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Just Forking Around | Conversations about Rockin' Restaurateurs, Creative Chefs, Super Servers, Wicked Winemakers, Fresh Farm

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The podcast show for and about Restaurateurs, Creative Chefs, Kick A** Servers, Wicked Cool Winemakers, Fresh Farmers and anyone who plays a pivotal part in this beautifully insane sexy world of Food and Beverage.

The podcast show for and about Restaurateurs, Creative Chefs, Kick A** Servers, Wicked Cool Winemakers, Fresh Farmers and anyone who plays a pivotal part in this beautifully insane sexy world of Food and Beverage.
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The podcast show for and about Restaurateurs, Creative Chefs, Kick A** Servers, Wicked Cool Winemakers, Fresh Farmers and anyone who plays a pivotal part in this beautifully insane sexy world of Food and Beverage.




#097 - Amanda Smith: How Menehune Chef Brings Cooking Education & Community to Hawaiian Children

Amanda Smith is the Founder and Executive Director of Menehune Chef, a non-profit that offers functional, intuitive, and practical cooking education to children on the Garden Island of Kauai, using all local Hawaiian-sourced ingredients. They work with local chefs and farmers to really infuse the essence of community involvement, sustainable living, and locally-grown ingredients into the lives of these children. Amanda’s vision is to impact future generations – starting with a single poi...


#096 - Dr. Beth Ricanati: The Transformative Power of Challah & One Woman’s Journey to Wellness

Dr. Beth Ricanati is a physician, mother, and the author of Braided: A Journey of a Thousand Challahs. Dr. Ricanati’s debut book chronicles her journey creating a thousand challahs, showcasing a woman’s quest for wellness and peace. She has created a career focused on bringing wellness into women’s everyday lives, especially busy moms juggling life and children, but her book is meant for anyone who is carrying a myriad of responsibilities and rarely takes even a few minutes to stop and...


#095 - Amy Falbaum: The Invisible Backbone of the Hospitality Industry

Amy Falbaum is the founder and president of Amy Falbaum & Associates (AF&A), a global hospitality recruiting firm based out of New York. This is a very different side of the industry than we usually talk about on the show, but Amy has a fascinating story and fills an often-overlooked role for the often-underappreciated people who make our meals and trips truly special. “In recruiting, before even the skillset, we look for that cultural fit and that citizen, that human being with...


#94 - Ani Torosyan: How DishDivvy is Solving the Dinner Dilemma

Ani Torosyan is the CEO and Founder of DishDivvy, an online platform that connects approved home cooks with hungry neighbors. If you’re one of those hungry people, you can download the DishDivvy app to find homemade food with the click of a button – and if you’re someone who makes food with love, you can get paid for sharing it with your community! “Everyone who’s different and bringing something different to the table – literally and figuratively – thank you! We appreciate you.” –Ani...


#093 - Shoop's Delicatessen | Friday Forkisode

One part delicatessen + one part European market + one part cafe = a recipe for a delicious day in Santa Monica. If you want a European delicacy of sweet treat for entertaining your guests (or yourself), Shoop’s Delicatessen on Main Street is the place to be – and if you then want to sit down in for a quick-but-mouth-watering lunch or breakfast, it’s still the place to be. The menu is dense with choices ranging from pancakes and avocado toast to frankfurters and in-house smoke salmon –...


#092 - Chelsea Poling: Natural Tools to Bring Out the Wisdom Within

Chelsea Poling is a certified Reiki Level I Practitioner, natural beauty authority and wellness expert, and the founder Rose Botanica, a natural online health and wellness boutique. Formerly employed by NASA and USAID, Chelsea has worked on behalf of the U.S. government to do everything from procuring parts for the shuttle program to promoting women’s rights abroad – and in the process, she learned some secrets about natural wellness and beauty. Now Chelsea’s mission is to seek out...


#091 - Christopher Mercier: What Goes into Iconic Restaurant Spaces?

People may not understand or even stop to consider the depth or complexity that goes into designing and building restaurant spaces, but today we’re going to learn a LOT more about this often-overlooked aspect of the hospitality industry. Here to discuss what goes into creating iconic restaurant spaces is Christopher Mercier, the founder and principal designer of (fer) studio. You may have seen (fer)’s handiwork at iconic restaurants like Father’s Office in Culver City, Connie & Ted’s in...


#090 - LUIGI al TEATRO | Friday Forkisode

Almost hidden behind a sneaky doorway on 2nd St. in Santa Monica, hungry and curious walkers by are just a few steps away from LUIGI al TEATRO, a secret piece of heaven nestled near Main St. High ceilings, wall frescos of theater actors, and custom furniture direct the diner towards the star of the show: the open kitchen. If you’re lucky, you might even get a smile and a nod from Michelin Star Chef Luigi Fineo (and if you’re like me, you might blush). I went with a group for brunch...


#089 - Charles Duque: The Five French Cheeses You Must Try Before You Die

Did you know that there are over 1,300 different varieties of cheese – just in France? I’m not forking with you! Joining the show to teach us more about these delicious dairy delicacies is Charles Duque, Managing Director of the Americas for the CNIEL (Centre national interprofessionnel de l'économie laitière), AKA the French Dairy Board. Charles also oversees the French Cheese Board, a NYC location for all things fromage. “We’re all overwhelmed these days going into a cheese shop... but...


