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Each week host of Wellness for Life, Dr. Susanne Bennett, shares with her listeners Nature's Secrets to a healthier body.

Each week host of Wellness for Life, Dr. Susanne Bennett, shares with her listeners Nature's Secrets to a healthier body.
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Each week host of Wellness for Life, Dr. Susanne Bennett, shares with her listeners Nature's Secrets to a healthier body.






Beware Mold Toxicity

Your symptoms could indicate mold toxicity.Do you suffer allergies and brain fog but your labs come back normal? You might be suffering from mold toxicity. The symptoms of mold toxicity can present as other conditions. Gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, brain fog, memory problems, sinus issues, breathing trouble, and skin rashes are common signs of mold toxicity. If more than one family member has these symptoms, there may be something in your environment causing these issues. Listen...


Encore Episode: The Power of Sulfur

Are you getting enough sulfur in your diet?Sulfur, the “forgotten mineral,” is rarely discussed by healthcare professionals. This mineral is important for muscle and joint integrity, cellular detoxification and more. You may have a sulfur deficiency. Artificial fertilizers don’t contain sulfur, which means our food supply lacks sulfur. Seafood, grass-fed beef and organic eggs are good sources of sulfur. High-sulfur vegetables include garlic, onions and cruciferous vegetables. Listen as...


Intricacies of Nutrition & Metabolism

Speak to your provider for recommendations on nutrition to support your health.Every day you can find a new study that says a trusted food could lead to health issues. It’s hard to find the facts. Speak to your provider about the best nutrition to support your wellness and reduce your wellness. Listen as Dr. Richard Feinman joins Dr. Susanne Bennett to discuss some of the intricacies of nutrition and metabolism.


Brain Hack with Brain Tap

Learn more about brain waves and how to stimulate them.Our brain waves change according to what we’re doing and feeling, working hard to keep us healthy and agile. Our mental and physical health are strongly connected to our brain waves. Common Types of Brain Waves Alpha Beta Delta Gamma Theta The Brain Tap app uses binaural beats to stimulate brain waves to help revitalize you. Listen as Dr. Patrick Porter joins Dr. Susanne Bennett to discuss brain wave nurturing.


The Perfect Protein

Not all proteins are used the same way in your body.Amino acids combine to form proteins. Together, they are the basic building blocks in our body. Amino acid deficiency can lead to illness. We need to make sure we get enough protein in our diets. Not all proteins are created equally. We eat proteins so our bodies can make that protein into something useful. Quality of protein in fruits, vegetables and nuts is poor, as the body doesn’t synthesize them as well. Eggs, meat and fish can be...


Men: Boost Sex Drive Naturally

Boost your sex drive with a few simple and natural tips.Andropause occurs when testosterone levels drop in an aging male, usually after 50 years of age. Men may experience physical, sexual and psychological problems. Menopause is more obvious for women because symptoms present quickly. End of menstruation is a very noticeable signal. However, there is no obvious event that signifies andropause for men. Quality of life slowly dwindles, and it’s not always associated with dropping...


Neurofitness: Reducing Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

Engage your brain to reduce risk of Alzheimer's and dementia.Alzheimer’s disease affects one in ten people over age 60. One in three seniors die with Alzheimer’s. Taking proactive steps to prevent Alzheimer’s can improve your future. Keep yourself sharp and reduce risk of dementia. Get up and move around to keep the blood flowing through your brain and boost production of pro-brain chemicals. Consume plenty of omega-3s. Interact with the world in ways that allow you to problem...


Bio-Acoustics: Breaking the Sound Barriers of Disease

Your voice may be the key to your health diagnosis and treatment.Your voice can provide insight to your health and personality. In fact, frequencies that mirror your own voice may help heal your body. Vocal profiling software can evaluate your voice and use biophysics to guide healing. Measurements from your voice match up with mathematical values associated with physiological conditions. Listen as Sharry Edwards joins Dr. Susanne Bennett to discuss bio-acoustics.


Rediscovery After Stroke

Life may change after stroke. How can you create a new future?Recovery after stroke is challenging. Ability may change, leading to some identity transitions. Working through the barriers can help people find purpose and success post-stroke. Danny Zuckerman’s mother, Debra Meyerson, endured a stroke that impacted her life. While she lost her tenure at Stanford University after the stroke, she focused her energy on helping others who are affected by stroke. It’s important to live in the...


Vital Pulp Cryotherapy: Root Canal Alternative

Can you save your tooth's nerves and blood instead of having a root canal?Approximately 91 percent of American adults ages 20 to 64 suffer from cavities. Dental decay is one of the most infectious, non-communicative diseases worldwide, according to the Centers for Disease Control. When decay gets out of hand, it can affect the nerve and a root canal is typically recommended. The root canal procedure involves the removal of the tooth’s blood and nerve supply due to infection from cavities....


