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40: The Geezer's Guide to Atlanta Festivals

Upcoming things in ATL: The Cheese Festival, Historic 4th Ward Atlanta - September 28 $35+ []( St. Paul and the Broken Bones - September 28 $40+ []( Flux Projects Grant Park - September 27-30 Free...


39: #39 - Deep Fried Jade Eggs

We've updated our house and Erin has an exciting diet update that leaves Joel gasping for air. Is that a good or bad gasp? Listen to find out! Jenna Alexander - []( Recipe - warm lentil pate - []( Fizzy wateras bb) Say hello - find us on instagram, your favorite podcast app (leave us stars please) or...


38: #38 - The Diet that Started a Riot

We're doing a new diet and have the complaints to prove it. Listen to discover who has the most convincing complaints! Say hello - find us on instagram, your favorite podcast app (leave us stars please) or send us an email at We’ll read it on the air. Facebook: []( Instagram: [@Byars.Life]( If you haven’t done so already, please take a minute and leave a...


37: #37 - The Southern Bourgeoisie

**Joel and Erin visit the Decatur Book Festival for some family, food, and fun...BUT mainly food! 😀** **Decatur Book Festival** * Labor Day event that started in 2006 * Largest independent book festival in the country and top five overall; 17 venues * Parade * Book signings * Author events - readings and panels * Vendors - old books * Children authors * Festival food - Fontis water **Cafe Alsace** * Broccoli and goat cheese quiche with peach gazpacho * Chicken salad salad * Kitsch-y -...


36: #36 - Live Couples Therapy

Joel and Erin sit down post kitchen renovating to reveal their secret to being married over a whole year! Here's a hint, it involves Joel driving to Home Depot with their dog Guinness. This is a fun episode full of new insights into the Byars.Life family that we hope you enjoy as much as they do. Facebook: []( Instagram: [@Byars.Life]( If you haven’t done so already, please take a...


34: #34 - It Ain't Stalking if You're Married

Joel goes to LA and Guinness goes to camp. The Lifers are back fresh from a trip to LA. Joel shares all his experiences performing at the Comedy Store and interviewing celebrities, but Erin is more interested in what food he ate. So prepare for some fun stories of Joel's new stake in comedy in between his foodie tour of LA. It's a lot of funny and food in this one! **Memorable Moments** * Kitchen update = don’t ask, don’t tell * Joel goes to LA * Sqirl * The Pie Hole * Hermit Falls * Night...


33: #33 - Everything in Moderation, Including Marriage

Joel and Erin take Atlanta by storm, literally! They brave a monsoon to trek Atlanta in search of carbs and cinema. Tune-in to see what happens! **Memorable Moments:** * Surviving a monsoon in Midtown * Joel breaks his sober streak * Tako eating contest. * Erin’s hobby is breaking Joel’s willpower. * Is a 7:30pm movie too late? * Guinness is the answer. What is the question? **Where Did We Go?** * Funny Girl * Takorea * Publik House * Fox Theater - Coca Cola Summer Film Festival * Funny...


32: #32 - Joel Byars: The Soy Boy Conspiracy Theory

It's summertime in the Byars Life! Join Joel and Erin on their epicly delicious (and sweaty) trip to Steel City Pops in Decatur, GA. Erin was craving doughnuts, so Joel compromised on some popsicles that turned out to be way more than he bargained for. Tune-in to hear the full story behind these "popsicles" dipped in chocolate and syrup. Enjoy! **Must hear mishaps:** * Joel discovers he's a "soy boy" * Guinness causes a scene on the podcast * Tearful wedding stories * Joel challenges...


31: #31 - Cake is My Spirit Animal

More cake! Joel and Erin celebrate a family birthday with cake and biscuits. They also share their tales of shopping for deals, mainly Joel's Dad hats, at the Alternative Apparel warehouse sale. Great info is also shared about Atlanta's Fox Theatre Coca Cola Summer Film Festival and Hot Breath! Podcast's new interview with Bo Burnham and Elsie Fisher of the movie Eight Grade. It's a good one! **Must hear mishaps:** * We discover Erin's "cake face" * Joel's mom makes biscuits so Erin will...


30: #30 - Eating is My Party Trick

Joel and Erin have a cheesecake bake off in honor of his mom's surprise 60th birthday. This hilarious episode also reveals Erin's "cake voice" and why Joel is now wearing "skinny britches." Don't worry, there was also Thai food on the menu and Joel's Queer Eye hair routine that makes even Erin cringe with metro fomo. Thanks for listening! **Must hear mishaps:** * Erin has a conniption * The evolution of Joel’s pants * Joel’s hair care ritual * Cake voice origin story * Atlanta’s best Thai...


29: #29 - It's Not You, It's My Tone

This is the perfect Fourth of July episode to catch up on all the Byars Life antics. Joel and Erin update you on their latest and greatest home improvements, or lack thereof. They also revisit their favorite past episodes and as usual remind each other why the other is wrong. Tune-in for your favorite bad marriage advice with southern flair. **Must hear mishaps:** * Our recap of our favorite episodes * Erin breaks a toilet (literally) * Clay mask mistakes * Tree removal and panic attacks *...


28: #28 - Immigration Rallies for Beginners

Joel and Erin get woke in this week's inspiring episode featuring stories from their experience at the Families Belong Together Rally in Atlanta. Listen to learn how you can take action from speeches by influential civil rights icon John Lewis. This is one you can't afford to miss! **Must hear mishaps:** * Dog sitting disaster * Getting woke * Marching in the heat * Seeing John Lewis live * Joel’s embarrassing outfit **Thoughtful thoughts:** * “We went there instead of working on the...


27: #27 - Joel Hates Kids

Joel and Erin take a break from Netflix's Queer Eye to attend a live recording of Pod Save America and celebrate their niece's second birthday. One of these activities involves our dog Guinness humping his new girlfriend, Cricket the Jack Russell Terrier, in public. Listen to find out which it is! Facebook: Instagram: @Byars.Life


26: #26 - French Tucks and Shoe Closets: Self-Prescribed Queer Eye Makeovers

All married couples need to watch Queer Eye on Netflix. Listen to hear our secret relationship advice learned from hours of TV screen time with our favorite Fab 5\. We recorded this episode on a crisp Sunday morning with the birds chirping and our Aztec Clay masks rapidly binding our mouths shut. Enjoy! Facebook: Instagram: @Byars.Life


25: #25 - Day Drinking, Allergies, and Inspirational Quote Rants

Hey ya'll, we devoted our Saturday to drinking local craft beer all in the name of podcasting. The family owned Tucker Brewing Company opened their taproom and beer garden to thousands of local beer drinking connoisseurs for grand opening you have to hear to believe. This episode is a reflection of our one of a kind experience recorded while Erin is high on Benadrly. Tune-in to have your thirst for entertainment and beer quenched! Facebook:...


24: #24 - Ciao, Y’all: Italian Comfort Food and Wine with Southern Charm

We travel across the Tennessee map to discover our Italian comfort food destination, La Cucina Italian Kitchen. This hidden gem located in Mountain City, TN is a foodie experience you have to eat to believe. Milan, Italy native Matteo Torri cooks from scratch authentic hand-made Italian dishes, many inspired from family recipes, using locally sourced farm fresh ingredients. This episode is full of heart, just like his recipes....


23: #23 - Kombucha Won’t Get You Drunk

We ended up getting too drunk to podcast at last year's Fermentation Fest. So we decided to revisit this year and explore all the fermented fun Atlanta has to offer, sober. There is way more than you'd expect. Cozy up with a kombucha and join us on this fermented journey with Cultured South and Golda Kombucha! There's no better way to celebrate the Spring season than with some strawberry pickin'. So we strapped on our overalls, aka sunscreen, and took a visit to the family owned Washington...


22: #22 - The Appropriate Outfit for Strawberry Picking

There's no better way to celebrate the Spring season than with some strawberry pickin'. So we strapped on our overalls, aka sunscreen, and took a visit to the family owned Washington Farms right here in Georgia. Thanks for picking this episode to listen to! Get it? Picked! OK, on with the show... Facebook: Instagram: @Byars.Life


21: #21 - Happy Mother's Day: Nobody Cares About Your Diet!

We took our mind off Whole30 this week by visiting our favorite pop up market, Root City! Besides having our first on-air "altercation," you can also hear fun stories of doing "power yoga" with Dirty South Yoga, sewing flowers with TopStitch, and hand blocking tea towels with Kari Fisher Designs. All of this in the name of Mother's Day! Facebook: Instagram: @Byars.Life