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Each week Nicky, Jay and Matt discuss all things food and drink. The good, the bad, the tasty. Tune in.

Each week Nicky, Jay and Matt discuss all things food and drink. The good, the bad, the tasty. Tune in.
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Chicago, IL


Each week Nicky, Jay and Matt discuss all things food and drink. The good, the bad, the tasty. Tune in.






Crossover Like Iverson - Ep 34

This week the boys decided to do a crossover episode. We open by ranking the worst to best coaching vacancies, then whether or not Russell Westbrook's 2nd straight season of averaging a triple-double is impressive or just a detriment to his team. We then transition to Matt and Jay picking the winning NBA food cities based on the current brackets which then culminates to THE ULTIMATE FOOD COURT! Follow Us: Instagram: @eatyaylove Twitter: Facebook:...


Sweet Yay Love - Ep 33

The boys are back this week and they're feeling snacky! They discuss their snacking habits, salty vs sweet preference, favorite snacks (and what you would eat if you only had one choice for the rest of your life), favorite movie snacks, Nicky and Jay battle it out in this weeks episode Food court (Kettle Chips vs Regular Chips), Yay or Nat flaming hots, night time snacks, and we go on a long rant snacks we DON'T LIKE!


Pizza Puff Daddies - Ep 32

This is the podcast you've all been waiting for! It's Chicago week! The boys discuss what they love about Chicago food, what their favorite signature Chicago food is, where they go online to find out what's going on in Chicago food, their favorite Chicago food neighborhood, what cuisine Chicago does best, their favorite Chicago restaurants and dishes, what restaurants they haven't gone to yet that they're looking forward to eating at. Follow us! Instagram: eatyaylove Facebook:...


The Seder Minisode

Jay interviews his friends about the Passover seder meal and what it's like to enjoy it as a vegetarian.


Food Court: Part Chew - Ep 31

The boys are back! This week we're talking seafood. What are their favorite seafoods? Are shell fish better than Fish? Does Sushi count as seafood? Are oysters stupid? Is eating Cheap seafood ok? Baked vs Grilled vs Fried. Favorite types of shrimp and we go overboard on this weeks episode of FOOD COURT!


Stone Cold Mimosas - Ep 30

The boys are back! We all relive our St. Patty's Day weekend (spoiler alert, Nicky's was boring), What we look for in a sports bar, what doesn't count as a sports bar (the list get's long), what we look for on our sports bar menus, and we try to sound tough while ordering mimosas Follow us! Instagram: eatyaylove Facebook: Twitter: @TheYayNetwork Jay: @Jay_Quiles Nicky: @Nickypalooza Matt: @fattreed Music by: @dixon-hill-beats


That Sandwhich Bullied Me in High School - Ep 29

This week the boys are talking kitchen gadgets! What gadget do we use most? Who's a Slap Chop THOT? What are some useless gadgets you've seen?, Why Jay can't get a pet pig and still eat bacon, and with Pi Day happening yesterday what are our favorite pies? Follow us! Instagram: eatyaylove Facebook: Twitter: @TheYayNetwork Jay: @Jay_Quiles Nicky: @Nickypalooza Matt: @fattreed Music by: @dixon-hill-beats


Let's talk soup, not Joel McHale - Ep 28

Jay finally saw Black Panther and immediately following that, the boys talk about T'chicken noodle soup (get it?). More importantly the boys are talking soup! Is Chicken noodle soup the right call when your sick? Broth vs bisque, whose in favor of crackers in their soup?, we all have a love fest for Ramen, and lastly discuss our favorite soups. Shout out to them Thicc Bisques. Follow us! Instagram: eatyaylove Facebook: Twitter: @TheYayNetwork Jay:...


Diet, Discipline, and Hedgehogs - Ep 27

The Slow Carb diet is over! The guys discuss what they learned about themselves, if they broke, what was the hardest part of the diet, will they keep going, and how did they do?! Welcome back bread! Follow us! Instagram: eatyaylove Facebook: Twitter: @TheYayNetwork Jay: @Jay_Quiles Nicky: @Nickypalooza Matt: @fattreed Music by: @dixon-hill-beats


Piece of Crepe - Ep 26

This week on Eat Yay Love Matt proposed that we talk about eggs. Nicky and Jay said no, so naturally we talked about eggs for 30 minutes! We also talk breakfast as a whole, preferred items in omelets, breakfast sandwiches, savory vs sweet, pancakes vs crepes vs waffles vs french toast (french toast wins obviously), and we create our new reggae character...Cauli Brown! Follow us! Instagram: eatyaylove Facebook: Twitter: @TheYayNetwork...


