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Drip: A DC Coffee Podcast explores Washington DC’s diverse coffee scene through conversations with cafe owners, baristas, roasters, and regulars. A common thread through every episode is a quest to unlock new perspectives on DC’s coffee and culture. Quite simply, this podcast is meant to brew community by being deliberately curious about coffee and culture.

Drip: A DC Coffee Podcast explores Washington DC’s diverse coffee scene through conversations with cafe owners, baristas, roasters, and regulars. A common thread through every episode is a quest to unlock new perspectives on DC’s coffee and culture. Quite simply, this podcast is meant to brew community by being deliberately curious about coffee and culture.
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Drip: A DC Coffee Podcast explores Washington DC’s diverse coffee scene through conversations with cafe owners, baristas, roasters, and regulars. A common thread through every episode is a quest to unlock new perspectives on DC’s coffee and culture. Quite simply, this podcast is meant to brew community by being deliberately curious about coffee and culture.






Velo Cafe (I Film Coffee Collaboration)

District Hardware & Bike opened at the Wharf on October 2017, adding coffee to its operations through The Velo Cafe. District Hardware originally opened in 1971 on Dupont Circle. In this episode, DC Drip & I Film Coffee bring you a conversation with Jarrett Conway part owner. Velo Cafe Twitter | Facebook | Instagram Vigilante Coffee Rapha Capital One Cafés The Wharf DC Union Market DC Peregrine Espresso CHIKO Swing’s Coffee Roasters Compass Coffee DMV Coffee I Film Coffee


Enveritas (NYC Special Edition)

Enveritas verifies sustainability practices in the coffee supply chain. Carl Cervone, Co-Founder and COO, explores sustainability verification for smallholder farmers and how such information could impact supply chains. Enveritas Sustainability Standards TechnoServe Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Microfinance Rainforest Alliance Fairtrade Organic Coffee Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters Social Enterprise New York C Market MESO Microfinance


Royal Coffee NY (NYC Special Edition)

Royal Coffee New York is a specialty green coffee importer that works with many east coast roasteries and cafes. Brittany Amell, a certified Q grader and Coffee Trader, discusses what it means to work with the people throughout the supply chain and really taste coffee. Royal Coffee New York Facebook | Instagram | Twitter New York C Market Q Grader San Ignacio, Perú Coffee Depulping Nariño Coffee Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters Zeke’s Coffee DC Swings Coffee Compass Coffee Ana...


Paisa Coffee LLC

Paisa Coffee founder Yolima Taborda Rojas was born into coffee, but since starting her own business she has been able to make a name for herself and give back to her community. This episode explores Colombian coffee exporting and importing through her eyes. Website | Instagram | Facebook The Founder's Mind Podcast Commonwealth Joe Baltimore Coffee Fest Swings Coffee Gracefully Coffee Roasters Southeastern Roastery Coffee Vigilante Coffee Coffee Cupping A Hectare of Land Aroma Cafe...


Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters & CORE architecture + design

Explore the architecture and interior design of Commonwealth Joe's (CWJ) Crystal City location with Robbie Peck (CWJ founder) and Allison Cooke (CORE architecture + design principal). We'll also learn how the design process both influenced and reflected brand development at CWJ--a leading provider of nitro cold brew. Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn CORE architecture + design Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn


PerkedDC : Coffee Map & Reviews

Dwayne Baraka created DC's best coffee map--complete with reviews, photos, and rankings! I sat down with Dwayne to discuss why he created the map, how Washingtonians can use it, and how to engage the DC coffee community. Did someone say coffee crawl? If you are interested in a coffee crawl email! Facebook | Instagram | Twitter PerkedDC.Net Milo The Coffee Bar Filter Coffeehouse & Espresso Bar Gregorys Coffee BlueStone Lane Vigilante Coffee


DC Drip: Split Shot Series - Episode 1

Dawn Shanks, Peregrine Espresso’s Head CQM, is a longtime DC barista. She discusses her personal and professional growth alongside the development of DC's coffee scene. Also! Dawn is leading the DC Drip: Split Shot Series, a narrative exploration of the DC coffee community! Episode one is about Cait Lowry’s “The Coffee Bar.” Peregrine Espresso Neighborhood Restaurant Group Buzz Bakeshop Ryan Jensen Blue Collar Cats Murky Coffee | Nick Cho | Trish Rothgeb (Wrecking Ball) Small Planes +...


Southeastern Roastery + Candy Schibli

Southeastern Roastery is the result of Candy Schibli's retirement planning. Hear about what it's like to work a 9-to-5 whilst simultaneously building a roasting company in the heart of D.C. | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram 1kg Mill City Roaster Academy of Coffee Excellence | Williamsburg Coffee and Tea World Resources Institute Organization of American States Coffee Brownie Recipe Todd Arnette Duality Coffee and Whiskey Bar Ascend 2020 DMV Coffee...


Caffè Amouri

Michael Amouri--founder and owner of Caffe Amouri--discusses running a small business, keeping priorities, and his ethos “Quality. Community. Sustainability." Caffè Amouri | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Vienna, Va John Wooden SCA CQI (Coffee Quality Institute) Q-Grading Vienna Idol Khristin Kylio Memorial Fund Ridgetop Coffee & Tea Lake Anne Coffee House Bazin’s on Church Maple Avenue Restaurant Love ‘n Faith Community Cafe Portside Coffee House and Coffee Perfect Brew...


