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The Kitchen Confession podcast dives into the minds and kitchens of chefs, authors, lifestyle experts, foodie friends, bakers and brewers who share their untold kitchen confessions along with insider tips and tricks of the trade. Pull up a chair and join us for a no holds barred kitchen table conversation - you CAN sit with us!

The Kitchen Confession podcast dives into the minds and kitchens of chefs, authors, lifestyle experts, foodie friends, bakers and brewers who share their untold kitchen confessions along with insider tips and tricks of the trade. Pull up a chair and join us for a no holds barred kitchen table conversation - you CAN sit with us!




The Kitchen Confession podcast dives into the minds and kitchens of chefs, authors, lifestyle experts, foodie friends, bakers and brewers who share their untold kitchen confessions along with insider tips and tricks of the trade. Pull up a chair and join us for a no holds barred kitchen table conversation - you CAN sit with us!








Einkorn Cookie Tarts with Janna Bishop

After a disappointing shopping trip to one of Vancouver's most 'premium' grocers, Janna Bishop noticed a glaring gap in the familiar farm to table movement. Her father-in-law, a Canadian grain farmer, pointed out that some of the store's bougie offerings would only nab a cattle feed classification on the international commodities market. So, Janna left a career in clothing design and teamed up with foodie friend Shira McDermott to launch Flourist; a company that sources whole grains and...


Fall Catch Up with Mary and Matt

It's time for another catch up with show producers Mary and Matt who are back to spill on all their autumn kitchen action. Dry brine experiments, vegetarian thanksgiving, and a special holiday teaser. Plus, what on earth is 'cowboy dinner'?


Rum-Butter Frosting with Rita DeMontis

That's right, Rita DeMontis is back, and this week we dive into her personal food journey! She shares how she got started in the kitchen, learning to cook from her mom and how not to grill from her dad; some memorable meals; and reconnecting with her roots during an impromptu adventure in Sardinia. This episode is all about how food, the great equalizer, connects us all.


Stone Soup with Rita DeMontis

Award winning lifestyle and food editor, Rita DeMontis shares her predictions of drastic change for the food industry post-pandemic. She thinks we'll see a shrinking fine dining scene and resurgence of Mom & Pop shops; but most importantly, a re-imagining in the middle, where young chefs and waitstaff no longer tolerate the all-to-common abuse in hospitality. And, we hear how Rita got her start writing for The Toronto Sun and stories of the incredible people she's met over 45 years in media.


Taco Night with Tori Wesszer

Between work, school, sports, and clubs, figuring out what to put on the table is enough to make anyone want to curl into a ball. Registered Dietitian and lifestyle blogger, Tori Wesszer returns to the show to tell us about Fraiche Table, her answer to the dreaded question "what's for dinner?". Plus, we talk about raising kids to keep healthy habits without villainizing junk food.


Lemon Chicken with Vijaya Selvaraju

TV cooking expert and taste-maker, Vijaya Selvaraju, is all about sparking excitement in the kitchen and connecting with people who love food! She enjoys long strolls down the grocery aisle with her husband as they scour stores for new and exciting ingredients to try! Vijaya pulls back the curtain on food media production and tells us how Tik Tok is making waves in the industry.


Grilled Grapes with Roger Mooking

Celebrity chef, restaurateur, TV host, and author Roger Mooking has done it all! At home, Roger's kitchen is his playground, never cooking the same dish twice. He shares a little about his many experiments, including grilled grapes! Plus, despite industry challenges, business owners should get ready for a big boom, as Chef Mooking forecasts an enthusiastic return to the food scene post-pandemic.


Sweetbreads with Rachel Bies

Stuck in the city in the midst of a pandemic, working full-time from home with a toddler, Rachel Bies says, "It felt like jail. You make the best of it but it was time for a change." So, Rachel got her driver's licence, bought a truck and moved her family and Holistic Nutrition practice from downtown Toronto to beautiful, spacious Prince Edward County. She tells us about her adventure raising a "runner," learning to rely on neighbours, and discovering a new terroir east of the big city.


