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Each week host of Wellness for Life, Dr. Susanne Bennett, shares with her listeners Nature's Secrets to a healthier body.

Each week host of Wellness for Life, Dr. Susanne Bennett, shares with her listeners Nature's Secrets to a healthier body.
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Each week host of Wellness for Life, Dr. Susanne Bennett, shares with her listeners Nature's Secrets to a healthier body.






The Neuroscientist Who Lost Her Mind

Sudden behavioral changes may have a physiological cause.What if someone you love experiences a large personality change? Or, what if you start to display strange, unusual, uncontrollable behavior? A psychological condition may be the cause. However, these changes may have a medical root that needs to be addressed. A brain tumor or medication can alter one’s behavior. It is important to seek medical help right away. Listen as neuroscientist Dr. Barbara Lipska joins Dr. Susanne Bennett...


Hydrate for Health

Hydrate your body through water in gel form.Chronic headaches, fatigue, brain fog, difficulty sleeping and joint pain can stem from a poor diet. They can also result from a lack of hydration. A chronic, low-grade dehydration can occur every day. Processed foods, air conditioning and electronics affect your hydration levels. Water exists in water, vapor and solid. It can also exist as a gel, also called solid water. It’s the same form of water found in our cells. Plants and vegetables...


Aged Garlic Extract for Inflammation

Garlic can reduce inflammation and decrease risk for chronic disease.Between 1980 and 2004, more of half of Americans were among the billion people worldwide who had become overweight or obese. As of 2017, the United States tips the scales with the most overweight or obese people. Our bodies were designed to eat when we are hungry, storing excess food for lean times. We don’t have lean times as a general rule in the United States. This leads to bodies storing more fat than the body can...


Sundowner's Syndrome & Circadian Rhythm

Address Sundowner's syndrome and your circadian rhythm with a few natural treatments.Sunsets are lovely to bid adieu to the hustle and the bustle of the day, winding us down for rest. However, those with dementia can become confused and angry at this time of day. Sundowner’s syndrome occurs in those who are neurologically compromised. The pineal gland seems to have difficulty producing melatonin. The cornea also begins to yellow so the light doesn’t penetrate the eyes as well. The...


Real-Time Glucose Monitoring

Tired of pin pricks to monitor blood sugar?One-third of the United States population suffers from diabetes or pre-diabetes. Many people go undiagnosed. Getting your blood sugar under control is the best prevention. Monitoring your biomarkers via testing leads to better outcomes. The blood glucose monitor was the standard for checking blood sugar through pin pricks a few times a day. This system is problematic, because it can be inconvenient, painful, and only provides information when...


The Virility Paradox

Learn more about how testosterone actually works.Testosterone therapy may conjure images of athletic enhancement. There are a lot of misconceptions about testosterone. Testosterone levels decline in both men and women over time. Testosterone and estrogen are hormones that exist within a body's system, but they bind to estrogen and androgen receptors in the body. There must be a receptor present for binding of that hormone. Testosterone works in the brain, muscles and hair follicles where...


Mold Toxicity & Chronic Inflammatory Illness

Biotoxins may be triggers for chronic inflammatory illness for some individuals.Chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS) refers to symptoms associated with biotoxic exposure. Biotoxins can enter the body via inhalation, which is something that often occurs with mold spores. They can also enter the body via insect bite. Biotoxins can be consumed via contaminated food and drink. CIRS symptoms don’t fit typical disease models with an obvious inciting event. The individual’s body...


Reverse Heart Disease with Super Antioxidant MitoQ

Mitochondria and heart health can be improved with antioxidants.About 610,000 people die of heart disease in the United States annually. It is the leading cause of death for men and women. A nutriceutical could play an important role in preventing heart disease. MitoQ is an antioxidant that gets mitochondria to function properly. When mitochondria are depleted of antioxidants, they don’t work as well. They also spill free radicals into the cell. Cellular function and repair are...


The Lyme Solution

Lyme disease cases are increasing. Find out how to treat Lyme.The black-legged tick is on the move into more civilized areas. The number of Lyme disease cases are likely to climb. Lyme disease is a bacterial infection acquired generally via tick bite. The bite doesn’t usually cause pain. The symptoms of infection include flu symptoms, tiredness, headache, and high fever. It feels like a bad flu. If it isn’t diagnosed and treated right away, it can progress to causing neurological...


