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#154 Psychedelic Tornado with Stephane Pilon & Matthieu Edange (Vilains Brasseurs)

Sometimes you see a brewery's products everywhere you go, and for some reason you just don't get around to giving them a crack. Well, that's part of the reason why we run this podcast, folks, as it gives us an excuse to check out literally every brewery. We finally connected with Stephane and Matthieu of Vilains at the launch of their brand new Parasol IIPA at Bar Pamplemousse in Montreal, we ran through their entire range of (mostly hoppy) beers, discussed the importance of branding,...


#153 Vinyl Only with Chris Maestro (BierWax)

Every year in late August, Cee and Tiff make the pilgrimage to Brooklyn, New York to attend Afropunk, an eclectic music festival. While they'd been filming Where To Drink In Brooklyn vlogs, they had never actually done a full podcast with anyone in the city - until now. We learned about BierWax, a Hip Hop-themed craft beer and vinyl bar located a few blocks from downtown BK in Prospect Heights, via our good friends Crowns & Hops, so we were stoked to meet Co-Founder Chris Maestro at the bar,...


#152 Baby Steps Towards Greatness with Matt McGachy (Vox & Hops / Cryptopsy)

For our long time listeners and viewers, you may recall that waaay back in the day we used to interview a lot of our talented friends in the music or entertainment business, but over the past few years we've focused almost exclusively on speaking with breweries. Well folks, we finally got an opportunity to combine beer and music once again, hanging out with fellow podcaster and lead singer of the legendary Montreal metal band Cryptopsy, Matt McGachy. We had a very lengthy and entertaining...


#151 It's All About Balance

This is a first for us. While we've done podcasts with just the team in the past, we've never had a solo episode - until now. Cee has been going a little too hard lately with travel and beer, so as he's been under the weather there was no podcast for this week. He had an idea to use this opportunity to chat, basically talk to himself, about an issue we feel is plaguing the craft beer world - balance. This is a much needed conversation, and Cee covers why he drinks as much as he does, what...


#150 Colchester's Finest with Evan Vacarr & Dave Bombard (Green Empire Brewing)

Cheers to one hundred and fifty episodes! While we were in Vermont on a brewery campaign to disconnect for 24 hours, we swung by Colchester to meet with Evan and Dave at Green Empire. We first heard of them during the Stowe Cider episode and have been keeping tabs since, so it was great to get to see where the magic happens. We hung out at their production facility, where later this month they'll be opening a retail space, to crush some of their fantastic hazy IPAs and chat about being the...


#149 Collective Consciousness with Matthew Reiner (Rorschach Brewing)

Toronto's East End is teeming with fire breweries, and one place we've been wanting to have on for a while is Rorschach. These guys have been heavily lauded for their eclectic beer menu, great location and dope brewpub vibes. We hung out with Head Brewer and Co-Founder Matt on Rorschach's fantastic patio to crush some of their "weird beers", half of which contained lactose, and chat about how the brewery came about, their unique naming conventions, sharing resources and sharing good beer....


#148 Against The Grain with Kevin O'Connor (O'Connor Brewing)

For our second Virginia podcast in partnership with Visit Virginia, we headed down south to Norfolk to hang with one of the OGs of the region, Kevin O'Connor from O'Connor Brewing. As the second largest brewery in the state, O'Connor have set the tone for Virginia's beer scene over the last decade, and Kevin is one of the most respected brewers around. We hung out at their roomy taproom at their 24th St location to kick it with Kev and get real about the VA scene, some of the brewers he's...


#147 Virginia Is For Lovers with Jake Endres & Lee Rogan (Crooked Run)

Virginia is a region we've been wanting to visit for some time, so we were stoked to partner with Visit Virginia to get us down to the state for lovers to hit as many breweries as humanly possible. The first podcast saw us venture out to Sterling, around 45 minutes out of Alexandria (right across the river from Washington, D.C.), to meet with Co-Owners Jake and Lee of Crooked Run. These guys came extremely highly recommended as they knock out phenomenal beers across the style spectrum,...


#146 Go Small Or Go Home with Jean-François Legentil & Jean-Pierre Gauthier (Echo Session Ales)

If you've been following our recent episodes, you may have noticed a bit of a trend towards low ABV beers happening in QC. This session trend has gotten so real that the newest brewery in Quebec exclusively makes session beers. Echo Session Ales, ran by TV guys JF and JP, are making some serious noise in La Belle Province with their first two canned offerings, a Witbier with whole oranges and a hazy session IPA. We got hold of the guys down at Boswell in Montreal to crush some of their beers...


#145 Not Their First Rodeo with Mathieu Brouchu (Microbrasserie À la Fût)

Quebec is home to some legendary breweries, but not many have impacted the cultural zeitgeist more than À la Fût. Located in Saint-Tite, about 2 hours north east of Montreal just past Shawinigan, the town is most famous for their Western Festival held every September. We've been told it rivals Calgary's Stampede. The town and brewery itself make you feel like you're back in old Western times, with the bar resembling a saloon, horses adorning every street pole and friendly locals unironically...


