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A podcast about the Canadian food scene

A podcast about the Canadian food scene
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A podcast about the Canadian food scene








Troublesome romaine in Canada and real talk: Are meal kits worth it?

Who knew romaine lettuce and hot water with lemon could cause such a stir in Canada lately. Not together, naturally, but on our latest More Than Maple Syrup podcast episode, cohosts Phil Wilson and Emma Waverman discuss an escalated situation at a Edmonton restaurant over hot water, the romaine dilemma, "pickled" ice on the menu at a New York restaurant and other topical tidbits of food news to get things started. Following that, the two talk about the pros and cons of meal kits after both...


Restaurant tipping procedures and looking back at The Great Canadian Baking Show S2

So much has happened since last month's podcast episode. Phil Wilson and Emma Waverman are together again and eager to give their final thoughts on the second season of The Great Canadian Baking Show which wrapped last Wednesday. Wilson also had the chance to sit down and chat with one of the show's finalists, Edmonton baker Megan Stasiewich to get some behind-the-scenes insight and find out how she enjoyed her time on the show. Are the bakers on the series really that friendly? That's we...


Appreciating Edmonton's culinary evolution and chatting with Amy Rosen

With her cohost on vacation overseas, Emma Waverman ventures out West to Edmonton to explore the food scene and leaves feeling impressed. She sits down to talk with CBC Edmonton restaurant critic, Twyla Campbell about the evolving Alberta food scene and how she thinks it compares to other parts of Canada. Back in Toronto, Waverman is joined by award-winning writer, author and owner of Rosen's Buns, Amy Rosen to dissect the third episode of The Great Canadian Baking Show. The two are willing...


Dissecting The Great Canadian Baking Show and Prairie cuisine

With the second season of The Great Canadian Baking Show kicking off just last week, cohosts Emma Waverman and Phil Wilson sit down to discuss the show's ten bakers, how the series differs from most other culinary reality shows in Canada as well as the show's standout star, Dan Levy. Who doesn't love a good conversation about Dan Levy? From there, the hosts talk about Prairie cuisine and the upcoming Prairie Grid Dinner Series which kicks off this Thursday in Calgary. Chef Steve Brochu of...


Debating what a "best new" restaurant is and how Canadian chefs can help change food systems

Before we celebrate the dog days of summer over the September long weekend, co-hosts Emma Waverman and Phil Wilson talk about the Ontario government’s “buck a beer” campaign while rolling their eyes and also debate the Air Canada enRoute Canada’s Best New Restaurants 2018 list of nominees. Do restaurant lists frustrate a lot of people? Well, we know the answer to this one, at least! From there, Waverman shares her experience on visiting a place called The New Farm where she spent time on a...


Breaking down iconic Canadian foods and celebrating Food Day Canada 2018

We're back from our summer break just in time for you to go away for the August long weekend! Before getting to the main discussion surrounding Food Day Canada and iconic Canadian dishes, the cohosts catch up and discuss the closing of two iconic Toronto restaurants and the new Canadian franchise of Iron Chef (i.e. Iron Chef Canada) which begins filming this month, the recognizable chefs that have dubbed our country's "iron chefs" and if they can stand up to cross-country competition. The...


How online ordering systems can help or hinder independent restaurants

These days, there's nothing a person loves more than simplicity and convenience. As such, online food ordering has thrived in recent years not only in North America, but all over the globe. While Emma Waverman is on vacation, Dan Clapson fills her shoes temporarily to chat with Phil Wilson about some timely Canadian food news from Vancouver all the way over to Newfoundland and to dive deep into the rise of companies like SkipTheDishes, DoorDash and Uber Eats. Bringing some solid industry...


Summer cocktails, the frosé trend and discovering Alberta's unique regional producers

The recent allegations against celebrated winemaker Norman Hardie has people from coast-to-coast talking and for good reason. In our latest podcast episode, hosts Emma Waverman and Phil Wilson take some time to discuss what's happened with the Prince Edward County-based winemaker and with restaurants and liquor stores stuck with inventory of his product. Shifting away from the biggest food news story in the country right now to something a bit more casual: summer nights call for summer...


Getting the scoop on Canadian ice cream and its time in the Instagram limelight

With one of our cohosts on vacation in Ireland, Emma Waverman has no choice, but to get some on-air company by calling over to Dan Clapson in Calgary. With our new podcast format, Waverman and Clapson spend a good chunk of time discussing the pros and cons of artisanal ice cream, food memories and questioning whether or not Instagram has created and encouraged a culture of excessive indulgence, if only for a quick picture, making the food itself disposable. Their verdict? It has. Waverman...


