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The underground of food and roots of a chef

I'm back! I have been traveling and working quite a bit but i am back in the groove. This episode was recorded at WKZE in Kingston for the show Kingston Happenings with Kevin Godbey and Veronica Fassbender. We chat about everything from how underground music influenced our food to why Vegan burgers at Burger king are NOT a good thing. Http:// FB Instagram Twitter @chefricorlando


Live from Taormini, Sicily, with Chef Amy Sins

What A Trip! While I was hosting my food tour of Sicily, Amy Sins, a chef from New Orleans with whom we have mutual friends, was also hosting a food tour of Sicily. Not only were we in Sicily at the same time, we were both in Taormina, about 1000 meters away from each other. So, we have some drinks along with my friend and travel Agent Virginia Barthel. We chatted over vodka and pizza until we closed the joint down! Enjoy and REVIEW, FOLLOW, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE! Here are my other...


Andy Shernoff: Food & Wine & Rock 'n Roll

This special episode of One Million Stringbeans features my conversation with N.Y. Punk Rock Legend and current "Woodstocker" Andy Shernoff. Andy formed one of NY's first "punk" bands the Dictators in '73. They were pure guitar rock with irreverent, witty lyrics that tell stories of being a kid in NY. Andy is also a wine expert and has worked in some of NY's best wine stores. Andy and I also play some music together and the podcast finishes with one of the Dictators Anthems "Who Will Save...


Chefs & Addiction

The Latest Episode of One Million Stringbeans takes on Chefs and Addiction---but not addiction to substances like drugs or alcohol. It's about the addiction to adrenaline, to the gambles and risks and to the applause a chef receives and how these addictions can work to be a positive driver in a chefs life. Yes, It's about being addicted to love! Please check out, promo code STRINGBEANS at checkout for 15% off your first purchase Please check out...


Hedonic Elixirs with Jill Malouf

On this episode of One Million Stringbeans, called Hedonic Elixirs, I chat about cocktails, farms, films, life and a little politics with the creator of Hedonic Tonic and other beverage mixers, Jill Malouf. I also include two recipes using Jill's elixers, one for a Gin and Tonic flavored creme brulee and the other for a sensation cocktail called the Bourbon Tang. Enjoy, Subscribe, Share and Rate and Tattle on me. Please check out, promo code STRINGBEANS at...


Pirate Girl Part 2 with Debbie Klauber

Here is Pirate Girl, the second half of the interview I have done with Albany Legend, Debbie Klauber, aka Debbie's Kitchen.Listen to her tell her story of her baked goods brand Pirate Girl Treats, as well has her escapades in Belize, her return to Albany and her fascination with edibles. Please check out, promo code STRINGBEANS at checkout for 15% off your first purchase Please check out, promo code STRINGBEANS at checkout for...


A Fine Corned Beef in a Bit of a Brogue

Happy St. Patrick's Day. Here is my amazing corned beef and cabbage recipe, told quite amusingly! Sure, Corned Beef and Cabbage is Irish-American, but it is the celebration dish of the holiday, so don't be a snob. Cook it, eat it and have fun. Please check out, promo code STRINGBEANS at checkout for 15% off your first purchase Please check out, promo code STRINGBEANS at checkout for 15% off your first purchase Check out and find...


Getting Fed By Debbie

This is Part one of a two part interview featuring Debbie Klauber, long time owner of Debbie's Kitchen in Albany. Debbie has an amazing history and a fun story to share beyond making thousands of pies and sandwiches. Please check out, promo code STRINGBEANS at checkout for 15% off your first purchase Check out and find me on social media, chefricorlando Woodstock Podcast Network is in association with


Underdogs With An Attitude: A Ric Orlando Profile With Mary Darcy

So for something a little different, in this podcast I am the subject of the interview! Back in 2018, Mary Darcy, owner of the website All Over Albany interviewed me for a profile piece. Since then, All Over Albany has shut down so she sent me the interview, and I thought what the hell... I'll share. We discuss my early career, music, my business philosophy, Albany, and small cities in general. It ends with a great rocking song "U Flip 4 Every 1" from my Boston Band SKIN, circa...


