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Episode 31: Overwhelm, Anxiety and Exhaustion got you stuck?

This week Jen shares the most incredible tool to shift out of the state of overwhelm, anxiety and exhaustion. She explains how the energy leak of living out of alignment of your core values and beliefs will keep you stuck in your head on a continuous loop of overwhelm, anxiety and exhaustion. Follow her three-step Instant Reset Analysis or IRA process which is the Heart-Core Connection to self-love. I – Identify that you’re stuck in your head (Head = H1) R – Replace head talk with heart...


Episode 30: The Core Connection to “Bouncing Back” after Baby

Jen recaps the 7 Pillars of the FitMama Foundations™ and highlights the importance and paradox of this 7 pillar – Fitness, movement, exercise…however you look at it, Jen will ensure you have a new perspective by the end of this episode. Jen shares the negative consequences of core dysfunction and what things can make it worse. This episode will have you asking some deep questions to yourself that will truly change the way you look at things, so the things you look at change. Want a flat...


Episode 29: Getting Your Body Back

This is one of the most common things FitMamas say they “want” when it comes to postpartum fitness and health goals. Jen goes into what it really takes to “get your body back” and how it may be a lot closer than you think. She deep dives into the key pieces to focus on at the level that can actually affect change – and it may take less sweat than you first anticipated. This episode will inspire you to a practice forms self-love and self-care that you may not have realized is so intimately...


EP 28: What’s the point of journaling?

Were you ever into journaling, writing, poetry, pen-pals or imaginary play as a child? Jen digs deep into the what, why and how behind this important pillar of the FitMama Foundations™. This episode pleas with you to do the work IN to your workout because journaling will allow you to break free from so much of what stands in your way (you). It will help you move when feeling stuck, it will help you understand what is underneath the very surface level day-to-day thoughts and feelings and will...


EP 27: Why Meditate?

In good form in this episode of the work IN to your workout, Jen shares why meditation is one of the cornerstone pillars of the FitMama Foundations™. Have you ever noticed it’s not what you want that you really want, it’s the feeling that said thing will bring? Want weight loss? You probably want to feel strong and healthy in your body. Want more sleep? You probably want to feel rested and energized. Wish you had more time? You probably want to feel good about what you’re doing and have...


EP 26: H2OK?

Water, weight loss, worrying – say what? Today Jen launches into a call to action reflecting her famous “2 by 2” rule tool for water intake and explains how water helps with weight loss. Jen suggests incredibly useful ways to incorporate more water into your life and shares the secret to making the habit of drinking water (or any other health habits you want to adopt) effortless. Listen in today for the kick you need to up your water intake and energize your life today! This episode is...


Ep 25: Make it glamorous!! SLEEP

There is nothing glamorous about weighing yourself and then judging yourself or speaking to yourself differently depending on your weigh in. There is nothing glamorous about yelling at yourself inside to get to the gym or stop eating this or that. This has to stop – imagine someone else weighing you in every morning and then berating you and restricting your food or upping your activity based on it. Imagine them saying all day to you out loud the negative words you say in your head? This...


EP 24: Food Freedom FitMama

Food and diet has become one of the most talked about and complicated aspects of our health and fitness culture. What to eat? When to eat? How much to eat? The weight loss industry and health practitioners have been making up meal plans for decades now. Curiously, however, we now have a generation of children being born that aren’t supposed to live longer than their parents did. That’s shocking and when it comes to adaptation and evolution, that is completely backwards. Something isn’t...


EP 23: Going from Without to Within

Do you feel lack? Feel not good enough or unworthy no matter what you do? So often we don’t stop to look around our life other than to compare ourselves, our bodies or our life situation with our friends, family, peers or people we may or may not even care about. We take the opinion of others as the gospel and we let others’ thoughts or feelings about us inform our own. Our biggest fears as humans are around not being worthy. Not being loved. Not being good enough. We think we need...


EP 22: How is change changing you?

Change is an inevitable part of life and yet one of the most feared things we encounter on our journeys. How do you adapt to change? How do disruptions in your routines and life affect your thoughts, habits and behaviours? Jen shares some of the major changes she has endured and how these have played a role in her personal growth and development. When you listen and ask yourself the questions Jen poses, you will find yourself going back in time to stories in your own life that were...


