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Many of my listeners are asking for the show to be on TuneIn Radio, so here I am! This is a health & fitness podcast from the perspective of a guy who's been there, lived it, and "gets it". I started as a 300 lb couch potato... and now, life is completely different. I became a 175 lb ultramarathon runner, a personal trainer, and a coach to those trying to do the same.

Many of my listeners are asking for the show to be on TuneIn Radio, so here I am! This is a health & fitness podcast from the perspective of a guy who's been there, lived it, and "gets it". I started as a 300 lb couch potato... and now, life is completely different. I became a 175 lb ultramarathon runner, a personal trainer, and a coach to those trying to do the same.
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Many of my listeners are asking for the show to be on TuneIn Radio, so here I am! This is a health & fitness podcast from the perspective of a guy who's been there, lived it, and "gets it". I started as a 300 lb couch potato... and now, life is completely different. I became a 175 lb ultramarathon runner, a personal trainer, and a coach to those trying to do the same.








#84 - Suck It Up, Buttercup - How Bad Do You Want It?

What's REALLY Stopping you? If your fitness journey isn't producing the results you were hoping for... you may have to reassess your attitude, your priorities, and honestly ask yourself - how bad do you want it? You could call it "failure to launch". I'll cut right to the chase - FitWife Megan and I are having a particularly rough go of it lately. We're 3 and a half months in and we're not nearly as far along as we expected we'd be. Needless to say - we're not getting the results we'd...


#83 - Fighting Your Body - What Is "Set-Point Theory"?

What if you ARE doing everything right? If you feel like you're doing everything right in your weight loss quest... maybe you are. Maybe your body is fighting you and you don't even know it. Maybe you're NOT crazy! We all "know" what we need to do to lose weight and get healthy. The basics, anyway - right? We need to get active, burn more calories than we consume, and make better food choices. Unfortunately, even when we're SURE we're getting it right... we might still not be seeing the...


#82 - I Love Caffeine and Crushing A Good Workout

Just a little boost... Sometimes, even though we're motivated, we need a little kick-start - a boost - to help fitness happen. So we seek out a pre-workout, an energy drink, coffee, or some other caffeine source. But should we? I WANT to... but I'm so tired... I am all about fitness - it's just a thing I do. It's who I am. I run, I lift, I do fitness. I help others do fitness. And I absolutely, positively, LOVE it. That said... I don't just spring out of bed at 4 am in workout clothes...


#81 - How To Find The Motivation To Do It.

"Motivate me!" I've been seeing a lot of posts online where people ask others to motivate them. I don't think they truly understand where health and fitness motivation realy comes from... Motivation - it's what moves us. I'm truly baffled by these posts I've been seeing on the many Facebook groups I'm a part of. People go on there, say they're not feeling it and can't get their rear in gear, and ask others to "motivate" them to get it done and go work out. I simply can't understand...


# 80 - Calories and Macros: How To Eat Right - Simple

"Keep It Simple, Stupid." We tend to overcomplicate things and make life hard - like with nutrition! Good news is - it's as easy as figuring out calories, macros, and making good choices. Less isn't always more. We make this "fitness and nutrition" thing way harder than it has to be. We go half-cocked with information we sort of think we understand but didn't fully research, and then get upset when it's not working. One of the most common things I see, for example, is people...


# 79 - Sweat, Fat Burn, and how it all REALLY works

Sweat means nothing. Well, it doesn't mean NOTHING, but we seem to think it has a much larger role than it really does. For SOME reason we think sweat is a clear indicator of fat burn. It's time we had a talk about sweat, fat burn, and how it all REALLY works. Have you had a good "sweat session" lately? Let's get right to the point here - there's this idea out there that the more you sweat, the more fat you burn. People are FIERCELY defensive of this idea - that sweat is somehow an...


#78 - Sexy Or Dangerous - The Shocking Truth About Waist Trainers

Some lessons shouldn't be learned the hard way. There's always fads that come and go, and it's usually ok to let people learn from their mistakes. Some mistakes, though... are too harmful for trial and error... I care. Sometimes, too much. There are a lot of different diet fads and fitness fads that fly around from time to time. Everyone is always looking for the quick fix... the magic button... the easy answer. Most of them, honestly, are relatively harmless. The worst thing that'll...


#77 - How To Become A World Class Athlete

I keep tellin ya: it IS possible! I feel like a broken record sometimes but really, we all have it in us to do the “impossible”. Each and every one us has that potential in us. We just need to figure out how to become the best in the world. Simple, right? Well… my guest on podcast #55 is here to share how SHE did it. Caroline Boller started like so many of us. She got into running as a casual recreational activity. An escape… a release from the stresses, pressures, and demands of “real...


#76 - 4 Fitness Myths Busted, Explained, and Solved

There's so much information out there. With the wealth of health, fitness, and nutrition information available to us today, it's a wonder we're able to keep it all straight. Not all of it is right, though. Let's bust 4 of the most common fitness myths. I've said this before - Great thing about the internet is - anyone can put their thoughts, ideas, and assertions out there. Terrible thing about the internet is... you get the idea. So with all this mis-information out there presented as...