#144 Lawsuit-Worthy with Patrick Howell (Blood Brothers Brewing)

Commonly renowned as one of the finest breweries in Toronto if not Ontario, Blood Brothers have been at the top of our interview list for some time. We swung by to meet the owners and Head Brewer Patrick back in March, so it was dope to finally get some time to sit down with Pat on the newly opened patio to crush some of their latest releases. We spoke about why Blood Brothers do what they do, their brand new kitchen and best practices for opening wax-sealed bottles and nitro cans....


#143 An Episode For Chris: Celebrating The Life Of Christopher Needelman

This is the episode we never wanted to do. On June 5th, we arrived at Montreal's Saint Houblon to interview Chris Needelman, Head Brewer, at their Little Italy location. We were told by the server that Chris had tragically passed away the week before in a car accident. Although we'd never met Chris and had only corresponded via email, the news hit us hard. It didn't feel right to just replace his episode with something else, so we were blessed to have the opportunity to talk to Chris'...


#142 Stay Home Weirdos: From Contract Brewing To Bricks & Mortar with Shawn Duriez & Renaud Gouin (Avant-Garde / Jukebox)

You may remember Shawn and Renaud from back in episode #38 when they were contracting out of Oshlag. A lot has changed in these past couple years. The boys are now on the cusp of opening up their very own facility, conveniently in the same warehouse complex as Oshlag, this coming Saturday June 22nd. They're the perfect outcome for contract brewers personified. They built their brands over the past 7 years, established their rep as brewers of exceptional beer, and now they can finally bring...


#141 Haze By The River with Jordan Mills (Rouge River Brewing Co.)

If you've been following BAOS, you know we're certified #hazeboiz, and Rouge River have been at the top of our list of Ontario breweries to interview. We finally made our way out to Markham recently to hang with Co-Founder and Head Brewer Jordan Mills for a quick chat before he judged a GTA Brews homebrew contest. We mostly spoke about why their hazy beer is so damn good, and Cee was stoked to crush some of their new releases alongside a fresh batch of some old faves. Cheers! Beers...


#140 It Takes Two with Lindsey & Joe Mrav (Grain & Grit)

Hamilton, Ontario has become one of the new frontiers of craft beer in the province. Grain & Grit opened in the middle of the HammerTown beer boom in 2017, and have carved a great niche for themselves with their bright taproom, inclusive events for animals and kids, and of course for their fantastic beer. We finally got out to the brewery to hang with Lindsey and Joe and find out why their Instagram is so damn exceptional, and why marketing in craft beer is so damn important. Beers...


#139 The Business of Marketing Craft Beer Pt. 2: Growing The Industry with Tiffany Alexis (High Season Co.)

Nine episodes ago, we brought our producer Tiffany on for a podcast about marketing in Craft Beer. The response was so overwhelmingly positive that we had to bring her back for another one! This time around, we delved deep into how we can all contribute to the growth of this burgeoning industry via all forms of marketing, including digital, offline, diversity, word of mouth, working with media + influencers, and more. Check out Part 1 back in Episode #130 to get the foundation, if you...


#138 One Big Fridge In Hochelaga with David Deschenes & Paul-André Mailhot (Le Bièrologue)

Hochelaga-Maisonneuve is a neighbourhood that is really becoming synonymous with craft beer. With numerous breweries in the area, both OG and brand new, Le Bièrologue, a craft beer + wine store, has been a keeping fridges full in the neighbourhood for over 7 years. We hung out with owner David and Manager Paul-André to crush a few local gems and find out why the people of Hochelaga like to drink low ABV beers. Cheers! Beers Reviewed: Avant-Garde Jet Set; Microbrasserie Le BockAle...


#137 Oak & Horses with Sean McVeigh (Small Pony Barrel Works)

Barrel-aged beer is always looked upon with reverence, both in the difficulty of nailing it and the fact that time is the main factor. Sean started Small Pony a few years ago and he exclusively brews barrel-aged sour beers - no rent beers, just the one fermentor, and time is the main limitation. Perhaps this is why his beers are so special - each are painstakingly and expertly crafted to create some of the finest sour beers in the country. We hung out with Sean and his barrels in our final...


#136 Aggressively Hugging with Shane Clark & Rob McIsaac (Beyond The Pale)

A few years back when Ottawa beer was first hitting the map for us, Beyond The Pale were one of the breweries who grabbed our attention. Their tiny taproom in Hintonburg generated a ton of attention, which lead them to move to a humongous warehouse space to support their rapid growth. High school mates Shane and Rob, along with Shane's Dad, Al, built this thing from the ground up so we hung out, talked a bunch of nonsense and ran through a bunch of their fantastic brews, including some of...


#135 Beers In Parliament: Spotlight On Ottawa with Christophe Paquette (Hops & Bros) & Nathan Lefebvre (NathanDoesBeer)

The craft beer community is a beautiful thing, so it was a pleasure to finally bring on two of our closest friends in the beer world. Chris is a YouTuber, running the Gatineau-based Hops & Bros alongside his co-host Max (who's currently attending Niagara College brewing school), while Nathan is a blogger & Instagrammer, being our resident in-house writer here at BAOS. Nate was kind enough to host us at his apartment in Centretown, Ottawa to crush a range of beers from some of Ottawa's finest...