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#104 Flannel Is A Wonderful Material with Sam von Trapp & JP Williams (von Trapp Brewery)

For fans of The Sound Of Music, visiting the von Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont is somewhat of a pilgrimage. For fans of great Austrian-style beer, visiting the von Trapp Brewery is just as much of a pilgrimage. We hung out with Maria von Trapp's grandson Sam and Brewmaster JP to drink some of their exceptional crispy beer and chat about what it's like to have a movie made about your family. Beers Reviewed: von Trapp Golden Helles Lager; von Trapp Bohemian Pilsner; von Trapp Kölsch;...


#103 Voice Of The People with Etienne Turcotte & Yann Longueuil (Vox Populi)

Montreal's Vox Populi have been one of our favourite Quebec breweries for some time now, so we were super excited to finally hang out with Co-Founders Etienne and Yann. We got to chat about their recent merger with Glutenberg, taste some of their phenomenal beers, and discuss one of the most important questions in craft beer - are they #TeamLactose or #TeamNoLactose? Beers Reviewed: Vox Populi Aloha; Vox Populi Kettle Sour Margarita; Vox Populi Anna Assemblage 2018 (Vox Dei); Vox Populi Vox...


#102 Call Brad For A Good Time with Brad Murray (Pit Caribou)

Pit Caribou are renowned as one of the finest breweries in Quebec, and hailing from the Gaspe coast 9+ hours drive from Montreal, if it wasn't for their Plateau brewpub we wouldn't get anywhere near enough of them in the big city. We hung out with Brad Murray, who has been with Pit from the very beginning, to drink some phenomenally refined beer and discuss the impact that Gaspesie has on the Quebec beer world. Beers Reviewed: Pit Caribou La Flore Du Québec 3.0; Pit Caribou Lollipop; Pit...


#101 Beer Starts On The Farm with Luc Beaulieu (YCH Hops), Kevin Riel (Double R Ranches) & Brock Obendorf (Obendorf Hops)

The day before one of the biggest Canadian beer events of the summer, Foudres Unis, a coalition of Yakima Valley hop farmers visited Quebec and we were lucky enough to get to spend some time with them. Multi-generational hop farmers Kevin and Brock were joined by Yakima Chief Hops' Luc to chat to us about the intricate details of hop farming, the stress of the harvest and the feeling of tasting the final product. Beers Reviewed: Le Trèfle Noir El Sicimo; Maltstrom IXPL; Bellwoods Goblin...


#100 We Made It To One Hundred: The Best of BAOS with Tiffany Alexis & Notion

One hundred whole entire episodes. What started as a fun side project quickly turned into a serious passion for us, and 100 episodes later, here we are. We felt it was only right to celebrate our first century by bringing in key members of the team, our producer Tiffany Alexis and our audio engineer/photographer Notion, to chat about the history of BAOS and all of our favourite moments while drinking some of the finest beer we could get our hands on. Thanks for all the support, y'all! Beers...


#99 Legal Pours Only with Arno Geoffroy (Le Dispensaire de Bière)

You guys might remember Arno from our podcast with HELM back on Episode #33 - the boy done came up. He's still with HELM but he's also the Head Brewer at one of the newest and most innovative projects in Montreal's beer scene, Le Dispensaire de Bière. They essentially have a production brewery license out back and a depanneur license out front, exclusively selling growlers in various sizes from their location on Prince Arthur St. Things got real. Beers Reviewed: Le Dispensaire de Bière...


#98 Gluten-Free Gratitude with David Cayer & Gabriel Charbonneau (Glutenberg)

We have a long history with Glutenberg, one of the world's most awarded exclusively gluten-free breweries. You'll need to listen to the episode to find out why, but we got to hang out with Co-Founder David and Brewmaster Gabriel at their huge Hochelaga-Maisonneuve facility to find out why two guys who had never brewed in their life wanted to start a gluten-free brewery. Beers Reviewed: Glutenberg Blonde; Glutenberg Sans Alcool; Glutenberg Gose; Glutenberg Assemblage #02. This episode is...


#97 Crowlers: A Metaphor For Life with Dave Lee (Eastbound)

Toronto's East End is one of the most brewery-heavy neighbourhoods in the city, and around a year ago Eastbound opened their doors to TO's thirsty drinkers. Co-Founder and Head Brewer Dave Lee, along with his wife and Head Chef Tara (who made a podcast cameo!) and partners, have created a lot in a small space, focusing as heavily on their menu as they have on their beer. We ran through their entire canned (and Crowler'd) lineup - a mean feat. Cheers! Beers Reviewed: Eastbound Hidden Lake...


#96 Rainbow Of Deliciousness with Chris Pontsioen & John Legassicke (Silversmith)

While Cee and Producer Tiffany were in Niagara-On-The-Lake celebrating her 30th birthday, it was only right that they swung by the OGs of NOTL, Silversmith. We hung out with Co-Founder Chris and Head Brewer John to run through their rainbow of beers, and you'll hear that most of the interview was Chris coming up with episode title gold. It was a tough choice. Try The Black Lager though, seriously. Beers Reviewed: Silversmith Bavarian Breakfast Wheat; Silversmith The Black Lager; Silversmith...


#95 Lactocalypse with Noah Forrest (Beerism)

The last time we had Noah on the podcast was back on Episode #55, and the day we recorded this was a year to the day we recorded his first appearance - so we knew this was meant to be. We have a group chat with fellow beer writers, YouTubers and Instagrammers where we debate the virtues (and otherwise) of lactose in beer, so we figured we'd settle it once and for all with a lactosravaganza of epic proportions. Are you #TeamLactose or #TeamNoLactose? Beers Reviewed: Lagabière Ta Pire;...