Is Your Diet Fueling Inflammation?

Mind what you eat to reduce inflammation.Do you suffer from aches, pains, skin conditions, headaches or digestive issues? Inflammation is a huge factor in these conditions. The foods you eat can reduce or increase inflammation. Whole foods are generally not inflammatory. Free range and organic foods are ideal. Try not to char your foods. Don’t eat the same thing every day. Your gut microbiome needs variety. Listen as Dr. Mark Engelman joins Dr. Susanne Bennett to discuss how food can fuel...


Healthy Eating for Health Conditions

Find out how food affects health.What you eat affects your health. Food is medicine. Having an attitude of gratitude when you eat will influence your digestion. Eat foods that support your health and don’t contribute to inflammation. In your food preparation, roll with the seasons. Enjoy foods that are currently available and grown as locally as possible. Cut out the processed foods. Listen as chef Dr. Mike Fenster joins Dr. Susanne Bennett to discuss how food impacts your health.


Magic of the Kimchi Diet

A little side dish of kimchi daily could make a huge impact on your health.Fermented foods are beneficial to overall health. Kimchi is a simple addition to your diet to boost your wellness. Leaky gut often leads to other symptoms and disorders. Kimchi can attack viruses and support the immune system. It also improves variety in gut bacteria. Kimchi Ingredients Kimchi serves as a fantastic side dish with any diet. You don’t have to replace anything in your diet to reap the benefits of...


Vitamin D and You

Get your vitamin D from a variety of sources to support your overall health.Vitamin D has hormone-like qualities and regulates the functions of over 200 genes. It is essential for growth and development. Over a billion people suffer from vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency. Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency include fatigue, bone or joint pain, and breathing difficulty. The problem is that these symptoms are associated with other disorders, so it’s hard to pinpoint the lack of vitamin D as...


Dementia and Compassion

Since there is no cure for dementia yet, we must advocate for those living with cognitive decline.Dementia is a general term for decline in memory and cognitive ability. It can interfere with daily life. While memory loss is a telltale symptom of dementia, there are other warning signs. Communication issues, language problems, inability to focus and pay attention, difficulty with reason and judgment, and visual perception problems may be present. A contributing factor may be our lifespans....


Toxic Metals and Their Effect on Gut Health

How toxic are you?Metal toxicity has been a known problem since the 1970s. From dental work to seafood, we’re inundated with toxins. Add in pollution and you have a cocktail for cell toxicity. You have to reduce your toxic metal exposure and boost your antioxidants to better support your health. Cut toxic foods out of your diet. Leave your shoes at the door so you don’t track outdoor pollutants inside. Listen as Dr. Russell Jaffe joins Dr. Susanne Bennett to discuss monitoring and reducing...


Reduce Brain Inflammation

Reduce brain inflammation now to improve your health in the short and long term.Your brain is the canary in the coal mine for overall health. Brain conditions develop over time. Learn the triggers and adopt a healthier diet and lifestyle to protect your brain. Triggers for Brain Issues Everything you do to heal the gut helps heal the brain. Be your own health advocate and investigate what’s happening in your own body. Listen as Dr. Tom O’Bryan joins Dr. Susanne Bennett to discuss how to...


Brain Health for Aging

Support brain health as you age.The elderly population (age 65 and above) in the United States is expected to grow by twenty to fifty percent by 2030. The biggest concern while aging is maintaining quality of life. Nutrition is the largest factor in maintaining health and preventing illness as we age. A plant-based diet is ideal. Animal proteins should be non-GMO and organic. Listen as Dr. John Lewis joins Dr. Susanne Bennett discuss how to maintain brain health as you age.


Wellness for Abuse Survivors

Healing from past trauma can support physical wellness.Adverse childhood experiences contribute to likelihood of chronic illnesses in adults. Any kind of abuse of children and adults can weaken the immune system. Healing from past trauma helps end a cycle of abuse. Your body remembers the trauma, even if you push the emotions down. Unaddressed, those negative experiences and emotions inhibit healthy cell growth. Listen as Dr. Meg Haworth joins Dr. Susanne Bennett to discuss how to recover...


Natural Healing: Defying the Odds

If you can't get a diagnosis from traditional medicine, there are alternatives that may help you.Some people visit many doctors but don’t get a diagnosis, despite feeling as if something is deeply wrong. If doctors can’t help you, how can you heal? Chinese medicine provides many people with relief when they can’t find remedy with traditional medicine. Physical wellness is important, as is overall wellness. Keys to Defy the Odds Listen as Dr. Shiroko Sokitch joins Dr. Susanne Bennett to...