Nitro Cold Bros. - Ep 25

Jay's back so we felt the need to discuss coffee vs. tea! Black coffee vs. coffee with cream, health benefits, tea additions, chai tea, black vs green vs oolong vs white tea (NO ROOBOIS ISN'T TEA), What makes a great coffee shop?, our favorite chain coffee shops, COLD BREW & NITRO BREW (WE FUCKING LOVE IT!), Fancy coffee makers vs drips (Jay knows way too much). Follow us! Instagram: eatyaylove Facebook: Twitter: @TheYayNetwork Jay:...


Endless Shrimp Pimp - Ep. 24

Ruh-roh, Jay isn't here today, so Matt and Nicky get to go wild! It's the Valentine's Day episode, so the boys profess their love for Chicago bar Estero and the great wine company Bota Box. Instead of getting into food, they decide to quit the podcast game and make a trap record. Cookin! Pizza chains, sushi rings, Matt and Nicky are ready to be blinged out in the future. Then they talk about Valentine's Day food and drinks. Sike! They talk about break up food, Galentines/Palentines and...


Thank the Basedgod for Cheat Days - Ep. 23

Are you ready for some nachos! The Super Bowl is this week, and while everyone is stuffing their faces with cheese and chips, the boys will be nibbling on some celery. It's their first week of the Slow Carb Diet, and the boys are talking about what they wish they could have while at a Superb Owl party. Spreads both gambling and table are talked at painstaking length (not really). Loved and Hated spreads. A revelation is made, Super Bowl parties are all about not fancy Hors d'ourves. I'm...


Mystikal Vegans - Ep. 22

Health. It's important, and sometimes eating well is a smart idea. This week the boys talk healthy food. Yay or Nay on protein shakes and smoothies. They gush over the greatness of green juices, and discuss jucing in general. Health fads, they come and go, and the boys talk about the ones they've tried. They also talk about their eating habit failures, of which they have a few. Jay challenges Vegans. And then the boys make the worst decision of all, one month on the Slow Carb Diet. Wilhelm...


The Drink of No Return - Ep. 21

Finally 21, woooooooooooooooo! The boys are talking alchohol this week, and just like a night out on the town the episode is longer than they thought it would be. They start off discussing first drinks, and try to remember their21st birthday. Then the drinks you love and always go to. Do you like to drink with your food? The boys talk food pairings. Then they hit (Announcer Voice) The Drink of No Return! Blackout stories are recounted based on what others told the boys they did. Time for...


Pastafarian - Ep. 20

This week we have friend of the podcast Bo to talk broke folk food! We discuss Marie Calendar pot pies and why they are the most clutch broke folks food, the ultimate broke boy meal (Ramen), the pastafarian lifestyle, the economics of buying a whole chicken, open sandwich etiquette and PB&J for bulking season, why Mexican food is the greatest food for your pocket (shout out to Nachos and Quesadillas), Wendy's is the king of value menus! Follow us! Instagram: eatyaylove Facebook:...


Stramboli, Spumoni, Zamboni Oh My! - Ep. 19

It's a pizzasode! The boys are talking everything Pizza. They talk about favorite chain pizza places. The best drunk food, spoiler alert it's pizza. Best frozen pizza. What's the boys favorite topping? Yay or Nay on pineapple/taco pizza, and are you a jerk for only ordering specialty pizzas for groups? And most importantly, is their such thing as bad pizza or bad sex? All this and more on this weeks episode of Dragon Ball Love! Follow us! Instagram: eatyaylove Facebook:...


The Sad Food Episode - Ep. 18

This is the saddest episode of Eat Yay Love of all time. Jay is out sick this week and Matt & Nicky seem to be feeling sad because of it. Nicky and Matt go deep into struggle foods they ate when they've been broke, Matt recaps the bomb ass dinner he made for Christmas (he popped his spatchcock cherry!), Matt and Nicky recently discover brown butter (minds blown), 2018 Food Resolutions, Nicky tells the story of his juice cleanse/near breakup, go to drinks on New Years (Matt is boring. End...


Latke Flaka Flame - Ep. 17

Return of the Matt! Matt's back this week which is the best Christmas present any of us could ask for. On this weeks episode, we have Chef and Musician Chris Lesage joining us. Matt and Chris tell us their favorite things to cook at home, we discuss cooking for dates, Chris' mortal enemy instant mash potatoes, Christmas food (LATKAS), What food is ok to gift (the answer is baked stuff), Yay or Nay Fruit Cake, Matt has a new found love for green juices, Jay and Nicky bring back the Tinder...


Home Cookin' for the Homies - Ep. 16

This weeks episode of Eat Yay Love Nicky and Jay have a brother on brother love fest discussing home cooking. We discuss the Netflix original documentary series Cooked, our favorite things to cook at home, what we suck at cooking, what we wish we could learn to cook from scratch, and what our most cherished meal is from growing up (Shout out to mami and papi Quiles) Follow us! Instagram: eatyaylove Facebook: Twitter: @TheYayNetwork Jay:...


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