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Join Nicky Lasagna from DudeFoods.com and former Milwaukee morning show radio host Wes McKane as they talk food news, drinks, life, and then inevitably go way off topic to discuss things like strip clubs, flying cars and tunneling through the center of the Earth....

Join Nicky Lasagna from DudeFoods.com and former Milwaukee morning show radio host Wes McKane as they talk food news, drinks, life, and then inevitably go way off topic to discuss things like strip clubs, flying cars and tunneling through the center of the Earth....


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Join Nicky Lasagna from DudeFoods.com and former Milwaukee morning show radio host Wes McKane as they talk food news, drinks, life, and then inevitably go way off topic to discuss things like strip clubs, flying cars and tunneling through the center of the Earth....








Don’t worry, she’s wearing a hairnet!

Wes thinks that Nick should collaborate with the lady that sat in a bathtub with $150 worth of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, Nick has people on Twitter worked up once again over his new SpaghettiOs burger bun recipe and the guys discuss the Quarter Pounder scented candles from McDonald’s, the most and least liked pizza toppings in America, whether or not eating food off of naked ladies is up to health code & more!


The Costco sample ladies are bullies!

People are going crazy - and not in a good way - over the Deep Fried SpaghettiOs that Nick made, Wes thinks the free sample ladies at Costco are too pushy and the guys discuss new Valentine's Day bouquet ideas, the woman who posed as a police officer to get free food from restaurants & more!


The X-rated Easter egg hunt!

Wes has an idea for an X-rated Easter egg hunt, Nick got another gym membership mainly for the free pizza and bagels that they offer and the guys discuss their three month absence from podcasting, kiwi on pizza, the vegan customer suing Burger King because they cook their Impossible Whoppers on the same grills as their regular Whoppers & more!


8 Jack Fires neat!

Nick might be getting catfished, Wes thinks that brownies are basically the same as cookies and the guys discuss putting mayonnaise on your Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, the couple that’s suing Taco Bell over the price of their Chalupa Cravings Box & more!


That’s my hard earned beer!

Wes thinks that the entire country of Italy is unoriginal, Nick is convinced that he makes the best guacamole and the guys discuss the third graders who ditched school to go to McDonald’s, guinea pig ice cream, the woman who was arrested for feeding meth laced bean dip to her coworkers & more!


It helps me stay humble!

Nick has been hard at work making deep fried ice cream balls for the new bar his wife is running, Wes wants Nick to take improv classes and the guys discuss the CEO of Whole Foods saying that plant based meats aren’t healthy, The Popeye’s employees who got held up at gunpoint when they ran out of chicken sandwiches, Jägermeister’s new spiked cold brew coffee & more!


I'm a modern day Robin Hood!

Wes thinks that giving his kids salmonella poisoning might help them lose weight after they spent all summer being lazy and playing Fortnite, Nick considers himself a “modern day Robin Hood” after getting $200 worth of free sandwiches from McDonald’s and handing them out to the homeless and the guys discuss the least expensive cities for drinking, Pumpkin Spice SPAM & more!


Don’t wash your meat!

Nick gives his review of Burger King’s Impossible Whopper, Wes went to the Wisconsin State Fair and didn’t even eat a single thing while he was there and the guys discuss people who wash their meat before cooking it, Minneapolis banning drive-thrus & more!


Subway’s meat already tastes meatless!

Wes recaps his trip to Europe, Nick doesn’t know what to do about a snack company that keeps claiming he developed a recipe for them when he didn’t and the guys discuss Subway’s new meatless meatball subs, a bracelet that will shock you whenever you eat fast food & more!


I just wanna look good and eat like garbage!

Nick finally cut his hair, Wes was wrong about the history of avocados and the guys discuss KFC’s new Colonel, Subway’s new Halo Top milkshakes and a potential new pill that researchers are working on that could allow people to eat as much as they want without gaining weight.


Honey ham hocks!

Wes has a new nickname for his fiancé’s legs, Nick has another new nickname for himself and the guys discuss KFC’s new Cheetos Chicken Sandwich, which gas station chains have the best food, the highest grossing restaurant chains & more!


You eat like a goat!

Nick puts too much dressing on his salads, Wes bought too much clearance ham and the guys discuss pineapple burritos, Walmart’s new grocery delivery service, the Taco bell customer who called 911 after Taco Bell ran out of tacos & more!


Crispy fried chicken skin!

Wes decided to let Nick perform he and his fiancé’s wedding ceremony since Nick is ordained as a reverend, Nick is annoyed that a local restaurant charged him extra to swap out his fries for a side salad and the guys discuss KFC selling crispy fried chicken skin, Belgian doctors saying that parents who raise their children as vegans should be prosecuted & more!


Chocolate shakes!

Nick’s mom keeps making him go to Applebee’s, Wes got engaged — after a lot of drama — and the guys discuss how to choose the shortest grocery store line, the history of Hawaiian pizza & more!


If wanting good fries is a crime arrest me right now!

Wes hates cold brew coffee, Nick had a terrible Applebee’s experience and the guys discuss Wendy’s bringing back their Spicy Chicken Nuggets thanks to Chance the Rapper, which fast food restaurant has the best fries, the Cincinnati man who lost weight by drinking nothing but beer for 46 days & more!


Dud Foods

Nick thinks he’s going to become a famous fashion designer, Wes has an idea for a few different websites that he thinks can compete with DudeFoods.com and the guys discuss bull testicle flavored beer, Wisconsin being the #1 state for frozen pizza consumption & more!


The Theory of Everything

Wes doesn’t think that Nick puts enough effort into his blog, Nick is annoyed that the microwave jalapeño poppers that a company sent him have 9 poppers in each box but they only give instructions for microwaving 3 poppers at a time and the guys discuss the International McDonald’s items that are coming to the U.S. this summer, the time they were on a Food Network show & more!


Mayonara sauce!

Nick thinks that Heinz — along with all their other bottled mayo and ketchup mixes — should start selling a mixture of mayonnaise and marinara called "Mayonara," Wes is back from his “international business trip” and is mad that any time he orders fajitas he never gets enough tortillas on the side to go with them and the guys once again discuss their idea for edible men's underwear made from beef jerky, the woman who wants to use one of Nick's photos as part of a 12 step program about food...


Homeless reporting!

Wes is worried that cows will overrun the Earth if too many vegetarians exist, Nick wants to send homeless people to all the food and drink events he gets invited to so they can review them for DudeFoods.com and the Dude Foods Podcast and the guys discuss why you shouldn’t use the touchscreen ordering systems at McDonald’s, whether or not Hardee’s should be referring to their new Grilled Cheese Bacon Thickburger as a grilled cheese, Burger King’s new Impossible Whopper & more!


You can put it under your pergola!

Nick finally made one of Wes’s recipe ideas, Wes has beef with Brussels sprouts and the guys sample different Southern Comfort drinks as they discuss IKEA’s chocolate Easter bunny that you have to assemble yourself, whether or not music can affect the taste of aged cheeses & more!