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S1E3 - How to Be Healthy During a Gaming Binge (Like the Battle for Azeroth Launch)

Battle for Azeroth, the latest World of Warcraft expansion, released this week. Like everyone else who plays the game, I spent many hours sitting in my office chair, melting faces. But I made sure I did it a healthy way, and I just want to take a few minutes to offer some advice on how to make your marathon gaming binges a little less hard on your body. After all, we want to enjoy our time gaming, not feel terrible while doing it. *Where You Can Find Me*


S1E2 - Let's Talk About Anxiety, Depression, and Self-Care

We need to talk about mental health. There's too much of a stigma attached to anxiety, depression, and the personality disorders. If any one of us is out of shape physically, we seek outside help for it. We go to the doctor, hire a personal trainer, or pop some ibuprofen or start eating more veggies. But when we are out of shape mentally, there’s a disconnect. What’s the difference in seeking a counselor’s help for anxiety compared to a personal trainer’s help with obesity? Why not use an...


S1E1 - How Harry Potter Helped Me Lose 150 Pounds

This is the obligatory "get to know you" episode. I talk about how I lost 150 pounds because of a terrifying experience at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and how that affected my life. I give a simple -- but not easy -- 5-step process that anyone can follow to lose whatever weight they need to. They're the same ones I used, so I know they work. Basically, I just want you to get to know me, where I am coming from, and why Harry Potter will always have a special place in my heart. Sure,...


Trailer - Good runs. Heavy lifts. Many friends. Much geek.

Launch trailer for The Geek Fitness Podcast. I’m B.J. (call me Beej), and I’m a running-obsessed mega-geek from Alabama. Since 2010, I’ve lost over 150 pounds, and despite falling in love with fitness, I’m still the same Star Wars-loving geek I was. I just love running almost as much as I do Wookiees. I wasn’t bitten by a radioactive spider or exposed to cosmic rays. I couldn’t fit on a roller coaster, so I changed how I lived my life. Today I’m 155 pounds lighter, and World of Warcraft and...