EP 21: Are you an “Emotional Eater?” Yay!

This episode will have you thinking in ways you didn’t even realize were possible. Jen takes us up, down and all around in this episode asking the real questions that will get you moving forward in your goals using the self awareness you have around emotional eating. If you consider yourself an emotional eater, Jen explains how this is a gift and one you can harness to better understand your deep connection within. If you want it to lead to behavior change that is a choice you can make. No...


EP 20: What are you addicted to?

Jen dives right into the topic of “little” addictions that we have to behaviours we think are going to make us feel better, but actually set us further back from our goals of feeling better and living a high vibe life. Jen talks about this paradoxical nature of our negative habits and gives you some serious food for thought. Have you taken a close look at your daily habits and become aware of how some of them might not be serving you? It’s natural to look to things external to us to help...


EP 19: Thoughts Become Things

This episode brings up those negative thoughts and words you use against yourself and Jen highlights the many ways you are holding yourself back using them. Are you still playing life as your own worst enemy? Are you sabotaging your own goals? If you’re thinking negatively towards yourself or others, it’s probably a huge yes. Jen gives you a handy little tool to start becoming more aware of your self-talk and by noticing it throughout your day, you have the opportunity to change it. Jen...


EP 18: Is will power your frenemy?

It’s easy to see will power as our enemy or this evasive, fleeting ideal that we never have enough of. In this episode, Jen shares with you the research around self-regulation: aka self control or will power. Jen explains what will power is, what depeletes it and what replenishes it in both the short and long term so that we can forge ahead towards our goals and intentions without the constant inconsistencies. Tune in now while Jen opens your eyes to ways you can not only strengthen your...


EP 17: What you Focus on Grows

This episode dives deeply into exploring what your focus is on with regards to your perceived control and the problem vs. solution focused approach to your goals. Jen explains the difference between Internal and External Locus of Control and shares which one breeds resilience and leads to greater success in your life and habits. When you’re focused on the problems, issues, people to blame or other negatives in your life, you will see more of those appear, whereas when you are solution...


EP 16: Don’t try!

Jen explains in this episode why the word “try” or “trying” is a dirty word when it comes to focusing on your health goals. If you are “trying” to do something it means that you are not doing it. Trying could be getting you one step closer but even more likely it is actually what’s keeping you stuck. Jen walks you through a process to help you increase your level of motivation and understanding of how it will feel to carry out the goals you are working on and this will allow you to keep...


EP 15: The journey of 10,000 steps…

We get caught up in the big picture sometimes but then the day to day stuff has us going crazy and getting exhausted that there is a chance the bigger picture never comes. All we get is more of the same as what we had before. Instead of starting or continuing, we are stuck in the thinking about doing something phase, but we are taking no actual action towards our goals. Maybe we say we are “trying.” This week Jen talks about the positive and negative consequences to forming habits and...


Ep 014: Eff the excuses

This episode brings up some major stuff for Jen she is releasing related to her mindset and the letting go of excuses and all the ways they stop us from reaching our goals and big dreams. Jen shares her 3 steps to saying eff off to the excuses and moving forward with the necessary delicate discipline that it takes to act according to your highest good. It isn’t always easy! How do you respond when someone says “how is your day?” If it’s negative and honest, then good on you, if it is...


EP013: A day in the Life of a FitMama

This fun episode lays out the details of what a day in the life of Jen looks like. The FitMama mindset pieces and the details of her own The top 4 tools Jen shares her daily routines that are applicable to your life and expands on these in detail in this episode: “ Following the pillars of the FitMama Foundations™ is integral to her day but she shares how appreciation, gratitude and reverence are really the cornerstones to living the day and life of her dreams. Want to feel...


EP012: Sex, Love and the Core Issues

This episode is one you won’t want to miss. Jen opens up the conversation about sexy time with yourself and/or your partner. The daily choices we make are more impactful than the ones we are used to thinking are so important. You will undoubtedly connect deeper with your core and your partner after this episode! The food for thought in this episode is very closely linked with the mindset pieces she talks with respect to exercise, eating and self care….beginning with the famous FitMama...