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Ep 10: Aeryon Ashlie

Hey everyone! I am so excited to be talking to the beautiful Aeryon Ashlie today! Aeryon is a Mother, Coach, Public Speaker, Fitness Competitor, Published Fitness Model and an Account Manager for one of the leading supplement companies in Canada. Since a young child Aeryon has had an unhealthy relationship with Food and her Body. This relationship led to years of struggling with bulimia. Aeryon, now in control of bulimia chooses to call her food disorder a friend and a reminder to take...


Ep 09: Haley Kate

Hey everyone! It’s Holly Barker! And today I get to talk to the bombshell beauty Haley Kate yelling! Haley is 26 years old and born and raised in Los Angeles, California. One of her biggest passions in life is fitness. She is a full time fitness trainer and fitness model, as well as the 2017 Fitness Gurls Physique of the Year contest winner. Haley is currently working on building her fitness brand and transforming as many bodies as possible in 2017. In addition to training clients and...


Ep 08: Ashley Kaltwasser

Hey, everyone!!! It’s Holly Barker and today I am supremely excited to be talking to the beautiful Ashley Kaltwasser! Born and raised in Akron, OH, Ashley started her athletic career at the young age of 4, when she began competing in gymnastics. She was always competitive and loved being active, even breaking records in jump rope, chin-ups, sprints, and pushups while in elementary school! In her sophomore year at Coventry High School Ashley found her perfect fit in track and field and she...


Ep 07: Stephanie Marie

Hey there! It’s Holls to the Barks here and today I am blessed to be talking with the beautiful Stephanie Marie! Stephanie is a simple, honest, hardworking, independent girl from a small town in Oregon. She is extremely shy & quiet until you get to know her… then, as if you didn’t love her already, you love her even more! Stephanie set out to California early to make a mark and to start a new way of living. She has worked and continues to work diligently alongside her fiancé building their...


Ep 06: Valentina Lequeux

Today I am so excited to be talking to the beautiful, goal driven, goofy, caring and big promoter of the man-the-f-up pill – Valentina Lequeux!! Valentina has recently risen to the top in the fitness field. Through hard work, dedication and a true ambition to empower self-love forward she is gaining speed and not slowing down. Born and raised in Argentina, this French/Italian is proving that a girl can be sexy and bad ass just by believing in herself and working hard towards her...


Ep 05: Tawna Eubanks McCoy

Today I am so excited to be talking with Tawna Eubanks-McCoy!! Tawna is a beauty from Dallas, Texas. She is a fitness model, swimsuit model (just recently qualifying in the top 35 for The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit series)…heck yes! She is an IFBB Bikini Pro, Posing Coach, Better Bodies Stylist and athlete and above all of that she is a Female Empowerment Enthusiast, Fashion lover and beautiful wife. Such a power combination and inspiration here. I cannot wait to get to know her better!


Ep 04: Hattie Boydle

It’s Holly Barker And today I am incredibly honored to be talking to the beautiful WBFF World champion Hattie Boydle as she is days away from defending her title on the London WBFF Worlds Stage!!! Hattie is the 2016 World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) World Champion, she is a body positivity advocate, motivational speaker and business woman. Hattie the owner of the popular online fitness and coaching program, the Sports Model Project, and is on a mission to empower women to be the best...


Ep 03: Whitney Miller

Today I’m super excited to introduce our beautiful guest, Whitney Miller! Whitney grew up in the water. She is an avid surfer and gained a pro status in wakeboarding. In 2012 she decided to step on stage and try her hand at the pageant scene where she became Miss United States 2012. From beauty pageant, she then transitioned to Jiu Jitsu where she holds a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt. She is Glory Kickboxing’s Backstage and In Ring Reporter. She is a brand ambassador for Onnit Labs and is...


Ep 01: Mikaela Mayer

Today I am so excited to announce our very first guest. Mikaela Mayer! The LA native started boxing at the age of 16 and, now at age 27 is an Olympic Boxer turned Pro. She finished one victory shy of a medal at the Rio 2016 Olympics, she is a 3x US National Champion, 4x National Golden Glove Champion, 2x Continental Champion World bronze medalist, Olympic Trials Gold medalist, 2016 Olympian and is now the first female to sign with Top Rank Promotions and is debut’ing this Aug 5 in her...