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Chris and Tiarra, a Denver based couple whose life goals are to eat, travel and be together. They interview travelers, foodies, and chefs about the insights of their experiences. Each episode is filled with scrumptious food, great tips, and entertaining stories. Join Our Food Adventures Podcast to plan your next trip or to get away from everyday life.

Chris and Tiarra, a Denver based couple whose life goals are to eat, travel and be together. They interview travelers, foodies, and chefs about the insights of their experiences. Each episode is filled with scrumptious food, great tips, and entertaining stories. Join Our Food Adventures Podcast to plan your next trip or to get away from everyday life.
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Chris and Tiarra, a Denver based couple whose life goals are to eat, travel and be together. They interview travelers, foodies, and chefs about the insights of their experiences. Each episode is filled with scrumptious food, great tips, and entertaining stories. Join Our Food Adventures Podcast to plan your next trip or to get away from everyday life.




Disney World’s Epic Food Scene, Fast Pass Hacks and Character Dining with Kim Davies from WalkAboot.ca

Our Guest Kimberly Davies is a travel blogger who loves slow travel through North, Central, and South America. From eating through her home country of Canada to her adventurous treks in Chile, Kim documents her journey and shares the best tips to make everyone’s trip amazing. In today’s episode, Kimberly talks all things Disney World. With over 180 different restaurants under her belt, she tells about her favorite restaurants, hacking fast passes, and tips for making your next trip to...


Vegan Chiang Mai, Elephant Paradise and Top Vegan Tips with Anthony Middleton from ManVSClock.com

Our Guest In 2010, Anthony Middleton looked at his life and realized he needed a massive change. With no online experience, Anthony started his website, manvsclock.com that started a digital timer that counted down from 365 days. With only one year he would eradicate his debt, quit his job, leave England, and figure out how to make an income full-time online. With a week to spare, he bought a ticket to Kuala Lumpur with a little bit of money and a journey to fulfill. He has successfully...


Meat-Free Barcelona, Picasso Museum, Exploring the Walkable City with Danielle Desir from The ThoughtCard.com

Our Guest Danielle Desir is a travel finance strategist, writer, speaker and host of the The Thought Card Podcast. Her goal with her blog is to help tackle travel finance issues head-on because of the frustrations that come along with traveling. She teaches how to creatively save money while still maintaining your lifestyle, best travel deals, practical tips and providing resources for incorporation more travel, more often. She’s traveled to over 26 countries and 3 continents, so her...


The Ultimate Food Adventure Road Trip with Chris and Tiarra

Planning the ultimate food adventure road trip is essential for a smooth vacation packed with fun stops, amazing food, and memories that will last a lifetime. This podcast episode is filled with fun stories about our food adventure road trips all around the United States. From our experience with both long and short trips, we have developed our own system of planning and enjoying the country's wide open roads. For more specific details of what we talk about, please reference...


Nairobi's Must Try Dishes, National Park Safari and African Heritage with Marion Mithamo from ScrapbookJourneys.com

Our Guest Marion Mithamo is a Kenyan blogger and local, who’s enthusiasm helps promote her wonderful country. With the media misrepresenting Kenya, Marion found a way to uplift and share its beauty with her audience. She gives great advice on how to spend your day, attractions to visit and the best dishes to eat. Not only does she share Kenya with the rest of us, she is also a lifestyle blogger who can give you tips on everyday life and helpful reviews of experiences and hotels in...


Outdoor Adventure in South Lake Tahoe, Mountain Comfort Food, and Craft Brews with Nattie from NattieontheRoad.com

Our Guest Natalie is a California based traveler, outdoor enthusiast, and self-proclaimed hipster. She and her husband Rob moved out of San Francisco, stored every owned and set out for a 7 month long trip around the world. After their travels, they decided to make South Lake Tahoe their home base as they spend half the year on the road. With spending so much time in South Lake Tahoe, it’s easy to understand the enthusiasm Natalie shares with her audience and with us. In this episode,...


