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All things strength, health and lifestyle


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All things strength, health and lifestyle




#40 Heath Williams: home workout design, injury prevention & optimising work stations

Heath is a rehab specialist and osteopath who operates out of Melbourne and has a unique background. He is formally trained as an osteo but integrates strength training practices into the rehab model. Health does fantastic work in bridging the gap between rehabilitation and strength training. Health currently lectures Exercise Prescription/Rehabilitation within the osteopathy department at Victoria University and is a sessional lecturer Southern Cross University. Heath Williams also is a...


#39 Charles Barclay: Pivoting to online coaching, Coronavirus & learning

Podcast guest Charles has been in the fitness industry for over 9 years, during that time he has competed in triathlons, CrossFit competitions and taken to the stage in Men’s Physique competitions. Throughout all of these activities Charlie has always been fascinated by nutrition and the role it plays in performance and body composition. Through his own personal study, seeking out experts in the field from London, England to Melbourne, Australia and through real world application with his...


#38 Ben Siong: coaching, self development and the art of giving

Returning guest and renowned fitness expert Ben Siong is among Australia’s leading body composition specialists, and the founder of Australian Strength Performance. See our previous interview here on episode #27 Follow Ben Siong Online Website: FaceBook: Instagram:


#37 Patrik Hedqvist – Powerlifting, building a community & competition

Desert Barbell Sports Club Head Coach, Patrik Hedqvist @borjetheswede. Powerlifting coach and physio, Patrik also competes on the Swedish National Classic Powerlifting team, and is @theipf Worlds & European bronze medalist. Starting out playing a variety of sports from hockey to football, tennis, motocross and more. Patrik has always had a passion for sports. Moving into strength training in the early 90’s and still improving his skills today. Patrik has participated in over 50 competitions...


#36 Matt Henry – personal training in the Middle East, intuitive coaching & much more

Matt Henry has over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry and is an ex-international Rugby 7s player 🏉 He is a Level 5 Certified Personal Trainer and originally from New Zealand 🇳🇿 Matt specialises in exercise prescription, programming and performance 💪🏽 Matt is also the founder of @skaibody✈️ , an online training platform originally created to service the travel industry (cabin crew, pilots and busy working professionals that travel frequently) to deliver simple and effective...


#35 Hayden Wilson – inner work, coaching and learning

By popular demand Hayden Wilson is making his second round on the podcast. Hayden Wilson is a copywriter, marketing consultant, podcaster and author. His clients include the largest recruiter of health and wellness staff at sea, one of Perth’s fastest growing social media agencies, as well as everyday small business owners from around Australia. His current mission is to help passionate business owners get ahead in business using the power of marketing, persuasion and influence. When he...


#34 Mark Luxon – Finding your North Star, personal training as a career and FMA

Mark Luxon director of FMA institute and education. Mark has been in the Health, fitness and education space for decades. He has been mentoring and working with Personal trainers to improve their business and skills in the industry. Mark works alongside Mark Buckley at the FMA institute and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Facts about Mark Luxon Grew up in entrepreneurial family - dad owned a big printing business and a number of restaurants. Studied B.Commerce and worked in the...


#33 Tim Anderson – discovering the hero within, work capacity and mental resilience

Returning guest Tim Anderson, who was on Episode 7 all the way back in January 2018. A lot has happened since and we found out about Tim's new book The Becoming Bulletproof Project. For those that didn’t listen to Tim on our first interview I’d recommend having a listen to get more detail on Tim’s background. Tim Anderson, well known strength coach and author of best selling books Original Strength: Regaining the Body You Were Meant To Have and Original Strength Performance: Becoming the...


Interview with David Godfrey: binge eating, depression and body image

David Godfrey is an author, international speaker, peak performance coach, and specialist in emotional and behavioural change. David has over 15 years experience helping people overcome a variety of conditions including depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, disordered and compulsive eating, phobias and addiction. In 2015, David launched Chase Life Consulting with his wife Rachel Godfrey (Rachel Guy - @athleticfox ). David now specialises in two main areas: * Helping people overcome chronic...


Interview with Dean Henry: bone broth, health coaching and lifestyle

Adam sits down with Clean Living Co founder to learn about the health benefits of bone broth, health coaching and much more. Dean has a natural zest for life and leads by example. He lives a healthy lifestyle that includes meditation, dynamic stretching, hypertrophy, fitness and good sleep practice. He supplements this with a sound understanding of which food and supplements work best for optimum health, energy and cognitive performance. Dean’s enthusiasm in this area led him to cofound The...