Welcome Gregorys Coffee

Founder of Gregorys Coffee Greg Zamfotis and I discuss his coffee journey, company logo, and bringing an established brand to a new city. Gregorys Coffee Twitter | Instagram | Facebook Washington DC Locations 1000 Vermont, Washington, DC, 20005 1147 20th St, Washington, DC 20036 1900 L, Washington, DC, 20036 Marty Curtis Q-Grading Aeropress Probat Roaster &Pizza Arroz Chef Michael Isabella Laconda Verde Toll Roasting


A Candy Shop for Coffee - Swing's Coffee

Head Roaster Javier Madrano and Future Manager (17th & G Street) Tudor Payson hunker down in the Swings Coffee Alexandria Roastery to explore the history of DC's oldest roaster and discuss reopening a classic location. Swing’s Coffee Roasters Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Instagram (@SwingsCoffee) PEOPLE & TOPICS Daniel Velasquez | Campesino Specialty Coffee Blanchard’s Coffee Roasting Co. Philz Coffee DC Neil Balkcom The Joe Rogan Experience #467 - Peter Giuliano Peter...


Home-Brewing with Diane Contreras (DIY DC Coffee Part 2)

Home-Brewing with Diane Contreras (DIY DC Coffee Part 2) Vigilante director of training and Route 1’s favorite barista Diane Contreras walks through the ins and outs of brewing in the second installment of our DIY DC Coffee series. Grab a pen and paper to start your journey to home-brewing perfection! Follow Diane on Instagram @TheCoffeeTrigger Prep tools Hario Coffee Scale Hario Slim Grinder Encore Grinder Brew Kettle rew devices/methods Kalita Wave Bonavita Curtis...


Home-Roasting with Jesse Breaux (DIY DC Coffee Part 1)

Jesse Breaux (yes, it is pronounced “bro”) kicks off our ‘DIY DC Coffee’ series with everything you need to know to become a master home-roaster. He is also offering a free pound of coffee to Drip listeners--tune in to learn more! Jesse Breaux on Twitter: @JesseBreaux Green Coffee Buying Club Behmore Home Roaster Sonofresco Royal Coffee Cafe Imports Zekes Coffee's DC Chinatown Coffee Compass Coffee The Coffee Bar Is Your Hawaiian Coffee Organic? - Big Fair Trade USA Sweet Marias...


Year in Review with District of Coffee

Lauren Rogers from District of Coffee rejoins us to explore new cafes in 2017, upcoming shops in 2018, and social activism. Also, I share a few #DCCafeStories from regulars and baristas in the middle of the episode. District of Coffee Facebook | Twitter | Instagram New Cafes of 2017 The Velo Café at District Hardware (The Wharf) Pear Plum Café (3064 Mt. Pleasant Street NW) Wheelys Café Blue Bottle Café (Georgetown) Qualia Coffee (Eckington) Crimson Diner in Chinatown serving...


Ebenezers Coffeehouse: Coffee With A Cause

Building community takes work, compassion, and time. Ebenezers Coffeehouse has been intentionally building community since 2006 in DC and abroad. General Manager Heather Corsi and I run the gamut of coffee talk as it relates to the Coffeehouse and its community. Twitter | Facebook | Instagram Organizations Discussed: One Village Coffee Compassion Tea DC Dream Center Just Haiti National Community Church


What is a Frugal Enterprise? District Mugs.

Shreya Bhargava, the founder of District Mugs, sits down to discuss homelessness in the District and how something as simple as a coffee mug can positively impact a person’s life. All of us--even tea drinkers--can make a difference in our community. District Mugs | Facebook | Instagram Discussed in the episode: The Ministry Coffee + Wine Calabash Tea Bar & Cafe Phase 2 Academy Thrive DC A-SPAN Streetsense. Sasha Bruce Youth Work


Not Friendsgiving, Friends Podcast

Two musicians, Philip Basnight and Rhys Tucker, discuss the DC coffee scene. We explore their favorite coffee shops, barista-regular relationships, and connections between coffee and music. After the credits, stay tuned to hear songs from Broke Royal and Sweet Earl Greene. To clear up the roast style conversation, check out the NCA Coffee Roasts Guide. Broke Royals | Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Debut Album... Sweet Earle Greene | Facebook & Soundcloud Organizations discussed: The...


Vigilante Coffee: Origin Story

Chris Vigilante takes us through his journey from island paradise to basement roasting to becoming a staple of DC's "third wave." Even more inspiring is Vigilante Coffee's local and international impact. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook: @VigilanteCoffee


Is it Quail, Koala, or Qualia Coffee

I sit down with Charles Shell, roaster, and Matt Thompson, barista, from Qualia Coffee. We brew a few interesting topics including the roasting process, Qualia Coffee’s philosophy, and what it means to be a true neighborhood cafe. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook: @QualiaCoffee


Meet District of Coffee

Welcome to the first episode of Drip: the DC coffee podcast. Guest Lauren Rogers speaks about her dual role in the DC coffee community as Caffeinate the Capital's founder and curator as well as the co-founder of the blog District of Coffee. Read District of Coffee's article 'DC Coffee Podcast Hits the Airwaves' Twitter: @districtcoffee_ Instagram: @caffeinatethecapital