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Episode 7 - Dim sum, space manufacturing and odd cinema

Episode 7 is finally up! We had a bit of media coverage recently. Alas, it didn't lead to a deluge of new listeners proving the power of the press is a myth, rather than our product isn't very attractive. Probably. Anyway, in this episode, we discuss dim sum (which Abid hates but doesn't want to) and Ben talks about manufacturing in space and we finish things off with a chat about odd cinema and the time Ben went to see The Artist.


Episode 6 - Tacos, cashew nut trees and A Quiet Place

We're now on iTunes! That means more listeners and more pressure to be professional. Or something. This week we talk about tacos and we review 11 Westside. Ben didn't do his futurology homework so this week he asks questions that have been bothering him for a long time like "what is soil?" And we round things off with film chat, talking about A Quiet Place, directed by Jim from The Office as well as how The Rock is a conservative.


Episode 5 - Tapas, evolution and oscars.

The gaps between shows are getting larger...but we're still doing them! This episode is all about the ripoff that is tapas. Its not bueno in Abid's eyes. We try to change our minds by taking a trip to 22 Ships. Ben also wants to talk about evolution for some reason and there's some late Oscar chat.


Episode 4 - Ramen and HAWT

The fourth episode comes hot on the heels of our trip to Japan. We talk about all things ramen and even try some in HK... much to both our regret. There's more futurology talk about flying windmills and how Australia will become a future "power."


Episode 3 - Malaysian food and panspermia

After a short gap for work reasons (we actually have jobs, amazingly) we're back for episode 3! Huzzah! This edition we talk about Malaysian food, the barbaric Laksa War of 2008 and we review Cafe Malacca. Sidekick Ben's Psychic Corner tackles racism with space jizz (no really) and we've dropped the watch section (stop cheering) and replaced it with films (start cheering?).


Episode 2 - Chicken and language

We've made it to episode 2, and this week we go all in on chicken. Abid reveals his unhealthy love for Nando's, we learn the difference between piri piri and peri peri chicken and we review Hong Kong's "fake Nando's" Flaming Frangos in Soho. Sidekick Ben's Psychic Corner ponders a future with one global language and we finish proceedings with more watch chat.


Episode 1 - Burgers and metric time

In the first ever episode of No Jacket Potato Required, Hong Kong's best (and only) food-futurology-watch podcast, Abid and Sidekick Ben talk about their Mission Statement, or lack thereof, as well as focus the chat on HK's best burgers (along with a cheeky review of Electric Avenue in SYP). We also debut Sidekick Ben's Psychic Corner where we learn, if only a little, about metric time and finally we end things with watch talk.