Benefits of Honokiol

The bark of magnolia trees may help you reduce inflammation.Magnolia trees contain a beneficial supplement in the bark. Honokiol aids with inflammation and activates the cannabinoid system in the body. Honokiol can differentiate between a normal cell and pathologic cell based on the function of the cell. It can be combined with other things to treat specific conditions. Tolerance does not develop with honokiol in the same way it can occur with medications. Listen as Dr. Isaac Eliaz...


ADHD & Misdiagnosis

What is the specific source behind your child's ADHD?ADHD is characterized by hyperactivity, inattention, and/or impulsivity, all of which interfere with the functioning of the individual. Most conventional treatment addresses the symptoms without looking at the cause. Why does the brain have trouble with attention, organization or clear decision making? There’s often an autoimmune disorder occurring to the back of ADHD. The modern American diet is not as nutrient-rich as the body needs...


Encore Episode: Sugar's Impact on Your Brain

What's that sweetened beverage doing to your brain?Do you make a coffee shop run in the afternoon? Grab a soda from the office fridge as a little pick-me-up? Most people gravitate to sugary drinks during the day when they need mental focus. Recent research from Boston University School of Medicine proves the theory that excess sugar may cause damage to the brain, particularly the fructose found in sweetened drinks. One sugary drink per day can age your brain. Two sugary drinks per day...


CBD for What Ails You

Find out how cannabinoid oil may help relieve your chronic conditions.Cannabanoid oil (CBD) is being used by physicians to treat pain. However, it is still considered controversial. CBD successfully helps with chronic pain. It is derived from hemp and must have less than 0.3% THC, the psychotropic component of marijuana. CBD has many applications. It works well for those with muscle spams, nerve-related pain, anxiety and inflammation. Access to CBD, marijuana and medical marijuana...


How to Be Well

Implement six simple steps to restore internal balance and improve your health.Restoring internal balance is the key to everyday health. Dr. Frank Lipman recommends his Six Pillars of Health to restore wellness and internal balance. The ordinary actions you take on a daily basis have extraordinary effects on your health. Listen as Dr. Lipman joins Dr. Susanne Bennett to discuss his plan for restoring internal balance.


Help Your Home Support Your Wellness

Reduce toxins in your home to support your wellness.Toxins in your home may contribute to chronic health conditions. Eliminating those toxins will improve your health. Most people are familiar with particulate toxins like soot. However, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted from some carpeting, fabrics, paints, adhesives and furniture. These VOCs are not eliminated by a HEPA filter. Open the windows and air out your home frequently. Add a houseplant in every room to reduce...


Healing from the Inside Out

Take charge of your healthcare and be kind to yourself.Eastern medical therapies have been around for thousands of years. About one-third of adult Americans use alternative treatments to treat medical conditions. Combining therapies helps treat the whole person. As a patient, it’s important not to develop a co-dependent relationship with your provider. You are your own healthcare advocate. You live in your body every day. Speak up and tell your doctor what you’re experiencing. Find a...


Encore Episode: Stress Hormones, Depression & Anxiety

Find out how stress affects your health and how to decrease its impact.Stress takes a toll on your mental and physical health. More importantly, today’s stresses can affect tomorrow’s health. The survival impulse of fight or flight is powerful. It had to be in order to protect our ancestors from being eaten by larger carnivores during our evolution. Our hormones had to mobilize our bodies to protect us. The same impulses are triggered by modern-day stressors. A break-up, difficulty at...


7 Questions You Should Ask About Meds

Make informed decisions about the medications you take.The United States alone holds 45% of the global pharmaceutical market. The cost for developing a new drug has grown substantially. Research on long-term effects from these drugs is lacking. Learning more about medications will help you make an informed decision before choosing to take them. Seven Questions Worth Asking What is the lowest effective dose?Can this drug cause dependency or a rebound effect?What is the shortest amount of...


Learn to Prevent Cognitive Decline

Take control of your cognitive health by learning new things.Improving your brain health can help prevent cognitive decline. While there is more to learn about brain health, there are steps you can take that will make a difference. The brain can change. It is constantly rewiring itself when we ask it to do something new, resulting in physical, chemical and functional changes in the brain. What controls underlying brain health? First, there’s how fast and accurately your brain processes...


Eat to Prevent Memory Loss

Memory loss is embarrassing and creates a lot of fear in people. No one wants to suffer from dementia or loss of cognitive ability.Memory loss is embarrassing and creates a lot of fear in people. No one wants to suffer from dementia or loss of cognitive ability. Now you can save money on your life insurance just for being healthy. HealthIQ helps physically active people save up to 33% on their life insurance. Go to HealthIQ.com/wellnessforlife to get a free quote. - sponsor You can eat...