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Learn the ins and outs of meal planning, meal prepping, and cooking to make homemade meals a reality for your family and end the cycle of overwhelm spurred by nagging question of "what's for dinner?"


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Learn the ins and outs of meal planning, meal prepping, and cooking to make homemade meals a reality for your family and end the cycle of overwhelm spurred by nagging question of "what's for dinner?"






How to shift meal planning and prep from summer to the school year

Meal planning and meal prep are tools, not solutions. Learn how I use these tools differently at different seasons in my life in a behind the curtains look at how I'm transitioning from summer meal prep to the school year. Announcement: The planned, prepped, and productive podcast will be going on a hiatus until further notice. See resources below for how to keep up with planned prepped and productive while the podcast is away. Resources:Summer Lunch Menu Meal prep in minutes course (get now...


My favorite high protein snacks (from a mom and dietitian!)

Want to up your protein with out eating copious amounts of chicken breast? Look no further!Listen in as I go through my favorite ways to up protein throughout my day! Resources: Ultra-filtered milkAbbey's kitchen whipped egg white oatmealBuilt bars (puffs)Cottage Cheese DipsProtein PowderProtein recommendationsSkinny Dipped Almonds


How to store produce so it lasts forever

Please tell me I'm not the only one who ends the week by throwing away too much sad wilty produce? I have gone so far as to avoid planning certain dishes because I know the produce won't last long enough to actually make them. I decided it was time to learn how to *actually* take care of and store produce, and the results have been astounding! Listen to the episode to save your produce from certain death today ;)Resources: How to store tomatoesHow to store celery


What I learned from giving my kitchen the home edit

I've been drooling over the home edit's projects for two years now, and it was finally time to do it myself! I gave my kitchen the home edit and I'm here to tell you all about what I learned, what was worth it, what wasn't necessary, the whole shebang! Resources: Everything large binEverything narrow binThe bathroom editStacking produce binsClear egg containersDish pansThe Home Edit BookBetter Homes and Gardens pantry containers


Top 10 no-cook meals for summer

Cooking in the summer is a drag, no one wants to do it! Listen in to this week's episode where I share my favorite recipes that don't require you to turn on the oven, stove, and in most cases even the microwave!Link to Recipes: Charcuterie boardsRotisserie chicken ranch wrapsSushi bowlsCeviche tostadasTurkey BLTSCaprese sandwichRotisserie chicken cobb saladItalian sub sandwichRotisserie chicken cucumber avocado saladBlack bean corn and rice salad


Using family rhythms to find more peace and productivity

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by a crazy to-do list, why not learn to take advantage of the family rhythms that you already have to perfect your days and find more peace and productivity. Family Rhythms 101: Improve productivity and find more peaceDo you ever feel like you are drowning under your to-do list (please say you are raising your hand, because I know I am!)How many of the things on your list are things that you actually find yourself doing time and time again. What if you started...


Top mealtime lessons from the last 100 episodes

Top 10 mealtime tips from the planned, prepped, and productive podcastMeal prep isn't just for dieting (and there's lots of different types) -Meal prep is a tool to save your sanity, and while it can also help you maintain a specific diet it's about so much more than that! You also don't have to stick to matchy matchy containers of chicken and broccoli, anything you can cook you can meal prep to save your sanity! Other episodes that talk about meal prepTypes of meal prepHow meal planning and...


Why you hate cooking and what you can do about it

There are a lot of reasons you may feel like you might hate cooking, and while everyone is entitled to their opinion, changing your mindset or finding solutions for this chore that is likely going to be a part of your life, well, forever will likely serve you better than complaining. Listen on for 10 reasons you might hate cooking, and what you can do about it. This episode was based on this article from scary mommy. Resources: How to feed your whole family the same mealHow to manage...


Getting started with mindful eating with Sallyanne Pisk of eating for you

Ever wonder why it's so hard to change your eating habits? It seems like no matter the reason, no matter the solution, that you always end up back where you started. All of the conflicting information out there about "how to do it" just makes it harder! In this episode of the podcast I'm welcoming dietitian Sallyanne Pisk to talk about her revolutionary way of eating in the way that will be just right for you. We'll talk about all of the reasons why we eat, and how the reasons we eat play a...


