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Samuel Adams Winter Lager

Samuel Adams is one of the biggest craft breweries in the world, producing 4 million barrels of beer just last year. But does more mean better when it comes to their seasonal releases? We're drinking and reviewing Samuel Adams Winter Lager, a winter bock spiced with cinnamon, ginger, and orange peel. This could prove to be the easy drinking, light, spicy beer that brings beer harmony to everyone. It could also be a gimmicky, over spiced lager that sits in the back of the fridge until an...


Heretic Brewing Evil Twin Red Ale

Do you love Halloween beers but just can't get behind all those pumpkin monstrosities out there? We're drinking and reviewing Heretic Brewing Company's Evil Twin Red Ale. With those rich flavors that you expect from a red with paired with a little bit of backbone from 45 IBUs, Evil Twin is sure to please those Halloween beer seekers. But will the higher IBU count turn off those who aren't in for the hops? What is your favorite Halloween beer? Make sure to follow the show on all social media...


Bear Republic Tiki Totem IPA

Ke aloha beer lovers! This week we are channeling our inner tiki god as we review a new IPA from Northern California. This week's review is Tiki Totem from Bear Republic. This juicy IPA definitely packs a fruity punch, thanks to the variation of hops used and drinks nice and easy at 6%. The real question is will the hop sensitive one of the group be a fan? Have you had a chance to try this new IPA? Let us know about it! Make sure to follow the show on all social media outlets...


Sierra Nevada 2018 Oktoberfest

Prost! We're gearing up for Oktoberfest with, you guessed it...Oktoberfest! We're drinking Sierra Nevada's 2018 Oktoberfest collaboration with Weihenstephan (try saying that five times fast). This classic Oktoberfest style beer is 6% of German-style drinking, but will it be something that we can both agree on? What has been your favorite Oktoberfest beer of 2018? Make sure to follow the show on all social media outlets @BeerHarmonyShow and check out for even more...


Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout 2018

Cheers everyone! As the weather gets colder (sort of) it's time to start breaking out the big beers, and we've got one of the biggest. We're drinking and reviewing Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout 2018. This boozy beer is definitely big, but are the bold flavors a little too bold? Or is this chocolatey beast right for what ales you? We would love to hear about what your favorite barrel aged beer is! Make sure to follow the show on all social media outlets @BeerHarmonyShow and check out...


Renegade Brewing's Endpoint [E3] Triple IPA

Cheers and beers everyone! We're back from a beer-cation in Colorado and we brought home some goods with us! We're drinking Renegade Brewing Company's Endpoint [E3] Triple IPA. At 11.2% of boozy goodness, this hop bomb is bringing a level of balance and sophistication that a lot of big beers can't bring. Will Shannon, the hop-phobic beer drinker, be a fan of this one? Or will this be all for Greg? Let us know if you've had any of Renegade Brewing's award winning beers! Make sure to follow...


District 9 Brewing's Carnaval Sour Ale

Cheers craft beer lovers! The 'harmony' in Beer Harmony is on shaky ground as your favorite beer-drinking couple takes on a sour ale. Tonight, we are drinking District 9 Brewing Company's Carnaval, a sour ale brewed with passion fruit and creme. Carnaval is ready to get the party started on a hot summer day; it's sour with notes of fruit, vanilla, and sugar. But someone isn't a huge fan of the level of sour, will that be a problem? Let us know if you've had any of District 9's award winning...


Calicraft Brewing Oaktown Brown

Cheers everyone, your favorite craft beer drinking couple is back and we are excited to share this new beer with you! We are drinking Oaktown Brown, an American Brown Ale with Oak from Calicraft Brewing Company in Walnut Creek, CA. Oaktown Brown is full of rich, roasty, flavors and a lot of complexity. Will this be a winner for both Greg and Shannon? We also learn about Calicraft Brewing as well as the founders unique upbringing in the craft beer world. Do you have a favorite brown ale? We...


Mammoth Brewing Company's Forest Nymph Kettle Sour

Cheers everyone, we're back with another craft beer review! We're calling this one our gateway beer into the world of sours. We are drinking Mammoth Brewing Company's Forest Nymph Kettle Sour with Reships. Forest Nymph is a great beer on a hot day with its light tartness, floral notes, and a clean finish. Have a listen to find out if it's the right summer beer for you. Greg and Shannon also have some trouble coming to a consensus on what to pair with the beer, what would you pair with a...


North Coast Brewing's Pranqster Belgian Style Golden Ale

Cheers beer lovers! We are back with a new review from a classic brewery in the craft beer world. Today's beer is Pranqster Belgian Style Golden Ale from North Coast Brewing in Northern California. With a floral nose of bananas, cloves, and spices, this lighter beer is meant for hot days with a light banana and fruit flavor. But don't let the lighter drink-ability and color fool you, this Pranqster is not messing around with the ABV. The problem with this beer? One of us is not a fan and...


Earth and Fire Brewing Cali Blonde Ale

Everyone's favorite craft beer drinking couple is back with a new beer just in time for summer. This week we have Cali Blonde Ale from Earth and Fire Brewing Company in Paso Robles, CA. Cali Blonde is a great example of a blonde ale and is exactly what you think of when someone mentions that style. We also have some background on Earth and Fire and talk about their upcoming second-anniversary party on June 30. What is your favorite summertime beer? Make sure to follow the show on all social...


MadTree Brewing Galaxy High Imperial IPA

Cheers hop heads! Greg and Shannon are back and this time it's Shannon who will be leaving her beer comfort zone. We're reviewing MadTree Brewing Company's Galaxy High Imperial IPA. Galaxy High is full of dank, tropical hops as well as a 9.5% ABV to back up all the hops. The ABV can be sneaky on this one, but is it sneaky enough for Shannon to enjoy this hop bomb? We also talk about food pairings and some info on MadTree Brewing. What is your favorite Imperial IPA? Tell us about it! Make...


Enegren Brewing Company's Nighthawk Schwarzbier

Cheers everyone! Your favorite craft beer drinking couple is back and this time we're something unique that requires a little explaining. On-tap is Enegren Brewing Company's Nighthawk German-Style black lager, aka a Schwarzbier. Nighthawk is dark and roasty with notes of chocolate and coffee, but don't let the dark look and flavor profile fool you; Nighthawk is light and easy to drink. We've also got your explanation of what a Schwarzbier is, as well as some great food pairings that would go...


Port Brewing Board Meeting Double Brown Ale

Grab your surf boards everyone, it's time for a Board Meeting, and we're not talking about that conference room snooze-fest. We're reviewing Port Brewing Company's Board Meeting Double Brown Ale, the type of meeting you want to attend. Brewed with local San Diego coffee and cocoa nibs from San Francisco, this double brown ale does is not lacking in flavor as it dances across your tongue. But with multiple brown ales reviewed on the show thus far, where will Port's offering stand amongst the...


Arrow Lodge Brewing Kirb Your Enthusiasm

Cheers everyone! Looking for some cold brew as the weather warms up? We may have you covered. We're reviewing Kirb Your Enthusiasm Coffee Kolsch from Arrow Lodge Brewing in Covina, CA. Kirb Your Enthusiasm has plenty of coffee flavor, but it's also light and good to go for the warmer weather. What beer do you like to throw in the fridge as the weather warms up? Make sure to follow the show on all social media outlets @BeerHarmonyShow and check out for even more beer!...


Alesmith Brewing Nut Brown Ale

Cheers everyone! Your favorite beer drinking couple is back and we're reviewing a beer that might be one of the crowd pleasers of all crowd pleasers; Alesmith Nut Brown Ale. Spoiler Alert: Both Greg and Shannon are big fans of this versatile brown ale. Nut Brown goes great with many different types of foods and drinks great on it's own. How do you feel about Nut Brown and other brown ales? Make sure to follow the show on all social media outlets @BeerHarmonyShow and check out...


Solarc Brewing Shower Beer

Rise and shine! Sometimes you need a shower beer to get things going in the morning, it's ok, we're not judging. In fact, we have your back. If you're looking for a shower beer, we're reviewing a beer that might be right up your alley. Solarc's Shower Beer is brewed with both Sumatran coffee and Nilgiri tea which adds layers of complexity and flavor but is still light enough to drink in the shower. Do you have a favorite Shower Beer? Make sure to follow the show on all social media outlets...


Kona Brewing Company Koko Brown

Need to go on a tropical vacation without hopping on a plane? We're reviewing Kona Brewing Company's Koko Brown Ale brewed with Toasted Coconut. If you're looking for a brown ale that has an amped up flavor, this might be the beer for you. Classic brown ale flavor with a nice mouthfeel leads into some coconut-y flavors with notes of sweetness and creamy in the mouth. But half of the couple is allergic to coconut! Make sure to follow the show on all social media outlets @BeerHarmonyShow and...


New Belgium Brewing Accumulation White IPA

Have the winter blue's got you down? Well we have the answer. One of the problems with winter beer is that it can tend to get a little dark and heavy after a while. Well we may have the answer for your heavy gravity blues; Accumulation White IPA from New Belgium Brewing. Accumulation is a great mix of wheat and IBU's, cutting through some of the bitterness for those that aren't too crazy on hops. We have a full review from two perspectives on Accumulation, and think it'll go great with some...


Firestone Walker Mocha Merlin Valentines Special

Happy Valentines Day everyone and welcome to the official launch of the Beer Harmony podcast! In honor of Valentines Day (and the big launch), Greg and Shannon are reviewing the perfect dessert beer; Firestone Walker's Mocha Merlin coffee infused oatmeal stout. Mocha Merlin is the classic Velvet Merlin infused with local coffee, cocoa nibs and some sort of magical goodness. We provide a full review of the beer, as well as pairings and suggestions for Valentines Day, or any other. Make sure...