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The Ultimate podcast for getting your mind right and motivating you to achieve success in anything you do. We break down the secrets of people in the top of their game and delve into the mindset that it takes to achieve their success.

The Ultimate podcast for getting your mind right and motivating you to achieve success in anything you do. We break down the secrets of people in the top of their game and delve into the mindset that it takes to achieve their success.
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The Ultimate podcast for getting your mind right and motivating you to achieve success in anything you do. We break down the secrets of people in the top of their game and delve into the mindset that it takes to achieve their success.




Mindset with Muscle Ep 72 – 5 PT Mistakes with Jamie Alderton

In this episode, I share with you some of the biggest mistakes I see personal Trainers make when it comes to growing their business online To get my FREE Facebook Success Secrets Ebook Click on the link Below https://trainermind.com


Mindset with Muscle Ep 69 – Business, Brands and Bodypower with Nick Orton

In this episode I catch up with CEO of Bodypower Nick Orton He is a serial entrepreneur best known for creating and building one of the most recognizable fitness brands in the world! Bodypower has grown and grown over the past 8 years spanning multiple countries and continents with a team of over 3,000 people. In this episode Nick discusses Building a Business and a Brand


Mindset with Muscle Ep 68 – Accelerate Your Business with Brian Rose

In This Episode I catch up with Brian Rose Brian is the Founder and Host of London Real, A weekly talk show that introduces you to some of the most fascinating people in the world. In just over 5 years he has produced over 350 episodes that have been watched over 50,000,000 times To get Brian's Free Video Series on how to accelerate your business and finally create some profit from your passion click on the link below www.leandonreal.link/jamie


Mindset with Muscle Ep 67 – Q&A Snapchat Special

In this episode I record a very special Q&A with my Snapchat Followers and answer all their questions on Business, Body and Brain


Mindset with Muscle Ep 66 – Comfort vs Hunger with Jamie Alderton

In this episode Jamie Talks Briefly About his Past experiences with comfort and hunger and to be consciously aware of your mindset with regards to positivity and negativity


Mindset with Muscle Ep 65 – Lean and Learn with Steve Bradley

This weeks episode I catch up with Steve Bradley Steve is a Personal Trainer and Founder of “The Fitness Guy” Who’s mission is all about Finding the Balance and Transforming the Lives and Bodies of women using his extremely popular online programme “The 10 Week Lean and Learn” Check out Steve's website http://www.thefitnessguy.uk/


Mindset with Muscle Ep 64 – Nutrition and Behaviour with Martin Mcdonald

In this episode I catch up with Martin Mcdonald Martin is a clinical performance nutritionist and founder of mac-nutrition.com. The UK’s leading consultancy for nutrition advice. His passion for evidence based practice has seen him call out and shut down some of the crazy fads and nutritional practices that individuals post and preach online which is very entertaining to watch and absorb. Check out his website http://www.mac-nutrition.com


Mindset with Muscle Ep 63 – Bullshit Free Business and Tingly Balls with Paul Mort

This Weeks Guest is the Legend that is Paul Mort Paul built a bootcamp business from scratch that ended up in 19 locations across 4 different countries. And was named young business person of the year in the north east two years running and has spoken all over the world about building fitness business. He now runs multiple successful businesses including his Muscle Marketing Inner Circle where he teaches fitpros how to effectively market themselves through emails and his new exciting...


Mindset with Muscle Ep 62 – Plus, Equals, Minus with Jamie Alderton

Jamie is back with this short and sharp knowledge bomb episode talking all about Productivity and Balancing Learning from others and teaching others


Mindset with Muscle Ep 61 – Going Off The Grid with Jamie Alderton

In this episode I talk in detail about my 3 day abstinence from social media and how im balancing out my levels of Selfishness and Selflessness For more details on this check out my blog post here http://medium.com/@Grenadejay/going-off-the-grid-41872af463e1#.3lv2j122d


Mindset with Muscle Ep60. Body, Brain, Business and Books with Andy Mckenzie

In this episode I catch up with Andy Mckenzie Andy is an Ex British Army Soldier and was the youngest person to have ever completed the Army's most Arduous course P-Company at age 17 He is also a strength coach that believes in simplicity, lifting heavy, mastering your own bodyweight and eating food to fuel performance. Check out Andys website http://www.combinedstrength.com


Mindset with Muscle Ep59. Ben an Optimist Prime

Jamie is back and this time he is talking all about Optimism and how it can have such a great impact on your health and happiness


Comfortable being Uncomfortable with Mark Holloway

In this episode I chat with Help for Heroes and Tough Mudder Ambassador Mark Holloway. Mark has an incredible story to tell and we find out all about just how he manages to race some of the toughest endurance events in the world. Support Mark here www.justgiving.com/fundraising/WTM


Mindset with Muscle Ep57. NEVER RING THE BELL

Excited to drop this very last episode of 2016 with 5 amazing tips to help you change your life and change the world! Want to work with me and the business beast himself Mr Dan Meredith? You need to be quick and click on the link http://www.coffeewithdan.com/grit3


Mindset with Muscle Ep56. Healthy and Happy with Hollie Philippa

In this episode I chat with Hollie Philippa Hollie is a Personal Trainer and Coach who is a true believer that fitness should encompass the mind, body and the soul Check out Hollies website http://www.holliephilippa.com/


Mindset with Muscle Ep55. Learning From the Greats with Jamie Alderton

In this episode Jamie is knee deep in wine and reflection to talk about what he has learn from some of the 50 greatest guests on his podcast Dont forget to grab your copy of Jamie's Brand New Mindset with Muscle Book Below


Mindset with Muscle Ep54. Progress and Persistence with Phil Learney

In this episode I catch up with Phil Learney For 20 years Has has been a prominent figure in the field of strength and conditioning and has always been the first name on my lips when I discuss successful and smart people in the fitness industry. He also has the title of the only person I have ever paid for a personal training session! Check out Phil's website www.phillearney.com


Mindset with Muscle Ep53. NOW WHAT? With Brad Burton

Welcome ladies and gents to a very special 1 year anniversary episode of Mindset with Muscle and back to talk to us today is the Legendary Brad Burton Lots of things have happened to Brad this year including stepping down from his beloved company 4 Networking and Writing his brand new book Now What Check out Brads Website https://www.bradburton.biz/


Mindset with Muscle Ep52. The Self Fulfilling Prophecy by Jamie Alderton

In this episode Jamie drops some knowledge bombs on self fulfilling prophecies as the power of self belie


Mindset with Muscle Ep51. Coping Mechanisms with Jamie Alderton

In this episode I talk all about the way I have conditioned my mind to be able to channel my anxiety and fears into positive actions by using certain mental coping mechanisms