Burrata and Peaches with Afrim Pristine

Cheese Master Afrim Pristine says cheese is a humble, noble ingredient with staggering variety. At his shop, Cheese Boutique in Toronto, you can find more than six hundred types to suit any palate! We chat with Afrim about the art of cheese making and some upcoming trends in the industry - including some mouth-watering plant based options.


Summer Catch Up with Mary and Matt

What's going on in the kitchens behind Kitchen Confession? We flip the script for another catch up episode with the producers of the show, Mary and Matt!


Chicken Vindaloo with Carson Arthur

Landscape designer, author and pro gardener Carson Arthur joins us for a mid-season checkup on our gardens. We talk plant maintenance, harvesting tips and everything you need to know to give your garden a jump start next spring. Carson also shares what he's learned about sous-vide cooking and his favourite new spice combo.


Brazilian Brigadeiro with Mary Oliveira

Mary Oliveira arrived in 2014 with a crazy new concept for Canadian chocolate lovers. With just four basic ingredients, her hand rolled Brazilian brigadeiro became a totally new, "magical" experience for Torontonians. Mary tells us the origin story of brigadeiro and a few milestones from her journey building a business in Canada.


Pad Thai Fries with Matt Basile

It's been three years since we met Matt Basile, founder of Fidel Gastro's, at the Mac and Cheese festival in Milton, ON. In just a few years, he's transformed his pop up food company into a widely recognized catering brand. We catch up with Matt and talk pandemic problem solving from the past year. He shares how he navigated shutdowns and redirected his energy after selling his restaurant just months before COVID-19 struck.


Comfort Cornbread with Jennie Bovard

AMI's Jennie Bovard says her penchant for baking is as much about the mental escape as for the sweet-tooth payoff. She shares her signature corn bread recipe with us, plus a few "food fumbles" from an upcoming episode of her podcast, Low Vision Moments.


Poached Rhubarb with Farmer Lee Jones

The sandy loam is perfect for cultivating rare and unique vegetable varieties near Lake Erie. Farmer Lee Jones tells us why his family farm quit selling by the semi load and became The Chef's Garden. The beautiful recipes in his Modern Guide to Common and Unusual Vegetables is just the nudge we need to find the way to a plant forward future.


Sunday Roast with Fern Lulham

This week, fellow AMI-audio podcaster Fern Lulham stops by with a Kitchen Confession. Not a cook but a lover of food, Fern shares some fond food memories like the time she braved a first-date spaghetti dinner and learning to share the kitchen with a sighted partner! Plus, we get a behind the scenes look at her dating and relationships podcast "Into You" and chat about disclosing a disability to a date.


Victory Garden with Frankie Ferragine

In times of uncertainty gardening gives us a sense of purpose, comfort, and even food security so its no surprise that it's become ultra-popular throughout the pandemic. Canadian author and gardening expert, Frankie Ferragine says it reminds him of the Victory Gardens of World War II. He shares tons of tips to make the most out of any space and start a high yield food garden this season.


Aquafaba Pavlova with Izabela De Paz

After her family moved to a vegan lifestyle in 2017, Izabela "Cake Mama" De Paz found herself competing with her own reputation. She spent months reformulating recipes that could stand up to her old repertoire of fabulous treats and landed smack dab in the midst of a burgeoning plant based movement, where she found popularity among herbivores and omnivores alike. Izabela shares some of her baking secrets with us, including the key to...gasp...a vegan pavlova?!


Strawberry Sundaes with Jason Skrobar

From tweezers to frosting knives, syringes and even a heat gun, food stylist Jason Skrobar carries around some peculiar items to keep food looking fresh! Jason credits Instagram for the spike in popularity of food photography and we get into some of his top tips for getting the perfect shot!


Morel Mushrooms with Michael Hunter

Sumac, watercress, morel mushrooms, wild mint. Those are just a few easy forage finds to add big interest to your cooking! After serving up 10,000 tenderloins throughout his career, chef and restaurateur Michael Hunter turned to wilder fare for more interesting flavours. Michael shares his new cookbook "The Hunter Chef," plus we chat about the ethics of hunting and his clash with an animal rights group outside Antler Kitchen & Bar.