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Conversations with artists, activists, misfits, and scallywags presented by Ainle Ó Cairealláin. Some of the episodes are in Irish, some are solo runs by Ainle.

Conversations with artists, activists, misfits, and scallywags presented by Ainle Ó Cairealláin. Some of the episodes are in Irish, some are solo runs by Ainle.


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Conversations with artists, activists, misfits, and scallywags presented by Ainle Ó Cairealláin. Some of the episodes are in Irish, some are solo runs by Ainle.






Ep 82: Gemma Dunleavy on 'Up De Flats' And The Community Around Sheriff Street

This week's guest is Dublin songwriter and producer Gemma Dunleavy whose recent EP 'Up De Flats' is a direct response to the ongoing developments in the Sheriff Street/Dublin 1 area. We chatted with her about the importance of community, how working class areas are often stigmatised & discriminated against, and about the danger posed to the area that she grew up in by ongoing commercial developments without regard for the community that have lived there for generations. Hear Gemma talk about...


Ep 81: Former IRA Prisoner of War and Hunger Striker Laurence McKeown

This week I am in conversation with author, screenwriter, playwright and former Provisional IRA volunteer and prisoner of war Laurence McKeown. Laurence spent 70 days on hunger strike as part of the 1981 hunger strike in the H-Blocks gaol that resulted in 10 republican POWs giving their lives for political status, and that changed the course of Irish history and the struggle for freedom from British rule. Laurence has written two books about Irish republican prisoners in the H-Blocks; Nor...


Ep 80: Former Debenhams Worker Carol Bridgeman From Inside the Patrick Street Cork Store

We just posted an emergency episode in support of the current sit-in that is being staged by the former Debenhams workers on Patrick Street Cork on the 153rd day of their strike action for a fair redundancy package and for workers rights. I spoke to Carol Bridgeman who is one of 8 workers in the Patrick Street store having gained access to the building yesterday. We discussed the lead up to the strike, the demands of the workers, the personal toll that the strike is taking and some of the...


Ep 79: The Folly of Hyper-Capitalism and Some Self Care Advice to Myself

This weeks episode is a solo run on the back of a week or so of feeling slightly off and somewhat stressed without being able to put my finger on exactly what was causing my feelings of worry and anxiety. I ended up having a good chat with myself and giving myself some solid advice via my notebook late one night, and share some of that self-advice in this episode. I also made a chill-out playlist on Spotify to accompany the episode, and had a good dig at the evil ways of hyper-captialism the...


Ep 78: Timmy Creed on Hurling, Competitiveness, Creativity, and Play

This week I chat with actor Timmy Creed who has a one man show called Spliced that examines his relationship with our national game of hurling, showcases some of the wonders of the game, and confronts some difficult questions about the culture with GAA and team sports.


Ep 77: Personal Narratives and Anti-Social Behaviour from Mahon Falls

This weeks episode was recorded under the Milky Way at Mahon Falls in the Comeragh Mountains of County Waterford. On account of the events of the night, the conversation veered towards the roots of anti-social behaviour and specifically, who it was actively encouraged by British security forces in the north of Ireland during the political conflict.


Ep 76: Mustering Creative Energy In Post Lockdown Life

This weeks episode is the first in a few weeks, and is one of the rare episodes where it’s me doing a solo run talking about the lockdown life, the hustle and bustle of every day life, the challenges of going back to work, and some things that I found useful to ease myself out of procrastination funks, and that help to let the creative and productivity energies flow freely. After i finished this episode last night I realised that I talked to myself for over an hour and considered that it...


Ep 75: Commemorations, Revolutionary Ireland, and Music a Historical Commentary

This weeks episode is a chat with historian and Three Castles Burning host Donal Fallon. We talked about the role commemorations have in the telling of history, the origins of the Blueshirts, how music plays an important part in the telling of history, and looked at some examples of how cities have come through tough times in the past.


