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#004| How to keep your gut strong, healthy and parasite free

In this episode, I will be discussing how I find a solution to a serious problem I had with my gut. For a number of days, I could not train and work as much as I usually do and this was because of the fact the my stomach was completely out of balance. I found out the reason for this while listening to Angela Busby's Healthy Living Podcast Episode 104. There were a lot of things that I learned about the digestive system along the way and it has all been really helpful in not only restoring...


#003|Adam Frater: Bodyweight Training Expert, Calisthenics Athlete and Entrepreneur

Get The Champions Journey Audiobook on Audible free. Adam Frater is one of the most well known faces in the streetworkout community worldwide. In this episode we explore the world of Street workout, calisthenics and bodyweight training with him. Adam gives us a broad look at the world of calisthenics and the takes a more detailed look into the mindset of a calisthenics competitor and what it takes to win in a competition. The things we cover are as follows: When he began training for...


#TCJ002|Forrester Osei: From American Football Player To Olympic Weightlifting Champion

Title: From American Football Player to Commonwealth Championships Gold Medalist: As well as listening to this episode, you can watch a video of the entire episode on youtube. Olympic Lifter Forrester Osei discusses his Forrester Osei is the 2016 Commonwealth Championship Gold medallist with and insatiable passion for lifting. This interview goes to the heart of his the incredible journey he has taken from a kid who knew he had strength to a man fully expressing his immense strength in...


Welcome to the Champions Journey Podcast

Hello Champions Welcome to the episode of The Champions Journey podcast. I am just going to give you a quick overview of what you should expect and how to keep in touch. This is the podcast where we explore the inspiring fitness journeys of Athletes, Physique Competitors and Fitness Entrepreneurs. There will be a mixture of interviews and my personal opinion on the best way to pursue your fitness goals. We will also be discussing how to de-stress, deal positively with your mental health...