Ep 30 Anna Wallenten: Life coaching & rituals for success

Anna Wallenten is a Dubai based Peak Performance Expert specializing in maximizing human potential through individually designing custom made action plans according to every clients’ own beliefs, values and visions. Her belief in human potential has evolved from a mission into an obsession to get her clients to places they always wanted to go but never thought possible. Anna has worked with clients from cultures all around the world and her academic and life experience assists her in...


Ep 29 Jon Sharp: mentoring, learning and all things strength

Jon’s coaching career started in 2008 and he has helped transform the bodies & lives of hundreds of people. Working with weight loss, rehabilitative and high-performance clients alike. In the world of athletic performance Jon has worked with elite athletes in both assisting and head roles across the athletic spectrum. High Performance roles included positions at: Kimekai Martial Arts – Senior Consultant ESS Performance – Head of Combative Sports Powerlifting Australia – World-champs 2015...


EP 28 Tim Skinner: 6in4 body transformation, Time Out Dubai, vlogging

Tim Skinner is a special guest and is not the usual type of guest on this podcast. Tim Skinner is Head of Video content for Time out Dubai and all around great man. Usually on this podcast I interview coaches, fitness professionals, health experts but today I wanted to give the listeners real insight on what it is like to be on the other end of the coaching and give some insight on his recent fitness and health achievements. Tim breaks down what his lifestyle was like prior to the 6in4...


EP 27 Benjamin Siong: the human spirit, fat loss and fitness competitors

Renowned fitness expert Ben Siong is among Australia’s leading body composition specialists, and the founder of Australian Strength Performance. Having graduated with a Bachelors of Science (Psychology Major), and an Honours degree in Psychology, Ben is a passionate believer that a healthy mind begets a healthy body, and actively promotes the likes of positive thinking into all aspects of his training protocols. Ben is one of a select few of Level 5 Poliquin Internationally Certified...


EP 26 Dubai Fitness Podcast: With Adam, Jackson and Jeremy

Dubai Fitness Podcast "DFP" - Episode 2 With Adam McCubbin, Jackson Litchfield & Jeremy Gwyer A casual conversation on why people might not stick to their health and fitness plans. Strategies that we use with our clients to keep compliance higher than normal. How to find enjoyment, progression whilst maintaining consistent results. We outline the importance of being clear with targets and following though when things start to tapper off. With differing opinions, it made some interesting and...


EP 25 James Heagney: D5 and 1000 calories on an assault bike

James started working in the fitness industry over 15 years ago whilst attending University and then moved to London to continue his career. His passion for continued education has enabled James to travel the world attending as well as presenting training courses & seminars with some of the world’s leading health experts. In 2009 James moved to Dubai bringing his concept of a “5 dimensional” approach to health. This program’s success has led to the opening of D5, which allowed James to pass...


EP 24 Dubai Fitness Podcast: With Adam, Jackson and Jeremy

Dubai Fitness Podcast "DFP" - Episode 1 With Adam McCubbin, Jackson Litchfield & Jeremy Gwyer On this episode the team of Dubai based coaches, share with you what they consider to be the three fundamental "must-have"’ for starting a successful transformation program. - Nutrition - Training - Minimalistic Supplementation With differing opinions, it made some interesting and diverse answers to how each of them start their clients to attain their health and fitness goals. Real valuable insights...


EP 23 John Meadows: bodybuilding, work ethic and competitive drive

John Meadows on the podcast. John is an American professional bodybuilder and entrepreneur with an intriguing story. While John now boasts a successful career as an IFBB Pro bodybuilder and fitness company owner, his journey towards the top was extremely difficult to say the least. As the years went by, John continued to face new adversities in his life. During his early days in bodybuilding, John suffered from a rare colon disease. After fighting the disease for several months, his colon...


EP 22 Heather Pearson: overcoming a car crash, muscles & more

Heather Pearson MSc ST MSMA MART Dip Sp. Psych., Dip APT., is a well-respected Sports Therapist and Strength Coach. In 2001 Heather was involved in a traumatic car crash where she sustained whole body injuries, multiple trapped nerves, headaches and all over dysfunction, and for many years she couldn’t walk properly without pain. After many years of battling with pain, Heather changed industry, became a therapist and trainer and founded 1body4life. Heather has become renowned for resolving...


EP 21 Dr Roy Sugarman: Emotional drivers and peak performance

Dr Roy Sugarman is a Clinical Neuro-psychologist, clinical psychologist and an expert in peak performance. He is the director of performance for EXOS alongside Nick Winkelman. He has worked at the elite level with USA national teams as a mindset coach. He’s a published author of the two acclaimed books “Saving your life one day at a time” & my personal favorite “Client centered coaching.” This podcast is proudly bought to you by MYPROTEIN – your one stop shop for supplements, training...