Untouched Belize, Pork Tacos for World Peace and Cave Tubing with Lorenzo Gonzalez from BelizeAdventure.ca

Our Guest Lorenzo Gonzalez is a Belizean native and became an expert from his extensive travels and exploration of his country. Due to the lack of tourism, Belize holds an untouched authenticity that's grasping the heart of tourists and travelers from around the globe. Lorenzo has become the most popular Belizean blogger and shares his enthusiasm through his posts, growing the world's curiosity and excitement of Belize. In this episode, experience the untouched excitement of...


Endless Seoul Food, Netflix’s Street Food Expert and Going Beyond Korean BBQ with Daniel Lee Gray from SeoulEats.com

Our Guest Daniel Gray is a writer and food expert based out of South Korea. He runs a hospitality and events company that has organizes conferences, events, food festivals, food crawls and video productions. He advises companies on Korean market trends and writes feasibility reports on entry into the Korean market. He was one of the first people to popularize culinary tourism and cooking classes in Korea and helped build and advise several other companies in the field. His love of food...


Aruba's Best Seafood, Hand-rolled Cigars and Tipsy Butterflies with Amie Watson from Multiculturiosity.com

Our Guest Amie Watson, a freelance food and travel writer based in Montreal, fell in love with Aruba while discovering the unique flare of Aruban cuisine. She became a feature writer for MenuAruba.com, and learned the intricacies of the island and all the adventures it has to offer. Even though the island is quite small, Amie’s enthusiasm makes it clear this is going to be your next vacation spot. In this episode, fall in love with Aruba and everything it has to offer with Amie...


Queens: The Unapologetic Foodie Haven, Authentic Global Cuisine, Family Centered Food Tours with Laura Siciliano-Rosen from EatYourWorld.com

Our Guest Laura Siciliano-Rosen fell in love with food and travel on a life-changing trip back in 2003. The trip revealed Laura’s true passions, pushing her to become a full-time travel writer and photographer. As she continued her travels, Laura realized the needed for a one-stop shop for all things food-related travel. Instead of doing endless searching, Laura created EatYourWorld.com with her husband, Scott. Their website is the missing piece in exploring the world through food. In...


Italian Techniques on Peruvian Dishes, BBQ Guinea Pig, and a Grandfather’s Love Through Cooking with Executive Chef Miguel Aliage from Los Balcones Hollywood

Our Guest Miguel Aliaga, the Executive Chef at Los Balcones in Hollywood, fell in love with food at a young age. Growing up in a small town in Peru, his grandfather cooked for the entire family as a way of showing his love and gratitude. After graduating high school and his continued passion for food, he attended culinary school in Barcelona. His teacher offered him a position in his trattoria in Florence, and thus began his career in the restaurant industry. After working many hard years...


Quality Peppercorns from the East, Pepper Flavor Profiles and Spice Up Your Cooking with Chance Riley from Zen Spice Traders

Our Guest Chance Riley, the co-founder of Zen Spice Traders, wants to share his love of pepper and spices with the world. With his family history in the spice business, Chance believes in the superior quality of Southeast Asian spices, specifically with peppercorns. His website details the different varieties of peppercorns, explaining how to properly taste and compare peppers to experience the depth of acidity, spice, and flavor profiles. In this episode, Chance expresses his passion...


Cozumel’s Clear Waters, Scuba Diving for Beginners and Pearl Farms with Tam from Travels with Tam

Our Guest Tam Warner is a travel blogger and writer who encourages abroad volunteer work and solo female travel. She originally started her blog as a way to update her family with her adventures, but soon became popular as more readers discovered her journey. She’s been featured on talk shows and other blogs discussing all that she’s learned while traveling. In this episode, Tam explains how Cozumel is a prime destination for any lover of warm beaches and gorgeous scenes. Tam’s...


