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Ep 27: Father Des Wilson On His Life Serving The Community of West Belfast and Ballymurphy

This week I am chatting with Father Des Wilson, who is 93 years of age, and spent nearly his entire life serving the people of West Belfast and Ballymurphy through some of the darkest times Ireland has ever seen. He is particularly known for his work in setting up Springhill Community house 'as a place for discussion and learning, where people could work and enjoy themselves in freedom.' Relevant show links: Video of Father Des During Hunger Strikes Mother Theresa in Ballymurphy Article...


Ep 26: Irish Connections with the Palestinian Struggle

In this episode, the roles are reversed and Orla-Peach was calling the shots and asking me about my experience of being in Palestine twice this year. We spoke about the Irish connection with the conflict in Palestine, and some of the differences between the two struggles, as well as discussing some of the lesser know facts from the ground in the West Bank. Enjoy! Ainle Links mentioned in the...


Ep 25: Cork History with Local Historian Kieran McCarthy

This week is a chat with local historian Kieran McCarthy about this history of Cork city, the river Lee and many other facets of day to day life in Cork. Checkout Kieran’s website and details about his walking tours below. In this podcast I also talk about the brand new initiative Cork, Neighbour Food, ACLAÍ’s recent National Inclusion Award, my interview on Raidió Fáilte’s new studio, anabolic steroid abuse feature in the Evening Echo, and our latest project to...


Ep 24: Linda Ervine on Turas and Learning The Irish Language

Today's episode episode was recorded in the East Belfast Mission, on the Newtownards Road with Linda Ervine. Linda has been the driving force behind setting up Turas, which provides Irish lessons and talks on the Irish language on the Newtownards Road, making it the only Irish language centre based in a Unionist community, It was great to record this episode with Linda to get an insight into how Turas came about, its challenges, and what they have planned for the future. In this episode we...


Ep 23: Séamus Mac Seáin Ar A Shaol Mar Ghníomhaí Pobail agus Gaeilge i mBéal Feirste

A few weeks ago i went up to Belfast and recorded chats for the podcast with people that have given a huge commitment to community development and people that have a story that I would like people to hear about. Today’s episode is a sit down chat with Séamus Mac Seáin, and it is a chat as Gaeilge. Séamus is a community leader, an Irish language activist and a revolutionary. I think he coined the motto "Ná habair é, déan é" (Don’t say it do it), that has become the philosophy of the Irish...


Ep 22: Ellie Kisyombe on Direct Provision, Activism, and The Importance of Food

We have a system in Ireland called direct provision that keeps asylum seekers who have come here to seek refuge from violence and the threat of being killed in their home countries in institutions with very poor living conditions. The direct provision system forces people into a limbo for long periods of time where they can’t work, build a meaningful life for themselves in this country, and have no control over the food they eat and their overall day to day lives. It is an inhumane system...


Ep 21: Sounds from Palestine, The Basics of The Conflict, and Aysar Al Saifi on Growing Up in Dheisheh Refugee Camp

This year I was in the West Bank twice. This episode countains a short selection of sounds that represent some of the things that are happening in Palestine today, the basics of Palestinian modern history that gives an idea of how we ended up with the situation that exists there today, and a short talk I recorded from Aysar, who is a volunteer in the Laylac Centre that serves the second biggest refugee camp in the West Bank, the Dheisheh Camp. Useful Links for More Information Laylac...


Ep 20: Chat With A Man Living In a Tent On Patricks Quay

There is a man living in a tent on Patricks Quay in Cork city. I have seen him around many times, and he has been in the news recently as a local politician and former Lord Mayor of Cork featured in the local newspaper and said about his home: "It should be removed, dismantled, thrown into the back of one of our council trucks and taken away." I spoke to him about his life, his home, and his philosophical outlook on life.


Ep 19: A Conversation with Strength Coach and Author Dan John

On this episode I chat with Strength Coach and Author Dan John about the importance of developing a coaching philosophy, training and nutrition, the benefits and importance of intentional community, the challenges facing young people today, and a few more topics!