A look back at the ups and downs of Top Chef Canada season six (part two)

There was a lot to talk about this week with the Top Chef Canada season six finale. After cohosts Emma Waverman and Phil Wilson dissected the final showdown earlier this week, there wasn't much time left for interviews. So, "part two" to our latest episode of More Than Maple Syrup, offers some further conversation with Dan Clapson about the 2018 season of the show and also features an interview with judge Mijune Pak and runner-up Mark Singson at Singson's finale party in Vancouver. The two...


A look back at the ups and downs of Top Chef Canada season six (part one)

With its shortest season to date, Top Chef Canada had its eighth and final episode for the calendar year this past Sunday night where four finalists from different regions across Canada were whittled down to two, making it an official west coast versus east coast battle for the crown. Some production decisions regarding Raymonds Restaurant chef de cuisine and finalist Ross Larkin in both the finale quickfire and elimination challenge give our cohosts, Emma Waverman and Phil Wilson, fair...


Women chefs in the documentary limelight and recapping Top Chef Canada Season 6 Episode 7

With sexism in the restaurant industry being more front of mind than ever, we were excited to get a viewing of the new documentary The Heat from filmmaker Maya Gallus. The film--which will be in theatres this summer and hit television in the fall--focuses on female chefs and industry professionals, the kitchen culture that surrounds them and how they are at the forefront of a wave of change. Emma Waverman sits down to chat with one of the film's subjects, writer Ivy Knight, to talk about the...


Canadian farmers' market woes and recapping Top Chef Canada season 6 episode 6

It's not always all peachy-keen when it comes to your local farmers' market. This week, Emma Waverman and Phil Wilson explore some of the behind-the-scenes politics that can arise between vendors at standard farmers' markets, specifically something that went down in Ontario recently, as well as the lack of regulations when it comes to offering "local" produce. In addition to that, a Calgary chef's recent sexual assault charges also spark a passionate conversation between the two co-hosts....


Exploring consumer food product innovation and recapping Top Chef Canada season 6 episode 5

Sometimes when we think of Canada's food scene as a whole, we forget about the consumer foods aspect of it. Last week, Dan Clapson our man about Canada went to Montreal for the SIAL Canada conference and tradeshow to find out a bit more about food product innovation and Canadian companies who are growing organically at a healthy rate with interesting creations. In-studio, cohosts Emma Waverman and Phil Wilson chat about a Toronto restaurant's seemingly racist actions to a table of patrons...


Canadian representation at the James Beard Media Awards 2018 and Top Chef Canada

Last week was a busy one as co-hosts Emma Waverman and Phil Wilson attended two major culinary events (Toronto's Terroir Symposium and Cochon555 in Banff, respectively). Waverman dives into what makes Terroir unique, and Wilson talks about the surprising result of Cochon's first Canadian heritage pork competition. At the James Beard Media Awards in New York City last Friday night, Canadian filmmaker Kevin Kossowan was up for a prestigious award. His fellow nominee, Bon Appetit magazine's...


Craft liquor sales stifled by Supreme Court and recapping Top Chef Canada season 6 episode 3

On the fourth episode of More Than Maple Syrup, writers Emma Waverman and Phil Wilson discuss finding the next generation of Canadian food writers through our new scholarship competition, how one Toronto chef is bringing attention to Bocuse d'Or's old boys club, how the Supreme Court ruling to continue to restrict inter-provincial liquor sales has got people up in arms and other top Canadian news stories. Then, the co-hosts jump right into dissecting the third episode of Top Chef Canada...


What qualities do "best" restaurants possess and recapping the second episode of Top Chef Canada season six

The annual release of the Canada's 100 Best Restaurants list last week still has people talking (and complaining), so hosts Emma Waverman and Phil Wilson sit down Dan Clapson, one of the list's judges to explain the how the restaurant ranking system works and the list's founder and editor-in-chief, Jacob Richler weighs as well. Alexandra Gill provides further insight on the hot topic in this Globe and Mail column from last year. Shifting gears to recap the third episode of Top Chef Canada,...


Compelling Canadian food news and dissecting the first episode Top Chef Canada season six

What do seagulls, pepperoni, Mark McEwan and the popular Filipino fast food chain Jollibee have in common? They are some of the many things that keep the conversation going during our second episode of More Than Maple Syrup. Hosts Emma Waverman and Phil Wilson weigh in on some of more unusual Canadian food news stories of the week before dissecting the premiere episode of Top Chef Canada season six. Dan Clapson also sits down with returning judge, Mijune Pak to get her thoughts on the...


An inside look at Top Chef Canada season six with executive producer Mark Lysakowski

This week on More Than Maple Syrup, hosts Emma Waverman and Phil Wilson talk Top Chef Canada. Which previous competitiors have used the show as a platform to help launch their careers, why being a great chef isn't enough to compete on a show like this; get insight from executive producer Mark Lysakoski and Dan Clapson sits down for a bite with Top Chef Canada: All Stars champion, Nicole Gomes to talk about her upcoming debut on Iron Chef Gauntlet.