Items you need for a well-stocked kitchen

Do you feel like your kitchen is stuffed to the brim, and yet somehow you don't have what you need when you need it? Let's chat about what you actually need in a well-stocked kitchen, what you don't, and what the best versions of items you do need are so you can stock it well once and for all and then forget about it! Link to shownotes:


Insider Secrets from a chef's kitchen with Chef Dennis

This episode was such a treat for me, and I hope it will be for you too! Chef Dennis is charming, and knowledgeable and is here to share some tips and secrets he learned in the industry as a professional chef to help our home kitchens feel just a little bit less daunting. Inside this episode you'll learn: How Chef Dennis went from a professional chef to a successful food blogger, and what he learned along the wayAbout the unique program Dennis created when he worked for an all-girl's...


10 Signs your kitchen needs a declutter

Is dinnertime dread hitting you hard?? You may be in need of a good declutter session! Often the REAL reason we don't want to cook is the mess that comes before/during/or after. Learning to manage your stuff in your kitchen will make kitchen so much less of a chore.


Creating family mealtime solutions that work with Alyssa Wolff

Managing family meals can be difficult with so many different moving parts. This week on the podcast I'm welcoming a guestwho wants to help us simplify the process with simple family mealtime solutions that work. This week's episode of the planned, prepped, and productive podcast is all about creating family mealtime solutions that work. As a mom of 5 kids and an introvert, Alyssa knows a thing or two about how to make simple meals happen while still allowing mom time to recharge, as well as...


Meal Prep shortcuts I'm taking to get me through the newborn phase

Culture's expectations of women are often that we can (and should) do all the things all the time. But we know that's unrealistic, and that it would be much better to take a "some" approach instead of all or nothing. One of the hardest times to maintain our normal standards is when we are adjusting to a new baby in the house. In this episode I'm outlining some of the ways I'm using grocery store shortcuts to make homemade-ish meals through this transition. Resources: Shredded Chicken


Insider Secrets to Healthier Family Meals

Dig into this exciting interview with Laura Fuentes with me! We're talking all things family meals from how to logistically make family meals happen, to how to handle it when your kids aren't liking the changes. Top Insights from this episode:>The difference between traditional meal prep and family meal prep >Why meal prep is so useful for families>How to handle it when your kid refuses dinner>The mindset shifts to help you handle picky eatingLaura Fuentes is the creator of MOMables, where...


2 secrets to creating habits that stick using a planner

Last week we learned all about why a planner is so effective for habit change. This week we dive into how, learn my 2 -step system for creating any habit using your planner in this week's episode of the planned, prepped, and productive podcast. Link to shownotes


5 ways using a planner will help you actually achieve your goals

Find out how using a planner will help you actually stick to those new year's resolutions! Want to learn more about habits and goals? Check out this episodes!Why changing your habits is more effective than setting goalsKeystone habits


Freezing and storing holiday treats for later

Holiday treats are fun, but can have you feeling overloaded with sugar. You'd hate to throw away all that goodness though, so how can you enjoy them in moderation? In this episode you'll learn how to freeze or otherwise store your holiday treats so you can enjoy them in the months after Christmas instead of all at once!


5 things on my grocery list every week

Routine is KEY when it comes to making an effective meal planning system. Find out what my 5 go-tos are each week, how I use them, and how YOU can use them. More importantly, learn how to find your own go-tos to make meal planning and prep easier and more routine. Resources: Staples Meal Prep in minutes Mini Course


4 soups to meal prep & freeze this Fall

Forget pumpkin spice, it's soup season! Listen in for 4 soups you can meal prep this fall with tips and tricks and recipes to enjoy your fall bounty in wonderful bowls of comfort! Resources: Restaurant ContainersSouper CubesChicken and Wild Rice SoupButternut squash soupSweet Potato Lentil Chili (Enjoy my very early food blogging photos on this one ;))Freezer Sweet PotatoesMinestrone