as any other negative or self destructive behavior. Weight loss is not as much about eating right as it is why are we abusing ourselves in the first place. Why do we not love ourselves enough to stop abusing our bodies, mind and emotions. Emotional healing is not just about letting go or...


From Ordinary To Extraordinary

Tune in to hear learn about Dr. Jack Barnathan’s system of Transformational Designs™, Visionairre Profile™ and Success Touchstones™ that have helped legends of pro & Olympic sports, the fitness world, elite business leaders, city sports alliances, pro sports federations, the highest ranked Spa’s in the world, artists, astronauts and everyone in between to develop strategies that: 1. Create a profound change. 2. Clearly define their unique strengths 3. Present their best in a manner that...



Gut Wisdom is 'the secret' to good health! Are you eating a reasonable diet, getting enough exercise and still experiencing indigestion, bloat, or other "gut distress"? Do you experience frequent knots, butterflies, tension, or more severe symptoms in your gut? Alyce Sorokie, is a woman on a mission to help us all understand our `second brain.' You'd be wise to tune in and dance with this wisdom. We've all experienced the typical American diet of refined sugars, salt, alcohol, soft drinks,...


Cortisol & Adrenal Dysfunction

Are you chronically tired? Constantly sick? Trouble sleeping? Low sex drive? Experience sugar or salt cravings? Not getting your period regularly? Can't seem to lose weight especially in your mid-section? Your adrenals may be the culprit. Megan Renfree, Registered Dietitian for LifeTime Fitness, will share her knowledge on how the body works from the inside out. Did you know that when your cortisol (a hormone released from your adrenal glands in response to stress) is compromised, it is...


Making Your Dreams Happen

It's not everyday that you meet people who are successful in both their professional and personal lives. Ryan DeLuca, CEO of, husband, father of three and an inspiration to millions, is one of those rare gems who has made his dreams happen. Ryan wanted to "go to work" and build something important...something real and lasting. Ryan even hired his baby brother and father to be part of his dream company. is the most-visited bodybuilding and fitness site in...


Lifestyle 360 with Steve Trezek, founder of the Fitastic®

Listen in to Steve Trezek, founder of the Fitastic® online fitness community, through 20 years of experience in understanding real strategies, proven recommendations, and science behind what it takes to live a healthier life you deserve. As a society we are constantly smothered by sensational marketing campaigns claiming you will lose weight, get fit, and obtain shredded abs overnight. Steve will squash these repetitive messages that have distorted our senses of what it really takes to...


Nutrition Know Know's

Lifestyle360 host Nicole will discuss a few of the top nutrition questions she gets asked frequently along with the misinformation out there. Get the scoop on dairy, organic vs. commercial, salt, sugar and more. If it is advertised you probably shouldn't be eating it. The movement is slowly making a comeback…eating like our ancestors did, from the land and the sea the way God intended. Those looking for optimal health or honest answers will greatly benefit from this nutrition power hour.


Human Trafficking

Cheryl Csiky has dedicated her life to rescuing victims of human trafficking through her work at Gridlock Ministries. She will discuss what the selling of human beings looks like in the United States and how they are helping end the 32 billion dollar industry. There are more slaves today compared to any other time period in history. She will share her journey in overcoming exploitation and abuse as a child. Her perseverance for hope and healing is a call to action by revealing how human...


From Victim To Victor with Victor Pacini

Victor Pacini will share his journey that led him on a mission of helping children become more confident in their daily lives. Having grown up in an alcoholic family, being sexually abused at the young age of 8, losing his mother suddenly, and the tragic death of his sister, Victor has learned that every obstacle holds the raw material to overcome any adversity. Victor has created a 6 audio CD program titled, From Victim to Victor that illustrates a 4 step process that helps people...


John Newton, Tapping Into The Power Of Our Mind To End Suffering

Suffering from chronic pain, fear of snakes, chemical dependency or disease? Are you letting your mind run your life? Are you clinging to your story or truly living your life's fullest potential by letting go of your story? There is a switch in each and everyone of us, John can help you to find out what that is and how to activate it. John explains that they key to life is being present, where God is, in the here and now. It starts when we are born. Our mind takes it's cue from past...


Recovering From Celiac Disease, Acid Reflux, Chronic Inflammation and Other

Kathryne Pirtle will share her journey on overcoming celiac disease, acid reflux, chronic inflammation and other health conditions that negatively effected her everyday life for 25 years. She will discuss her 2 books, the story of her trials and how she recovered through nutrient-dense foods. In 2010, Kathryne testified in Washington, DC against the new USDA Dietary Guidelines. After healing herself, she now helps many others worldwide via speaking radio and television appearances along...


Bringing Birth Back To It's Roots

Bringing birth back to its roots, join us as Lori Hess shares her birth experiences with her two sons. Listening to her inner guidance, her first, Kai, was born at home in Hawaii where she watched the turtles swimming in the ocean the day he came into the world. Six years later Stone was born this past October on a beautiful Ohio fall day. Her holistic background as a health coach helped guide her decision to go natural, away from the cold, bright lights and cascading interventions of a...


Chiropractic Care…Learn the benefits of acupuncture, stim, ultrasound and A

Dr. Frederick Schuster and Dr. Maricris Barreyro, Total Athleticare chiropractors, will offer you insight into the individualized treatments they offer patients. TAC is a chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy, and rehabilitation clinic. In general, Chiropractors care for more than just your back! Total Athleticare has been servicing patients for 13 years. Busy parents, athletes, weekend warriors, golfers, runners-really anyone can benefit a great deal from routine chiropractic care....


Death, Everyone Grieves Differently

Meet Dena Anne Wiener, A Grieving Mother’s Journey Every parent’s worst nightmare became her reality in 2011 when she suffered the tragic loss of her middle son, Brett. No matter who you are, no matter what you do, nothing in life prepares a parent for the loss of a child. Naturally Dena spent the first several months grieving. Only problem is when your world is turned upside down, it’s often difficult to find the brighter side when looking through a sea of tears. She chose to compete in...


Survivorship, Meet Two Inspirational Cancer Survivors

Meet cancer survivors, Jonny Imerman and D. Anthony Evans, both Chicagoans who have triumphed over the disease and are now paying it forward. These two angels will share their fight with testicular cancer and neurofibromatosis and the positive impact they've had on the world of cancer since. Just as both of these men were on their road to recovery getting comfortable with life again, they were struck with the news that they found more tumors and that their battles were not over yet. Their...


Meet Karyn Calabrese, Chicago's Holistic Lifestyle Queen and Raw Restaurant

Learn about Karyn Calabrese's personal journey, why she made the lifestyle changes she did and how she made her dreams of becoming a holistic teacher and more a reality. Not only is she Chicago's premier vegan and raw restauranteur, she is helping others change their lives for the better. Karyn, a mother and a grandmother, proudly turns 67 this month looking a generation younger, which she attributes to her raw food lifestyle. Karyn will share her life-long exploration into the...


Overcoming Addiction: A Second Chance Lifestyle

Nicole Moneer and her guest, Ben Booker, husband, father, entrepreneur of Second Chance Lifestyle and athlete will share his life story with alcohol and overcoming his addiction. Ben's emotional, mental, and physical development was put on hold when alcohol took a strong hold on his life. After reaching a point where he lost control and it wasn't fun to drink anymore, Ben had hit his rock bottom. He then got a second chance and turned his life around for the better by...