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EP #129 Jason Phillips: Impact at Scale

Jason Phillips, founder of NCI and Coaching Con, makes his first appearance to shatter your limiting beliefs about the possible scale of your impact and the business you could create. Jason explains his goal to help 1 billion people and we challenge the attitudes and beliefs many fitness professionals hold. Jason shares why he believes specializing is the best path for impact. We deep dive into the value of being wired to give instead of take in your career interactions. --- Support this podcast:


EP #128 Ben Pakulski: Exploring Your Limits

IFBB Pro and prolific educator Ben Pakulski makes his long overdue first appearance and shares how he approaches life and work with an endless desire to learn, grow, and push the limits of what he could do physically and in learning to help others. We share why Ben's abundance mindset led to breaking through some early limiting beliefs. Ben explains how he sees every person as an opportunity for a positive interaction that benefits everyone. Ben also explains how he's learned to create boundaries to focus on learning and educating. We also explore some of the valuable info and the bioscience myths coming out of a career in competition, and how to approach learning something fro everyone. --- Support this podcast:


EP #127 Pete Dupuis: Fundamentals of Great Business

Cressey Sports Performance cofounder Pete Dupuis returns to deep dive into how strong business and service fundamentals allowed CSP to survive and thrive during the last few challenging years. Pete shares his formula for building trust with his clients. Pete explains how you put yourself in a position to benefit from luck. Pete also shares how his passion for a "side hustle" in mentoring gym owners grew into his current role with Business For Unicorns. This includes how Pete recognized the parts of the work he liked and the parts he didn't, shifting his focus to doing more of what he liked. --- Support this podcast:


EP #126 David Thomas Tao: Doing It Right, Right Away

David Thomas Tao, co-founder of BarBend and now Head of Brand after it's recent acquisition joins the podcast to share the history of how and why BarBend started and where it's headed as a strength sport news outlet and strength training resource. David digs into the lessons from his approach to building BarBend, why timing and network effects matter, and why a commitment to getting it right early on was essential to building credibility. David also shares how they intend to support coaches going forward plus some lessons on how to approach getting published. --- Support this podcast:


EP #125 Adriell Mayes: Passion, Curiosity, and Growth Mindset

Adriell Mayes is crushing in business, social media, in kettlebell education. Adriell joins to share how he built his media and foundation of his business. Adriell shares how he's approached coaching with a dedication to creating a fun and memorable client experience, and built his career through equal parts passion and curiosity. And like recent guest and peer Marcus Martinez, Adriell shares how he approaches kettlebells as a tool and extension of his body to focus on movement. --- Support this podcast:


EP #124 Kait Callahan: Skill Investment

This episode could have easily been titled "Mindset Mastery" but it fails to grasp the intelligence and depth behind this conversation with Kait Callahan. Kait is one of the most intelligent, knowledgeable, and articulate guests ever on the podcast, as she explores and challenges our fundamental beliefs systems and the emotional underpinnings of our decision making. Kait explains her philosophy of investing in skill development as the best return on investment. This episode should make you think, challenge how you allocate your time in your career, and challenge you to ask better questions to create greater client impact. --- Support this podcast:


EP #123 Marcus Martinez: Kettlebells and Creation

Kettlebell master and expect educator Marcus Martinez makes his long overdue appearance to chat about the key inflection points that led to his brand growth. Marcus shares how he navigates making kettlebells accessible to more people yet exploring the fun and creative side of their potential. We talk about how Marcus regular spends social time with a community of like minded and successful fitness professionals, and how this materialized. Marcus shares why he feels it's important to establish strong values early in your career so you can learn when to say yes or no to opportunities. He also shares how he's never worried about what other coaches are doing, he's focused on creating to help people. --- Support this podcast:


EP #122 Adam Bornstein: You Can't Screw This Up

I'm honoured to have Adam Bornstein as a first time guest. Long overdue, Adam is one of the industry's most influential figures, coaches, writers, and teachers of sustainable nuanced lifestyle and nutrition habits. Adam answer why coaches will get a ton of value from reading his new book "You Can't Screw This Up", a book written to help the overwhelmed, frustrated, and confused end user. We talk about coaching, asking better questions, and communicating with our clients in a way that supports change. Adam also answers why he's deliberately operated more behind the scenes rather than lean into aggressive forward facing brand development. Enjoy this episode and check out Adam's new book out soon. --- Support this podcast:


EP #121 Beth Feraco: Ask For Help

Beth Feraco shares her experience hiring help and building a business off the back of social media success. Beth approaches her work from a place of "who can I help today", but has also embraced a willingness to "ask for help" herself. Beth shares tactics to get started and navigate social media growth, and how to leverage social media into systems like an email list. Beth also highlights some of the more challenging sides to social media "success". --- Support this podcast:


EP #120 Santana Anderson: Creating Community In Your Gym

IFBB Pro and gym owner Santana Anderson joins me to share how a strong community supported his gym through closures and led to a stronger business that supports and invests in its coaches. Santana shares how getting an IFBB pro card shouldn't be an all encompassing mission and how it doesn't alone guarantee career success. Also pay attention to how Santana flips conversation to make it about the other person, a demonstration of a rare but trainable skill that showcases why he's thrived serving others. --- Support this podcast:


EP #119 Eve Guzman: Hard Truths and Helping People

Eve Guzman and I both spoke at The Real Coached Summit in Las Vegas in March. Eve was the speaker who brought the most attendees because she mobilized the women in her community and mentorship to show up. Everyone had an amazing time. Eve shares how she battled obesity from a young age, lost the weight, pivoted from a science career in a lab, took a leap of faith, and started coaching others through evidence based nutrition. She was so successful other women kept asking her to mentor them. Eve shares her career progression and how she's build such a strong community. Eve talks about leveraging the support from key people around her while learning to turn off the naysayers. We discuss the power of embracing hard truths instead of peddling comforting lies in the effort to help more people feel healthier and empowered. --- Support this podcast:


EP #118 Mike Doehla: Hard Work + Luck

Mike Doehla returns to answer the theoretical question: what would you do if you didn't need the money? Mike lives this discussion having sold the company he founded, Stronger U, and we talk about what are the options and future directions for Mike to continue to do what he loves, helping people. We talk about pricing your services, the right to earn a good livelihood, how hard work and luck interplay for career success, and ask do we have an obligation to help every way possible. We also talk about the potential value in hosting a podcast and how to approach it. --- Support this podcast:


EP #117 Nick Shaw: RP Origins

Nick Shaw, CEO and co-founder of Renaissance Periodization(RP) returns to share how 2 personal trainers became the architects of one of the most successful and respected coaching and educational businesses in the fitness industry. We share nuanced thoughts on training online early in your career, the challenge and sometimes discomfort of building a personal brand, and to underlie it all with a "be of service" mindset. --- Support this podcast:


EP #116 Dr. Trevor Kashey: Skill Acquisition

Dr. Trevor Kashey joins me to discuss how he's able to focus on highest value and impact efforts by spending less time being forward facing with social media. Trevor and I devolve into a "intellectual journey" about the nature of the evidence based fitness industry and what ultimately helps the end user. Learn what Trevor means when he says "I care about getting to the crux of "your" problem." Stick around for the second half as Trevor gets into actionable take aways for how to help people with their lifestyle and nutrition, specifically his focus on helping people with skill acquisition and guiding people to "stop doing as much dumb stuff and start doing more smart stuff." Hope you enjoy Trevor's intellect and humour. --- Support this podcast:


EP #115 Dr. Christle Guevarra: Managing Injury and Recovery for Clients

Dr. Christle Guevarra of Renaissance Periodization guests to deep dive into injury and recovery management for our clients. Christle emphasizes the importance of communication, keeping clients positive, and ultimately keeping them in the game. We talk about training strategies and if there's a practical limit to trying to progress while also trying to recover from injury. Christle shares why she pivoted into the fitness industry and the potential to scale her impact. --- Support this podcast:


EP #114 Luka Hocevar: Building A Personal Brand

Luka Hocevar returns to talk all about developing a personal brand and how it comes from "being of service" to others. Luka talks about how experience creates a lot of ideas for content. Luka also shares how his strong personal brand and experience allowed him to build his small group training program. Listen to this episode to get a discount code on this program. --- Support this podcast:


EP #113 Dr. Dwayne Jackson: Non-Biased Approach to Nutrition

Dr. Dwayne Jackson guests to share wisdom from his extensive education and experience teaching medical professionals and more recently within the fitness industry. Dwayne shares why he approaches research and practice from a non-biased perspective. Dwayne shares info to help coaches with questions around chronic stress and its relationship with obesity. Dwayne shares why he chose to leave academia and start a second career teaching nutrition within the fitness industry. --- Support this podcast:


EP #112 Brad Stulberg: The Practice of Groundedness

Author Brad Stulberg joins the podcast to share wisdom from his book The Practice of Groundedness. Brad explains what he calls “heroic individualism” and where it can go wrong for fitness professionals in their careers. He explains the arrival fallacy and strategies for learning to enjoy what you’ve accomplished while balancing the goal of achievement. We also have a rare nuanced discussion about navigating some of the more polarizing elements of media and social media, and how you can stay focused on what really matters. --- Support this podcast:


EP #111 Kelsey and Dennis Heenan: Trial, Error, Success

Kelsey and Dennis Heenan make their long overdue first appearance to talk about how they built their massively successful online business and brand HIITBURN. Despite their success they’re quick to explain how much they tried along the way that didn’t work out. They share how important it is to build your email marketing, how they developed their social media, and how life has changed from their early careers. Kelsey and Dennis also share how close industry friends have played a key role in their own success. Find out why they say giving yourself "permission to try new things" is important. --- Support this podcast:


EP #110 Steve Krebs: I'm Here To Help

Steve Krebs joins the podcast to talk about the importance of establishing your values and making decisions in alignment with those values. Steve explains what he means by “make the main thing the main thing, always.” We talk about the importance of the people closet to us in our ability to thrive in our careers. --- Support this podcast: