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Chris and Tiarra, a Denver based couple whose life goals are to eat, travel and be together. They interview travelers, foodies, and chefs about the insights of their experiences. Each episode is filled with scrumptious food, great tips, and entertaining stories. Join Our Food Adventures Podcast to plan your next trip or to get away from everyday life.

Chris and Tiarra, a Denver based couple whose life goals are to eat, travel and be together. They interview travelers, foodies, and chefs about the insights of their experiences. Each episode is filled with scrumptious food, great tips, and entertaining stories. Join Our Food Adventures Podcast to plan your next trip or to get away from everyday life.
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Chris and Tiarra, a Denver based couple whose life goals are to eat, travel and be together. They interview travelers, foodies, and chefs about the insights of their experiences. Each episode is filled with scrumptious food, great tips, and entertaining stories. Join Our Food Adventures Podcast to plan your next trip or to get away from everyday life.




Georgia's Signature Dishes, 91 Countries Traveled and Loads of Cheese and Butter with Tommo & Megsy from Food Fun Travel

Our Guests Tommo and Megsy are two roaming food and travel photographers & writers with an insatiable passion for seeking out culinary deliciousness. They've visited 91 countries during their quest to find the ultimate Food Worth Traveling For. On their food travel blog, they share what they have discovered, to help you plan your next perfect foodie vacation. Whether it be eating on the streets of Calcutta eating 50 cent curry and naan bread baked in an old oil drum converted into a...


Our Ten Favorite Dishes Around the World

Our Guest No guest this time, just us Chris and Tiarra. In this episode, we talk about our absolute favorite dishes around the world. Don't worry, they're not all expensive. Most of the food we love are simple, delicious, and affordable. We jump from country to country explaining to you how amazing all these different types of food are. 1. Mashed Potatoes from L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon in Paris, France. Perfectly smooth mashed potatoes made with tons of butter. These mashed potatoes...


Seoul’s Best Restaurants, Korean Food Basics and The Best Fried Chicken with JinJoo from Kimchimari

Our Guest JinJoo Lee is a Korean food blogger at Kimchimari.com since 2010. She is a former computer engineer turned blogger who grew up as a diplomat kid exposed to different cultures and foods. She started food blogging when her daughter went off to college and asked if she could help her cook Korean food in her dorm. It was a perfect time to start a new career because she also wanting some big change in her life. In addition to developing Korean recipes, she loves to travel and...


Delicious Macau, Visiting 100 Countries and Portuguese/ Chinese Fusion with Mar Pages from Once In A Lifetime Journey

Our Guest Mar Pages used to be a telecoms strategy management consultant, who decided to hang up her 15 hour work days 7 days a week. Instead of quitting immediately and jet-setting to a new destination, she thought strategically what the best way was to get the life she wanted. Within that year she opened a hole in the wall take-away cafe, became a barista and started to blog. She took a year off to herself then started to travel almost consistently. In this episode, we talk about the...


Beginners Guide to Wine, Enjoy the Wine You Are With, and The Best Summer Wines with Lisa Johnston from Wine Musing

Our Guest Lisa Johnston is a Sydney/London based wine educator, writer, and wine business consultant who believes that wine should be fun, sometimes contemplative and never intimidating. She explains wine perfectly and makes drinking wine as a beginner approachable and quite fun. In this episode, Lisa talks about how to approach wine confidently and thoughtfully. What You’ll Learn Tips on how to drink wine in the Summer Wine terms to know as a beginner How to choose a great...


Exploring Kyrgyzstan, Fermented Mare's Milk and Responsible Tourism with Shannon O'Donnell from A Little Adrift

Our Guest Shannon O'Donnell created ALittleAdrift.com to share her journey around the world. Eventually, it evolved into a resource point to motivate and encourage other travelers through stories, advice, and photography. She has become an advocate of responsible travel and tourism and won Traveler of the year from National Geographic for her work in responsible tourism. In this episode, we explore the mysterious country of Kyrgyzstan. We'll learn what to do there, their culture and...


The Best Pho in Ho Chi Min City, Traveling for Food Trucks, and Understanding Authentic Vietnamese Food with Phil Shen from Behind The Food Carts

Our Guest Phil and Kim Shen created Behindthefoodcarts.com because of their love for food trucks. Not only do they want to highlight the quality of the food, but also the stories about the people who work in these trucks. They have written a book, Food Truck Road Trip: A Cookbook, that features 63 food trucks from 12 cities around the country and over 100 authentic recipes. In this episode, we discuss the versatility of food trucks around the country and the charming and amazing Ho Chi...


Journey to The James Beard Award, Denver Food Scene, and 90 Hour Work Weeks with Alex Seidel

What is the James Beard Award James Beard was a pioneer in cooking in americ who lived in NYC and basically the grandfather of cooking. He did so much to push peoples careers along and introduce great food. Once he died his was dedicated to his foundation How did your culinary career start? Alex started in a restaurant when 14 as dishwasher and fell in love with the atmosphere the people and the pressure to perform. Once he started learning about ingredients it became infectious and...


Orlando’s Food Scene, The Best Theme Park Eats and Dim Sum for Beginners with Ricky Ly from Tasty Chomps

Our Guest Ricky Ly from TastyChomps.com is an Orlando food expert. He’s breaking the misconception of Orlando not having a food scene and is more than just Disney World. In 2017 Ricky was inducted into the Orlando Sentinel’s Culinary Hall of Fame, featured in Orlando Sentinel’s Central Florida 100 most influential people in culture, local government and politics, and just recently chosen by Orlando Weekly as one of the “Ten People Making Orlando a Better Place to Be.” With all of these...