#94 Le Siège Social with Jean-Phillippe Lalonde (La Succursale)

Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie is a Montreal neighbourhood that isn't widely renowned for craft beer, but La Succursale are the OGs of the area. Opening in 2011, Jean-Phillippe created a welcoming brewpub in a neighbourhood that truly needed an injection of great beer, and everything they're doing is fantastic. While JP wasn't exactly into some of our Lightning Round questions, this was an entertaining conversation. Beers Reviewed: La Succursale La Petite-Côte; La Succursale NEIPA; La Succursale...


#93 Beer Is A Popular Drink with Dominic Goyet (Le Réservoir)

When you think of Montreal brewpubs, Le Réservoir is one of the OGs, and one of the only in the ultra hip Le Plateau neighbourhood. In 2016, serial restauranteur Dominic Goyet and his wife Ariane took over Le Réservoir, then a neighbourhood staple, and have slowly built it into a super interesting, forward-thinking brewpub and restaurant. Dominic is so cool we ended up hanging out for over 5 hours in the sun. Cee got really burned up but it was worth it. Beers Reviewed: Réservoir Kölsch...


#92 Hop Connoisseurs with Shehzad Hamza & Stéphane Dubois (Bandit Brewery)

Roncesvalles is one of the hottest neighbourhoods in Toronto, and Bandit Brewery are right in the heart of it all. We sat down with the Co-Founders of Bandit Brewery, Shehzad and Stéphane, to find out how their awesome facility came about, why they produce such a great variety of styles and how their homebrewing roots brought them together. Funnily enough, Cee and Shehzad met at a party through Cee's cousin back in 2011, so this was a great full circle moment. Beers Reviewed: Bandit...


#91 One Love with Patricia Rios, Tatiana Fulton & Rodrigo Baruffaldi (OverHop)

Did you know that contract brewing is the norm in Rio de Janeiro? The team at OverHop, hailing from Rio, have done something extremely impressive in the world of Canadian craft beer. Not only are all their brews unique, interesting and super tasty, but they've managed to out maneuver both the overly complex Ontario and Quebec laws by contracting separately out of each province to have their products sold in both markets. They have an amazing story and it was a pleasure to chat with them at...


#90 Refined Simplicity with Luc "Bim" LaFontaine (Godspeed Brewery)

It's crazy to us that we're at episode 90. Amazing. For this latest milestone, we hung out with the legendary Luc "Bim" LaFontaine at the almost-one-year-old Godspeed Brewery in Toronto. Godspeed were the most hyped Ontario brewery of 2017, and Luc's smooth, traditional beers have caused a stir across the province's beer scene. We chat about his humble beginnings with Dieu du Ciel, his brewery and tea farm in Japan and his plans for the future. Beers Reviewed: Godspeed Otsukaresama...


#89 Canadian Beer Independence with Steve Beauchesne (Beau's) and Frédérick Tremblay (Microbrasserie Charlevoix)

For this episode, we did something a little different. With the recent controversy over an Independence Seal online, as any good media should, we looked at both sides. We initially spoke with Mike and Keegan of Microbrasserie 4 Origines about the seal they launched, and so for this episode, we chatted in-depth with Fred, the former president of the Quebec beer body AMBQ and Co-Founder of Microbrasserie Charlevoix, and Steve, Co-Founder of Beau's All Natural, who has been instrumental in...


#88 Beers To Discover: Spotlight On Ontario

Our second instalment in our Spotlight series of podcasts focuses on our other home base of Ontario, live from our BAOS East location in Montreal. We talk all things Toronto, of course, and focus on as many of our favourite beer markets in the province as we could fit in. We grabbed some beer from each corner of Ontario (well, as many corners as we could get hold of on short notice) and basically got 'em in us. Beers Reviewed: Collective Arts Mash Up The Jam; Flying Monkeys Live...


#87 Sonnez Pour Une Bière with Michaël Fiset & Elaura Bussiere (Maltstrom)

Maltstrom has been one of our favourite breweries in Quebec for some time, so it was a treat to head out to Notre Dame des Prairies to meet with Owner and Master Brewer Michaël and Head Brewer Elaura. Their beers are even more phenomenal fresh from the source, and we even got to crack some of their rare barrel-aged variants. We had a hilarious chat with the team - crack a beer and enjoy! Beers Reviewed: Maltstrom Farmhouse Blanche; Maltstrom Grisette Tropicale; Maltstrom IXPL Des Prairies;...


#86 Breaking New Ground with Drew Stevens (Kahnawake Brewing Co.)

Kahnawake Brewing Co. have literally and figuratively broken new ground with their recently opened brewpub. They're the first ever brewery located on a Native reserve in Canada, and to make that happen, Co-Founder and Head Brewer Drew Stevens had to work closely with his partners, the Native council and the government to create new laws around beer to make it happen. Beers Reviewed: Kahnawake Summertime Lime; Kahnawake 4xOranges; Kahnawake 3 Hops This Time; Kahnawake Beast!; Kahnawake...


#85 I Love To Bathe with David Atman (La Décapsule) & Noah Forrest (Beerism)

This was a super special podcast, as we had Montreal (and Quebec) craft beer media royalty in the building. We headed out to Verdun to hang with David Atman, a man involved in so many projects you'll need a two hour podcast to get up to speed, and of course Noah Forrest of Beerism came through to help co-host like the legend he is. We chatted about David's many online personas, his Boire Local brand and his board game, while drinking some beers he'd worked on with famed Quebec breweries....