#088 - Devon Loftus: How Moon Cycle Bakery’s Hormone-Supportive Treats Celebrate Our Cycles & Empower Women

Devon Loftus is the founder of Moon Cycle Bakery, a sweet treat service that delivers hormone-supportive treats to people on their cycle. Devon and her team at Moon Cycle value celebration, empowerment, choice, and knowledge – and the power of a forking delicious brownie. Stigma is used to isolate people, but Moon Cycle is combatting that through community. Together, these Moon Cycle Mamas are breaking down the stigma surrounding menstruation and femininity, striving to reunite people...


#087 - Judging the San Diego Mac n’ Cheese Fest | Friday Forkisode

Two award-winning top chefs, a news station producer, a fine-palated foodie, and a podcast host sit down at a table together – no, this isn’t the first line of a very obscure bar joke, this is what happened at the 4th annual San Diego Mac ‘n Cheese Fest! I had the honor of joining the expert panel of judges at the San Diego Mac & Cheese Fest, and I had a forking blast helping decide the winner of the Best Gourmet Mac n’ Cheese in San Diego. I can’t reveal everything that went down...


#086 - Gino Campagna: Raising the Food IQ of American Families

For over 15 years, Chef Gino Campagna has made it his personal mission to raise kids’ food IQs and help fight childhood obesity, and he has a forking awesome philosophy that helps him tackle this much-needed task: if kids are involved in their food choices and preparations – and having fun! – they’ll be more motivated to try new and nutritious foods. Chef Campagna has created, gotten involved with, or been featured on things like Disney Channel’s Gino’s Kitchen, Italy’s top-rated morning...


#085 - Shelley Callahan: How Children Incorporated Gives Kids in Need an Opportunity to Succeed

Shelley Callahan is the Director of Development at Children Incorporated, meaning she’s basically a media correspondent who gets to share the stories of incredible children all around the world who are given a chance to succeed and thrive in spite of the circumstances they’re born into. “A toast to generosity – because I really believe that when we give back to others, our lives become more fulfilling!” –Shelley Callahan By providing food, clothing, healthcare, and education to tens of...


BONUS - Dr. Tilar Mazzeo: The Story of a Champagne Empire and the Woman Who Ruled It

Ah, champagne... there is something so mysterious, so sexy, so celebratory about this delightful bubbly beverage. But it can be difficult to put our fingers on what exactly this mystical drink represents; maybe it has to do with the trajectory of the drink, the games that were played, and the controversy over the Champagne industry that still translate into each bottle and sip. As we trace back the history of this delicate treat, it’s impossible not to discuss the importance of Barbe...


#084 - | Friday Forkisode

Zinqué cafe exudes LA cool: almost-famous and striving youngs ambitiously scribing their tales to pitch mixed with mature, seasoned, well-dressed dudes and very attractive women. It’s a melting pot of all who have made it and those who are striving to arrive. The vibe is far from pretentious – it’s just cool. Although it’s a French-inspired restaurant, I’m greeted by a handsome man with kind eyes and a British accent. Sitting at a four-top, I appropriately fill it with four plates of...


#083 - Kaitlin Mogentale: How Pulp Pantry is Upcycling Would-Be Waste, Changing the Food System, & Creating Delicious Snacks

In the beginning, there was juice – then there was pulp. But what do you do with it? That’s the question that led Kaitlin Mogentale to found Pulp Pantry, a fruit and vegetable snack company on a mission to usher in a new wave of good nutrition and sustainability that’s accessible to everyone. “A toast to all of the amazing women who are changing our food system!” –Kaitlin Mogentale It all started with a carrot. Kaitlin saw her friend making juice and, always wearing her environmental...


#082 - Ting Feng: Kula Ai & the Future of Agriculture

Did you know we’re living in the future? It became crystal clear for me during this conversation with Ting Feng, CEO & co-founder of Kula Ai & the Kulafoods App. Kula Ai is an Australian-based Agriculture tech startup that's creating sustainable tech to find new ways to feed the world. “We want to find a new way to feed the world.” –Ting Feng They are using two technology-driven approaches to accomplish this forking huge task: the @Kulafoods app that connects users to all of the...


#081 - Malibu Farm Cafe | Friday Forkisode

From the moment you park to dine at the Malibu Farm Pier Cafe, you get the Malibu vibe: fresh, old, new, exciting, chill, and dreamy... and it only gets better from there. After a short stroll, you’re in the restaurant and it feels like Massachusetts has drifted to the West Coast; a little bit of Martha’s Vineyard sprinkled with Chatham charm. And like the Vineyard, this isn’t a cheap trip – but it is forkilicious! Debi’s order: crab cakes with caper aioli sitting gently on a bed of...


#080 - Matthew Mabel: Helping Restaurateurs Be as Good to Themselves as They are to Their Customers

Matthew Mabel is the president and organizational development team leader of Surrender, a boutique restaurant consulting firm that helps restaurateurs run successful businesses and live happy lives. “Why aren’t restaurateurs as good to themselves as they are to their guests?” –Matthew Mabel If you’d ask Matthew what a successful business was back in 1991, when he started Surrender, he probably would have had some numbers and metrics, possibly even a graph. But today he has a new...


#079 - Patrick Smith: What’s Your Food Tribe?

Today we’re chatting with a true food pioneer, Patrick Smith, who is on a crusade to make wellness a sustainable, scalable business model that celebrates local flavors, local chefs, local ingredients, and small carbon footprints – one meal at a time. “Helping people make the connection between food and health is one of the biggest challenges of the century.” –Patrick Smith Patrick is the Founder and CEO of Territory Foods, and he’s using his expertise from the software space to develop...