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9: Sluggy salads, not-so-grande lattes & the sausage that outraged a nation!

Making news this week: The Bunnings sausage/onion saga is the food story that has dominated the headlines ... and the haters haven't finished complaining yet. Find out what's next planned. We discover that Queen Elizabeth and the Masterchef judges have a lot more in common than we realised. We ask, is your barista ripping you off? And we find out about the new drink that's claiming to be the ultimate companion to your favourite burger ... and it's not beer!!


8: Killer bees, wide-eyed fish & a cookbook to cure the mother of all munchies

Making news this week; one of the world's biggest rappers drops a new cookbook; bees threaten a New York institution; a catch that seems too fresh to be real; and we think we've found the BEST job in the world for cheese lovers!


7: Margaritas with a dark twist, cockroaches for breakfast & what to feed a dying dog

On the menu today - if you choose - there's new ways to eat cockroaches, new ways to use EVERY part of a pig in cooking AND drinking and how a burger empire is helping a sick dog happy during his last days.


6: Edible icons, hotdog heroes, H20 to get you high & will coffee kill you?

Just like a bulk purchase of your favourite tuna on sale at your nearest supermarket … we've jam packed Episode 6, thanks to a huge week of food news. There's national icons on the menu (like, literally). We talk truck rollovers being a scab's dream come true. There's cannabis water, yet another study on whether coffee is good or bad for you ... and for the carb-lovers, there's muffin news to make you drool and hot dog news that'll probably make you gag. Bon Apetite!


5: Burgers for babies, meat for vegetarians & should we be bottling our dog's wee?

Burgers for babies, meat for vegetarians & should we be bottling our dog's wee?


4: Vegemite shakes, a one-dish wonder & the most expensive pair of melons in the world

This week we talk about the most-talked about fruit smoothie in Australia, but ask "what's with all the hype?". Speaking of hype, we talk about why Pete Evans is in the bad books again. We find the perfect restaurant for anyone who likes to keep food & eating simple (& delicious of course!) And a couple of very expensive melons has us, well, a little lost for words!


3: Royal menus, doughy delights & why every sweet-tooth should start dreaming big!

This week we indulge in a little Royal Wedding chat. But we've all heard enough about the dress, and the speeches and the Markle family in general, so now … it's time to talk the food! We ask what makes a doughnut, a doughnut? We ignite our Willy Wonka dreams with news one of the world's biggest visionaries has chocolate dreams of his own. And speaking of sweet things, some of your favourite baked goods might not taste as good as they should, because of a global shortage of one key...


2: Generation-UBER, BYO cheese & who’s ruined ANZAC day?

This week we talk UBER EATS and how it might just be the new “smashed avo”; we discover which picky food eaters have managed to ruin the best thing about ANZAC day & we ask “is nothing free anymore?”


1: A salty thief, a yeasty crust and has deconstruction gone too far?

Are cafes just having a laugh with all this deconstruction business? And can pizza actually get better? Taylee & Rosie nibble their way through those questions alongside some of the best Food News from around the globe this week.