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Learn the ins and outs of meal planning, meal prepping, and cooking to make homemade meals a reality for your family and end the cycle of overwhelm spurred by nagging question of "what's for dinner?"

Learn the ins and outs of meal planning, meal prepping, and cooking to make homemade meals a reality for your family and end the cycle of overwhelm spurred by nagging question of "what's for dinner?"


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Learn the ins and outs of meal planning, meal prepping, and cooking to make homemade meals a reality for your family and end the cycle of overwhelm spurred by nagging question of "what's for dinner?"






5 things on my grocery list every week

Routine is KEY when it comes to making an effective meal planning system. Find out what my 5 go-tos are each week, how I use them, and how YOU can use them. More importantly, learn how to find your own go-tos to make meal planning and prep easier and more routine. Resources: Staples Meal Prep in minutes Mini Course


4 soups to meal prep & freeze this Fall

Forget pumpkin spice, it's soup season! Listen in for 4 soups you can meal prep this fall with tips and tricks and recipes to enjoy your fall bounty in wonderful bowls of comfort! Resources: Restaurant Containers Souper Cubes Chicken and Wild Rice Soup Butternut squash soup Sweet Potato Lentil Chili (Enjoy my very early food blogging photos on this one ;)) Freezer Sweet Potatoes Minestrone


How to master mom life in 2 hours/week or less with planning sessions

Want to feel more peace and *actually* accomplish your mom tasks? Learn to master planning sessions! Listen in to learn what exactly they are and how to make them effective and watch as you accomplish so much more with your weeks! Resources: Planners Block Scheduling How to preserve your fall harvest


Is meal prep just about weight loss?

The weight loss industry LOVES meal prep, and for good reason, but what if you just want to get healthy NOT lose weight? It meal prep for you! Listen to find out! Resources: Steve Jobs Iphone Balanced Meals Emotional Eating Decision Fatigue


Why peaceful moms minimize information overload

Join me as I describe my struggle with information overload and the effect that had on my peace as a mother and individual. Resources: Digital Minimalism Essentialism


How and why you should create a food philosophy

A food philosophy is a wonderful tool to help you get clarity on how you feel about food and to help your beliefs guide your decisions about food in your home, making food choices so much easier! Read on for more on how and why you might want to try it! The planned prepped and productive food philosophy We believe that all Foods FitWe remain neutral about foodWe believe in feeding our bodies regularly We strive to include protein and a fruit or vegetable at every mealWe believe that...


10 expectations about cooking or mealtime that are making you miserable

Mealtime is a huge source of stress for many families, but sometimes a little shift of expectations can be all you need to make the experience so much better! Listen on for 10 expectations that might be causing you to feel stressed and overwhelmed about dinnertime that you can totally just let go of. Resources: Expectations of kids at mealtimes based on age


5 secrets to super fast meal prep sessions

Link to purchase the Meal Prep in Minutes Course! Introductory price of $27!!! Meal Prep in Minutes Course Meal prep can be a huge timesaver, or a time-suck if you aren't careful. As a mom, I KNOW you don't have 4 hours on a Sunday to dedicate to the inspirational but, ahem, freaking unrealistic #mealprepsunday movement. Don't worry about it, you can still hop on the meal prep movement train. Start out with these 5 secrets to super-fast meal prep! Then purchase the Meal Prep in Minutes...


Sanity saving kid's summer lunch & snack plan of attack

Feeding kids in summer is a whole new beast. I don't know if it's boredom, or heat, or simply having the kids home 24/7 but 1 week in I knew I couldn't handle it without some serious strategy. I figured if I was struggling, you all might be too so I created a steal-able lunch and snack prep plan for kids to put feeding your kids on autopilot this summer (and let me tell you, it's been LIFE-CHANGING) Because I know you're a smart mom, I know that you definitely want to get your hands on...