She’s The Queen Of The Machine! Maria and Buddhapesto

The interviews are BACK! This week's cast features my dear friend, former New World server and artisanal food producer, Maria Gandara, owner (with her family) of the Hudson Valley's beloved Buddhapesto. She will rant, giggle and plow her way through about 40 minutes of convo! (and that was after a thorough edit). The One Millions Stringbeans Podcast is now part of the Woodstock Podcast Network. Check that out, and check me out at Ric Please subscribe, share, review this...


Straws Are Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

"I want a revolution, there's too much hate pollution" Episode 8 of One Million Stringbeans is a solo show! Yeah, I am good with cutting back on straws but there is so much more to it. I rant on about the environmental impact of our convenience food culture and offer some ideas on how to change it! The recipe of the week celebrates the peak summer harvest with a great Greek Country Salad ( No Lettuce!) and I even offer a trick to make Feta vegan. The closing song this week is a poignant...


Tess Collins Pt. 2, Random Acts of Kindness

In episode 7 of One Million Stringbeans, I finished up part two of my conversation with my dear friend and Albany restaurant colleague, Tess Collins. We discuss the burning of the Lark tavern, managing a strip club and the random acts of kindness she experiences in her restaurant and bar "Family". The recipe of the week is for one of my favorite Connecticut treats, BBQ clams on the half shell. Subscribe, share and comment. Bring it on! Visit my world at


Tess Collins, The Miss Thing of Albany’s Restaurant World, Pt. 1

This is the first of a two part conversation I recorded with my friend, Tess Collins in her home in Albany. Tess has been one the most community active, loved and generous people in the hospitality industry in New York's Capital Area for over 30 years and she's still going strong. We get into her start our time running Justin's on Lark together and changing the Capital restaurant scene, and her move to owning her own bar. There was too much for one podcast discussed so next week we will...


Fin, Your Fishmonger and Summer Love Of Bluefish

On episode 5 of One Million Stringbeans I have a lengthy chat with my friend Dora Swan and Pete Kenyan, owners of Fin, your Fishmonger, The Albany, NY areas premiere fish market specializing in sustainable seafood. We discuss starting out selling fish out of the back of a truck in a hardware store parking lot in 2006 to their retail shop and many of places they serve today. I also turn you on to the glories of Bluefish with a recipe for Bloody Mary bluefish. Find my recipes at


Immigrants In The Kitchen, Raul and Radishes

On my 4th podcast I have a lengthy chat with Raul Cienfuegos. Raul is an El Salvadorian immigrant who is "doing it by the book". We has worked in kitchens in the US since 2001 and has worked his way up the right way. He worked at both New World Home Cooking AND New World Bistro Bar. He chats about pay and workload inequities, earning respect and making it in America. He also is pretty funny, though a wee bit shy. This podcast's recipes are featuring summer radishes! Butter poached radishes...


My Friend Pippy and Purple Haze Hot Dogs

In my third episode of One Million Stringbeans I have a great chat with Heather Williams, owner of Pippy's Hot Dog Truck and former New World Home Cooking rock star server. We chatted on her deck in Round Top, NY with cheap mics, so deal with it. I then finish with an amazing recipe for Purple Haze Kraut, bringing my famous psychedelic hot sauce to your BBQ ensemble! Music in this episode is again by my Boston band SKIN, Kingston's Hellkeeper and we finish with Kakania, an African style...


On Bourdain, Sweet Peas and Life’s Strange

On the second installment of One Million Stringbeans I tell you my feelings about who Anthony Bourdain was and why he counted. I also dedicate an original song, Life's Strange to him. I wrote the song in 1979 but didn't record it until 2015 with my pal and original drummer, Kerry Miller. It certainly seems appropriate. The recipes from this episode features first of the season Summer Sweet Peas in two of my favorite childhood dishes; macaroni and peas and risi i pisi. Music this week is...


Dylan’s Whiskey, Whopper Farts and Zoodles

My first episode of one million stringbeans (yes stringbeans as one word, like my inventory sheets). I'm flying solo this episode. I chat about the closing of New World Home Cooking, give an overview of Bob Dylan's new Heaven's Door whiskey line, cover a news article about fast food and infertility and then lay out a recipe for Zucchini Noodles with shrimp and ramp pesto. I'm excited to be using tastes of my music from my personal archives and from my son Terry King's metal bands throught...