Ep 74: George Floyd's Murder and Anti-Racist Protests in America with Tai Carpenter

I just released a special episode of the show with Tai Carpenter who is on the board of Don’t Shoot Portland, which is a nonprofit organisation based in Portland Oregon dedicated to civic participation, community engagement and bridging social justice with art programming. They are playing an important role in helping to organise the current protests in America sparked by the brutal murder of George Floyd on Monday the 25th of May, and helping protesters who are being arrested and detained...


Ep 73: Cócaireacht, Fealsúnacht agus Polaitíocht le Aodh Ó Corcráin

Comhrá leathan le mo shean-chara Aodh Ó Corcráin a bhfuil aithne air mar Bhéal Feirsteach agus mar chócaire., agus a chaith blianta thall i dTír na mBascasch ag cur faobhar ar a cheird.


Ep 72: Art, Acting, and the Spoken Word with Roxanna Nic Liam

This week's episodes is a quarantine chat on the importance of the arts in Ireland with actor and spoken word artist Roxanna Nic Liam There is a spoken word treat from Roxanna at the end of the chat, and as usual, a bit of story time after the outro music.


Ep 71: Climate Change and Environmental Activism with Áine O Gorman

On this episode I discussed climate change on a global , national, local, and individual level with Áine O Gorman, who works for Friends of The Earth, is involved in Stop Climate Chaos, and also is a part of a group called Model Activists that work to promote sustainability in the fashion industry.


Ep 70: The Ups and Downs of Giving Walking Tours in Hebron

This week's guest on the show is a friend who gives walking tours in the old city of Hebron in Palestine, one of the most politically charged areas of the West Bank. This episode has an accompanying blog post on with links to documentaries, films and further reading.


Ep 69: Mary Hickson on Festivals, Artists, and Looking Outwards

This week I chatted with Mary Hickson who runs the Sounds From A Safe Harbour festival in Cork every two years, the pioneering collaborative festival People in the Funkhaus Berlin, and the philosophy behind her work and approach. A timely chat as we start to consider what festivals and parties will look like as we start to come out of our prolonged Covid-19 lockdown.


Ep 69: Palestinian Artist, Performer, and Refugee Amir Abualrob

This week I chatted with Palestinian performer and refugee Amir Abualrob who fled him home on the back on ongoing persecution by the Palestinian authority because of his sexuality. Amir found theatre from a young age and fought hard to build a career as a performer and has an amazing story to tell of how he came to be living in Ireland and his plans for the future. A very valuable insight into the struggles of the LGBTQ+ movement and community in Palestine.


Ep 68: Mark Graham on King Kong Company and the Irish Music Industry

Mark Graham from King Kong Company, and the Irish Music Industry podcast joined me this week for a chat on the show. We chatted about King Kong Company, the challenges facing Irish artists during the Covid-19 pandemic, and what the musical landscape might look like in the near future. Mark also discussed how King Kong Company ended up with their very own brand of Buckfast infused beer. Chapter 2 of The Last Of The Name can be found at the end of this episode.


Ep 67: Interviews with Ainle from Palestine and a New Book!

The main section is an interview I did from Palestine with Somhailre Mag uidhie from Raidió Fáilte and is in Irish. There is an extended intro in English, as well as a shorter interview in English i did with the Off The Ball crew for Newstalk Radio, which comes after the main section with Somhairle, and also a new book at the very end as we have finished Roald Dahl's one last week!


Ep 66: Easter Sunday Special - One Day in My Life by Bobby Sands

To make Easter Sunday 2020 I recorded myself reading Bobby Sands' One Day in My Life. "Written on toilet paper, with a biro refill, and hidden inside Bobby Sands' own body, this is a book about bravery and endurance' - Excerpt from the back cover of the book.


Ep 65: Social and Cultural Entrepreneurship with Síobhra Quinlan, Aisling O' Riordan, and Emmet Condon

This chat was recorded as part of the Quiet Lights festival in Cork in late 2019, and covers a lot of ground around the background and work that goes into alternative and socially conscious arts events and festivals.


Ep 64: Circus Performers, Dancers, and Climbers Hoba and Ahmad Hmidan

This weeks episode is with brothers Ahmad and Hoba and we discussed growing up in Nablus under Israeli occupation, being an artists in Palestine, and their careers as performers in circus, dance, juggling, and acrobatics.