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42 – The blockchain disappearing act

A few years ago everyone was singing the praises the blockchain, how the secure electronic ledger was going to change forever food safety. With the ability to track a single chicken from farm to supermarket shelf, massive food recalls – costing millions and millions of dollars – would become a thing of the past. Forget...


41 – The internet of cows

In livestock production from pigs to chickens to salmon, consistency drives the market. If Ralph’s Supermarket wants chicken thighs at a specific weight, that’s what farmers produce for Ralph’s. In almost all the world’s leading proteins – chicken, pork, and salmon – there has been major breeding programs over the last 50 years for consistency...


40 – Keeping plastic out of your ground beef

Besides the usual things one can count on in life – taxes and death – we might add a third one, more food recalls due to plastic and rubber contamination in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia/New Zealand. This is costing the industry millions upon millions. In the last four years, plastic and rubber recalls...


39 – Has an E coli silver bullet been found?

Over 25-years ago, an outbreak of E coli O157 in Jack in the Box restaurants in the States made people wake up to the fact that their hamburger could kill them. It would seem that the innocence, the fun, the love, American consumers had with burgers disappeared as newspapers became filled with stories about the...


38 Hipster butchers fight back

Throughout the western world one thing you can bank on is that there will be fewer butchers and shops than the year before. But now, a new generation of butchers from Brooklyn to London to Belgium are fighting back against domineering supermarket chains and challenging this trend. What this means is giving people something big...


37 – The risk of African Swine Fever

It started back in 2007 when some hungry, scavenging pigs ate infected pork meat in the Black Sea Republic of Georgia. While the pigs might have died quickly, figuring out what killed them took much longer and that’s where all the problems began. By the time someone reached the ah-ha stage and said: “Hey, that...


36 – The way to the cash register is through the nose

You open-up a jar of instant coffee, break the lid seal with a spoon and you’re greeted with the smell of fresh coffee. Why, because the big companies like Nestles, Kraft, and others realize that the first few seconds that you spend with their product can be the most important ones. However, you open-up a...


35 – Japan and US beef, is the love affair over?

The USA’s largest export market for beef and pork is Japan, but perhaps never before has this market been hanging on tethers such as it is now. With a lack of trade deal, countries that do have one with Japan – including beef powerhouse Australia – are ready to bounce. However, one advantage the US...


34 – Rise of the low meat sausage

In this episode Producer Rhian Owen looks into the boom in UK sausage sales and how it has spawn a trend for low meat sausages. Taking advantage of this trend is fraught with difficulties as the sausage enjoys a protected status under European law, but one enforcer’s rules can be very different from another’s. Rhian...


33 – Chlorination Street

While it might seem hard to believe but once upon a time, the British people weren’t giving a thought to US chicken washed in chlorine, nor were there any US poultry producers even looking on a map to see where the UK was located. The UK poultry industry produced over 70 percent of chicken consumed...


32 – Slow news day

An egg producer comes to your food safety agency about a slightly high level of a very regulated insecticide in his eggs. How it got there, he has no idea, but suspects a detergent he’s been using to control red mites. While it’s above the allowed safety level, it is not by much, so you...


31 – The next poultry Klondike

While once saying the word ‘Klondike’ to a gold prospector brought about a sudden distant look off to the far horizon, today it’s a term used in the finance sector and in the commercial fishing industry to pretty much describe the exact same thing – the next big fishing grounds. In the meat/poultry industry, Meat...


30 – History of Red Meat (part 3) – The future of Red Meat

When we decided to cover the history of the red meat industry, we thought it would be just one episode. We were wrong. After we started looking at the past 100 years of the red meat processing industry, where we are today and where we’re headed as an industry started to make sense. This episode...


29 – Get a grip on jerky

In this episode we’ll be talking about meat snacks, one of the most exciting sub-industries in the world’s meat/poultry whole-shebang. Why do we think this? Taken as a whole – meaning jerky, biltong, salami, salumi, Parma and Prosciutto ham, cured meat, Chinese lap chong, etc – the global meat snack industry is worth today around...


28 – History of Red Meat (part 2) – or why Camelot fell

It’s odd knowing you lived through a Golden Age but I have, the golden age of the meat industry worker. As far as Golden Ages go, this one was actually pretty good as long as you weren’t a cow. It definitely beat the golden age of crossbows and plagues. While it seems unbelievable now, but...


27 – It’s in the gas

It must have been 2004. I was at Brussel’s Seafood, the largest seafood show in the world, and was looking at a mussel company’s display. The mussels were sealed in black plastic boxes, each holding about a half pound of the shellfish. A guy at the stand came over. “How long do you think their...


26 – History of Red Meat (part 1) – The birth of a red meat world

If you visit a modern meat, poultry, or even fish processing plant, you might be surprised at how similar they are – no matter where you are in the world. But what surprise you even more that all our modern plants can be traced back to two Chicago meat packing rivals, who created the system...


25 – How Poland became Europe’s poultry king

When Meat Talk visited Poland, things were getting a bit crazy weather-wise. Hotter than blazes, even the animals were feeling it with livestock going off feed and wolves attacking people. But, besides the weather, something else has been heating up in Poland, something for the last 10 years, and that’s its poultry industry, now rated...


24 – Pet food, the rendering gem (part 2)

In Part I of pet food we talked about how the globally industry will reach somewhere between $78 billion to $94 billion this year – don’t even ask about the value of baby food because it doesn’t even come close. In Part II we will talk about the nuts and bolts of the industry. The...


23 – Pet food gold rush (part 1)

One of the fastest moving, biggest growth industries is not chicken, burgers, plant protein, or even anything for the Millennials. No, it’s food for our four-legged best friends. Whatever you think the global value of pet food is – you’re wrong, it’s a lot, lot more. In this episode of Meat Talk, we’ll be talking...