Ep 18: Bon Voyage on Hip Hop, The Message, and The Creative Process

Arveene and Shamon Cassette from Acid/Hiphouse duo Bon Voyage are in the Rebel Matters hotseat this week. We chatted about their individual paths to hip-hop, the creative process, and the importance of the message behind genuine music and art. So many great points were raised and discussed that this is an episode to listen to, not only if you are a music fan, but if you just want the good vibes to spread all over! Enjoy.


Ep 17: Dan Murphy on Travel, Music, and The Creative Process

This week I sat down with Dan Murphy from Hermitage Green and Global Village Tours. We discussed the creative process, working within set limits in art, the Irish language, travel, and a few more interesting segues.


Ep 16: Mick 'The Iron Man' Murphy on His Extraordinary Life

This weeks episode is a conversation that I recorded with Mick 'The Iron Man' Murphy at his home just outside Caherciveen back in 2010. The original recording was 4 hours long, and not initially intended for release, so the quality is not as good as it should be. This enthralling conversation details Mick's life as a circus performer, wrestler, cyclist, weightlifter, darts player, and all round journeyman. Putting this episode together brought back a lot of great memories of the chats that...


Ep 15: A Conversation with ex POW and Blanketman Pádraic Mac Coitir

Pádraic discusses his involvement in the Republican movement from a young age, his time in Crumlin Road Gaol, and in Long Kesh, where he took part in the blanket and no-wash protests, and his life as a community activist.


Ep 14: Gill Bourke On Her Irish Rugby Career and Life Altering Concussion

Gill Bourke has over 50 caps for the Irish Rugby team and suffered a life altering concussion during an Irish training session. In this episode, Gill chats about how she built her international career, and her treatment in the aftermath of sustaining the concussion. We also get stuck into the importance of upholding personal and professional values on and off the field.


Ep 13: Peter Power on The Function of Art in Society, and Building a Career in the Music Industry

This week on Rebel Matters I sat down with music producer Peter Power to discuss the importance of art in our modern society and the challenges that come with building a successful career in an industry that is off the beaten path in relation to more conventional career paths. I also have another Rebel Matters first for all you lovely listeners out there. Today we are going to close out the episode with a new song that has over 300000 views online, has been banned from radio and...


Ep12: Clare O Mahony on Making Music and The Songs of Joni Mitchell

Cork Musician Clare O Mahony was in the Rebel Matters Hotseat today talking about her albums, what goes in to getting a show on stage, and he upcoming Songs of Joni Mitchell show at the Everyman Theatre.


Ep 11: Jorien Verstraten on Nutritional Therapy, Health, and Wellbeing

Today, we are trying a slightly different format for the podcast. First up we will get an insight into the therapeutic benefits of food from nutritional therapist Jorien Verstraten. After the chat with Jorien, I share 19 different ways which you can improve your diet and nutrition starting straight away. Jorien works in the area of nutrition therapy with her company Dynamic Nutrition that is based at the Natural Clinic on Sullivan’s Quay. She has based her approach on the results of her...


Ep 10: Sam McNicholl on Running Connolly’s of Leap, and Being a Professional Musician

This week I sat down with Sam McNicol who runs the famous public house and music venue Connolly’s of Leap, plays with the band Talos, and arguably has the best moustache in Ireland. We dug deep into the history of Connolly's of Leap and what it was like for Sam growing up in a venue that attracted artists such as the The Frames, The Pale, Garth Hudson from The Band, Donal Lunny, and John Martyn, and how the Pink Floyd hammer flag came to be a part of the infamous set up at Connolly’s. We...


EP 9: Martin Conroy on Farming, Sustainability, and the Food Industry

Over the years, I have had many chats with Martin about farming, sustainability, and the food industry. These conversations really influenced my relationship to the food that I eat and got me interested in the slow food movement. This interview was a very insightful conversation for me, and if you work in the area of health, whether ist personal training, strength and conditioning, the food industry, or in health care, this episode is gold. If you are interested in becoming healthier, and...


EP 8: Alan Dineen on Overcoming Disability, Getting over Setbacks, and Professional Development

On this episode of the Rebel Matters podcast I sit down with strength and conditioning coach, Irish wheelchair rugby player, and inspirational guy, Alan Dineen. We discuss everything from growing up with a life altering medical condition, overcoming regular bone fractures, competing for Ireland, and coaching abled bodied people in a professional strength and conditioning facility.