Playa del Carmen's Best Tacos, Cenotes, and Staying Safe in Mexico with Nate Hake from Travel Lemming

Our Guest Nate is from Denver, CO who travels as much as he possibly can. He just finished a year-long trip to 43 countries and 6 continents. Talk about layover time. He wants to encourage people with his blog to travel and to travel smart. He has many posts about how to more bang for your buck when exploring and amazing things you can do there. What You’ll Learn Will you be safe traveling to Mexico What to do in Playa del Carmen Where to eat What country you should visit next if you...


Traveling Young, Trekking Machu Picchu and Peru Solo with Joe Looker from Joe Travel Blogs

Our Guest Joe Looker is a young adult who fell into traveling at the age of 18. Since then he’s found himself in many different places with friends or by himself. With as much traveling as he does, he’s learned how to budget his money well in order to get a great experience without paying a hefty price. He currently resides in England but tries to travel as much as he can when he gets the time. In this episode dive in to see what trekking through Machu Picchu is like, going to Peru and...


The Salt Bae, Eating Through NYC, Michelin Starred Eats with JP from I Just Want to Eat

Our Guest Jean-Philippe is from France but moved to NYC to enjoy the different cuisines that only NYC can offer. He quickly created a blog about the different and best places to go to. His website is interactive and super helpful to navigate in the never-ending restaurant list. We know when we travel to NYC it can be overwhelming and intimidating but JP presents the food and culture there to help make it even better. In this episode, we dive into what NYC food and culture is like. If...


Semester in Rome, An Italian Man’s Charm and Avoiding Scams with Abigail Stark from La Vita Roma

Our Guest Abigail Stark from LaVitaRoma.com is an American Ex-pat who lives in Rome. She went to Rome for a semester of school, and as time went on she fell in love with the beautiful city. She met her boyfriend there and he showed her the parts of Rome tourists don’t know about. After that point she knew she wanted to live there. Abigail wants to help travelers, ex-pats or anyone know the city of Rome on a deeper and more interesting view of Rome. In this episode, we discuss the tips...


Tokyo's Best Ramen Spots and Eating Over 300 Bowls a Year with Brian MacDuckston from Ramen Adventures

Our Guest Brian MacDuckston moved to Japan 12 years ago to get away from his life draining job here in the States. His friend told him about teaching English in Japan and he immediately took that opportunity. After a few years in Tokyo, he started to get into ramen. He fell in love with ramen so much that he decided to create a blog dedicated to the ramen he eats while he resides there. He eats on average about 320 bowls of ramen a year and his blog has become so popular to where he...


New Orleans’ Foodie Neighborhoods, Not Mardi Gras Season and Debunking Misconceptions With Nicole Caridad Ralston from Off the Eaten Path

Our Guest Nicole Caridad Ralston is a food Instagrammer, Off the Eaten Path and also is a contributor/ community leader for Best Food New Orleans. With her being able to explore New Orleans through food, she has been able to fall in love with NOLA. Nicole has lived there for 6 years and has no intention to move away. She enjoys being able to show off and help others understand New Orleans on a different level. This episode Nicole gives great recommendations to give any first timers the...


Tropical Paradise, Swimming with Whale Sharks, and Crispy Pig Skin in Cebu, Philippines with Julie-Mae from IAMJMKAYNE

Our Guest Julie-Mae is from Cebu, Philippines and currently lives in Dubai. She started a blog to talk about her many interests like her faith, family, love, travel, and food. She's captivated her audience with her adventures and with her everyday life. In this episode, she enthusiastically walks us through what her hometown is like and why you should travel there. What You’ll Learn JM’s Spots to Chow Down in Cebu -Mila's Lechon -Zubuchon -Lantaw -Larsian JM’s Personal...


Nigerian Cooking, Family Traditions and Taking Care of Family with Nma Okpara from Nigerian Lazy Chef

Our Guest Nma, from Nigerian Lazy Chef, is an at-home chef who didn’t want to cook growing up. She grew up in Nigeria and moved to the states. As she got older and had children she realized that she would need to start picking up on her mother’s cooking traditions. Nma started to learn and develop her own flavors and started to love it. Her blog was started by Nma’s friend creating the website for her and telling her she needs to share her story and recipes. As Nma started to upload blog...


Real Chinese food, Hunting for Handmade Dumplings, and Living Countryside in Yangshuo with Amanda Roberts from 2 Americans in China

Our Guest Amanda Roberts is an American who moved to China with her husband in 2010. They decided if they were going to move, it was going to be a BIG move. They are currently living in the countryside of Yangshuo, China and loving every minute of it. The scenery she gets to see every day, green pastures, giant mountains and birds chirping happily. They adopted their first child in 2016 and have been adventuring as a family ever since. Amanda has a minor in Chinese language, and wrote two...


Mardi Gras, New Orleans Culture and Searching for the Best Beignets with Arianna Thayer from Been Thayer Done That

Our Guest Arianna Thayer is a blogger originally from Baton Rouge. She moved to New Orleans 8 years ago and hasn’t left. She fell in love with the people, the culture and most of all the food. Her website Beenthayerdonethat.com offers an insight into New Orleans culture and food that will make you want to go immediately. What you’ll learn The culture within New Orleans Where the food was influenced by Places to eat and go to enjoy yourself What Mardi Gras is Arianna’s Spots to...


Bangkok, Street Food, and Learning to Travel with Kids with Sherri Pengjad from Thai Foodie

Our Guest Sherri Pengjad from Thai-foodie.com runs a Thai recipe based blog from a small town in North Carolina. She fell in love with everything Thai ever since she tasted pineapple fried rice with her friend. With the yearn for more authentic Thai food, she moved to Bangkok and indulged as much as she could. She met her husband in Thailand and ended up moving her beautiful family back to the states. She missed the food and flavors of what Bangkok offered, so she decided to get cooking....