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Social Eating

Social Eating! Breaking bread with others is a basic human custom but one which delivers personal and social well-being. In the latest podcast from Dr Scoff and the Prof, food gets communal with chat about the history of eating together and dining out. There's also jam - and who doesn't like jam? - and a daredevil chilli challenge.


Airline Food (Special episode)

Airline food is terrible, right? Well, it wasn't always so. Come fly with Dr Scoff and the Prof as they take you on a gastronomic journey back to the golden age of airline food and the ambience of the Parisian bistro. Caviar! Wine! Ice cream bombs! This is airline food as you've never experienced it before. Get in touch via Twitter @drbryceevans - especially if you have a suggestion for the name of the show.


1. Sugar

A discussion of the global history of sugar (not as boring as you might think). This is our first episode so we are still experimenting on a few things, let us know what you think, get in touch via twitter @drbryceevans.