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7. Hyphenated Foods

Hyphenated Foods Join your two favourite academic gastronauts for an exploration of dishes with a hyphen! From Tex-Mex to Chinese-Peruvian, the emergence of hyphenated food is a symptom of globalisation, migration and cultural exchange. This episode features Katrina Kokolari, a scholar of Polish-American cuisine. Following Katrina's recommendation, the Prof prepares a gastronomic vision in pink. Follow us on @DrScoffProf


6. Smithsonian - Food at the National Museum of American History

There are some exciting things happening around Food History in the United States right now. To find out about some of these, the team chat to Dr Ashley Rose Young, a food history guru who works with a team of curators and historians as part of the American Food History Project at the National Museum of American History (part of the Smithsonian). Plus Dr Scoff cooks up a delightful twist on Chef Ed Lee’s Korean donuts. A few points to clarify just in case: Ashley is not the head of the...