#75 - Things Your Coach Would Love For You To Know

Some things are better left unsaid. There are things your coach would love for you to know... but they'll never tell you. Why? Well... like I said - some things are better left unsaid... There's so many things... There are so many thoughts that go through my head I wish I could share. Internal monologues I'd love to say out loud, feelings I'd love to share with the people in the gym - both those I do and don't work with. There's so many things about this job that people just don't know,...


#74 - That Feeling When You Turn The Tide

We're talking about the missing link, people! We talk a lot about how hard it is to start a fitness routine, and it's always countered with how great it is to BE on the other side. What we DON'T talk about... is that feeling when you turn the tide of battle. The feeling... when you start winning... and you know it. It's arguably better than winning itself. Think about it - everybody whines about the difficulties in getting started in sticking with it. We talk about all the road blocks...


#73 - Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

We're not perfect. With that in mind, it's no surprise that, sometimes... ok- often... we go looking for love in all the wrong places. Of course, I mean that in the context of our health & fitness... and where, exactly, we seek answers... We're just doing what we've been taught, really. This is really quite simple, when you think about it - we have problems, and we're seeking solutions in the "best", most efficient way we know how! That's not so bad... is it? I may be calling it...


#72 - How To Stay On Track And Win The War

We're getting to the hard part. This is the time of year where the fun and excitement wears off, fitness gets hard, and we have to figure out how to stay on track. It's gonna be hard... but it CAN be done. It's not "New Year's" anymore... It's mid-January - the excitement and thrill of the "new year, new me" fitness thing is going to start wearing off soon. When that happens, people start realizing just how hard taking care of your health, fitness, and nutrition can be. Welcome to the...


#71 - We're Starting Over... And It's Not The End Of The World

This sucks. Plain and simple truth is... starting from scratch when you know where you USED to be is super frustrating. So, yes - we're starting over... and it's not the end of the world. It doesn't have to be for you, either. It's going to be tough. I won't sugar-coat it, FitFriends... starting over is going to be tough. It doesn't have to defeat you, though! I've got some quick tips to keep you not just surviving, but THRIVING, during this go-'round - For the full blog post and show...


#70 - How To Do The New Year Right

We've been here before. With the New Year looming we're sitting here doing two things - fondly (or not-so-fondly) looking back on the past year... and planning the next. We know what happens next though - things don't go as planned. If they did... we wouldn't be making "New Year's Resolutions"... would we? So how about this time... we do the new year right? There's a few things to fix, here... I'm sorry to say, it's not just the usual "things fall apart" situation that we need to...


#69 - The Ripple Effect - Yes, The Gift You Give Matters!

"A pebble in the pond..." We don't always think of ourselves as particularly "powerful", but maybe we should. Each and every one of us has the power to throw even just a pebble in the pond. The pebble may not make a big splash, but the ripple effect is not to be underestimated... Yes, the "gift" you give matters! Even a simple action can have immense consequences and effects. Simply put, it is ALWAYS worth giving your best effort to have a positive impact in the world. Even if you think...


#68 - Be Kind, Do Good - The Power Of The Millinocket Marathon

Sometimes... an event is... more... Every so often in the course of human existence... something truly beautiful happens. It's not always obvious and you don't always know it's happening. Sometimes, people can pass right through it and be none the wiser. But those who catch a glimpse... and realize what's going on... know they're witnessing, or perhaps understand that they're a part of... something truly special. That, FitFriends, is what has been happening in the small Northern Maine...


#67 - Keep It Simple - How To Find The Best Running Shoes

It's just SHOES... why is this so complicated? You would think buying a pair of running shoes is as easy as finding your size, making sure you like how they look, and paying for them... right? Well, sadly, that has not been my experience. On Episode 67 of the podcast, though... I chat with a man who wants to make it nice and easy to find the shoe that's best for you... and make it easy to buy it, too! For the full blog post and show notes visit the blog here. Jens Jakob Andersen is a...


Fitbite #2 - 7 smart ways to improve your cold winter runs

Cold weather running is rough. You know it, I know it... we all know it. Running outdoors in the cold is roughhhhh. It doesn't have to be, though. What if there were some ways to make it... slightly less painful? Wouldn't that be nice? For the full blog post and show notes visit the blog here. Let's keep this simple, shall we? This doesn't have to be a complicated endeavor... this winter running thing. It can be just as simple as warm weather jaunts. In the spirit of that... we've...


#66 - Eyes On The Prize - How To Crush Your First Marathon

So, you wanna run a marathon, huh? There's a lot of questions to answer when you're getting ready to take on your first marathon or half-marathon. Fortunately, many people have come before you and had the same questions you undoubtedly now are asking. Well, friends - no need to reinvent the wheel here - let's answer some of those questions and get you ready for your next big achievement! For the full blog post and show notes visit the blog here. Some of you are ready, some of you are...


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