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Episode 5 - The Science of Crafting a Legacy

We paid a visit to Toronto's Birreria Volo to sit down with Giulian Morana to chat about his father's legacy, the origins of the Volo empire, how he helped evolve it with his brother Tomas, and their plans for the future. Plus we dive into the insane growth of Cask Days, what exactly Zwanze Day is and how they stay ahead of the curve in the constantly evolving world of craft beer. Stay tuned till the end of the episode for a special bonus giveaway! Presented by Nickel Brook Brewing...


Art and Design in the Beer World

Matt & Cole sit down with local designer and cool dad Dan Brandon to chat about how he got into beer can design, how labels have evolved in the craft beer world, and why subtle tweaks or massive changes to an existing brand can be a make-or-break situation. Plus, they drink Wicked Awesome IPA in the new "podcast studio" aka the abandoned upstairs office. Presented by Nickel Brook Brewing Co 864 Drury Lane, Burlington ON


Diversity and Representation In Craft Beer

In this episode, cis-hetero white guys Matt & Cole site down with Ren Navarro and Robin Leblanc to figure out why craft beer is "so white", how a narrow view of craft beer consumers hurts everyone, and what more breweries and individuals can do to broaden the appeal of craft beer to marginalized groups. The Beer Down To A Science Podcast is presented by Nickel Brook Brewing Co. Visit our Bottle Shop at 864 Drury Lane, Burlington or find us in your local LCBO, Beer Store or Licensed...


Yeast & Fermentation w Escarpment Labs

On this episode, Matt, Cole and Patrick traveled to beautiful Guelph, Ontario to meet the mad scientists behind beer's least-understood ingredient. The microbiologists of Escarpment Labs are on the leading edge of some of craft beers most exciting developments, breeding and curating new strains of Saccharomyces and Brettanomyces for brewers across North America. The gang dives deep into what makes yeast so special, how different yeasts play a role in the flavours and aromas of your...


Trends in Craft Beer

On our inaugural episode, Matt and Cole sit down with The Beer Sisters, Tara and Crystal Luxmore, and talk all things trending in craft beer. They sample home-made glitter beer, discuss the historical rebirth of fruited sours, wade through the haze of New England IPAs and get philosophical about the coming of marijuana beer in Ontario. The Beer Down To A Science Podcast is presented by Nickel Brook Brewing Co. Hosted by Matt Gibson and Cole Mortillaro. Sound editing by Allegra Swanson.