Meal Prep Food Safety: 101

Preparing, serving and storing food safely isn't the most fun or attractive part of meal prep, but it is one of the most important! Dig into guidelines, FAQ, and how to implement it all without making your head spin so you have the confidence to meal prep! Also, the meal prep in minutes mini course will launch June 30! Hop on the waitlist here so you don't miss it! See how I prep a week's worth of dinner's and try it yourself for a week all for less than a day of...


Sharing Family Responsibilities for greater peace at home with Kyle Spackman

Sharing responsibilities in the home can be a loaded topic. We all have our pre-conceived notions of what our jobs "should" be where in reality our roles are ever-changing as our families grow and change. Join my husband, Kyle Spackman and I as we attempt to uncover how our views about family responsibilities and roles have shifted over time and how we attempt to keep the peace in our home while both feeling like our needs are being met.


Surviving in Survival Mode (until you can thrive again)

You go to bed completely exhausted again, crusty dishes fill the sink you can't remember your last shower and your pretty sure you can't take another day. Survival Mode as moms happens to the best of us, and while it's definitely not an ideal place to be there are some things to consider that may at the very least make you feel better until you are thriving again. Listen on for 5 truths for surviving better when you're in survival mode.


Simple habits for becoming a cleaner cook

Ya know what most moms hate the very most about cooking? All of the clean-up! And no wonder, it's stressful as heck to put together a meal only to have another hour of clean-up while trying to get kids to bed and do all the other mom things left for the day while you're done and exhausted from a day of hard work. The good news is, there are some simple habits that will take you from a messy cook to a clean cook in no time. It's about cleaning smarter not harder my friends. Give this...


Meal Prep Frozen Pizza: 3 Ways!

Why is it that convenience food is so enticing. We all know it's not because it tastes's because it's so, well, convenient. In this episode we'll talk about how to make homemade pizza as convenient as your favorite frozen pizza...3 different ways!


How to cook meat: A crash course for beginners

The first time I cooked meat I literally felt like the ground beef might actually come back alive and attack me with the way it seemed to menacingly stare at me. Luckily the process wasn't so hard (after some friendly advice from my mom #momsarethebest). But what if you ARE the mom, and cooking meat is still super intimidating? There's a lot to know, but there's some quick rules of thumb that will make it easy! Listen on for a crash course on cooking just about any kind of meat you can...


How to handle holiday leftovers like a pro

The holidays are fun, but dealing with all the food after can be a pain! Find out the three-step system for handling holiday leftovers like a pro in this episode of the podcast to take care of your leftovers safely and in a way that they'll actually get eaten! You may also be interested in: How to prepare, freeze, thaw, and reheat meal prep so it tastes amazing


Family mealtime strategies for beginners

You KNOW that meal planning and meal prep would help you immense you, but you're just super overwhelmed about where to start. Well this episode is for you my friends. Find out the simplest ways to start that will give you the biggest bang for your buck. Sign up to get the 4 pillars of successful family meals guide: Sign up for the master mealtime course waitlist: Link to the...


Purpose in Productivity

Productivity is touted as a huge badge of honor, but for what purpose? Finding purpose of productivity will help you use it as a tool instead of a goal in and of itself. Learn six facts about productivity that will help you put things in perspective and use productivity as a tool.


Vegan Meal Planning and Meal Prep

Cooking can feel stressful enough, but make it vegan and suddenly there's so many options and unfamiliar choices that it can be overwhelming. Don't get overwhelmed, instead learn from this week's guest on the podcast Brigitte Gemme. During this episode of the podcast we'll cover loads of exciting topics about vegan cooking including: Brigitte Gemme is the Chief Meal Planner and founder at She is passionate about how the simple (and often hated!) question "What's...


The best electronic planning tools for moms

For me, a paper planner for a mom is a irreplaceable. But that doesn't mean there isn't room for some awesome electronic planning tools as well. Listen to this episode to figure out which electronic planning tools help me keep all my "mom hats" (and head) on straight! Link to shownotes