Peruvian on the Rise, Japanese Influences and Becoming a Successful Chef and Restauranteur with Chef Ricardo Zarate

Our Guest Ricardo Zarate, the “Godfather” of Peruvian cuisine, was born in Lima Peru and is the second youngest of thirteen siblings. A large family requires a lot of cooking, so he assisted his mother and grandmother in the kitchen which influenced his culinary career. With no culinary school in Lima, he moved to London and began his journey. After twelve years of hard work in notable restaurants, he decided to share his creativity and Peruvian flavors with Los Angeles. Mo-chica opened in...


Budget Friendly Mexico City, Tacos,Tacos,Tacos, and Party Boats with Naomi Tomky From naomitomky.com

Our Guest Naomi Tomky is an international food writer who’s works have been featured in Food and Wine, Serious Eats, Vogue and many more. Her enthusiasm as an eater, photographer and writer is deeply felt when reading her material. Naomi won the Association of Food Journalists “Best Food and Travel Writing” award in 2016 and was nominated for the International Association of Culinary Professionals writing award in 2017. To Naomi, culture is the essential and fundamental part of traveling...


Granada’s Epic Food Scene, Alahambra Inscriptions and Jamón for beginners with Molly Sears-Piccavey from Piccavey.com

Our Guest Molly Sears-Piccavey’s adventure starts with a school exchange program where she lived in Spain and fell in love with the language, culture, and the people. In 1998, she moved to Spain and started in Barcelona, but currently lives in Granada. Her blog goes into immense detail about the history, food, and the culture of the Spanish people. In this episode, Molly describes why choosing Granada will give you a more authentic Spanish experience. What You’ll Learn Why...


Perfect Margarita Recipe, NYC Inspiration, and Grandmother's Carnitas with Clemente Heredia from Calo Kitchen and Tequila

Our Guest Clemente Heredia grew up in the kitchen of his grandparents’ restaurant, Carmelita’s, that opened in 1962. After dabbling in real estate, Clemente realized he wanted to own his own restaurant, so in 2008, he and his wife moved from Sacramento to Orange County and opened up their own restaurant at the age of 23. As years went by, Clemente read Setting the Table, that changed his perspective of owning and running a restaurant. From that moment, Clemente was determined to create an...


Best Ever Red Beans and Rice, Good Eats Inspired and Revamping the Menu at Hal's Bar and Grill with Chef Lee Garman

Our Guest Lee Garman, the Executive Chef at Hal’s Bar and Grill Playa Vista started his career in the culinary by washing dishes. He’s worked in many restaurants and many kitchens all around the US. As he climbed up the culinary ladder, he unintentionally used Good Eats to learn the things he needed to know for culinary school. He is an inventive and creative chef that is bringing life into Hal’s, by breaking down and rebuilding the menu. In this episode, listen to Lee's journey to...


Lisbon’s Vegan Scene, Unforgettable Architecture and Eating Vegan Anywhere with Wendy from Nomadicvegan.com

Our Guest Wendy from TheNomadicVegan.com is a vegan foodie and an avid traveler. She’s traveled to more than 100 countries and shows that you can travel anywhere and still enjoy being vegan! Her blog enables you to let go of your fear of not being able to find good vegan food. She shows you how to find places and where to go to get the best that country offers! In this episode, Wendy explains how to travel around Lisbon, what to do and how to eat vegan there and everywhere. What...


Handmade Pasta and Sauces from Scratch and Italian Royalty with Emanuele Filiberto from Prince of Venice Food Truck

Our Guest Emanuele Filiberto Di Savoia the owner of The Prince of Venice food truck, was born into royalty. He is the grandson of King Umberto II, who was the last reigning king of Italy. With that being said, he was able to see at a very young the artistry and hard work that goes into Italian cooking. As he lived in California he enjoyed and loved the food truck scene but saw that authentic Italian food was missing. He teamed up with Milan-born LA Chef Mirko Paderno to provide LA with high...