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Rashmi Uday Singh

Take some Income Tax RaidsStir in a newspaper column for 20 yearsAdd 1 answering machineSprinkle some blind datesPepper in 39 booksServe with barbeque chaas on the side On the season finale of NoSugarCoat, Pooja chats to India’s most popular food critic, Rashmi Uday Singh. She talks about how she moved from writing quasi-judicial orders to writing about food, creating the first restaurant guide in India and how to use Instagram correctly. --- You can follow Rashmi at @rashmiudaysingh and...


Nadine Levy Redzepi

4 acres of farmland1 wholesome roast chickenA job at the world’s best restaurantAdd one super secret love storySome “seal the deal” pastaAnd 1 book of family recipes This week on NoSugarCoat, Pooja calls up cookbook author and home cook Nadine Redzepi in Denmark. They talk about her relationship with food, her work at Noma and her brand new book, Downtime: Deliciousness at Home. --- You can follow Nadine at @nadinelevyredzepi and Pooja at @Poojadhingra For more information, go to...


Prateek Sadhu

1 “super simple” lobster and avocado salad100 kilos of peeled walnutsA zero-waste kitchenA hint of wild lavenderA whole bunch of sea buckthorn1 purple sweet potato & coffee sorbetMix in nostalgia for Kashmiri home-cookingServe with some collard greens on the side This week on NoSugarCoat, Pooja chats with Chef Prateek Sadhu. Originally from Kashmir, he trained at CIA and has worked in restaurants across the US. After spending time in Noma in Copenhagen, he returned to India and is...


Kelvin Cheung

Take 1 Chicago chef1 big leap of faith9 months of struggle1 aggressive fishmongerSome CrossFitA night that shall not be talked aboutAnd multiple picklebacks! This week on NoSugarCoat, Pooja talks to her friend and chef Kelvin Cheung. Raised and trained in the US, Kelvin moved to India 6 years ago to run Ellipsis and is currently the chef at Bastian in Mumbai. --- You can follow Kelvin at @chefkelvincheung and Pooja at @Poojadhingra For more information, go to This is a Maed...


Maunika Gowardhan

1 self-taught cookA private yachtA beagleGarnish with tons of dhaniyaServed with homemade prawn pickle on the side This week on NoSugarCoat, Pooja talks to chef and writer Maunika Gowardhan. Based in the UK, Maunika specialises in authentic indian cuisine and her cookbook Indian Kitchen is a bestseller. Even Mindy Kaling loves it! --- You can follow Maunika at @cookinacury and Pooja at @Poojadhingra For more information, go to This is a Maed In India Production; check them out...


Matt Chitharanjan

Start with a boring finance jobAdd unlimited cups of coffeeThe plume of a peacock7 tons of coffee beansOne super hot dry cappuccinoMix well with 100% Arabica coffeeEnjoy your cuppa! This week on NoSugarCoat, Pooja learns all about coffee from Matt Chitharanjan of Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters. Matt and his wife Namrata built this online coffee business starting from their home and currently run multiple cafes and barista training workshops alongside their subscription company. --- You can...


Gary Mehigan

10 seasons of MasterChef AustraliaThe perfect eclair5.5 million people1 lemon curd tart1 rustic butter chicken recipeBrutal 12-14 work hours for 10 days straightMix well and fold into one laccha paratha This week on NoSugarCoat, Pooja calls up Gary Mehigan in Australia. Trained in London, Gary is one of the most popular chefs in Melbourne. And of course, he is a judge on the extremely popular cooking show, Masterchef Australia! --- You can follow Gary at @crispycrackling and Pooja at...


Garima Arora

This week on NoSugarCoat, Pooja sits down with Chef Garima Arora of Restaurant Gaa in Bangkok. This Le Cordon Bleu trained chef has worked in some of the best restaurants in the world including Noma and Gaggan. She now runs her own restaurant in Bangkok. --- You can follow Garima at @arorgarima and Pooja at @Poojadhingra For more information, go to This is a Maed In India Production; check them out at


Thomas Zacharias

A bound book of Grandma’s recipes1 asparagusSome phodshi1 year at Le BernadinAn epic journey through IndiaA fateful meeting with Massimo BotturaBowls of drumstick soupLots of karaoke A generous helping of Irksome Bliss This week on NoSugarCoat, Pooja chats with Chef Thomas Zacharias from The Bombay Canteen. Trained at Culinary Institute of America, Thomas has previously worked at Le Bernadin in New York and Olive in Bangalore and Mumbai. --- Follow Thomas at @cheftzac and Pooja at...


Pablo Naranjo Agular

1 Chef's knifeA slightly drunk parrotMany sunny side up eggs1 finely washed radishAn unmarked pork shoulder3 Michelin Star Restaurant2 Michelin Star Restaurant1 Michelin Star RestaurantSome Bhut Jholakia to tasteAnd one pink latte to go On this episode of NoSugarCoat, Pooja talks to Chef Pablo Naranjo Agular from Le 15 Cafe in Mumbai who grew up in Colombia and trained at Le Cordon Bleu before moving to India a few years ago. Follow Pablo at @chefpablonaranjo and Pooja at...


For Starters

Welcome to Pooja Dhingra’s brand new podcast, NoSugarCoat where she talks to chefs, entrepreneurs, friends and mentors about the blood, sweat, tears and all other ingredients that go into making it in the food industry. In this teaser episode she sits down with Mae of Maed in India, to discuss, - Her plans for world domination - How to order macarons from Le 15 patisserie anywhere in the country. - Giving up sugar - What to expect from this season of NoSugarCoat by Pooja Dhingra! Tune...