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24: Jersey Shore Summer Couples Guide

We’ve reached the finale of Nutrition Nuptials season 1! Maybe not as high profile as that Game of Thrones episode, but it’s a definite change of pace. Instead of discussion nutrition and exercise, Mandy and Taco are closing out the season by talking about their home turf, the Jersey Shore, which to them is like a year-round vacation. For this final episode before the summer break, Mandy and Taco take you on a guided tour of the Jersey Shore, dish out their favorite restaurants, clubs and...


23: Double Date: Guilt Free Nutrition and Doing More With Dinner with Melissa Joy Dobbins & Mark Buchmann

It’s Taco and Mandy’s final double date of the season, and they’re ecstatic to finally have on fellow dietitian/podcaster Melissa Joy Dobbins and her husband Mark Buchmann. In their chat, they gab about the highs and occasional rocky roads of remarriage, what pushed Melissa to work in media, and how she wants people to take a “guilt free” apporach to eating and living well. EPISODE ANNOUNCEMENTS ***SOCIAL MEDIA UPDATE*** There have been some changes to where you can find us on...


22: Double Date: Touring Diets and Personal Fitness while Parenting with Lisa & Quinn English

One of tonight’s Double Date guests in very near and dear to us because without her, Nutrition Nuptials wouldn’t sound nearly as good as it does or have quite as much character. Lisa English is none other than our show’s composer, and she’s stopped by with her husband Quinn to chat with us about life—and eating well—on the road, adventures in parenting, and staying on top of your health with life gets in the way. EPISODE ANNOUNCEMENTS ***SOCIAL MEDIA UPDATE*** There have been some...


21: Double Date: New York Pizzerias and Lunch Time Tactics with Casey and Danny Seiden

Our latest guests, dietitian Casey Seiden and her husband Danny, have virtually stopped by for a Double Date and to help us ring in our show's 21st episode (it can drink now!). In our chat, we discuss the best eateries in New York City, the benefits of grocery shopping in person rather than going for delivery, and the best way you can overcome a picky eater’s precise palate. EPISODE ANNOUNCEMENTS ***SOCIAL MEDIA UPDATE*** There have been some changes to where you can find us on...


20: Double Date: "Weird Foods" and Apiaries with Judy and Ken Barbe

What do beekeeping, cappuccino and eating well all have in common? Well they’re just a smidgen of the interests our latest guests, fellow dietitian Judy Barbe and her husband Ken, like to dabble in. For this double date, we discuss Judy’s kitchen experiments (both successful and disastrous), Ken’s awe-inspiring range of hobbies, and how each of them would clear out the other’s wardrobe. EPISODE ANNOUNCEMENTS ***GIVEAWAY*** Win a FREE copy of Judy’s book, Your 6-Week Guide to LiveBest,...


19: Double Date: Structuring Meals and "Dudeatritians" with Zach and Alyssa Cordell

Light some candles, turn on the stove and maybe refill those air fresheners because we have a brand new double date. Our guests this evening (well, episode) are dietitian nutritionist Zach Cordell and his artist wife Alyssa. On this double date, we discuss costume parties, reminisce about McDonalds birthdays in the ‘80s, and suggests ways your own kitchen can accommodate for diabetes. EPISODE ANNOUNCEMENTS Win a FREE copy of Zach’s book, The Creation Code and handmade art cards from...


18: Double Date: Pediatric Skills and Support Networks with Heather and Brian Liddell

It's crowded in this podcast because we've got another Double Date scheduled for this week. Bringing the wine and the fun are husband-and-wife nutrition power couple Ryan and Heather Liddell of the blog The Doctor and the Dietitian. On this episode, the two of them discuss their experiences teaching their own children to eat nutritiously, why you should minimize how often you spend looking at screens, and how you can help your kid get over their picky eating habits. EPISODE...


17: Double Date: From Acting to Nutrition with Mary Purdy & Keith Hitchcock

It’s time to get out the good china and whip up some fancy food because we have a brand new double date! Our guests are fellow dietitian and podcaster Mary Purdy and her husband, content creator and producer extraordinaire Keith Hitchcock. In the next hour in a half they chat about how they share and split up fitness and cooking in their home, and endure our first ever lightning round! EPISODE ANNOUNCEMENTS Win a FREE copy of Mary’s book, Serving the Broccoli Gods: True Tales and...


16: Sleep Habits & Relationships

A phone running at 50% charge will still operate roughly well as it would at 80% or 90%. The same cannot be said for people who have gone too long without sleep or don’t sleep well at all. In this episode—which coincidentally lines up with National Sleep Awareness Week—Mandy and Taco discuss their own ups and downs sharing a bed over the years, debate their differing sleep philosophies, and suggests some ways you can bring a little fun to bed. EPISODE ANNOUNCEMENTS To make the most...


