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A real Personal trainer talking about eating working out, getting in shape and whatever else pops into my head.

A real Personal trainer talking about eating working out, getting in shape and whatever else pops into my head.
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A real Personal trainer talking about eating working out, getting in shape and whatever else pops into my head.






Episode 203: The right way to set a goal and is the New Battleforg for Real?

So I am back. I had to take a short break but let’s get this thing rolling again. For the record, I did listen the the Obstacle Dominator podcast again and everything I said about Battlefrog is real. A 100 Meter obstacle course run 100 times for 6 miles. What the F#@$?


More Ranting…Us Vs. Them Explained

I was so flustered with last weeks examination of the inane milk vs running infographic, I just had to address it again. This guy, who I am not revealing his name because I don’t want to start a war or get sued, is equating a glass of milk with running a mile. Pretty cryptic. What does it mean? That is what we go into, so if you haven’t listened to the “Us and Them” episode, please do. It will get you up to speed. Then check this one...


Crossing the Fear Line and the 3 Essential parts of a workout.

A lot going on in this episode. All is well between me and Lumo Run, which is a great thing since I love their product. The first part of the podcast is about crossing that line of fear. It is important, in my opinion, to always try and cross that line because there are great things on the other side. In other words, don’t be a flat earth society member and believe you can’t sail past the horizon or you will fall off the edge of the earth. Be an explorer with yourself and find out what...


5 Things You Need to Know Before Your Next Spartan Race

Nope, I am not giving out any spoilers. These are simple but overlooked points that will make a huge difference for you. Especially if you are a bigger than average runner. You will have to listen! http://bigmanruns.com http://mfactorfitnessandnutrition.com


Review of the 2017 Fort Carson Spartan Super and Sprint

Ahhh, the ups and downs of life. All encapsulated within a truly great, life changing weekend. http://mfactorfitness.com http://bigmanruns.com


3 Speed Workouts and a rant

Why not start this one off with a rant. I have just seen the worst infographic on fitness that I have ever had the misfortune to look at. When so called experts stop saying and printing dumb things, I will stop the rants. Until then… Post ranting, I try to come up with a couple ideas for you to swith up your workouts. The idea is basic. You should keep the most effective exercises in your workout. Just do the workout a little differently. Make sense? If not, give it a...


Big man Runs.Com: The Arvada Prairie Dog Half-Marathon

Here is the latest about my latest half-marathon, the Arvada Spring Prairie Dog. How did I do, what shoes did I wear, what did I eat and how many times did I go to the bathroom. it is all here. http://bigmanruns.com http://mfactorfitnessandnutrition.com


Big Man Runs Episode 2: Injured? Follow This Advice

We are all going to dinged up at some point in life. How you deal with injuries is crucial to your success. More important, who you see can make a huge difference. Check it out. http://mfactorfitnessandnutrition.com http://facebook.com/mfactorfitness http://bigmanruns.com


Personal Trainers Say the Darndest Things Part 2

Here is the second installment of me taking questions from trainers who are asking basic questions on Facebook. Credit to them that they care enough to reach out for help. Too bad they got bad answers to the questions. So I am stepping in to make things right. As time permits I will put the answers in writing. http://mfactorfitnessandnutrition.com Http://bigmanruns.com


Episode 140: Calories 101. I bet you didn’t know half of this stuff!

Calories are the theme for podcast #140. It is timely because this is February 28th. I have a funny feeling that a number of people who had great expectations for losing weight this year have given up. Don’t give up. Just try a different approach. Why should I listen to you about nutrition? I have certifications out the wazoo for this very subject.I have a solid track record with my clients for weight loss.


Big Man Runs Episode 1: A New Beginning

Hey, everyone, I am back from a short hiatus. Actually I have been working on a new website to compliment www.mfactorfitnessandnutrition. So if you are a larger than average runner or slower than average (I am both), check out the new website www.bigmanruns.com. Here you will find training tips, my running logs, pics and all kinds of stuff related to cardio. My plan is to alternate podcasts. So if you see this logo, be expected to hear cardio things come out of my mouth.


Podcast 137: 12 Fitness Myths…Or Are They???

Pal, http://blog.myfitnesspal.com/12-workout-myths-just-need-go-away/


Episode 132: People Have weird Ideas About Fitness

Well, I think the title says it all!


Episode 122: Best Fitness Shows, Spartan race vs. Spartan Team and Using an Orbital Buffer on Your Body

Yep, this is an action packed podcast. So let’s get to it. 1. Can you or even should you use an orbital buffer on your body to loosen you up. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? No according to Isaiah Vidal from the Obstacle Dominator podcast. I tried it and it works like a charm. (Please don’t use any industrial strength tools for this. And no, I am not talking about the buffer they use to polish the floors at Wal-mart. Use a regular Car buffer. 2. The 3 worst fitness reality shows and the 4...


Episode 116: 21st Century really? Neural Pathways and Why You Should Never Miss A Rep

Welcome to episode 116. This podcast has 3 segments to it, so I am sure you are going to like at least one. Oh, who are we kidding. You are going to love them all. 1. Well, I have given the world 16 years to ease into the 21st century and it hasn’t happened yet. So I am easing out of it. Remember when you were young, how cool you thought this time would be? Given, Iphones, Hd Televisions and streaming music are awesome. Given to fact you have access to unlimited information and can read...


Episode 115: 8 Poisonous Foods You Eat Everyday: Worst Article Ever?

Hey all, Welcome to episode 115. Here is the link to this non-story.http://dailyhealthremedies.com/8-poisonous-foods-commonly-eat/1/ Why do I let this stuff bother me? Am I the biggest hypocrite in the world? Here I am talking about ignoring the media and their attempts to continually keep viewers stressed, and look what happens. I let this non-story take over a perfectly good podcast that could have been used to educate. Shame on me. Next week I will get back in the saddle and bring you...


Episode 114: The Problem with Cheat Days

Hi Everyone, Welcome to episode 114! In the nutrition world, there is a lot of discussion on how to eat. Obviously. In this world you have 2 camps that like to go after each other. On one side you have th [...]


Episode 113: Why is my Skin Dry? Worst Article Ever and More Rantings

Hi everyone, I have decided that if I do 2 types of Podcasts. 1. Nice friendly, positive podcasts that are geared to helping you get something in life. Call these the “HappyCoach Mike” episodes. I love doing these episodes because I can share really cool things with [...]