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#95 | Booze and Vinyl

Booze and Vinyl By André Darlington and Tenaya Darlington Suzy Chase: Welcome to the Cookery by the Book podcast with me, Suzy Chase. Andre: I'm Andre Darlington, this is Tenaya Darlington and we're talking about our new book, Booze and Vinyl. Suzy Chase: In Booze and Vinyl, you wrote, "in the semi-darkness, the amp and tuner of our father's hifi glowed like the dashboard of a car on a dark highway." Suzy Chase: Talk about memories of listening parties at home. Andre: Our father was a...

#94 | The Vintage Baker

The Vintage Baker More Than 50 Recipes from Butterscotch Pecan Curls to Sour Cream Jumbles By Jessie Sheehan Suzy Chase: Welcome to the Cookery By The Book podcast with me Suzy Chase. Jessie: Hi. I am Jesse Sheehan and I have written a cook book called The Vintage Baker that I am very, very excited to talk to Suzy about. Suzy Chase: Your vintage baking booklet collection inspired you as you wrote this cookbook. Tell us a little bit about your collection. Jessie: Sure. So it was over...

#93 | The Flavor Matrix

The Flavor Matrix The Art And Science Of Pairing Common Ingredients to Create Extraordinary Dishes By James Briscione with Brooke Parkhurst Suzy Chase: Welcome to the Cookery By The Book Podcast with me, Suzy Chase. James: I'm James Briscione, author of the new book The Flavor Matrix, which I wrote with my wife Brooke Parkhurst. Suzy Chase: Let me just start with a few of your impressive titles. Director of Culinary Research at the Institute of Culinary Education, ICE. Celebrity Chef....

#92 | The Berkeley Bowl Cookbook

The Berkeley Bowl Cookbook Recipes Inspired By The Extraordinary Produce Of California's Most Iconic Market By Laura McLively Suzy Chase: Welcome to the Cookery by the Book Podcast, with me, Suzy Chase. Laura: I'm Laura McLively, and my new cookbook is the Berkeley Bowl Cookbook. Suzy Chase: Epicurious just named the Berkeley Bowl Cookbook one of the it cookbooks for Spring 2018. Tell us about Berkeley Bowl and the owners. Laura: So, Berkeley Bowl is a family-run market. They, Glenn...


#91 | Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ Master Your Grill In Seven Sauces By Bill Kim with Chandra Kim Suzy Chase: Welcome to the Cookery by the Book Podcast with me, Suzy Chase. Bill Kim: Bill Kim from Chicago. Own two restaurants called Urban Belly and BellyQ, and we have a cookbook called "Korean Barbecue Master Your Grill in Seven Sauces". Suzy Chase: You were born in Korea and raised in the Midwest, now how hold were you when you moved to Chicago? Bill Kim: I was seven years old. Suzy Chase: I would love...


#88 | Vegetarian Viet Nam

Vegetarian Viet Nam By Cameron Stauch Suzy Chase: Welcome to the Cookery by the Book Podcast, with me, Suzy Chase. Cameron: Hi, I'm Cameron Stauch, and my new cookbook is Vegetarian Viet Nam. Suzy Chase: It was so great to meet you at the International Association of Culinary Professionals, IACP Conference, last weekend here in New York City. Do you have any fun highlights from the conference, other than meeting me? Cameron: Meeting you was great, that was great that we were able to...

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