15: Double Date: Financial Planning for Couples with Emily and Kevin Zeigler

Mandy and Taco have made another double-date reservation in honor of National Nutrition Month, featuring our very first non-nutrition guests! Financial planner Emily Zeigler and her husband Kevin stop by to discuss how finances tie into healthy eating and keeping fit, as well as how they went from living out of a car, to moving into a cramped apartment, to their comfortable life together today. EPISODE ANNOUNCEMENTS To make the most of this National Nutrition Month, we offer...


14: Man Flu Season

It’s February, which means that immune system strength has dropped along with the temperature, paving the way for cold and flu season. Thankfully your favorite nutritional couple has their own health regimens to prevent sickness or, if you’ve already caught that bug, speed up the recovery process. In their chat, Mandy and Taco lay out what remedies of worked best for them, suggest the best ways spouses can be (or not be) there for each other when one of them is ill, and discuss several...


13: Intuitive Eating for Couples

Taco’s back from his fulfilling—and mildly chaotic—trip to India, and after catching us all up with the details of his trek he and Mandy tackle a subject that a lot of people are sensitive to at this time of year: dieting. Right around now, people start falling off the diet they resolved to stick to for New Year’s, but rather that being due to a lack of willpower it could be because the diet itself is not sustainable and conflicts with one’s eating disposition. This is why we’re advocating...


12: Double Date with Stephen and Elise Compston

Mandy and Taco have made a reservation for a double date with registered dietitians and bloggers Stephen and Elise Compston, who discuss how healthy eating helped ignite their relationship, the key to keeping your kitchen tasks balanced, and how they keep each other on the right track. EPISODE ANNOUNCEMENTS If you and yours are looking to get into meal planning and track your nutrition, be sure to grab your free Bride & Couples Starter Guide eBook on our site! Mandy and Taco are on...



Happy New Year! Resolutions are flying high this time of year. Taco and Mandy discuss why you should NOT make resolutions and instead set goals to work on as a couple. Learn 10 goals you can set as a couple this year and how to make them successful. WHAT WE LEARN: Check out the full show notes and resources at ENJOY THE EPISODE? Join the Nutrition Nuptials Podcast VIP Afterparty on Facebook to keep the conversation...


10: Holiday Stress Relief

The holiday season has arrived. And while it’s supposed to be a joyous time of the year, the holiday season can put some unwanted stress on couples. Taco and Mandy provide some holiday stress relief to help take the edge off of some of the most challenging parts of navigating the holiday season. Join the Nutrition Nuptials Podcast VIP Afterparty on Facebook for FREE from now till end of the year! This benefits has previously only been made available to our Patreon supporters, but in the...


09: Double Date with Kaleigh & Evan McMordie

Taco and Mandy have a Double Date with registered dietitian and blogger, Kaleigh McMordie, and her husband, Evan, to discuss adjusting to living with another person, metal health in relationships, the trials of being married to a food blogger, and preparing for life as first-time parents. Kaleigh McMordie is a registered dietitian and author of the blog Lively Table, where she specializes in recipe development and nutrition communications. Her husband, Evan, recently completed his master’s...


08: Finding Fitness

Fitness isn’t just about having a “rocking bod” to hook your Significant Other or looking your best on your wedding day. Fitness has health benefits that promote long term health, well-being, and even can have benefits on your relationship and love life. Taco and Mandy discuss the benefits of finding fitness as a couple and for yourself, and how to motivate each other to integrate fitness as part of a healthy lifestyle. Ready to take meal planning to the next level? Get started with a FREE...


07: Travel Tips: Taco's World Travels

In the past year and a half, Taco has done some serious worldwide travels for work. Episode 7 of the Nutrition Nuptials Podcast discusses where in the world Taco has been, how to stay healthy while traveling for business, and what the other person may be doing back at home for meals while their significant other is traveling. EPISODE ANNOUNCEMENTS If you need some assistance with meal planning for your week or month, get started today with a free meal plan trial. Patreon supporters at the...


06: Double Date with Liz Weiss and Tim Carruthers

Taco and Mandy have a Double Date with registered dietitian and podcast host, Liz Weiss, and her husband, Tim, to discuss their chance encounter meeting, what happens when a bachelor starts living with a cookbook author dietitian, raising healthy eaters, and adjusting to an empty nest. EPISODE ANNOUNCEMENTS Looking for assistance with meal planning for your week or month? Get started today with a free meal plan trial. ABOUT LIZ AND TIM Liz Weiss is a registered dietitian and host of the...


05: Football Season Survival Guide

Are you ready for some football??? Taco and Mandy discuss the upcoming NFL season when it comes to having a sports fanatic significant other, how sports can impact relationships, and how to enjoy food and eat healthy whether you’re at the game or watching from home or the local sports bar. EPISODE ANNOUNCEMENTS Join Mandy for her first “Ask a Dietitian” Facebook Live episode in the private Nutrition Nuptials VIP Afterparty Facebook Group on Wednesday September 5 at 8pm EST. Want access...